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Apart From the Natural Process of Force and Resistance, if They are Applied on Brain, Scientifically, Experimentally, Firstly, the Human Mind Would Come Under the Control of Human Being. Senses as Force, Neurons in the brain Lobes as Resist – Because of Constant Influencing (Force) and Controlling (Resist), “The Mind of Moral Sanctity” Appears and Foundation Would be Laid for “Intuitional Mind”.

[Guruji’s Speech Through Medium on His Birthday, the 1st day of May 2015, Dhyanaprasthan, Bandlaguda, Hyderabad]

At the level of Supreme Being, at the level of Universal Soul, with the entity of Supreme Being, as Viswa Sphoorthi, saluting the humanity in you, I am providing you Divine Blessings.

Usually, we celebrate all these kinds of activities. In that, through discourse, to tell some few words whatever I have to tell few of you, to advise you to follow them, and advise you to put them into practice is my duty – whether to put them into practice or not is your decision.

If so, what is the goal, what is the path present in front of us right now is the principal point right now in front of us. The duty of seeing that in which direction is the society moving is present on you only. You only have to make a decision that is the society moving forward or backward, in what way is it moving, is it progressing or regressing? In what way is it moving? On this Earth, in this society, many family members, your children – all these people are in the society itself. We label this gathering as society. But, this society, with discipline, in a systematic way, in an evidence-based way, should progress. It should not regress. If so, unfortunately, as of now, today's society, while it is progressing in terms of science and technology, on the other hand, not only that the values and humanity are not present at least as traces, but they are retrogressing. They are coming back to the beginning. That means, the matter that, in some way, the barbaric traditions are visible in the modern age means, the development is not progressing but retrogressing backwards, as learned persons, as educated, as somewhat prudent people, as human beings with Mind, there is definitely a need to understand about that. We are indeed members in this society; it is indeed a society but, not something new. Everyone to think that society has to be good is natural. Because, your children only would be in that society, because you only should lead this lifestyle in that – you wish that society should be good.

That means, since a long time, right from the period of VEdAs, with a thought of Universal Family, and everyone should be good, with the thought that this everything should come on to one platform, with the thought that comfort and peace should be in the society – it was told in various manners in many ways. They have been saying continuously. The time did not stop anywhere; that is going on just like that. Many groups have been coming like that and vanishing. That means, we have to understand that, at any point of time, this is truth in this womb of time. So, if that is the case, it is everyone's duty, as a citizen, that society should be put in a right path. Society means it is not something different. It is you – your kids – individuals related to you, your relatives – this is only the society. Society means it is not something separate. It is only members in the society. Individual only is the society. If there is a problem in the individual here, it would reflect in the society there. If the individual is good, society would be good. Since this individual only is like brick in the society, many efforts have been put so that individual has to grow to a better level – good thoughts and feelings should appear – she/he should stay good, with humanness – communication should be with Compassion, and should reach a good level.

Since the Age of VEdAs, many writings have been coming in the path of Devotion (Bhakti), in the path of Dhyana, in the path of JnAna, and they have been saying in the path of Karma Yoga too. If so, various people had said about these, to some extent, in suitability to their maturity and understanding. If so, unfortunately, some being polluted, by the time they reached the next generations, almost losing its initial state, now a new one, very new one, a modern one has come in. The principal reason and its roots for ruining the current society are somewhere else. It has been coming like that. Who observed it? What is happening? The circumstances, to come back with peace and comfort securely after going outside, are not visible at all. Unknown fear, tension, and pain never known are seen. "No task is being completed, nothing is happening, how to take care of children, how to manage the job" – like this, it is happening with every individual. When we see anybody and ask, "Hello my dear! How are you? Are you alright?" they would say, "What good, you know! I have only sorrows all over my life". You may ask anybody. You may ask anybody of any sector. This answer is heard from everyone. Human being did not take birth for experiencing only pain, did he! Human being stopped knowing about himself. He forgot who he is! Having forgot who he is, instead of doing what he is supposed to do, he is thinking something else and doing something else. This is the state of the present society. This is indeed known to all of you. That's why, I keep saying, whatever I say (do) through Practical Philosophy only. That means, I am saying only the thing that is happening in the real life. That's why I said, "Practical Philosophy". That too, what I said is "Religious Humanism"; that means, Humanity only should move forward as Religion – and in this great act, you should also become partners. Humanity itself should be as Religion but, it is my feeling, pain, and anguish that Humanity is not found even in traces in the current society. If this is the case, then what would happen to the human society? Where would its destiny go? So, there is a need and necessity that learned persons, elderly people and others think about it. If we are in the right path, then the society would be in the right path. If we close the door saying, "That is society – what we have to do with it", the people in that society are our own near and dear; our children and relatives, and our friends' children only would be there in that society. So, what is the path to clean this? Individual's eminence itself is the wellbeing of the society. If individual reaches eminent position, society would be good. But, how should this individual reach highest state. For that very reason, I told you how your "Relations" should be, how your "Dialogue" should be, how your "Narrations" should be, how your "Expressions" should be. I have told everything in the form of books with these words only. I told you, "How you should be – how your Dialogue should be". I took some time off and asked you, "What Do You Say?" What would you say? It went off just like "A Time Pass". If so, if you can read even "A Time Pass" also wholeheartedly, there is entire content in that only. What I mean to say is, "Everything, whatever you have to do, I have given in the form of books in detail preserved carefully". Considering some auspicious time, if you open the books, the entire knowledge is hidden in the form of words in that. How to load that knowledge that is hidden in the books?

Spinning by cunning nature – wherever you see, there is only deceit in the society. The situation is such that it has become difficult to know who would cheat whom in what way and when. There is always a fear that you may be cheated anytime. Right from you wake up in the morning until going to bed, it is happening in the same way. Then how to live peacefully in this society? At least, we have to live happily for sure. With this background, if we keep this present society aside, since we are only the members in this, there are certain things we have to do as our duty. What are those? Firstly, we have to reform. How is that possible? Not only we point our finger towards the current society, if you think, "Since I am one of the members of that society, firstly I will change”, then the society would change, that is when everyone would be happy – there is no need for anyone to be afraid of. This is like Easy Money – Take it Easy Policy type. People take it very lightly. If you give anyone a ten-page booklet and ask her/him to read, there is no patience to do so. If you give one page and ask them to read, at least, preface, there is no patience. Patience has perished. Their lifestyle has changed. So, reading has become scarce. While this great knowledge is preserved in the form of books, you see the books, worship them with folded hands, offer lighted camphor, and store them just like that. You think, "They are Guruji's books indeed for sure. They should be like that only, safely". If required, they would offer lighted camphor two or three times. Devotion has to be present; I am not denying that but, I am asking you to read what is in them. Read one line a day at least. It would tell you what is written in them.

Human being has to become a knowledgeable human being. Everyone says, "Human birth is very scarce. One would not acquire such easily. It is very great". Those who tell all these only wish for freedom from rebirth finally. When this is very scare, why to wish for freedom from rebirth? Let it be like that. Alright, if their matter is kept aside like that, if we think principally that what we have to do, when we are on the Earth for a very short time, by setting forth guidelines for us if we can analyze that what are the things we have to change, my entire concept here is – by establishing DhyanaManoPrasthan, what we have to do through that also I have said. Foundation has to be laid for change in human being. The primary aim is, change in human being has to happen through DhyanaManoPrasthan. If we think principally that how this continues, if we know few things, we would understand. With the lack of this understanding, we are being subjected to various kinds of misconceptions. When we read a concept, one has to understand it. When one understands it, what happens generally is, human intelligence develops. His height increases. That’s why I keep saying, "Read the books". I also keep saying, "Sphoorthi Elevates the Neurons – Sphoorthi Elevates the Mind". When the order of that intelligence goes from one level to another level, you would know what you are – what you are doing, and how you are behaving with other people in the society would be known. So, in compliance with that, peacefulness would be obtained.

Usually, we say, "My – Mine". For example, we say, "My Mind". 'Mind' is different and 'My' is different. 'My' is owner – My Mind – My Life Force – My Body. If we separate this "My", is there any value for the remaining thing? Is the Life Force visible? There is no chance to see it. Body is formed by Vital Elements. When this "My" is taken away, this body is useless. There is nothing in that. If the thing called "My" (Self) is known, if "I" is known, the objects related to her/him (as Mine) would be known. But, paying attention to all these, we are fighting as "Mine… Mine… Mine…" Examine with somewhat patience what exactly that "My" is. It is present in books; nothing to worry. Knowledge is present very securely and safely. Read that. We are talking about My Mind – My Body – all those things related to 'My'. To a larger extent, people say, "If you want to be happy and blissful, you have to win over five senses". That means, "You have to win over senses". That means he has to fight a war with them. If one has to fight a war – there has to be some or the other warrior for sure. Who is that warrior – that hero then? While this is like this, what people talk is – we have to fight with this senses but, if we observe who has to do that as the principal element, we have to identify that warrior beforehand only. What also say – "These senses only are your enemies; you have to fight with them". When they are such enemies, why are they with us? That’s alright! They have come somehow. Human being means – we are coming without knowledge – living knowingly and unknowingly – and going away unknowingly only. When we are only coming unknowingly, how do we know that how these (senses) are coming? There is no chance to know – we should know that. About this human being, we are taking this "My" from My Body, My Mind, My Soul – when that "My" is taken, it is becoming valueless for sure. If so, what is this "My" (Self)? This "Self" itself is its owner. If so, after knowing this "My", what we have to do with this is another principal question that comes in front of you.

As a part of these traditions, which have been coming for a longtime, with discussions and debates on the topic what the human being has to do to develop to an eminent state, in this speed Age, in the hunt of these jobs, life is being pulled off. If so, if you think, "All these things are usual only – what is new in this"? The concept present here is the principal one.

Usually in our life, when we think of doing something, we do it through Mind only. It is known to us that the whole and sole is Mind here. We have to do anything through Mind only. We have to think through Mind only. We have to do through Mind only. It is said, "Mind has tremendous speed – its speed is more than light". Like this, many stories are said about Mind. Where would something, which does not have shape, have speed? There is no shape – it is formless. It would not be visible for eyes. How can we calculate speed for it? Someone had said something – written in some books – studied them, and it has been coming for generations like that. If so, the matter here is, can we do anything through Mind? I told you a little while ago – who is that warrior who does that war? If we think principally that, can we do anything through this Mind? When we observe the same with some scientific view, the Newton proposed principles, Force and Resistance – these Force and Resistance are present in the entire universe. That can be analyzed as Universal Effect. He discovered them recently only, but, Force and Resistance are present right from the beginning of the Creation. Scientists have discovered recently but, this theory had been present right from the beginning of the Creation. A theory is visible to us. If so, what? Force means strength. Resist means to stop. If we think that, what would we know, actually, through this Force and Resistance? In everything, this Force and Resistance only are seen. For example, the air, water, and food we take into our body and the excretion from body – this also is going on through the process of Force and Resistance only. So also, the cell division that happens in our body – anabolism – these also are happening through Force and Resistance only. The intake (food) we take, the cell division – these also are happening like this only. Is any Force and Resistance visible to us in the Nature? Yes, it is indeed visible. From Micro to Macro, they are growing like that. Plants are growing, animals are growing, and human beings are growing.

If so, along with this, right from egg to embryo – if we observe in this system, all are not coming at once. Not all organs are appearing at once. Although all of them are appearing – the function of all of them are not starting at that point of time. There is formation of all organs. Along with that only, brain also forms. You have to observe this. That means, after the fertilization, it forms through the male and female cells. Brain also forms. It did not come separately from somewhere else. From this egg to embryo – when all these kinds of organs are present, their function would be in the initial stages only. It is like that only. After coming outside, at a certain age, after some functions start, there would be maturity of brain at certain age. Science is also saying this. Brain does not acquire maturity at once. The same thing we are considering it as childhood, adolescence and old age. That means, based on the state and condition of brain, Mind and the way it functions – we are getting all these things categorically.

If so, with regard to Nature – based on the principles present in the Nature, are the hormones coming out at once? The answer is No. After reaching certain age, release of functional hormones, to be present as maturation – it is happening in this way. That means, they have happened long back but, they are happening like that only after attaining certain age. If we observe both these systems, there is certainly change for such a thing called movement. If there is movement, there has to be change inevitably. But, what is the relationship between movement, change and this? What we are telling in our concept is – change is natural for sure, but this change is also of two types. This change is also of not today. The reason for Creation itself is change. It starts with change only. It starts with change only… If we examine that how can we execute our concept in that process, change is inevitable for movement. It has to happen inevitably. We have to observe that, in this situation, would the change be natural or experimental. But, where is this change present naturally? If we observe here very carefully, we can observe this change right from the universe. Where is it happening? Universal Energy is changing into matter. So, Universal Energy itself is changing into Universal Matter. When that is changing like that, how is that change occurring? This Matter of Creation (Space Matter), and from that Space Matter – these planets, and satellites – from that Globe. From this Space Matter, incitation occurred for Bio-Matter. Life from Bio-Matter, and organism from life, thereafter growth of organism – this is seen in the system of transformation. Is it occurring naturally or experimentally? This entire thing, this entire change is occurring naturally only. So, this change is happening naturally only. You observe carefully; this change is occurring naturally. What happened there? How did that change occur is the principal matter for us. How the change has come? What is the reason for change? How did it come? What is its base? – If we examine this, whenever anything changes from Energy to Matter, or from Unity to Diversity, only when there is a friction between two different things – change occurs. This is inevitable for movement. Observe carefully. Only when there is a friction between two different things – change occurs; so, change is inevitable for movement. It is happening like that. If we observe the thing that how Diversity has appeared in something that had formed from Universal Energy, Energy is Unity there but, Matter is Diverse. Matter came from Unity only. But, we are seeing Diversity here. It is Unity there. What is the root for this Diversity? It is Unity. Does it mean that there is Diversity in the Unity itself? Unity in Diversity, or, Diversity in Unity – what should we think is present? But, where is the Absolute state for this? Where is the Absolute state for Unity? The same Diversity, which is not in Unity, will not come into Diversity. For movement, change occurs only when there is friction. It came through Unity only.

If so, would there be Absoluteness or not? There is…. how? That is Absolute Zero, Self-existent, Mother Universe. There is no Diversity in it. There will be only Unity. With this background, if we move forward, when we consider that Force and Resistance is a constant phenomenon in the entire universe, everything in our life is also occurring in accordance with Force and Resistance only. Whether it is the food we are taking, excretion, cell division – everything is occurring based on the process of Force and Resistance only. Is there any chance for us to do with this Force and Resistance process? Can we experiment this Force and Resistance on anything else? What happened until now is natural process. But, now, can we do anything experimentally with Force and Resistance? If we think at a micro level, Mind forms based on the circumstances and surroundings, the information from there goes into the neurons, thereafter feeling, thought, and finally experience functionally. That is how the Mind is formed there. What I am saying, in particular, here is – how would it be if we apply this scientific 'Force' and 'Resistance' process to the brain? What kind of results would we get if we apply this to the brain? What is the Target? It is Change – Change in Human Being. When human being changes only, society would be good. The natural change has been continuing right from the Universal Matter until the Bio-Matter. So, when we want to do something experimentally, can we apply this same Force and Resistance process on the brain? We can do. What would happen if we do it? This Force and Resistance application, whatever is there, based on that application, if we apply the same on the brain, what happens is, the first result that we would experience is – the Human Mind would come under the control of Human Being in the first place. Human Being would not go under the possession of Mind. That is what happening now. Through this method, through this scientific method, Human Being can keep the Mind under his control. What happens with that? He can behave properly. He can live properly. He can do all good things only. If we could apply this Force and Resistance principle through this, but, how to do this? In what way should we do this? Principally, in whatever we are doing constantly, with the concept of this DhyanaManoPrasthan, you are asked to practice meditation after having established DhyanaManoPrasthan. Ascent Meditation (Dhyana) – that means, to progress degree by degree. When we apply Force and Resistance to this Ascent Meditation, what is happening? How would be the ultimate result in this Ascent Meditation? When Force and Resistance is applied indirectly, change occurs in Human Mind. Definitely, there would be change in Human Mind. After the occurrence of change, how the life would be? It would be indeed good; there should be no doubt about it. If so, how to do? When we continue this Ascent Meditation, if we consider the signals, which are sent to the brain through sense organs, as Force, considering the neurons in the brain lobes as Resist – it is like constant influencing (Force) and controlling (Resist). Like this, if we experiment on to the brain lobes through the neurons, what appears there is 'The Mind of the Moral Sanctity'. Its starts from there. What happens in the next step is – through this process, through KunDalinI Energy through the process of this Dhyana – an attempt would start for formation of "Intuitional Mind" there. That is how the formation of Intuitional Mind starts. Once its formation starts, our expressions would change, relations would change, expectations would change, way of lifestyle changes – everything would change. We can see practically. If so, when we apply like this, if we practice in a disciplined manner systematically, we would get the result scientifically.

Struggle for existence is another principle. It is the principle present in the Nature. This is fight for existence. If so, when we observe these various kinds of principles, what we have to understand is, if we can cause the Mind to reach to a higher level, in stages. In principle, constantly with discipline, what happens there ultimately is, what this Force and Resistance does here is, base would be formed for Intuitional Mind. Once the Intuitional Mind is formed, through that KunDalinI Energy, the other benefit caused to us would be, brain would be incited (influenced). So, there would be a chance that brain would be active, alert and vigilant all the time. This itself is the concept of DhyanaManoPrasthan.

This is scientifically and analytically present method. What happens here is – "There would be change in Human Being, Human Mind". This change itself is required. How this occurs is, for example, you see plants in the Nature – they are small initially and grow to bigger size thereafter. How would they reach that stage? How would that happen? When friction happens between two different things internally, change occurs. That is what I said, the same is happening even in the cell division – and anabolism that happens in us. In the night there will be only bud, no flower but, by morning, the flower blossoms. Nobody knows how that happens. These things happen internally. It happens through Force and Resistance process only.

Science, usually says, that this Creation is increasing in size just like that. True indeed! If that has to increase, there is need of Force. But, if there has to be Force, certainly there has to be Resistance. There is its need. So, if there is Force then Resistance is inevitable. When any Matter pervades like this, we have to see finite, it has to be within finite only but, it cannot be infinite. If there is Matter in finite, there is need of energy internally for movement. When the Universal Energy there, forms as Universal Matter, the Energy enters into it as Cosmic Microcosm. Matter's is the law of motion. If there has to be motion (movement), that Universal Energy itself, would be present as microcosm there and causes movement for this entire thing. For anything that has this movement, change is inevitable. That inevitably happens in the natural process. When it comes to organism, here it is Bio-matter, there it is life. Here 'bio' (life) being present internally in an invisible state, it is being present as the basis for the external object. Being present internally, will be present as the basis for the external body and leads the life. The same is happening there and here. In these circumstances, when we think that how we should reach eminent state, we have to follow this process of Ascent Dhyana. I told you many times previously also, "Habituate this Ascent Dhyana; in the coming days if you want to be healthy, follow this process, tell others too, all the people can experience good of this, and with that society would be prosperous". But, there is need of practice for this. Without doing anything, by simply tying this with destiny, to say, "This is just like this and there is nothing else I could do", is a grave mistake. For the human being – who has intelligence, who is thoughtful, and who can work hard – this is a grave mistake and a dark corner. Human being, who has humanity, can do this; must do this. For that very reason, it is being said as Human Being – Learned Person – Rishi – RAjarSi – DEvarSi. This is Materiality – Spirituality – Divinity. What is happening here is knowledge – completeness of knowledge. If so, usually, Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Dhyana Yoga, and Jnana Yoga – this is an order. If we want to know, where we are as a human being, we would know it by seeing the aforementioned serial order. So, this entire thing is not a casual talk. This is a scientific way. Whatever I am saying, it would give the result practically in front of our eyes. This is real but not, imagination. What I am telling is not imagination but, practical. We can see. We can see how the Human Mind can be changed. For that very reason, to start this DhyanaManoPrasthan, I am doing all these with the principal objective that a good society has to form with change in human beings.

Along with this only, that which never happened in the past nor would it happen, in future, is this Medium Concept. I am present elsewhere but, I am talking here. I have told you some subject. How is this being possible? People say, "The one present in picture is Guruji, and the one who is speaking here is Medium". I am only speaking; I, Viswa Sphoorthi, only, am, speaking here. Medium does not speak. I, Viswa Sphoorthi, only, am speaking here. I am only present physically at the place I am present. I am indeed present as usual at the place I am. But, whatever I want to do, whatever I want to talk, and whatever I wanted to preach you – I am only talking. Mind only speaks. Soul does not speak. Soul's is silent state only. Mind only speaks. I have told you in my previous speeches also. If this Mind itself, through spiritual practice, is caused to cross fourth dimension, it separates into many Minds. You can observe then. That’s why, when I execute through multiple Media simultaneously, it is Viswa Sphoorthi everywhere. Mind separates into multiple numbers and this is possible. I have shown you practically only. This is neither imagination nor non-existed happenings. If so, I am not just executing and restricting my execution only until speeches.

There are many people sitting in this premise. I am in possession of the entire data – that why have you come here and what you would try to ask me. I am not saying this just like that. As soon as you enter into my premise, I don’t need to talk to you specifically and know. I am at that Divine State (level). I would know it. Usually, what would be there? Some sorrows, pains, sorrows you cannot share – that the life isn’t good. You would have in your Mind, "I have to share this with Guruji". I know everything. Once you come to me, I would definitely give whatever I have to give at the appropriate time even if you don’t ask. Many people would have discomfort with different problems – "Some that they have not got married yet, some that they don’t have children post-marriage, some that they are not in good terms with their spouse so they want to separate". Hastiness for everything. No patience at all anywhere; hastiness for everything. Hastiness for marriage, some other problem after marriage, after the birth of children they start thinking about their studies, how to accumulate wealth for them, and they even think about the marriage of their children too. Is it really needed? If so, with these many problems, especially our healthcare system is in such a state that it is unable to know what is happening. Every one of you know this.

That means, before knowing what is there only, it is reaching another level. In these circumstances, change your lifestyle. Change your lifestyle to certain extent. There is no expenditure for this for sure. There is no need to invest any money in this for sure. These are not any business transactions. Read the books that are available at least to some extent. Through this, what would happen? You would acquire some knowledge. Knowledge itself is Salvation – I have told you already. When we speak of Salvation, the concept would go to some other way. Since knowledge itself is salvation, if we could acquire this knowledge, if we could reach eminent state from the present state, that would be the beginning for our entire lifestyle. Change has to come this way. Instead of that, if you just come on to dais and say, "This society is ruined completely", who would say/show the solution? What we need is solution. Everyone would say that there is problem here and problem there. What we need is solution. If we die with the problem lying just like that – when would we find the solution and lead a blissful life. We are not born to experience sorrow, and cry. We have to lead a blissful life. This is pairs of opposite life. There would be both – comforts and discomforts. If you say, "I don’t need problems", then it is not possible. This is pairs of opposite life, made of matter. Only one (happiness) is not possible. So, in this materialistic life, there would be comforts and sorrows.

If so, instead of these two, we have to develop Stoic Sense. Then, whether we have difficulties or comforts, we would be in the same way – this is possible through Ascent Dhyana. Living in the society only, living with problems only, we can live happily and we can ensure that few more people live happily. So, by accepting this kind of technique, if you can take it to a certain level in the form of practice then we can see a good society. "We should be good and live happily until they live" – this is something everyone indeed wishes. But, from where would one get solutions is the principal question. I think I have shown you a way for solution. All of you try to follow that path of solution, and a foundation to live happily, all of you start today.

Without leaving what all I have told you, if you think, "We remember few things you have told but, who would say the remaining things", my answer is – "There is everything in all the books I have written". Only thing you have to do is, read them. Read those books and say to the people you know. Say, them that this is happening here, what is happening is different but, what is present here is different. Tell the certainty. Let the people know about the truth. Doing all these, try to lead the life in a good way.

When people come here – they ask various types of questions. If so, I have a small wish in my Mind – "Do not ask unnecessary questions and waste time". Because, you come here from a long distance and ask here, "All my money is gone – would I get any more money?" Is this the question you have to ask me? You have to change the lifestyle. "I love someone; would she look at me?" I am facing these kinds of questions – what is the divine state here, what is being done here – what is happening here? With the wholehearted hope that you will not waste time for such questions, with the wholehearted hope that you would put everything I have told you, today, into practice, with the wholehearted hope that you would change into a good human being, with the wholehearted hope that you would establish a good compassionate society – I am taking a leave.

Sphoorthi Oum
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