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Objectives of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan

The Objective and Necessity of (Ascent Dhyana) Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan - The following are the primary objectives of Ascent Dhyana (Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan):

  1. To Reach the State of Mind of Moral Sanctity, in the Minimum
  2. To know the Physical Life Duties and Rights
  3. To know the importance of Physical and Spiritual Coordination
  4. As the Mind is Formed (but does not exist constantly), from time to time, through Ascent Dhyana, Mind can also be made to form based on its usage/utilization
  5. To Reach the Spiritual Highest State (merge with Supreme Soul)

After starting the practice of Ascent Dhyana, when one is subjected to some change, when several changes takes place in the brain, because of that, since that mind itself is the primary cause for the life, when the changes, suitable for that mind, happen, when that mind can be placed at a higher level, those characteristics features only appear in the life as habit. The principal concept is, change would come to the human life.

Similar to, through practice of meditation, senses influenced brain with decrease of acts of excitement, causes the state of peace to mind, for spiritual practice – ‘Yogam’, as process, if one can cause ascension, at a more high level, even the results caused thereby, would be in the same manner of ascension. In the same process, to cause the sensorium mind having physical primordial bio-instinct, with the practice of ascent, to the level of spirituality, and feeling, is the objective of practice of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan. In the practice of meditation, not the mind, which does not have steady existence but, by means of ability to change in suitable way, the sensory feeling which is, the constant, cause, for its existence… comprehensible, functional activities of the sensory organs, which are the inciting causes, for it and, the qualities and quantities, of the surroundings, and circumstances…, by means of causing that change, to reach, various stages, in the path of Dhyanaprasthan, physical – spiritual, experience, feeling, in succession in stages, as Self Consciousness, Spiritual Consciousness – Divine Consciousness, to obtain, conversional change, itself, is the ultimate objective, of the path of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan. The physical life, of ‘Dharma-Artha-KAma-MOksha’……, in the method of Karma-Bhakti-Dhyana-Jnana Yoga, by ascending the sensorium mind, as Divine Mind, thereby, in the daily life itself, at the level of Atma Yogi, to obtain, the awareness, bliss of Absolute Yoga Siddhi of bliss of Soul, itself, is the objective of the method of practice of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan.

In the 'ascent' practice, principally, with the instigation of Nature, there would be a chance, to regulate systematically, the senses, which cause burden of thought, to the mind, and vanishes its strength. In the order of relationship, of 'Cause – Effect – Karma', based on the quality and quantity, of the first one, the 'Cause', itself, there would be consequence thereafter. So, by means of reforming, the nature of Cause in the manner wanted, itself, the process, that happens, thereafter, can be put in order, positively. So, by means of bringing-about 'good' changes, in the senses, which are responsible for the mind…, and the surroundings – circumstances, which incite them, there is a chance of keeping the functional 'mind' in the possession of 'Self'. This itself is, in the order of spiritual practice of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan, the principal component. In Dhyanaprasthan, with progression, without retrogression, with physical – spiritual coordinated, process of ascension to ascend the 'Mind' and 'Self', itself…, is the objective of this technique of meditation.

The physical life, of ‘Dharma-Artha-KAma-MOksha’……, in the method of Karma-Bhakti-Dhyana-Jnana Yoga, by ascending the sensorium mind, as Divine Mind, thereby, in the daily life itself, at the level of Atma Yogi, to obtain, the awareness, bliss of Absolute Yoga Siddhi of bliss of Soul, itself, is the objective of the method of practice of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan.

With the body, which is formed by vital elements, and naturally, has the presence of their nourishment…, with senses influenced, incited mind, indeed by experiencing, the process of Prkrti – PuruSa, 'pairs of opposite' life, by recognizing, Jeevatmn – Soul 'duality' by means of practice of Manoprasthan, by possessing the 'non-duality' awareness of, Supreme Soul – Universal Soul, the path of practice of physical – spiritual coordination – which causes, an opportunity to know, the micro – macro infinite absolute zero, of the Self-Existent Mother Universe which is in the form of Cosmic Subtle of the center of the source of universe – is the method of practice of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan.

By means of Dhyana Yoga, by transcending, the mind, from its physical level, to spiritual highest level, to cause the feeling of Soul, to it…, thereafter, that itself, in the retrogressive descending order, to cause it to reach, again, its physical usual, sensory experienced state, of 'own location'…., by means of the above said process, to prove, the physical – spiritual coordination, itself, is the principal objective in the path of ascension.

By means of Ascent Dhyana, indeed to cause ascension, to the Sensorium Mind, to physical, spiritual highest state, gradually. Thereby, simply to keep the way of livelihood, life, in suitable, pure, cultured state. Thereby, as personal, domestic, and social member, as the citizen of the country, purely to cause the human mind, appropriate, understanding, about, the integral (inseparable) relationship, of right and duty… is the concept of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan…!

In Dhyanaprasthan, along with causing highest state, for Sensorium Mind, in various stages, only to try in suitability for change, in the execution, of daily life but, not, karma-birth-life…, succession of birth, and freedom from rebirth related, ascension. This method of meditation of Manoprasthan itself… can be, practiced, to spiritual, ‘awareness’ of Supreme Wisdom. Thereby, Jeevatmn – Conscience, Soul – Divine Soul… like this, by going beyond, various stages of meditation, by causing the mind to reach Supreme Soul and Universal… the feeling of Mother Universe can be obtained. Not liberation – salvation indeed. In this way, the AdiShankarA’s exegesis that, 'knowledge itself is salvation', can be made applicable to life, as ‘Practical Philosophy’.


The complete level of Spirit is, not Jeevatmn. In the execution of functions, only because, the mind, cooperates, with its intellect, Jeevatmn, is acting, like 'Spirit'.., in the body. Actually, such a thing as Jeevatmn is, Creation – Nature pervaded, microcosm of Soul only. Until present separately, to the sensorium mind, that is, Jeevatmn unrelated to materiality only. In the practice of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan, sensory, sensorium mind, in the process of conversion, as Moral Sanctity… along with that, having been present in combination in the execution of functions, Jeevatmn also, which has existence, as 'Spirit', separating from the sensory influence, that, as complete level 'entity of Soul', obtains the inspiration of Conscience. In another stage of process of ascent practice, the previous Sanctity Mind itself, as intuitive, mind, and for Jeevatmn complete level, conscience conversion, occurs. In another stage of ascension, intuitive mind, as spiritual conscious…, conscience, visibly appear, as Soul, pervaded all over the Creation… The spiritual consciousness – which is in the place of mind, as the next stage, of Dhyanaprasthan – as Divine Consciousness, that itself, as the 'feeling' close to Universal Soul, Supreme Soul, the invisible feeling can be caused. This itself, is the highest stage, of the path of practice of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan.

Only when the existence of senses – which are natural for body – influenced by Nature and surroundings, is beyond the ‘Self’ (Jeevatmn) – there is no place for microcosm, (physical) feeling of mind. In the practice of ascension, the microcosm of mind, by transcending, the state of sixth sense, responds, as Spiritual Consciousness. The development of spiritual practice of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan, only when it transcends, the feeling beyond the senses, the existence, of mind, reaches the state of, Spiritual Consciousness…, that is, indeed, just beyond the experience, beyond the feeling, feeling of Self (Soul). With that beyond-materiality, spiritual entry is caused to Jeevatmn…, thereafter, with spiritual Divine ascension, the feeling of vision of Soul…, Divine Soul…, Universal Soul…, Supreme Soul…, micro – macro feeling befalls.

The mind, which has taken Jeevatmn, into it, by causing, it, to change, as Spirit, leads it (causes it to function) by means of performance, of daily life. The 'memory of karma', will be preserved, in this only. This itself is materiality. Instead, Jeevatmn itself, keeping, the mind, in its possession, if decides the way of life…, that itself is, spirituality. In the path of practice of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan, this binding itself, as the stages of conversion, Jeevatmn, as conscience; as Soul; with conversional stages, is caused, the feeling of Soul. This is, Prkrti – PuruSa, binding – relationship, in materiality. This itself, in spirituality, is energy – matter, inseparable, mutually dependant binding, relationship of the act of Creation. Material, mundane consciousness, as Spiritual Conscious and Divine Conscious, it is the conversion of transmutation. In this order, material comfort – joy of mind, experience, and feeling of, bliss of Soul, in the path of practice of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan with the physical – spiritual coordination, this is, possible.

Sphoorthi Oum
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