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'Mission of Compassion' is the Social Consciousness (services) wing of 'Science Universe'. With the spirit of social well-being, by causing awareness of humaneness in the individual – for the society to lead, a peaceful living, with coordination, and amicableness of materiality – spirituality – and for collective efforts, for the recognition of moral human values, in the expedition of that path only, Mission of Compassion has been established. Through this division, with the direct involvement of Guruji, Science Universe shall be involved in the uplifting of the poor sections of the society, physically and mentally handicapped, orphans, old-aged, and other special population through various social services activities. All these activities shall be carried out through the establishment of several social services and related institutions.

Compassion, by definition, is understanding the 'sufferings of humanity in any form' and making an attempt to alleviate them successfully. The suffering of humanity may be from multiple causes. Of those, decline of health, social inequality and injustice, and illiteracy are a few, and poor economic status is the fundamental cause of everything. As the name suggests, 'Mission of Compassion' will be actively involved in understanding the sufferings of humanity and alleviating those sufferings with commitment to several social services activities. These activities focus on a large variety of target population (economically poor families, handicapped both mentally and physically, abandoned old-aged people, orphans, single mothers, and abandoned, divorced, & widowed women). It is a long-term goal of the organization to develop a unique educational system (SPHOORTHI EDUCATION SYSTEM) and a healthcare system (SPHOORTHI HEALTHCARE SYSTEM) – which includes Guruji's Divine Healing component – to provide education and healthcare/medical care services. In addition, MoC shall establish several other kinds of social services institutions for the benefit of needy.


[Sphoorthi Clinics, Sphoorthi School Health Program, Sphoorthi Medical Camps, Sphoorthi Mobile Surgery Unit, Sphoorthi Medical Center, Sphoorthi Primary Healthcare Centers, and Sphoorthi Multi and Super Specialty Hospital System]

MoC shall establish its own healthcare system (SHS). SHS shall provide Primary, secondary, and tertiary care services to the needy population through Sphoorthi Primary Care Clinics, Sphoorthi Medical Camps, Sphoorthi Mobile Surgery Unit, and Sphoorthi Medical Center, Sphoorthi Multi Specialty and Super Specialty Hospital System..

Sphoorthi Clinic: SHS conducts medical clinics in the premises of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan. Doctors from all the disciplines provide primary care services here. All those patients requiring secondary and tertiary care are referred to the Sphoorthi Medical Center.

Medical Camps: The organization, with the help of qualified physicians and other medical personnel, conducts medical camps at regular intervals in the rural and under-served areas. The medical team, with the guidance of Guruji, identifies problems in the selected area and conducts Medical Camps accordingly. The organization follows-up with the concerned village once the camp is conducted.

Along with the treatment of the common ailments with the allopathic medication, the beneficiaries are informed of the concept of Asana – Pranayama – Dhyana and its importance to keep oneself healthy.

Sphoorthi Mobile Surgery Unit: SHS conducts several surgical procedures through Mobile Surgery Unit. This Surgery Unit is used for conducting surgeries in field when Medical Camps are conducted.

Sphoorthi Medical Center: Patients treated at Sphoorthi Clinics and Medical Camps shall be referred to this center for secondary and tertiary care. This center shall culminate into a multi & super specialty hospital.

Sphoorthi Primary Healthcare Centers & Sphoorthi Multi & Super Specialty Hospitals: SHS shall establish Primary Healthcare Centers at mandal levels and Multi & Super Specialty hospitals at district levels.

Medical Board: SHS has its own "Medical Board" which creates policies in accordance with the Mission and Vision of MoC/SHS. It shall ensure that the Executive Council of SHS shall implement the policies and procedures.


[Sphoorthi Vidyalayas, Sphoorthi International University]

SES is the most important entity of MoC. MoC through SES shall be providing effective and affordable education for the needy and economically backward population.

The establishment of SES shall start with the establishment of SPHOORTHI VIDYALAYAS, which shall deliver education right from Kinder Garden (K.G.), to Post Graduation (P.G.). SES shall establish several Vidyalayas in the areas where they are genuinely needed.

SES shall execute its functions based on the principle of 'opportunity for all the eligible poor'. Unfavorable economic status, under any kinds of circumstances, will not be a cause of denial for admission into any educational institution that shall be operated by SES. The reservation system based on caste, and religion will not be entertained at any level. Only merit will be the basis for the admission. For higher education, the SES shall provide financial assistance to the economically backward students through the 'Recovery Settlement' scheme, under which the amount will be recovered from the student after she/he joins the employment.

Establishment of SES shall culminate into SPHOORTHI INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY, which shall provide university education in all the disciplines with international standards.


[Social, Spiritual, and Economic Development of the Adopted Units - Development of Villages into "Sphoorthi Model Villages"]

Around 80% of the Indian population lives in rural areas. Although there is tremendous potential in the rural residents, the same goes unused for several reasons, the most important being unavailability of resources, illiteracy, inability to continue higher education, and absence of (preventive, secondary, & tertiary) medical (health) care; poverty is the primary cause for the aforementioned effects.

MoC", through "SPHOORTHI TOTAL ADOPTION & REJUVENATION PROJECT", shall rejuvenate the rural masses by means of overall development. The organization's focus shall be, but not limited to, on the following areas:

  1. Sadhana Shibhirs & Regular Mass Meditation
  2. Provision of Preventive & Curative Medical Care
  3. Provision of Free Education for the Poor
  4. Education on Preventive & Social Medicine
  5. Creation of Employment Opportunities
  6. Development of Agriculture

The objective of this project will be overall development of the adopted village in all the sectors. As a part of this program, the organization shall execute the project in the following way (refer to the policies & procedures for more details):

  1. In accordance with the advice of Guruji, firstly, the organization shall adopt a village
  2. The organizational employees, representatives and/or volunteers, with the guidance of Guruji, shall visit the said village, talk to the local leaders and villagers and try to identify the existing problems
  3. Discuss with Guruji about the existing problems and modify/prioritize the problem list with the inputs from Guruji
  4. Conduct a detailed analysis of problems, document an executable final plan with approval from Guruji, and form a formal accountable and answerable team to implement the plan
  5. Upon that, the organization shall camp in the village initially for a week/fortnight to introduce villagers to Guruji's concept, conduct Sadhana Shibhirs, conduct Medical Camps and/or Aarogyaprasthan, and study the village in detail to look for the areas of development and implement the Guruji guided solutions
  6. After the initially camping, MoC shall visit the village under adoption on a regular basis for the follow-up of the implemented solutions
  7. Spiritual, Social Services, and the Scientific Wing of the organization shall work together for solving the problems and upliftment of the village.

[Sphoorthi Orphanages, Sphoorthi Old-age Homes, and Sphoorthi Self-employment Institutions for the Economically Poor; for the Economically Poor Physically Handicapped; and for the Economically Poor Single Mothers, Divorced, Widowed & Abandoned Women]

MoC shall establish several other social services institutions that include but, not limited to, the following:

  1. Orphanages: MoC shall establish orphanages. The orphanages shall be developed into institutions providing education until the settlement of the orphans and taking care of their overall development. The ultimate purpose of these institutions will be to mould the orphaned children into productive citizens who shall contribute to the development of Sphoorthi Society.
  2. Old-age homes: Old age homes will create a conducive environment to lead a peaceful and meaningful life for the elderly people. MoC's target elderly population would be those who either are neglected by their families, or have none to take care of them.
  3. Self-employment Institutions: MoC shall establish several institutions that would create self-employment for the economically poor physically handicapped, single mothers, and divorced, widowed & abandoned women". The organization shall provide resources initially and the beneficiaries would maintain it by themselves thereafter. 

[Summer Water Camps, Free Cloths Distribution Program, Free Food Distribution Program, and Services in Crises (e.g. Natural Disasters]

Apart from the aforementioned Social Services, MoC provides other Social Services in the form of Summer Water Camps, Free Cloths Distribution, Free Food Distribution, and in Crises. These activities shall be conducted on Sphoorthi Event Days (Sphoorthi New Year Day, Sphoorthi (Jnana) Poornima, and Sphoorthi Achievements Day), seasonally, and/or following an untoward incident/Natural Disaster.

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