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The Transmutation of the Ascent : Summary

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Sphoorthi Oum

Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi

            Universal Energy's is, the entity of consciousness; Universal Matter's is, the law of movement! So, as internal and external, as incorporeal (formless) invisibility; as corporal (form) visibility; as eternal, and transient; for the 'Creation', which appeared, in the above two, and for its universal pervasion, the utmost microcosmic, entity of energy, itself, which is the center of the basis of everything, is…., the 'Supreme Soul'! The utmost microcosmic, functional, center of the movement of matter itself is…, the Soul! In PrkrtiPuruSa, living body this is, Jeevatmn! In the movement of matter, functional diversity, for the 'unity' of energy, is indeed natural!

            For anything that has beginning, there would be "the end"; it should indeed be there like that! For the beginning, even incompletely, there would be finish. For start, there would be "the end". This itself is, finite. But, if the end, has beginning…? That is, infinity; eternal, consciousness…! In the externality of the finite, there would be internal eternity, of 'infinity'. As visible – invisible; movement – consciousness, coordination…..; as finite – infinite; materiality – spirituality; basis – dependant logical relationship; as constant – inconstant, both sides; universe – creation, direct – indirect, 'eternal existence' itself is the…., Supreme Soul – Soul; Universal Soul, Self-Existent!

            As the incitation of PrkrtiPuruSa, Jiiva-Shakti, birth, its, transformational (developmental) duration…, with death, its complete end, is indeed natural for (bio) organism! If so, the benefit, for the duration of this life, would be in its utilization. For that, there would be a functional way. That itself, is the execution of 'karma'! Therefore, the power of utilization is of the object's (matter); the 'karma' of its usage is, of human being's! For all the organisms this is, indeed usual! Even so, there is uniqueness of attributional 'characteristic', in this, for human being. So also, in the consequence of proper – improper utilization also, human being's is, indeed uniqueness only!

            If the entity of Supreme Soul gets established in Soul…, that itself, is Supreme Wisdom/Absolute Knowledge! The feeling of entity of Supreme is, that only! If this entity of Soul, reaches conscience…, that itself is the feeling of Compassion! If the feeling of this Compassion itself…, joins the 'mind'…, then that is, the mind of friendliness (kindness), love – and affection! Even so, this, mostly, would be in words only. If that kindness itself, is proved in actions…, that is the feeling of humaneness! With the instigation, of influence of senses, this itself, shows way, to mental instinct of fondness (attachment) – attraction, love – hatred, jealousy – longing for harm – injury, and violent behavior.

            Like this, in the center of universally pervaded matter – of Creation, the Universal Energy, as the 'neutral' point of its source; 'Soul' in the center of microcosmic point of this energy center…., in the center of this Soul, as the utmost microcosm, of the source of Creation, the Universal Soul/Supreme Soul, would be present as, eternal, conscious energy… Like this, until the body bound Jeevatmn, Universal Soul, would be present (pervaded) everywhere. The dimensions, various stages – of Creation, energy, movement, and consciousness – which are present between universally pervaded Supreme Soul and body bound Jeevatmn, have to be observed.

            So, to imagine Supreme Soul, away from the Creation…, would be simply not understanding, and recognizing, the integrity of the omnipotency, omnipresence of Supreme Soul, and the Supreme (Absolute), who creates everything (Omnific), and present in various ways (Omnifarious). Nature – body – sense organs – mind – surroundings – circumstances – knowledge…, this is the visible – invisible, circle, of the experience of physical life, living… So also, Jeevatmn, Soul – Supreme Soul…, this is, the order of spiritual, invisible, feeling! In between these two, with the acquisition of knowledge, and execution of karma, 'mind', would be as a linking agent. For anything, since mind, its knowledge, 'memory', are principal, in accordance with the characteristics of qualities and quantities of mind, based on the 'level' of its knowledge, there would be thought, and the performance of its karma. For that reason, 'good' mind, perform 'karma', in a good way only. That which has to do spiritual thinking, implementation, and practice, is mind only! 'Mind' would not be in unknowingness. With awareness (knowingness), acquisition of experience, and knowledge only, the 'existence' of mind, age, in various stages, will be their level, and eminence. For the Creation of consciousness – movement, constant change (transition), is inevitable! For Nature, its body, and mind also, this change is, inevitable!

            Such a thing as 'change', would be, in two different ways, called, natural, and 'to happen', by means of doing, actively (functionally). To 'make' something, which is natural, in the manner, she/he needs, something or the other has to be done. That itself, in accordance with those various conditions, can be considered, as work, exertion, or (karma) toil! Anyhow, for life, for anything either materiality – or spirituality, the way of (thought) thinking, its method of karma, is inevitable. This itself, can be considered as 'that which is present – that which has been changed – that which is being utilized (Be – Been – Being). It would be in experience as 'existence – process – and its procedure… then change and its use… then its re-existence…'.

            For the sake of understanding, this 'which is being done', can be considered, physically as 'karma', and spiritually, as spiritual practice…! If so, in the energy – matter Creation, body – soul, physical – spiritual relationship, to be present separately, completely, individually, is not possible. With the view of visibility – invisibility, we cannot call, those two, as mutual antagonists! So, sensorium mind, although is not a visibility, that is, indeed related to visible body! Life Force is of that kind only! For that reason, body – mind, for physical – spiritual exertion and practice, they are indeed mutually, interdependent only! For that, it is necessary, to keep, the body, mind, in a good state. Material knowledge for the execution of life, Supreme Wisdom, for beyond-materiality…, are inevitable! If so, for these two, the place, base for their performance, is Nature stimulated thought possessing mind only!

            Body with hard work, mind with thought, to become tired, is indeed usual! For anything either inertion – or Bio-matter related, with the change of name, this is inevitable. With rest, with respite from work, the tiredness that is caused, would be eliminated, for that point of time. Even so, because of intensity (severity) of thoughts, some weakness would be caused, to the mind. In that state, it, loses some natural power of thinking. With the complete decrease, of burden of thought, at least for sometime, because of the rest attained, to the mind, there is a chance that some strength of enthusiasm may be caused, to it. Yoga – meditation, facilitate for this. If this is converted, into a constant (daily) habit, 'existence' appears for peacefulness in the mind.

            Such a thing as to obtain, this peacefulness from meditation, through the practice of Dhyanaprasthan, is another path!  With this not only that mind, attains temporary peace…, but also for that peacefulness, mind itself, would undergo change (conversion). Rather than causing peace (externally) to mind, as internal state, to 'habituate', the mind itself, to peacefulness, is the way of Dhyanaprasthan! Thereby, 'stability of ascension', would be caused, for peace of mind. For this, not only physical limit, there is a chance, for Soul related, conversion also. Like that, by means of, method of, ascension, along with the experience of peace, there is a chance, for spiritual feeling also.

            In the 'ascent' practice, principally, with the instigation of Nature, there would be a chance, to regulate systematically, the senses, which cause burden of thought, to the mind, and vanishes its strength. In the order of relationship, of 'cause – effect – karma', based on the quality and quantity, of the first one, the 'cause', itself, there would be consequence thereafter. So, by means of reforming, the nature of cause in the manner wanted, itself, the process, that happens, thereafter, can be put in order, positively! So, by means of bringing-about 'good' changes, in the senses, which are responsible for the mind…, and the surroundings – circumstances, which incite them, there is a chance of keeping the functional 'mind' in the possession of 'Self'. This itself is, in the order of spiritual practice of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan, the principal component! In Dhyanaprasthan, with progression, without retrogression, with physical – spiritual coordinated, process of ascension to ascend the 'mind' and 'Self', itself…, is the objective of this technique of meditation! Right from the Nature, until the mind-karma-memory; so also, until the level of Jeevatmn – Soul – Supreme Soul, the opportunity to attain experience – feeling, with physical and spiritual mental conversion, would be caused, through this path of the spiritual practice of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan.

            Along with the path of spiritual practice of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan, a brief mention has been made about 'Religious Humanism', in relation to religion…, and philosophically, about 'Scientific Spirituality', Practical Philosophy. Their, complete level explanation, would be in another attempt. In this book, some subject matter mentioned in the previous pages, itself…, may reappear, in the later pages, in some circumstances. Even so, it should be taken note of that, they, should be considered only as 'revised' mention but, not as redundancy! The easiness of understanding, of the subject itself, is the meaning in it!

            One more thing! The 'discussion' that happens, in the form of dialogue, relating to the theory of, path of spiritual practice of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan is…, present as a part, in this book, 'The Conversion of the Ascent' itself… I hope that, you would, 'study' it, as examination of subject matter, analytically.

– Viswa Sphoorthi

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The Transmutation of the Ascent : Summary - HIS HOLINESS SRI SRI SRI GURU VISWA SPHOORTHI