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Second Stage of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan


The vision of mind in the stage 1 has to be continued without interruption with the intuitive sense with increased devotion. See Guruji without changing the state. Gradually, senses go unbeknown – this is the indication of the sixth sense. With the zeal for internal consciousness, visibly appear at the spiritual level, which would function as the basis for the Supreme Wisdom. As the second stage in Dhyanaprasthan, one can see Guruji clearly with the intuitive sense (third eye) in the state of "at that point of time" as is.

One can consider this level of meditation as ‘Supernatural – Spiritual (Intuitional) Meditation’Spiritual Meditation (SM) is the medium that is radiated by Guruji just like the mind to the body. SM is intended to have spiritual contact with Guruji through the vibrative channel with the motive of getting trance and tranquility. Every human being has bio-natural vibrations existing in her/his body. When we meditate spiritually, the same vibrations transfer into spiritual vibrations due to establishment of contact with Guruji.

In the second stage, of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan, ascension, starts, for this Sanctity Mind, towards intuition [This is otherwise called sixth sense. The pollution outside will reach the five senses but, will not reach the internal sixth sense. The sixth sense mind, which is not the five senses, is pure and honest; since it does not have external world pollution, it will be indeed pure]. That means, this is the ascension in which the mind reaches the sixth sense that is distinct, to the sensuous nature, through meditation in this stage, the instigation, which becomes the cause for the awareness of Conscience, would be caused. This, may be called, “Spiritual Consciousness”. In this stage, with the decrease of influence of senses exteriority even more, with the entry into Spiritual Conscious, stimulation would be caused for the feeling of ‘Soul’. Intuitive mind, to transcend, as spiritual conscious, is the second stage in Manoprasthan. In this, firstly, the method of Dhyanaprasthan, has to be changed, as “Intuitive Manoprasthan”. Beyond, the influence of, physical related, senses, with sixth sense awareness, Intuitive Mind (spiritual consciousness), has to be transcended as Conscience. The Conscience (sixth sense), which was in usual way, until then, by means of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan, its ‘awareness’ would come into experience, and feeling.

Spiritual Meditation (SM) is the medium that is radiated by Guruji just like the mind to the body. SM is intended to have spiritual contact with Guruji through the vibrative channel with the motive of getting trance and tranquility.

In the progress of practice of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan, as second stage, "The Mind of the Moral Sanctity", undergoing conversion, as spiritual consciousness, thereafter, with spiritual Dhyanaprasthan, with the invisibility, of Intuitive (sixth sense) Mind, with absorption in Conscience, that itself as Soul – Divine Soul, enters into spirituality…, even so, sixth sense (intuition), continues to be present at the level beyond the feeling, of ‘memory’ (consciousness) of Conscience. Even so, this is, different, to the memory of sensory sensorium.

There is special place, for the Energetic Channel in the practice of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan. In the ascent practice, the attainment of Intuitive Mind, which is another stage, in the path of ascension, from the Moral Sanctity Mind, which appears, with the conversion of sensorium mind, is possible only through Dhyanaprasthan. Thereafter, for the invisibility of mind, and by going beyond, beyond-materiality, Spiritual Consciousness, that, for the unfurling of Divine Consciousness, for the feeling of vision of 'Soul', the 'ascension' of this 'Energetic Channel' itself is the basis.

In this stage, although the feeling of Soul is caused, for Intuitive Mind, that will be in the state of subtlety of physical consciousness only. Like this, for sensorium mind in place of usual experience, the subtlety of awareness of Soul appears.

In the second stage of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan, by means of practice of introspective meditation, the feeling, of internal, sixth sense and it's related, Conscience would be present. In place of sensorium mind, the Moral Sanctity Mind, of its conversional stage, with sixth sense awareness, undergoes, conversion, as Intuitive Mind. So also, Jeevatmn, which had changed into ‘Spirit’, with the mind of sensory feeling, in the functional order…, by undergoing conversion, from the incitement of senses, completely, into the intimacy of Conscience, remains with it only…. That means, in the second stage of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan, Sanctity Mind converts into Intuitive Mind (Spiritual Mind)..., and Jeevatmn, in the spiritual state, to the level of Conscience. This stage is intermediate between Materiality and Spirituality.

OSCULATE MIND BEYOND: 'Osculate Mind Beyond' means, to cause change to the state that is present and cause another state. 'Osculate Mind Beyond' is the Sensory Mind, in the Ascension of Mind, by losing its sensory quality, by losing the influence of (sensory) mind, reaches the stage of 'Spiritualized Mind'. The Spiritualized Mind, which comes after the Sanctity Mind, itself is 'Osculate Mind Beyond'. When compared to Sensory Mind, when compared to Sanctity Mind, the Mind that is present at a level beyond materiality would be indeed 'Osculate Mind Beyond'. That is Spiritualized Mind but, not Soul Mind indeed! That means in that stage, there would be an opportunity for it to acquire beyond-materiality Spiritual Knowledge. By ascending the Sensory Mind primarily, by causing it to reach another stage, which is neither completely Sensory Mind nor completely Spiritual Mind, the stage intermediary to the aforementioned two stages i.e., Spiritualized Mind. That is 'Osculate Mind Beyond'. When compared to Sensory Mind, that is another mind. That means, there will be existence of Mind there i.e., it is possible to use Soul in the physical life through this. With Spiritualized Mind, it is possible to influence the physical life with Soul through this. Physical influence will be decreased. That means, the sensory influence, which is present originally to the Mind, would decrease, and at the level of Spiritualized Mind, it would have the influence of Soul. That means the influence of qualities decreases. With that, there is an opportunity to lead the physical life, virtuously, through spirituality, with goodness, and discipline but, not under the influence of the mind that is under the influence of qualities. In this Spiritualized Mind (Osculate Mind Beyond), there will be characteristic features of Sensory Mind but, it will not be subjected completely to the influence of qualities. Since that would be under the influence of Soul, there is no chance for it be under the influence of materiality completely. That means, that Spiritualized Mind would be useful for the purity of physical life. The same is referred to as 'Osculate Mind Beyond'. That means, Sensory Mind is a natural one. Sanctity Mind is the second one in the order of ascension. After that, Spiritualized Mind is the 'Osculate Mind Beyond'. Until that, at some or the other level, there will be physical influence at the level of materiality.

Until now, it is completely a part of physical life. The ascension that has happened, until now, is only ‘Physical Ascension’ of mind through meditation. Upon leading a successful physical life based on Moral Sanctity, and on transcending the physical senses, the Deserved Mind/Intuitive Mind, which has an evolutionary element of spirituality, may be prompted/stimulated on constant and dedicated (spiritual) meditation. When meditation spiritualizes, one has the chance of reaching the divinity on the spiritual path. If the materialistic mind is to be saturated or culminated by means of Cosmic (Spiritual/Vibrative) Meditation, it may have the chance of achieving the divine channel through the ‘Spiritual Soul’ achieved.

Sphoorthi Oum
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