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'Intellectual Circle of Supermind' (ICS) is the scientific wing of the organization. The members in this wing include the intellectuals from various disciplines around the world, who shall be active in the dissemination of Guruji’s concept through the organization of well-defined and structured activities. Science Universe shall mobilize the Intellectual Circle around the world through membership.


The ICS, under the direct guidance of Guruji, shall actively conduct activities pertaining to dissemination of concept. The primary objectives of the ICS include but limited to:

  1. Shall serve as Intellectual - Advisory Board to Science Universe
  2. To disseminate the Guruji’s concept of “The Theory (Superhuman and Supernatural) of Practical Philosophy Based on Religious Humanism” through Scientific Discussions & Seminars
  3. To make-known the world that 'Science" and "Spirituality" are not two different entities but, Spirituality is hidden behind the Materiality, and their cooperation and coordination shall lead to the wellbeing of humankind
  4. Apart from Scientific Discussions, to conduct relevant basic and advanced research activities, both academic and non-academics
  5. In that process of concept dissemination, ICS shall establish several institutions
(Discussion on Various Subjects at Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan)
  1. These are the interactive sessions where Guruji discusses a wide variety of subjects with His devotees, and the participants are equally active and share their ideas.
  2. Guruji, discusses science – spirituality, health related, and various other issues, with devotees.
  3. Guruji sometimes gives a topic prior to the discussion and expects devotees to come prepared for the session or bring a well-documented report of the assigned topic. Guruji is so particular about the participation from everybody and exchange of ideas that at times, disinterest or non-participation of the devotees in the discussion of the topics leads to the closure of the sessions. All the topics, which are discussed in Dhyanaprasthan, are posted on this website either in the scientific division of the 'Vision of Sphoorthi' section and/or 'Voice of Sphoorthi' section.

Book Reading

Pertaining to JnAna PITham, devotees, reading Guruji's books, they would discuss the content in those books at a complete level. in these sessions, the questions raised in these discussions, would be written and raised with Guruji, and Guruji shall discuss the related subject in detail either in JnAnaprasthan programs.

Spiritual Seminars 

ICS, from time to time, shall conduct seminars based on the topics decided by Guruji. The primary objective of these seminars would be to make understand Guruji's concept in specific, and create awareness that "Spirituality" and "Science" are not two different entities but, their cooperation and coordination would lead to the wellbeing of the society; similarly, to identify blind beliefs, and create awareness about 'Religion", "Spirituality", "Science", and "Reality".

ICS shall participate in the national and international conferences and disseminate the concept.


There should not be feeling of antagonism, enmity, between theistic – atheistic, feeling, so also, between religion – science. Coordination, and cooperation only is, the internal certainty, present between them. The responsibility – to understand it is, the duty, for human being, who has the uniqueness of thought, and discretion. It is the commonsense of intellectuals. For that very reason, 'JnAna PITham' should put efforts to transcend, the Humanity, in human being, to the level of Divinity.


ICS, shall, under the direct leadership of Guruji, form numerous institutions, for example, ICS "Think Tank" - "Institution" for Environmental Protection. ICS, under the direct leadership of Guruji, shall create a "Think Tank", and establish an institution for the environmental protection. This institution shall be involved in, but not limited to, the following activities:

  1. The institution shall constantly work on common sense solutions, at the general population level, for decreasing environmental pollution, and protection
  2. Shall bring awareness, in the general population, with regard to the need of environmental protection, from the extremely increasing environmental pollution
  3. Under the direct guidance of Guruji, the "Think Tank", which is formed by Guruji, shall work on the role of Science & Technology, in the protection of Environment
  4. From time to time, relating to Environmental protection, shall conduct seminars, by creating awareness in the youth, would make them partners in the fight for the Environmental Protection
  5. Constant research and advocacy on alternate sources of energy and ways of controlling pollution
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