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"Science Universe" - What & Why?

Life is pairs of opposite. With good – bad; sin – goodness; wicked – virtuous; difficulty – comfort; sorrow – happiness; darkness and light, these, as pair, one after the other, are indeed usual, for human being. By causing the good, to the human mind, by increasing it, to that extent, to ensure that there is no place for bad, itself, is what the religion, philosophy, spirituality, related sacred books, SAstrAs, PurAnas, and their righteous campaigns are intended for.

Today's spirituality is pomp publicity, and is in a dishonest path. Similar to 'Vote Politics' is cheating people, in the name of modernization, saying it is the natural characteristic of Age/Era with change of time, even the spirituality is following the same. It is obtaining financial selfishness. Religion – politics are wandering as fellow thieves. Power – corruption – and financial gain, only these are their objectives, interests and activities.

As a matter of fact, there is no scope for logic in religion. Certainty, is after "belief of individual" only! If the situations in which the religious belief, converting into stupidity, become personal, communalized, and becomes dangerous for the security of the society, itself, happen every now and then, then it causes internal disputes, and wars also. If caste – religion, do not become the bondage of politics, relationship of constitution, then they would live by themselves properly indeed.

For Ages and generations, although PurAnAs are saying that these righteous campaigns, moral preachings – for the establishment of Dharma in the order of Ages that the incarnations have happened… there is no clarity that the morality, has happened, in human mind in a systematic manner. It is not known that, because of the establishment of Dharma, wickedness has vanished, and virtuousness has increased. Moreover, with changes of Ages and generations, with the increase of wickedness, and unrighteousness, with human prudence, they have reached to climax in the Age of Kali. As a result, immorality (corruption) itself as morality, unrighteousness itself as righteousness and, injustice itself as justice, political morality, and the manner of human mind, are providing them royal support. Humanness, societal morality, have reached the state of grave. PurAnAs are saying, that the previous Age Dharma only has been established until today. Although more than five thousand years have been passed for the start of this Age of Kali (Modern Age), even now, worship is being done for the incarnations of previous Ages only. Well, ‘incarnation has not come into existence’, for Age of Kali, indeed!

Anything, in the attempt to decrease it, there has to be decrease to some or the other extent, but, why should there be increase? Why should it become more extreme? If attempted for virtuousness, wickedness to increase, while incarnation is happening for the establishment of Dharma, Adharma to increase…; if this pattern is seen, there is chance for doubt, that there is some great flaw, in the cause and effect execution itself. For anything, along with its cause, only when there is clarity, in the execution, good result would be caused.

When life itself is a pair of opposite, to eliminate the antagonism, and bad in it, completely, may be unnatural; may look impossible. But, by following any method, which could decrease the antagonism, bad and its strength, in the pairs of opposite, good may be caused the benefit. The Sensorium Mind – which is as the functional charioteer, for the good–bad… physical–spiritual pairs of opposite life – not to be under the control of Human Being, itself is, probably, a reason, for this antagonism; for that very reason, an attempt to bring the senses influenced mind under the control of Human Being itself should be the objective of spirituality.

If it is ensured that the mind is under the control of human being only…; along with individual, benefit would be caused for social wellbeing too. For that, along with prayer, Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation (Dhyana) would be useful. Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, these are intended for the health of human body, and for the mental peacefulness. If so, the present Nature, is not suitable, for the practice, implementation, of Patanjali Maharshi written (proposed), AsTAnga Yoga. The purity, of Nature of Vital Elements, of those days, is not present in these days. Everything is polluted. Air, water, and food, which support the body, is almost poison filled. Today’s situation is such that, the Earth itself does not get Oxygen in a suitable way. To think, “Taking bath in Ganga River is very pure”, was the thought of past. Today, in the name of purification, Ganga River itself, is being provided oil bath. The conditions, in which even the Vital Elements also should have to be bathed, are very nearby. In this present Nature – in which numerous pollutants, are entering, the body, in heaps, secretly, with regular breathing only – rethinking is needed for everything.

For that very reason, the technique of practice of Dhyanaprasthan (proposed by Guruji), has been intended for. Although there is difference in the qualities and quantities, of practice, the final objective is, mind to come into the possession of human being only! Ascension is, natural only. It is indeed the order of conversional, transmutation of Space Matter only.    

With humanity, human being… has to transform into a “learned person”. Not as money indeed! With ascent and spiritual practice, should attain the sacredness and the feeling of Divinity. With hard work only human being; Rishi is in human being only! Making it possible through practice is the uniqueness of human being. The ascension of humanness itself is, the diving feeling. Humanness – Newness – Divinity…; this itself is, the ascension of mind in the practice of Manoprasthan. Through DhyanaManoPrasthan, by awakening Humanity, by transforming this Humanity into Compassion, by transcending it, if that Compassion can be transcended as Divinity (Humanity to Compassion, and Compassion to Divinity) then all human beings, all Gods, all religions would be same only. That which is useful for every human being – and that which does not harm human being are – Humanity and Compassion, if these two are present then goodness will be caused for human race. When the state in which Humanity – Compassion – Divinity are considered as one (unity) is reached – everything is one only. Human being should wish for Humanity – Compassion – and Divinity. If so, this is possible only with the coordination of Materiality and Spirituality. Indeed to facilitate (through practice) physical – spiritual coordination in human being, ‘an attempt to bring the sensory influenced mind into the possession of human being’ itself as an objective thereby to help human being to lead her/his physical, mental, social life righteously happily, comfortably and completely in the manner of ‘Dharma-Artha-Kama-MOksha’, and in the method of ‘Karma-Bhakti-Dhyana-Jnana’ Yoga, “Science Universe” has been established.

"Spirituality" means, although it is understood, thought, as something beyond "Materiality", that is, not something leaving, the life, completely. The "mansion" of spiritual 'expedition of truth', which is built over the seat of honor of the physical life, is that only. The inseparable relationship, of "without one the other is waste", itself, is the physical – spiritual bondage, relationship too. The usual meaning, exegesis of "Science Universe" is, also the same. When science reaches its termination, then there is a need for spirituality (Super Science). Both the Science and Spirituality are the two in 'One' of the perfect circle, that is the 'Science Universe'. Science Universe is a spiritual, scientific, and social services Trust. The primary objective of the organization is to promote spiritual, social, scientific awareness based on Guruji's concept of "Theory of Practical Philosophy (Supernatural and Superhuman) based on Religious Humanism (Theology)".

In Science Universe, "Dhyanaprasthan" is, indeed, a practical, division in it, indeed affiliated to it. Along with the daily, real lives – to describe the significance of true life, their coordination, cooperation, corporeality, and to prove their need, in the form of practice, itself, is the way of principle of "Science Universe". The objective of Dhyanaprasthan is also the same. The objective of Science Universe and Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan is to develop intelligence and cause it to attain Divinity.

The organization executes its functions through the following four different wings:

(1) Spiritual Wing: Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan (Meditation Centers);

(2) Social Consciousness Wing: Mission of Compassion; 

(3) Scientific Wing: Intellectual Circle of Supermind (ICS); and

(4) Youth Wing: Sphoorthi SEEDS and their respective divisions

Guruji performs His spiritual activities through 'Medium' (existence in a physical body) with His supernatural vibrations in the spiritual wing, of the organization, called 'Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan'. Guruji has established Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan with spiritual consciousness and spirit for spiritual performances, and for Manoprasthan and JnAnaprasthan.

Feeling of disappointment, by completely exploiting, the human mind…. is leading the human life in retrogression. Struggling, development itself is, an encouragement, for progress! The lightening in clouds, although is momentary, light can be seen… Even if it is a little lamp… in darkness, it causes some light… Human thought, its attempt also, should be like that only. Implementation of action… is cause-instigated intention only. However, it should not be influenced by, only personal limits, advantages… In order to change the things, at least some people, with firm vow, as competent persons, as well-wishers of the society, should dedicate their lives, for better changes in individual – system. In the past, in those various periods, only through the hard work of the great personalities and their sacrifices in scientific – technological – moral – spiritual sectors…. Material Knowledge…. understanding of certainty…. is remaining, today, at least to some extent. Although only for disease is the medicine! similar to, the need of doctors for its usage…, for eliminating social evils, consciousness-filled social reformers – great self-sacrificers (altruist) – and wise personalities are being needed. For that, every human being has to contribute her/his cooperation. With religious tolerance – coexistence, social life should be accustomed to human being... With that objective only, with the spirit of social well-being, by causing awareness of humaneness in the individual – for the society to lead, a peaceful living, with coordination, and amicableness of materiality – spirituality – and for collective efforts, for the recognition of moral human values, in the expedition of that path only, Mission of Compassion has been established…

'Mission of Compassion' is the Social Consciousness (services) wing of 'Science Universe'. The organization, with the divine involvement of Guruji, shall be involved in the uplifting of the poor sections of the society, physically and mentally handicapped, orphans, old-aged, and other special population through various social services activities. All these activities shall be carried out through the establishment of several social services related institutions.

'ICS' is the scientific wing of the organization. All the activities pertaining to the dissemination of the concept of Guruji shall be carried out by means of this wing through the mobilization of the Intellectual Community. This division shall execute its functions as the Advisory Board to Science Universe, and helps in the dissemination of Guruji’s concept worldwide.

'Sphoorthi Seeds' are the youth wing of the 'Science Universe'. Guruji started this wing on the Sphoorthi New Year Day (1st day of May), 2001. The primary purpose of this wing is to transform Sphoorthi Seeds into a 'Revolutionary Force' by means of their all-round development (academic, mental, and spiritual) so that they can bring tremendous positive energy, thereby, positive change in the presently declined society. The activities conducted for and by Sphoorthi Seeds are multi-fold (Academic Activities, Scientific Activities, Art & Literary Activities, and Spiritual & Social Services Activities).

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