Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi


Sphoorthi Oum...         Oum Maa Viswa Roope Shakthi Roope Viswa Sphoorthi Gurave Namaha

Controlled Breathing Technique-2


This Pranayama technique has 3 rounds in each unit, and each round has 3 steps - identical for males and females. One can practice either one unit or three units (in full) but, not two units.

In this technique, firstly, by inhaling the air, as much as possible, very slowly, in the usual manner only, through the activity of breathing that is happening, usually, the respiratory organs should be filled. By controlling, inhalation and exhalation, thereafter, in the activity of inhalation itself as much time as possible, exhalation, should be stopped. After that, exhalation should be carried out, steadily. In between inhalation - exhalation sometime of rest (breath withholding) should be followed. In this activity, equal time of inhalation - exhalation, should be followed. The same time interval of rest between inhalation - exhalation, should be followed, between the exhalation - inhalation time level also. Like this, the 'withholding' time, which is present between inhalation - exhalation, similarly, exhalation - inhalation, should be increased gradually.

If so, the time, of inhalation – exhalation, would be 'limited', separately almost, at the same level. To increase, this, more than that, may not be possible, bodily (physically). So one should be able to, gradually, increase, the breath withholding present between inhalation - exhalation, similarly exhalation - inhalation. If so, in this order, pressure, for the respiratory organs, should not be increased all at once. By following, every precaution, in the matter of, inhalation - exhalation, breath 'withholding' time - and in case of increasing the time also, one should practice, to increase, its possibility, gradually.

When breathing air, through nostrils, in the beginning, by filling the air, through both the nostrils, after some rest (withholding), it should be exhaled. After continuing, like this, for sometime, in the step 1, inhale (I), from the right nostril, withhold the breath, exhale (II), from the left nostril, and again withhold the breath. After doing, like this, for three times, this same order, should be shifted to the left side (step 2) meaning, in the step 2, start inhalation from the left nostril, withhold the breath, exhale from the right nostril, and again withhold the breath. After completing in this way for three times, again, in the usual manner, from both the nostrils, inhalation - exhalation, should be carried out for three times (step 3) with withholding of breath after each inhalation and exhalation. The practice of breathing, and the activity of its holding, that has happened until now, like this, has to be considered, as "one round".

How Much Should be the Breath 'Withholding' Time in This Technique?

In this technique of Pranayama, the duration of inhalation and exhalation should be equal. The breath withholding time, in the beginning, should be twice the 'plus' time of the inhalation and exhalation, and gradually it should be increased to thrice, four, five times the 'plus' time and so on.... It means, since the duration of inhalation and exhalation is equal, the withholding time, in the beginning, would be 'four' times that of inhalation (or exhalation) and increased gradually to 'six', 'eight' times and so on. For example, if the time of inhalation (an exhalation) is 5 seconds, the 'plus' time would be 10 seconds, and the withholding time starts with 20 seconds. The withholding time will be same throughout the procedure in all the steps of all the rounds.

However, withholding time of twice that of 'plus' time is not possible and easy for everybody. So, it is recommended that everyone should withhold the breath to the extent of their capacity and gradually increase in accordance with their practice and patience. In accordance with the increase of that 'time', there would be the result of Pranayama. This is, not something which happens all at once.

In the second round, in step 1, inhale, from the left nostril, withhold, exhale, from the right nostril, and again withhold. This is step 2 in the "round one". The step 2 in the "second round" will be same as the step 1 in the "round one". The step 3 in "second round" will be essentially same as the step 3 in "round one". Like this, by following the method of first round only, second round should be completed.

In the third round, inhalation - exhalation, and the breath holding activity, should be done in the usual manner for nine times. The entire process of breathing practice, which has happened until now, should be considered as one "unit".