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Intuitional Elevation - Performance of Karma - Exit


Upon nullifying the consciousness and taking control of Hypothalamus, Guruji changes the nature (function) of the Medium's brain (i.e., elevates the intuitional level of Medium by means of activating the Divine Element) and executes functions through Medium. The total psycho of the Medium changes. Guruji (temporarily) keeps the knowledge and memory of the Medium aside, makes Medium's brain as His own brain and executes functions; Medium's mind functions under the influence of Guruji's mind (Medium's brain and mind are elevated to the level of Guruji's mind; mind can be kept elevated for 1000 years). Once Guruji is in conscious third dimensional state in Medium's body, the thought process, memory, knowledge, taste, and even physical changes sometimes in the Medium would be of Guruji only. The features, movements, and modulations of Medium change completely.

Guruji need not come to the place where Medium is present. There is no need for Guruji to stay in the Medium's body. In every individual there is a location for "Sixth Sense" in the brain. Every individual's sixth sense functions in the same way. [One can conclude that the sixth sense of every individual is the same].  Whenever required, Guruji opens the sixth sense of the Medium, and closes it when the said discussion is completed. The entire act of discussion would be under the control of Guruji only. At the time when He opens sixth sense only, Guruji sets a timer (that determines the duration) for the said discussion. As soon as the discussion is complete, that would automatically withdraw. The beginning, and the end of discussion happens according to the Will of Guruji only [Devotees think that it happens with the Will of devotees].

Guruji (temporarily) keeps the knowledge and memory of the Medium aside, makes Medium's brain as His own brain and executes functions


Guruji synchronizes His spiritual activity through His "Divine Pervasive Mind" through which the Supreme Power (Supreme Soul) executes its functions. Guruji can behave like an individual of any age group (a ten year old child, a twenty year old adult, or a sixty year old elderly) depending on the type of performance needed. Guruji can stay in Medium as long as possible and required (may be minutes, hours, days, months, or years).

Guruji executes functions through Medium as "Third Dimension" through "Spiritual Mind" [If Guruji speaks with Divine Mind, it will not be known to humans who are in third dimension with (Physical) Mind.

Guruji synchronizes His spiritual activity through His "Divine Pervasive Mind"

Guruji Creates Multiple Viswa Sphoorthis (Divine Entities) and Perform Functions Through Them Simultaneously

In the human history, there were instances of transmigration from one body to another (transferring life from one body to another (dead) body, which is called "ParakAya PrawESam"). However, never in the history of humankind in any of the Ages, did it happen that an individual spiritually entering into more than one (living) individual (Mediums) at the same time (same or distant places) and discussing different issues simultaneously while the performer (here Guruji) is physically present elsewhere performing His own routine duties as usual. This is something that sounds Supernatural and beyond the existing scientific principles. Generally, one object cannot be present in two or more places (multi-existence) at the same time; science does not agree to this. That means, it is happening unconcerned with the “Time” and "Distance”. For Guruji, "Time" and "Distance" are 'zero'. [Nothing is beyond “Time” & “Distance”; that which is in the form of matter, there is no chance for it to cross "Time and Distance"]. To be present in multiple places simultaneously means – the travel Distance is zero, the travel Time is zero. Whatever is existing (present) in the beginning, whatever we are considering as Self-Existent in the beginning, whatever we are considering as Mother Universe, whatever we are thinking that that existence is present permanently – if one reaches that stage, from there to everywhere the Distance is zero only, from there to everywhere the Time is zero only, for that very reason, there will be scope to come to multiple places simultaneously.

Guruji's Performance Through Media is Beyond Materiality & Spirituality

Through Spiritual Meditation, Divine Meditation, one can see his/her own mind; one can see her/his own Soul; can have the vision of Supreme Soul (depending on practice) (What Guruji is doing in Medium is beyond this, not this process. There is another state, which is beyond all these, which is neither possible to describe in words – nor that can be understood by means of hearing).

When Materiality and Spirituality are combined and ascended then the third one, which is none of these two, forms; that is neither Materiality nor Spirituality and is not other than these two; it is not Soul also. That itself is universally pervaded Supreme Soul, which causes to drive everything. In Medium performance, it is neither Materiality nor Spirituality but, some other third higher state. One has to go beyond these two, leave materiality, acquire spirituality (this itself is not the final) and has to coordinate these two (it is not possible if both of them are left separately). Both Materiality and Spirituality have to be coordinated and the third one has to be comprehended (Dhyanaprasthan and Manoprasthan are for the sake of understanding the third one). Guruji crosses (merges) the two (Materiality & Spirituality), gets the third one i.e., universally pervaded "Supreme Soul" ("Brahman" and "Universal Soul" absorption itself is "Supreme Soul"), and operates the third one in those two.

Guruji crosses (merges) the two (Materiality & Spirituality), gets the third one i.e., universally pervaded "Supreme Soul" ("Brahman" and "Universal Soul" absorption itself is "Supreme Soul"), and operates the third one in those two.

Media Concept and Nanotechnology

After the extensive development of Nanotechnology (when human knowledge reaches highest state in Nanotechnology) and Biotechnology in future, there is chance to know, to some extent, the characteristic features of this method. How Guruji comes – how Guruji enters into multiple media – how He performs – how He exits – what comes from Him, and what happens at the micro level – there is a chance to know all these things in the future. There is no chance for the existing science to explain about this.


Media Concept – A Challenge for Science & Spirituality

If you can examine this Medium Concept with commonsense, this is challenging Spirituality on one hand, and Science on the other hand. How is this happening beyond the comprehension of "Time & Distance"? If so, what is that which crosses "Time & Distance"? Not only today, this Media Concept is going to stand as challenge even for the future. There is no scope for the present science to understand. Well then, it is not present in philosophy. So, not being understood by science, and not being understood by philosophy – what is happening here? Guruji is showing this as a part of Practical Philosophy.


Once Medium regains consciousness upon Guruji's exit, her/his memory, taste, liking, behavior, and modulation will be back as usual (As Guruji elevates the intuition and changes the brain function of the Medium and executes function through Medium after nullifying the consciousness of mind – the event does not register in the Medium's mind (since the mind of the Medium is zero) – Medium would be unaware of the events that happen after that (similar to, a patient under the influence of General Anesthesia) and would not recall anything even after Guruji exits from the conscious state and Medium regains her/his conscious state).

Sphoorthi Oum
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