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Transformation (Evolution) Moves Forward and the Time (Lifespan) Moves Back – it is Said That Human Birth Comes Only After Doing Meritorious Acts in Many Births. It is Also Said That This Birth is Very Rare – it is Very Difficult to get it – it is Very Unique and Very Pure but, After Obtaining it, They are Wishing for Freedom From Rebirth – Contradictory Statement


31st Day of July 2015, Hyderabad, India]

To all of you, who have come to the ‘Viswa Chaitanya premises’, for this Universal Gurupoornima celebrations with devotion and diligence, by extending compassionate invitation, as infinite-ultimate, with the entity of Supreme Being, at the level of Universal Soul, as Viswa Sphoorthi, I am blessing you.

Usually, these Guru Poornima celebrations, have been happening since a long time. If so, in the present new Age, with the intent of celebrating it like a festival, without actually knowing its meaning, considering it casually and to worship some Guru whoever is nearby, and do something has been happening. If we go to the root of this, in the ancient times, when human being began the journey of his life, for him to continue the journey in an appropriate, disciplined lifestyle, as a help and support by both words and deeds, Divinity on one side and human life on the other side, the spiritual life, by telling him numerous intricacies, by telling him to continue the life close to certainty – one who does all these only is the ‘state of Guru’, ‘Guru PITham’, or ‘Guru’. If so, that also having undergone changes and modifications in the journey of life, it also in the state of decline, in the path of retrogression, is going away somewhere. With devotion and diligence – one who listens to what Guru says is a devotee, one who does what Guru says is disciple. Like this, this Guru – Disciple relationship, or Guru – Disciple tradition, has been coming like that as inheritance. Principally, to provide some knowledge itself is the intention of this. The entire lifetime, with devotion on penance, for the vision of truth, searching for truth, in that path, by telling the importance present for the spiritual life, and that human birth is scarce – and when we have acquired the human birth, how to make that purposeful, from time to time, whether it is Disciple or Devotee, those who stand as a help and support by both words and deeds, are the “Complete Gurus” in the true sense. By eliminating the stupid affection present in Devotees, Disciples, or in people, to make-known newly the knowledge of Universe, the knowledge of truth whatever is present, is what Gurus do. If so, in accordance with the change in period, mighty changes to take place in this, in the current circumstances the patience, even to hear what is said also, has vanished in the present society.

If so, whatever I say looks like it is somewhat different to the routine but, that is not the fact; I am saying whatever the truth is. I am showing the same only; I don’t think there is need of more evidence than this. Truth would be indeed difficult to digest. The human mind, which understands very well the gossips or some light talk, when told the truth or when it is asked to travel in the practical path, to take it lightly and to think that this is not something that is related to us, is something that is seen in this new Age. The reason for this entire thing is – the mighty changes that have come in the traditional culture, the way of thinking of human being, the characteristics, the discipline related to him, because of the mighty changes that have occurred in his lifestyle, with change in way of thinking, style of thinking, the activities that are occurring thereby also are undergoing mighty changes. We are experiencing the situation of facing lots of failures.

I have been saying since many days – please, observe in which direction is the society moving. If so, people talk about time in three divisions – the one that is passed, the present, and the future. They talk about these three. In fact, if we analyze, investigate, and think carefully – we cannot get back even a Pico second from the past. You think very well – the time that had passed; the time that had disappeared. Transformation moves forward and the time moves back. Observe this very well – it is moving in the anticlockwise direction. We can’t get back even a Pico second in the human life. There is no chance to take back even a Pico second of the time that had passed away in our life. So, that is past – it is gone. How would the future be known? Unless it takes the form of the ‘present form’, there is no chance to know in which form that future is, for sure. So, there is neither past nor future here. In this human life, in which we are living, that which is, that we are experiencing, that we are fighting constantly – is only in the present time. Only the present time is present static. Past has gone. Yesterday has gone. Past is not ours. Well, is tomorrow yours? Is there any guarantee for that? There is neither guarantee nor warranty. There is nothing. Yesterday has gone – and we don’t know what is tomorrow. What is present is just today. If so, that which is told by many – many people, whether they are referred to as various elders, or various types of spiritualists, including scientists (from the view of point of science), whatever is happening presently, the lifes that is going on right now (in the present) is very pure. Don’t waste time. Why am I saying like this?

Our ancestors have said some things – human birth comes after doing meritorious acts in many births. That’s alright, let us keep that aside. Actually, they said, “This birth is very rare – it is very difficult to get it. After obtaining it, they are wishing for freedom from rebirth. Birth, which does not come such easily, has already come then why to wish for freedom from rebirth. They say, “We don’t need desires” but, what they are desiring for is that only, indeed! Observe the controversies. Look into the controversies in the statements given. Is to wish freedom from rebirth not a desire? They said, “All these things should not be there – desire should not be there – human birth is very scarce – human birth is very unique” – and then finally to wish for freedom from rebirth – is it in anyway proper? There is a need to think about this in this modern Age.

That’s alright! Birth has come and it is moving forward somehow. I have told you many times in the past, “Mind only is the principal reason for all these – mind only is leading the life but, bring that to such a level that human being only leads the mind then the results of this would be in a different way, otherwise, the negative results would be imposed on the life”. Well, how to understand life? It has come but, do we know before it came? Even the parents, who come together naturally, do not know that what kind of child they are going to give birth to, what qualities and characteristic features is that child going to have or what complexion is that child going to have”. You only think whether it is right or wrong. For that very reason, I said that human being is coming on to the Earth unknowingly only. Well, do the parents, who are responsible, know it? Where is the possibility for the child to know? That’s alright. If we think, “We have control on it – we can control it – we can design it the way we want”, would something happen if we stop it for few days? Or stopping it for few days, if we think of inviting the child to the external world after few days, can we really control it? It is happening completely with no relation to us. Try to observe this certainty also. That’s alright! Life is going on but, don’t know when it would end. That means, human being is coming unknowingly only, living knowingly & unknowingly, and leaving unknowingly only. In the time between coming and going – he is struggling in the life by making an attempt by all possible means considering everything as “Mine…Mine….”. All these are mine – related to me – mine... What is this mine? Whose is this? If we ask ourselves that how and where it came from? There are indeed many things in human being – Jeevatmn, Soul, JIva-Shakti, PrAna-Shakti, and people also talk about Spirit, so, all these are present in human being. There are indeed all these in human being. When all these are present, which are we referring to as “Mine”. For example, if we keep all these away, then what is left to say, “I, Mine”? Try to understand this very well. When all these are present only, such a thing called “I” would appear but, when all these are separated, that “I” is does not appear.

Next, about after-death imaginations, just leave them off – in a way, that is a kind of stupid affection. They say, “This happens and that happens”. That means, that which starts with the production of embryo, if the growth comes with the development of embryo, life ends with the offering of PinDAs. First breath – final breath, and that which is in between itself is life. For that very reason, to tell all of these straightly, as a part of Practical Philosophy, humanity itself as religion, humanity has to present in human being definitely, that characteristic feature has to be present in human being. That is present but, in a dormant state. Wake it up.

Principally, whenever we celebrate these kinds of programs, to provide some knowledge itself is the principal thing that has to happen. When the things that related to human being are like that, he doesn’t know about coming and going but, he would be here (in the present) only for some time. Well then, what is the inner meaning in this? If it is examined very well, there is no chance to take the life lightly thinking that it has somehow come. There is process previous to the occurrence of this life. Thereafter there is a procedure. After all these, external form is formed as organism/human being. Present, in that itself, is the cosmic microcosm of Supreme Soul, in the name of Jeevatmn. Since it is finite, since it is limit, relating to her/him since body has taken shape as a form, there is no chance for it be pervasive. It is not infinite but, finite only. That which has shape is finite. Although it is as utmost microcosmic Divine Element, it is finite only but, there is no chance to become infinite. In some of the things some people did, because of greed, because of mental instincts, by adding ‘form’ to incorporeal Supreme Energy, by creating some form, by offering something, and wish to have everything – you can think how this should be considered pertaining to the human race. Is he that much knowledgeable? He is ascribing incorporeality to corporeal form, he is establishing something, and asking that he wants everything. What is the need to ask? Is it the thing human being, who has uniqueness, should do? When you practice for acquisition of knowledge, you would get answers for all these things. For that very reason, I keep saying – “Practice is a must”.

If so, when it is like this, we need appropriate support, need the cooperation of someone. That itself we consider as guidance. When that kind of thing is required – who would give? When we search in the society – when we see what is good – when we listen to what and how they are saying – to go there, to listen those good words – and not only just listening but, to put those things into practice is the principal element here. It has to be practicable. If we just listen and forget, the time would just pass by. Transformation (Evolution) moves forward, and the lifespan moves backward. At certain time, it leaves the Earth without our knowledge only. This has been happening for generations but, this is not of today. If we think that, crossing all these we have reached certain level, what are the duties we are supposed to execute in the present time? If we think, what is the execution of duty and for the execution of duty what are our tasks – by means of filling mental strength into our body, the body Jeevatmn itself by transcending, human being, in his lifetime only, can have the vision of Supreme Soul. He/she could acquire those vibrations, could experience and have the feeling of the same. In the lifetime itself, one could be influenced by the vibrations of Mother Universe and have the vision of Mother Universe. It is not possible after the completion of lifetime. When it is said such easily, in such a simple understandable language, when you hear about having the vision of Soul, it may look like a suspicion – but, what I am telling is something that I am doing right in front of your eyes. We have the vision of Mother Universe always. That would depend on human practice, dedication, ability, and discipline. If I had not done those things, then it would not have been possible to talk in front of you like this through medium. Because, of some causes related to Nature, although I could not come directly, physically, since some time I have been telling you whatever I have to tell through medium like this. This is not a worthless activity, is it! Everyone knows it. I have told you in the past too that how is it happening and what is happening. This everything has been possible only through the Energy I have achieved. Whatever this energy we are acquiring through mind, this is possible through that only. There is nothing which is impossible. I have told that many times to a large extent; I am telling the same now also. Without wasting the present time, utilize the same for this.

We have this family life and life in general. To win over that physical life, wake up the spiritual life which is in the state of dormancy. Both of them are in one only. These two are not different. Materiality and Spirituality – both of them are in the same single body only. You are thinking that this is different and they are unrelated. Whatever are happening here are, beyond caste and religion, and applicable to every human being. I don’t know if you know or not – there is no gender difference for Jeevatmn. Jeevatmn is one only – whether it is male, female, child, Jeevatmn is one only. There is no gender difference for Jeevatmn. So, in this kind of environment, what is that we can do by ourselves? What should we do? Only if we practice constantly, only those who could lead the materiality and spirituality coordinated life, only those who could develop in life in stages, the peace they have wished for, the life they have wished for, with the uncovering of very new life in very new angle, one can live a blissful present life. One would get peacefulness and everything. For this, there is a need of some method, so, in this method of ‘Religious Humanism’, Ascent Dhyana has been taught. Why is this much importance for this Ascent Dhyana? When something is said, it has to provide some knowledge. Usually, when light arrives, darkness disappears. This is Nature’s law. With the entry of knowledge, ignorance would be eliminated – that is the law of human being. It happens. It certainly has to happen. That is human Dharma. How can we acquire that kind of knowledge? Through Ascent Dhyana, by changing the steady Universal Energy as the mental strength, we can store that in the body. So, knowing all these, knowing all these methods, to go to some statue, to beg for protection, to wish for everything – actually, everything is within you only, the entire universe, Nature is within you only internally – leaving this limitless energy, to go and beg for protection somewhere, is it appropriate for the human race? People say, “Only few would be given; everything would not be given”. You yourselves, by converting the Universal Energy, use it for the life. But, how is this possible in the lifetime? In this lifetime, with discipline, constantly, whoever can follow without leaving the order of practice, it is indeed possible. I am telling it very clearly that it is possible. It is not at all impossible. The seed, which is sown in the Earth, in the form of plant…. With JIva-Shakti, cracks the Earth and comes out. So, can’t the human being, hidden with the power of mind, come out? Can’t he come out with the power of mind? Well, he she/has to make an attempt, indeed! While a small seed, having JIva-Shakti, is coming out cracking the Earth itself, should the power of mind be silent in the human mind? You only think once. To what extent is it appropriate for the unlimited energy in the mind to be like that unused. It is not appropriate. It is possible for human being to live happily in the society with this. Human being has to change. Some created stories, PurAnAs – all these are there. Why are they present? They are there only to understand the roots of philosophy…. That’s it! Religion is for the satisfaction of human being. If we can keep this aside, what we need finally is – whatever is practicable. “They have done like that – these people have done like this” – let it be like that. One should experience the feeling – be satisfied. That individual who, in that state, can experience the feeling – his mind is separate. I told you about mind. When one experiences the feeling through that mind, when one is subjected to that feeling, his characteristic features would change. The characteristic features present at the level of Soul would be acquired by this (mind). His features would change. His manner would change. We can see mighty change in the lifetime itself, positively but, not negatively. Since life is pairs of opposite. There will be difficulties, losses. Certain tasks, which are planned, may not happen. These are indeed natural because there would be two in the pairs of opposite life. Light – darkness, female – male, victory – loss, all these would be there. To think, “There should be only comfort, I should be comfortable, my family should be happy – and let everything else go anywhere”, is not appropriate. Leave these selfish thoughts. Leave stupidity and foolishness. Leave blind beliefs. There is body at present – is there any chance to do anything with this mind? We have to do with this only. To make the life purposeful and meaningful is now only. What would one know after death? What is there to know after leaving the body? What is there to make us known?

Next, Karma – Birth – Karma theory, I have already told you, and it is written in books in detail. Read those books. I have given very clearly – what goes, what does not go, and what goes where next. When it is like this – you have to make use of the lifetime present now, one has to make the life purposeful and meaningful. This present time is valuable and it never comes back. I am telling you again and again – this time will never come back. So, in the field of action, be ready, take a decision to begin the practice, and move forward. Similar to how the warrior in the war fights, you change as warrior in the field of action. Practice constantly, and the entire family experiences the results obtained thereby. In this process of practice, to get over the hurdles you face, you need a Guru. I am telling you that I am with you, you move forward. Move forward how much ever distance it may be. Let it be any distance, I am ready to take you forward but, you be ready and prepared to come with me. Lifetime passes by just like that, it moves backwards. Whether it is good fortune, or opportunity – at this time, in this period, I to come to tell something is alright, to meet like this is indeed good, I am giving you confidence that I am here to get you over each stage, and I am showing you the same practically.

That which had not happened in the Creation until now is – Matter to be present in different places simultaneously. There is no chance for it. From a single point, I am going in multiple directions, I am answering in multi directions. Even if there is no picture, when they call me with complete Compassionate Mind, I am going there and answering in accordance with the circumstances of that region. Think once, where would you get a better opportunity than this. For that very reason, firstly, try to understand who you are. What am I – what is mine – who am I – when “Mine” is kept aside, there would be nothing called “I”, indeed. Firstly, introspection has to happen. When that introspection happens, certainties come out. When that certainty is known, there is a chance to move in a correct path. Next comes guidance, I have already told you – in every stage, constantly I will be, indeed, within your reach. What is required is, to start the practice of meditation, with discipline only, is your duty. This is doing with duty. This itself is execution of duty. That itself may be considered as Karma. Karma means not some other Karma. Karma means doing things, we are executing duties. So, in the lifetime, human being should not become irresponsible. Whenever one gets difficulties, she/he is going back, thinking, “I don’t need this life”, and taking some other path. As a matter of fact, do we have right on our life? Where is the right on life? Is it going on the way we are saying? Right from the respiration until excretion, we are only following it, but, is it listening to what we say? Is it in our control? Do we have control on it? The condition is such that we have to just do whatever it wants us to do. What right do we have on that kind of life to say “No”. We don’t have right on life. So, in the usual life only, the awareness, the vision of that truth whatever it is, the condition is such that one has to have the vision of Spirituality through Materiality only. If one says, “I don’t need that physical life, it is mean, despicable, and is of no use”, actually, that which could say about the God in the Creation, and His bio-data, is human mind only – people are forgetting this. If there is no Human Mind – if there is no Human Being, what is there then? You examine. In the entire universe, where there is no human being, there is only mud but nothing else. There is nothing – you can observe. If not today – see tomorrow, you will know it. Where there is no human being, there is only mud but, nothing else. If so, there is good knowledge on the Globe. Through this knowledge only, if the mind could transcend to an eminent state in stages, that is when one could know everything. Just being afraid of life, or by showing his back, to feel sad because of losing, to feel sorrowed – all these are happening. This should not happen. There is no chance to happen like that. Today we have lost; there is no need to feel sorrowed. Wait; practice, and after that only is the victory. Loss is only to the lower step, a step higher to that only is victory. If you want to know this, constant practice is required. Certain changes in us are required. That’s why I am saying time & again – human being has to change. Whenever this change comes, whenever we develop, in stages, through this Ascent Dhyana. That is when we would know everything. There would be lot of change in lifestyle then and the lifestyle present now. With the vanishing of ignorance, when subject knowledge, spiritual knowledge, and Soul related Supreme Wisdom go inside, firstly, human being has to be like Karma executing organism, he has to execute his duty first, instead if she/he thinks – “I will not do anything, I have no relationship with anything, only who caused birth would take care of me”, then it would not be alright. Firstly, human being should be a Karma executing organism (Karma JIvi). Then she/he has to know what this Bhakti Yoga is – should do Dhyana Yoga – only then we would acquire complete knowledge in Jnana Yoga. This itself is the purposefulness and significance of human birth. Because we are born as human being, this is only what we have to do. They say, “success of life, purposefulness of life, human birth is pure”. So, such pure human birth (life), only when it does whatever has to be done in a timely fashion systematically, that purity would be caused, otherwise it would die as usual. There is no use at all. For getting such a pure human birth, by acquiring this knowledge, for the sake of causing successful human birth – when everyone makes an attempt like this, that is when a good society appears. That is when we can look forward for the society with good qualities. Usually it is said that youth is taking wrong path. That is because there is none to guide them – there is no appropriate path. Youth means future is theirs only. They are moving in a different path means, there is flaw in the path. For that reason, everyone has to make an attempt to practice this. If you make an attempt in the direction of vanishing the ignorance you have, since I know what you want, when what has to be given, once you enter into this premises, whether you ask or not, at that particular time that would add just like that. Belief is the principal. Here, that’s why I am showing you practically. It is not completely only belief but, I am showing this to you practically. Don’t forget that whatever is done it is “by the human – of the human – for the human”. If we keep this God and other things aside, it is “by the human – of the human – for the human” only. Human being only has to ascend to the higher peaks. That is possible. That is possible in the lifetime itself. Take some time and read the books. I don’t think you would understand, in single sitting, whatever I say, by paying attention to it time and again, read some books. Attend some programs. Try to share this with people you know and discuss. Many of you say, “I did not understand this – what should I do”? Ask your colleagues – if you don’t understand even then, sit in front of my photo and tell me what you have not understood, and I will tell you the answer. You will know it practically. Since you have this kind of opportunity, by using these properly, by acquiring some knowledge on this day of Guru Poornima, by eliminating our ignorance to some extent, by wishing wholeheartedly that at a much eminent state, human has to transform into a ‘learn person’, by blessing you, I am taking leave.

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