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Media Performance - Spiritual Status



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Unconcerned with time and distance, staying in his place physically, speaking to numerous people (individually itself) simultaneously through mediums at spiritual centers located at various places, answering their questions, suggesting solutions to their problems and by means of it his method of divine way of conducting the spiritual activity is the evidence related to the divine 'Supreme Wisdom' Guruji possesses….!!!

  1. That "How" (rather than "What") Guruji is able to speak or perform activities through Media (simultaneously) is important, because it reflects the Spiritual (Divine) Status of Guruji.
  2. Who/What is Medium? Media Concept is an objective evidence of Guruji's existence and/or performance (functions/actions) through other individuals and/or entities. It is not only through Medium at Spiritual Center that Guruji can do it but, He can execute functions through any individual (even if the consciousness of that individual is not nullified), spiritually, which cannot be seen objectively but, felt subjectively by the individual. Sometimes, even the individual cannot subjectively feel but, later realizes the truth. This implies that it is not only those individuals through whom Guruji conducts spiritual activities (at "Spiritual Centers") or speaks are Media but, also every individual (in fact, Guruji can use every/any entity in this universe, both inert & bio matters, as mediums as and when required; for example: Guruji uses the environment as Medium when He conveys His Existence through Redolence), through whom Guruji executes functions, even though the consciousness is not nullified, is a Medium (Guruji can use any individual as a Medium to convey the message or provide guidance).

Guruji can use every/any entity in this universe, both inert & bio matters, as Media as and when required; for example: Guruji uses the environment as Medium when He expresses His Existence through Redolence

  1. It is not only through one individual or only at one place that Guruji can show His existence and perform activity through Medium but, in many places and in more than one Medium simultaneously (Guruji creates multiple Viswa Sphoorthis (Divine Entities) and executes functions through them). While performing activities through Media, Guruji (physically) Himself is present at a distant place, thousands of miles away from the place where the activities are being conducted, and perform His routine duties as usual. While present in more than one Medium, Guruji discusses about various subjects and issues with different individuals at the same time. 

The phenomenon of His presence in multiple Media at the same time either at the same place or different places and His ability of discussing various topics at the same time simultaneously, His existence in multiple various other forms, including speaking directly (in the stage of Vision) to those who meditate, existence as redolence, and audiovisual feeling as aforementioned reveals, beyond a reasonable doubt, that He is Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnific and Omnifarious - the state of Supreme Soul

  1. When Guruji executes functions through Medium, Medium is merely a "Nominal Tool". By the way, what is that which is executing "Functions" through Medium's body, which is considered as just a Nominal Tool, that too at multiple locations, as multiple personalities simultaneously? Is it the 'Supreme Power' through the 'Divine Mind'?
  2. What is that which is going into Medium? Is it Soul? It is present in Guruji only. When it is considered that Soul goes out only when body is absent, Guruji's Soul cannot go into another individual. Moreover, there is Soul in that individual too. If the Mind of Guruji is entering the Medium, there is Mind for that Medium too...? If the knowledge of Guruji enters into the Medium, the Medium too has knowledge…?? Medium too has a Mind; medium has brain; medium has neurons. His activity is going on. He too has a Soul. When all these things are there, from where, and in what way is Guruji coming, what Guruji is hiding and executing? Reaching there, entering into another individual, Guruji is talking through him, which means something that is beyond Mind, beyond Soul, is present - which Guruji uses for performance of function.
  3. Guruji is “demonstrating” Soul in the MEDIUM; scientific and dimensional knowledge (Divinity) is required to explain performance through Medium
  4. Is Guruji (temporarily) shifting the origin of brain of Medium while changing the function of the Medium's brain?
  5. Is Guruji using 'Brain' and 'Body' or 'Mind' and 'Body'?
  6. The signal that is reaching Mediums – is it same for all Media or different? Is the transmission of signals simply Mechanical?
  7. Guruji's performance through two Media at the same time – is it "Dual Personality" or "Split Personality"?
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