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Sphoorthi Oum...         Oum Maa Viswa Roope Shakthi Roope Viswa Sphoorthi Gurave Namaha

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A Narration to “The Echo of My Concept” : The Specification

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Sphoorthi Oum

Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi

Dear Intellectual Circle,

            Coronated as a Scientific Saint, I intend to dedicate my concept regarding the Spiritual Soul and its existence as an abstract. In addition, I shall make clear statement regarding liberation

            Please, don’t be annoyed with the tiresome text of this writing, because of its depth; in spite of this, please make an attempt to increase the radius of your spiritual understanding.


            Universe is of two ways, the origin and the cumulative or formed. The Energetic Universe is the origin and the latter is the Space Universe. The origin of universe is yet to be known because of its infinitude. It has its energetic everlasting and the pervasive existence. In case of the Space Universe, the inquisitive human mind has been going on in the search and the researches.

            The Universal Energy is emitted from the center, the self-existent, eternal, Mother Universe (The Divine Mother (Divine Nucleus/Universal Nucleus)). This is the Energetic Universe (Origin of Universe). It is the origin of Supreme Soul (Ontological Origin). It is the "primordial source for the emission of the energy" [origin of Supreme Soul (Ontological Origin) – the Subtlety of Universal Energy and the Nucleus of the Creation – Brahman]. The (Divine) Mother Universe continuously emits the Universal Energy (& the Black Energy). At the center of Universe, the Universal Energy is being scattered constantly like a flow. Universal Energy is present all over the universe. It is present; has beingness. It is neither created nor expanded. Universe is present everywhere (Universe is Omnipresent). It is present without form; it is invisible. It is not possible to say that this is universe in particular.

            The origin of the Universe (the Pure Divine (Mother) Energy) is the Truth; the subjective Universe is JnAna (The Wisdom); the objective Universe is the Knowledge and; the functional Universe is the Life. If the entity of Supreme Soul is established in Soul…, that itself is, Supreme Wisdom/Absolute Knowledge. The Objective Universe is the visible universe. Usually, it is possible, to know, the corporeal visible related thing, with materialistic – objective knowledge. The fact of the matter is – what is happening in the universe is not different from what is happening in the life containing human beings (organisms). The ‘micro’ leads to ‘macro’ and the ‘macro’ (with dispersing in the Nature) leads to ‘micro’ – this is a cycle.

            Universal Energy takes the form of Matter by passing through many dimensions. This Universal Energy (Pure Energy), converts into "Universal Matter" (Brahman – The Creator), by itself through the process called "Inter-Osculatory Metamorphosis"; Internal Relativity. At the origin of Universe – where the Universal Energy is scattered, Negative Energy (or Black Force) and along with that Dark Matter – both of these would be released first. After this Negative Force – Dark Matter are released, Gravity Struggle appears for both of them. When this Gravity Struggle appears, that is when the chance for the formation of Universal Matter appears (there is no chance for the formation Universal Matter until then). Whether it is Universal or not, Matter is the patter of the Universe. By means of Centripetal & Centrifugal system i.e., because of the 'Gravity Struggle', which is formed as a consequence of Negative Force (The Black Energy), so also the 'Dark Matter' in the Universal Energy that is emitted from the Mother Nucleus (The Mother Nucleus) … that itself with Creative Entity, acquires universal pervasiveness as embodied energy… The centripetal centralization and the culminative elate of energy into the least unit of atom in accordance with the range and the stage of temper and the temperature is also called the matter. The centrifugal system of movement operates the process. [Note: The 'energetic matter converts itself' as inert one by the "Electromagnetic process", and as the Bio-matter because of "Hydromagnetic Mutation"; the matter with its functional motion and movement is to be called the Bio-matter, and the matter having only the motion itself internal is to be considered as an inert one]. Universal Energy to take shape of matter, itself…., is the Creation. Formless, infinite energy, because of instigation, of internal relativity, in that, that with transmutation as matter.., is appearing as embodied, finite energy. The energy is the nucleus of the matter. The energy transmits itself as the matter so that it is convenient to know its existence. So, it is clear that energy forms the matter so that the latter has the energy in its nuclear center located inner and out space.

            The Energy, by itself in the method of internal mutation and transformation, changes into Matter, as Fire, Air, Clouds of Dust, thereafter, Star Quasars. After the formation of Matter, solid, liquid, gaseous – along with this, plasmatic Nature also had started. The material, which is with plasmatic Nature – where exactly would that be used will be visible in the next stage. So, the Brahman, or the Universal Matter, which is in three or four stages, gradually, facing various types of climates, changes as Space Matter (Evidences will be seen for almost all of these in science). The Dark Matter projects as Space Matter (Space Universe is a cumulative or formed one). Space Matter is the Nebulous Formative Matter. So, in the beginning, Space Matter had taken shape as Fire (Heat Energy), Air, Dust, Clouds, and Centralized Galactic Matter. Space Matter had separated as Inertion – and the Bio-matter.

            The Space Universe even though seems to be a functional vacuity one, because it forms, it cumulates and transforms itself into stars and their groups (galaxy). It (The Space Universe) vibrates, the solar oscillates, the planet radiates the climate and the atmosphere caused, and the germination as well as the fertility.

            Although the Space Matter itself forms as Star, that which envelops, separately Star, totally, wholly, Galaxy as external armor, and keeps them intact, is however, 'Dark' Matter only. Like this, such a thing as presence of external armor for internal matter (mass), is not limited, only to Galaxy. From the Space Matter, matter related to stars, constellations had formed; in that, formation of various types of stars (including Quasars) had started. Similarly, parallelly Black Holes, Dark Matter, in this way, being subjected to various kinds of changes, as Galactic matter (The Universal Matter itself, firstly, would be as Fire, as Gaseous form only; after that, by mixing in the form of Gases, Galaxies would be formed. When these kinds of Galaxies are formed, when Stars are formed separately from them – in those, formation of Sun stars had happened separately – the Matter (responsible for movement), which is present in the core part of these Stars – (the planets, satellites, their differences, their size, all these would be based on that only”), as Solar System related energy, Solar related energy had formed Solar Systems. Since there would be change in the internal structure, internal movement, and internal atomic movement, it has to be observed that Sun Stars are present separately and usual Stars are present separately. In the galaxies in the universe, that too, only in special circumstances, there will be formation of solar star in them. Until the completion of its 'lifespan', its existence, having the lifetime 'existence' (state) of planets, and satellites relating to it, continues to exist with continuous mutations. This is indeed not eternal.

            The microcosms of gaseous form of matter, in the sun, including the internal magnetic force – by liberating in the form of cosmic rays – and spreading all over within the boundary of solar, they, develop into Solar Clouds.

Solar Matter, being formed because of the mixture of Hydrogen, Oxygen, Methane, Ammonia, Carbon, and others – it was helpful in the formation of its planets and satellites in the solar system.

            Existence is of two ways: the objective matter has its functional existence and the subjective one consists its constancy but not the eternity. The space is Existence, Matter is an occupation and the Formation is Location. So, either for occupation or for location, "body" is needed to hold its heart center. Matter is constant only in quality of its pervasiveness or the omnipresence, not in case of the quantity being either produced or reduced that there may be in the velocity and density of mass.

            The climate is the sole cause for the existence of the Nature. So also, the Nature is the source of the Bio function. The biological evolution is the Nature's process in case of its procreation with the cooperation of the atmospheric aspects and also with the coincidence of the geographical and the geological coordination. The solar, the space radiation also to be coincided. The need of living may be the cause for the biological effect. So also the mutation may be the cause for the materialistic (space effect).

            The process of transmission of the Universal Energy into matter has its 'Biological Stage" – least micro unit being DNA (Life Force). Because of the heat of Sun, some planets are visible as 'inert' and some are visible as 'with life'. After the formation of planets, at some point of time, under favorable and unfavorable circumstances when some mighty changes (like RNA and DNA) have occurred, 'Climate' and 'Mother Nature' to form with 'Vital Elements' is the primary basis for the life, thereby, organism.

            Based on the method, and way of spread (radiation) of the heat – light, produced because of ignition and burning of Sun, on the planets of the solar system, the 'climate' of those various planets appear. The consequence of physical-chemical action and reaction – that happen between gaseous stage of the matter, and the gaseous state that appears after solid state – itself, is "Climate". The diversity of climate will be – based on the characteristics (qualities & quantities) and condition – course of that friction or process.

            The liquid matter – which is present in the innermost part of the earth (100km from the surface) – has excessive heat. Because of solidification in its upper part (circular shape), it loses its heat to that extent. Gradually, although lost the liquid matter of the origin – heat by undergoing chemical union with sunrays – 'Climate' had appeared on the surface of earth.

            The solid matter – that is present in between the liquid matter in the inner most part of the earth – and the surface of earth – not being in the same manner (because all that did not lose the heat at one time) – had formed as "layers" having various states. So also, climate on the surface also, ozone as an important boundary, has various states – similar to, the layers of the solid matter are not in the same manner all over the globe, the climate present on the earth in the form of gas will not be in a single stable manner. It is subjected to numerous changes constantly. Monsoons are also a part in this only. Winds, unusual air – cyclones and others are the consequences of the change of climate – the same kind of "movement" and shake-up happens constantly in the liquid matter present in the innermost layer of earth and the solid matter present above it. There is "attraction" between the liquid matter, which has excessive heat that is present in the innermost part of earth (in the center) – and that of the gaseous form of climate of the surface.

            Nature is, the first stage in the formation and transmutation of 'Bio matter'. Climate is the sole cause for the existence of Nature. (a) Depending on the climatic conditions on the planets, the Nature appears on them (b) The Nature would be within the limits of characteristics of the Planetary Environment (c) The 'Nature' relating to those various planets is determined based on the density of the carbon dioxide, and methyl (chlorofluorocarbons?) gases (d) The Nature is the source of the Bio function (e) Water content in the Nature is responsible for the life on planets (f) 'Organism' appears in accordance with the quantities and qualities of this Nature; there will be an integral connection (inseparable relationship) for the characteristics of that organism and the features of Nature. The method – order that happens in the solar system of every 'galaxy' of the infinite universe will be in the similar way.

            Eternity is the origin of the omnipresence. The mutation is its functional entity. Matter is its consequent. The diversity, the plurality and the duality are the consequent occurrences either the matter is inert or Bio.

            As the Nature is being procreated (produced), the human mind used to manipulate as well as manifest in accordance with the paucity, capacity, and velocity i.e. the variety of intelligence and understanding. So, the multiplicity (diversity) is an inevitable aspect.

            For organism, species of organisms, to be born in favorable circumstances…. to live in combination of favorable and unfavorable circumstances of life/living, and to die in completely unfavorable circumstances is the usual law of Nature. This indeed is the natural transmutation of matter that is happening in all the solar systems of the universe. Living Creatures, right from single cellular organism, when various types of favorabilities appear, when the climate on the Planet changes, the Diversity from Unity is visible. If so, Diversity comes from Unity only but, the Unity doesn’t go away (vanish) with that; Unity will be visible in the Diversity again (Only the Mother Universe has the Perfect Unity with no Diversity).

            In accordance with the process of transformation of conditions of those various planets/satellites, the quantities and qualities, and the characteristics of wealth of intelligence of those various organisms will be different.

            Universal Energy (Brahman) and its Soul..., its Supreme Soul...; Cosmic Quantum... Universal Soul... Mother Universe... only until this extent is, the Unity! Oneness! Consciousness of energy, embodied energy, and with the formation of Creation, formed by it only..., Diversity, has been revealed. After that, in the entire Meta-morphosis of matter, is Diversity only...!

            The ManOmaya KOsha (mind) consciousness, which is instigated by the senses and being influenced by the Nature and surroundings, itself, is the mind. Senses sensation as mind – intellect – prudence – sagacity – intelligence although is developing in various ways, these are not the common characteristics of species indeed. Almost only personal is important. The causes for that would be in connection with the comprehension capacity of the senses and the formation of the brain only. The arrangement of 'genome', which is thought to be the cause for the inheritance of species, probably is the reason for this.

            In diversity, there is uniqueness, for Bio-matter. The live corporeal existence, would be, with the complex combination of the body which is the equal combination, of the Bio-matter related, primordial elements, its five senses – fives types of Life-Forces – bio – mind – 'Self' – Self related mind – conscience – Jeevatmn (Spirit, Animated Soul) ... and others, with the 'unity' of external body, and the internal diversity and... with (external diversity – internal unity). So, in human being, rather than unity, diversity itself, would have importance. Human mind, being revealed with diversity, including society – anything is, from within the diversity only. For that very reason, pertaining to the human life, one should wish for, unity of diversity only.

            The absolute one is to be known by only through the Divine Mind i.e., continuous of the reality. The fact is different to the reality. The partial reality is the fact. So, the fact is with the matter and the event concerned, and the reality is with the Spiritual Consciousness, the absolute consciousness with the divinity only the truth.

            In Karma, subject (matter) related ‘fact’ and in the cause, for it, there would be ‘certainty’. These two are physical matter related only. In the spiritual knowledge, related to Soul, there would be ‘truth’. This, belongs to the Supreme Soul, of the entire Creation. With the relationship of experience of cause – effect – consequence only, by means of experience of comprehending the physical event ‘fact’… and the certainty, of its unknown cause only, the feeling of entity of truth of Soul, can be attained, as the memory of bliss.

            Fact (partial reality) – certainty – truth… in these the first two are matter related objective. Truth is distant to this. Through sight – sense of touch – thought – and feeling, fact – certainty comes into experience. The entity of energy, which is beyond matter, is truth. That can be 'known' only by means of personal feeling.

            Change is the property of matter. Movement is its characteristic feature. Movement itself is the basis for change. In gaseous – liquid – solid forms, by means of sight – touch, it has its expression. Having the quality of internal motion, the existence of matter (form), which has obtaining change itself as instinctive nature, cannot be eternal. For the existence of anything, which is objective (resulting from object (form)), indeed 'certainty' of that point of time only. So also, its related incident, action and its consequence is temporary 'reality', since it has change (impermanent) with motion, it cannot be truth… Constancy will be in consciousness only. That itself is truth.

            Matter is a fact – Object is, certainty/certitude: Clay is, matter, that is a fact; cooking pot is object, it is a certainty, experience. The clay used (mixed) in the preparation of cooking pot is ‘present’ in another type (form). So also seed is a fact, tree is its certainty. The energetic-micro (seed) in the tree although loses its macrocosm for that time point of time; it is in another microcosm. Log of wood is a fact; the object prepared from it is a certainty. Egg, ovum is a fact. Birth of its organism is certainty; even so, egg is being absorbed in organism. Body is a fact. Life Force in it is a certainty…. Brain is a fact – occurrence of thought response through it is a certainty. So also, atom is a fact – atomic energy in it is certainty…

            In this order, one is external, second is hidden internally. Oxygen, hydrogen (gases) is a fact. Water – their combination in an appropriate ratio – is a certainty. Vapor of that water or its solid form is also indeed a certainty. So also to be born, to live, and to die are also certainties, and facts (realities) only. Moreover, these are indeed experienced evidences only. They are indeed known distinctly to the mind constantly. If examined like this, with the understanding (perception) of the certainties, there is no place for Maya and Mithya. In fact, there is no place for ‘nihility’ in universe. In space – relating to the integrity of matter, and its initial presence – there may be enormous diversity in the existence, its characteristics, quality, and quantity.

            The Mother Universal Energy is – the truth, "The Brahman" is, the certainty – object is reality (fact). The light, shadow, and image – reflective image on the object is also the object related certainty only. Image – reflection without real object is not possible. Therefore, reflective image is a state for the certainty of the object. Light is the cause for that, not Mithya. The cause, for illusion of mind, itself, is the feeling of Mithya. That is either a mental perception or impression only. The senses influenced mind can understand the certainty of the object. But unsteadiness of mind is imaginary, illusion. Therefore, eternity of – energy, certainty of the Brahman, object reality, fact of sense – of feeling – ability of intellect and – illusion of mind. In this sequence, one should understand the everlasting truth and infinity of Mother Nucleus. While the fact is known through senses, the reality is known through Spiritual Consciousness, and the truth through Divine Consciousness.


The plurality is the matter produced as well as reduced by the Universe. The energy base action of the Big Bang has been going on constantly and partially at the very stage of Novas – the explosive Zenith star due to the swallowing gravity of the Black Hole.

            According to Bio-Cosmic Law, that which is micro, changes into macro, and that which is macro, changes into micro – this is a continuous circuit process. In that background, many big stars, after reaching to certain stage, break-up (because of burning of oil matter present in it), and decline to certain place. The same is named as "Black Hole". However, there is no chance to label it as Black Hole. When Nova is formed, and comes in retrogression, that declines and spreads into space; that is what happens in the space. When it spreads, in the space, there is light, so, there is no chance to label it as Black Hole (it should be labelled as “The Centroid of Nova Contraction”). There will be light and brilliancy there definitely.

            Space Matter, undergoing change, as Star; possessing shape, and existence……… because of 'senility', losing its internal forcefulness, finally, because of self-splitting, loses its existence of shape. As Star, the Space Matter present in that until then, after 'swallowing' by Black Hole, again as Space Energy, reaches the formless state. The state of Space Energy – Matter, before that, itself is, Dark Matter. The state prior, to Star Matter is, Space Matter…; the 'state before that' itself is, Dark Matter. The beginning state of it itself is, matter of Creation (Space Matter) / (Brahman – Universal Matter). The basis for, its, emergence is, Space Energy… Universal Energy. This itself is, Energy – Matter permutation.

            It is indeed a certainty that, science, almost has agreed, 'Big Bang', theory. If so, that it, is 'not' for the emergence of universe, has to be certainly thought. It has to be considered that it is related to only for the emergence of matter of Creation (Space Matter). Even so, that is only a "Cosmic (Bang) Explosion" but, not the Big Bang. Like that, it is even not something that has happened only once. In the space, principally, relating to Black Holes, those kinds of things have been happening frequently. Similar to, magnetic explosions, in solar, similar to, volcanic explosions in planets-satellites, in the space too, principally, except for the explosions, happening, in Black Holes, present in Galaxies, not, 'Big Bang' of emergence of universe, specifically. In the universe, there is no chance, at all, for that… Only in the combined existence, of energy – matter, there is chance for explosions.


The least unit of the inertia may be mostly either the atom or the electron so also in case of the bio, "the cell" with its DNA-RNA. The internal motion of the atom is the atomic energy and the movement in the cell itself is the Life Force. Because of the Nature, the Life Force has been evolving as the biological instinct consisting the root or seed of the "thought", caused for the innovation.

            In case of Bio-matter, the Nature (law) constitutes the physique – the body with the corporeal matter consisting the procreative minuteness being influenced by the instant environment containing the content of the sensorium, sense and executes through the Life Force (Vital Power) being circuited by means of metabolic, systematic, and the categorical procedure.

            In connection with Bio-matter, in the terminology of genome, 'X' chromosome is the origin. 'Y' chromosome is the one, which had originated from it as supplement/byproduct… As a result of X-Y chromosome merging (inserting) and combination with the division of gender, with the occurrence of processes of procreation and fertilization to organisms, spread of organisms, change in the formation of species – keeps happening constantly. With the help of the Nature… similar to, the development of botanical through seeds, roots… D.N.A (by undergoing change as R.N.A) development of organisms has been happening. Bio-matter itself is, the root, for birth. In this order, JIva-Shakti, incorporeality, with the formation, of body, containing, vital elements, bio, to undergo Meta-Morphosis, as 'organism', is indeed natural. Organisms, starting as unicellular organisms like amoeba, it has reached the highest intellectual organism, the human being. The atom is not merely the least unit of matter. It is only one of the stages going on to be formed, so also, in case of amoeba, it is neither the least nor the last based species.

            The Bio-matter also will have within it itself the change of internal motion, which is the cause, basis for the separate existence of Bio-matter from the inert matter. This change of internal motion in the Bio-matter later on, those various stages and beginnings (revelations) itself… is being considered as the diversity of consequence of the evolution of life. The exterior of this Bio-matter should be considered as Nature, in relation to organism, as 'body', and internal JIva-Shakti (vitality) as 'Life Force'. Since internal Life Force, is the consequence of activity of consciousness of Universal Energy (Universal Soul), it is also unity only. Since the corporeal externality, is the material formation, diversity of form for it is indeed natural. In accordance with the biological diversity and the materialistic vary, neither equality nor quality is the same.

            All organisms, by birth, have Body, Life Force (PrAna-Shakti), JIva-Shakti (Vital Power), Jeevatmn (microcosm of JIva-Shakti) and Senses. The Life Force is not a form one; so, it is a begotten. It exists itself in (the) Universe, and is a unique one. It circulates in the body, so, has no death of itself. It is recognized through metabolism (indication of movement).

            The amazing power of light, of the Sun (Sun is the center for PrAna-Shakti) – which is the causer of the entire Creation, which is enveloping the Earth and… the portion in between Earth, and sky – itself is, causing our PrAna-Shakti, to function.

            Life-Force – JIva-Shakti – Jeevatmn, which contain, corporeal, internal basic movement, in the humans are..., body embedded, finite, Subtleties only! Life Force, Sensorium Mind – will have only body caused, existence. The Life Force, which is the basis, for the existence of body, is invisibility only, but formed (maintained by) from visible water and food. JIva-Shakti, in the bio-matter, is invisibility only!

            Life Force does not have its existence, steadily, in the same manner. Because of food – water intake..., respiration, because of – digestion – absorption... and excretion, JIva-Shakti converting into Life Force, and through blood circulation, that, all over the body, is reaching the living cells. It is happening like this, with the constant function of Heart. Including respiration, to the extent there is decrease, in 'intake', the 'quantity', quality of the Life Force in the body, keeps decreasing.

            With the combination of blood, and oxygen, 'Life Force' is born (?), chyle helps for it. Blood and its characteristics – circulation and its method – heart and its response – outcome of all of these – show a tremendous influence on the action and reaction of brain. As a result, energy is produced. That, as Life ForceJIva-ShaktiMEdhA-Shakti (intelligence), being divided into various types and being referred-to with various names is becoming the cause for the living of individual.

            There will be microcosm of Life Force (energy) in the microcosm of Bio-matter. This is JIva-Shakti. The five vital elements in the body… with the fertilization of egg – and sperm itself, with the formation of living cell, Life Force starts with that only, and becomes the integral part in it. Because of the cell division along with the body formation and its growth, there would be pervasiveness of Life Force. Body being supported, with the combination of air – water – food – heat – immuno / vacuum, so long as they circuit in it the existence of body, Life Force will be present in combination only. If there appears complete hindrance for it, then body loses its existence (this is death). Along with that only, Life Force becomes invisible. This is the law of materiality. (The) Life is nothing but, the circuit of the Hydro Magnetic Force, being produced by the Metabolism (on the base of the electrode of the electrum).

            Life Force and Mind are only operative oscillatory and the functional activators, in accordance with the system of the anabolism and the metabolism. By virtue of the systems, the invisible Life Force and its Mind are there in the visible body.

            Only the functional Life Force (the Vital Spirit/Jeevatmn/Self), is being circuited by means of the Oscillation and the stimulation of Oxygen; through the Blood Pressure. Whenever there is any interruption, impediment caused either by any kind of ailment, there could be a break of Beingness. Generally, there may be no restoration of the circuit with the failure of the medication.

            Nature related Life Force, microcosm of the Universal Energy – Jeevatmn (Intuitive Self) although are same, in accordance with the developmental existence of those various states they have some space (distance).

            Similar to, the water comes out from a water tank when a number of holes are made to it, at the time of death, Life Force comes out through many ways from the body. When the microcosm of the matter becomes invisible (with death) and combines with the five vital elements, the microcosm of Life Force also combines with the macrocosm of Nature. Even so, natural, JIva-Shakti, of Bio-matter, merges, again, in the Nature itself. Nothing but something that cannot be traced out by means of the materialistic sense but there may be the absorption of the Life Force by the Nature itself.


The instinctive operative for both functional motion and the movement (i.e. for Bio-matter) is to be considered as the physical mind, being influenced by the senses (Mind is nothing but the unity of the commanding senses). It is common for all beings, being habituated with the cause of the need of necessity for the biological existence.

            Mind is nothing but an abstract aspect of bio. It leads the life, in both good and bad ways in all the organisms. The formation of mind is inevitable for biological existence and for leading the life. Senses carry the information to the brain. Mind is present in all the organisms in some or the other form. While senses inspire the formation of mind in some organisms, it is sensors in the lower organisms. Mind is the unity of the commanding senses. Since there are five senses, and all the five senses are diverse in nature, sensorium, feeling and thought appear thereby would be in five categories, however, the collective feeling of senses will not happen at one time.

            Function of mind is not independent. Mind is formed based on the function of senses. Senses function with the influence of surroundings and Nature – Nature functions based on the state (position) of planet, its climate, and its atmosphere – The influence of planets is based on the Solar System, Solar Family or face/disc of the Sun/Moon – The influence of Solar System will be based on the activity of Galaxies (Constellation) – Galaxies will be under the control of Space Matter, and the Space Matter is under the control of Brahman [Universal Matter (primordial matter of no configuration)] – The origin for that is energy, the Universal Energy – The entire Creation thereafter is present because of Universal Energy only – That Universal Energy also does not function by itself – That Energy functions depending on the Divine Mother (Universal Nucleus) – This is the order of Creation. Nature is the source, Life is resource, and mind is the force and the way to be followed.

            The mind consists the "thought" of the constrictive sense, evolves itself into intelligence used for the materialistic progress and the prosperity. While it is merely habitual mind, in animals, which helps in usual living, it is thought-associated mind in human beings. Therefore, mind is responsible for thought-based development in human beings.

            Mind is not matter. It is neither materialistic nor spiritual but, merely, an abstractive force of the sensorium that can be molded in accordance with the "Will" or "I" being influenced by both the senses and the environments and the other else. It has two-fold function, psychological (the self-consciousness) and the spiritual function (the conscience, the Divine Consciousness). The Mind has (1) Corporeal Function (execution of physical function – Materiality) (2) Incorporeal Aspect (functions as a linking agent of Jeevatmn, and Paramatmn {Supreme Soul} – Spirituality). Mind is neither materialistic nor spiritual. If 'body' is, considered as materiality – and Soul, as spirituality... mind – in accordance with its thought, belongs, to materiality – spirituality – both of them. Body means, primordial elements containing, bio-matter, formed, corporeal, limit. So also, Soul is, being said to be, incorporeal, pervasion. 'Mind', which has relationship, for both of these, even though it is invisible, in indirect way, as operative, visibility of function, it is present in experience.

            The representation – for the universal law (characteristic) in human being – itself is mind. In the law of transmutation of matter – that is physical mind. Senses are its carriers; in that state, that as intellect and Citta executes function.

            Since anything in materiality has the law of motion, there is no chance for the same Mind to be present constantly. There is no existence for mind; it forms from time to time and disappears after the execution of function and storage of experience in the Memory. It would be in the Memory in some other form. Only the events already occurred and stored in the Memory Mind are repeated, revised, or revealed outside as and when needed.

            The mind is of mainly in four divisions i.e., (1) The Functional Mind (2) The Reserved Mind (3) The Preservative Mind (4) The Deserving Mind. The Functional Mind performs the physical or the bodily needs and the necessity is the means, "In and Out" way, influenced by the materialistic nature.

FUNCTIONAL/VOCAL/EXPRESSIVE MIND: The Functional Mind – which forms because of the reaction of the senses, which responds (acts) with the incitation of the Nature of the (primordial) elemental matter, in accordance with it – becomes the causer for the actions/functions of the body parts. This does not have steadiness. With the finishing of the function or the action, the mind, which was apparent for the 'action of at that point', also temporarily makes just its external existence invisible.                                                                                                                                           

            Usually, the vocal mind does not reveal the personality completely. It functions principally – based on the needs of at-that-point-of-time, and as ‘pretence’, ‘blended’. To have desire, hurriedness to fulfill it is the nature of functional mind. Vocal Mind is the abode for like – dislike, anger – emotional suffering, jealousy – worry, affection – revenge, greedy of profit, infatuation – thirst for passion, enmity – love, and for other mutually opposing instincts. Most part, in the physical life related, is being conducted through this vocal mind only. Needs, habits, desires, longings, excessive thoughts, and functions are also carried out only through this. Gathering of materialistic knowledge, its utilization and usefulness, discretion, or distinction of good and bad, the relations individual have – from the point of view of society – are also contained by this only. It has its closed relations and the intimacy acts and contacts with the mundane life.

            RESERVED MIND: The Reserved Mind most probable is to be conceived as the "Memory Media". It reveals and repeats the incidents and events occurred in need in the past.

            PRESERVED MIND: The Preservative Mind exhibits occasionally the suppressible experiences, the inexplicable expectations, and the exclusive seclusions concealed. The information, experience that is gathered as vocal mind – by storing it in the form of memory as ‘preserved mind’, reveals the information, by changing into vocal mind only to the extent of its wish when it is a necessity (inevitable). Thereby, it becomes a cause for efforts for development, and progress. If so, on the other side, this (mind), by establishing illusions, and delusions, in place of intelligence with its hiddenness, there is a danger that it may convert progression into retrogression. The human – who slips into that state because of it at least temporarily or in a permanent way – may lead the life wandering in an imaginary world, with instincts, and in revolution of delusions, illusions, and dreams; or, may complete it permanently also. Not only that, those kinds of persons, at another level, may change into anti-social, enemies of society, and public oppressors too. ‘Preservedness’ is like a weapon with sharpness on both the edges. The discretion, self-control, in its way of utilization, itself, decides those results.

            Preserved mind functions as suppressed mind too. In that stage, it should indeed be considered as Hidden Psycho. In that state, only as Memory Mind it does not function in its full capacity. The “weakness”, which cannot express, cannot protect complete preservedness, is its feature. To try to suppress the real intention from time to time, even so, to reveal by itself at a certain state, level is its practical feature. When it happens like that, however its results may be, feel of peace is obtained, as if the mind is eased, with the temporary relief and with the decrease of some unknown burden, and responsibility. Thereby, the feeling of inferiority (belittlement), feeling of offence, which had caused suffering until then, would be vanished. If so, always, and in everybody’s case it may not happen similar to this. There may be people who complete their lifetime with hidden/preserved mind only, as hidden human beings only. Probably, this is what happens in most of the human beings.

            DESERVED MIND: The Deserving Mind is an intuitive one consisting an evolutionary element of the spirituality, which is to be culminated to the Divine conscious, the Spiritual Soul, and the Supreme. Then the Soul is considered to be the concomitant of the Universal Soul of the pervasive one. This Deserved Mind may also be called the ‘Sixth Sense’. (A truth that cannot be acquired by, but is assumed in). This has a relation to the conscience and facilitates for the practice of spirituality. It becomes as the Spiritual Consciousness by means of Spiritual Meditation. (Reserved Mind does not want to hear but, Deserved Mind obeys and accepts the good). Meditation is the spiritual cause that is to be practiced and the divinity is the spiritual destination that is to be achieved. The monastic mind in a systematic body is an essential (centre to) innovate an inventive sense and the intelligence needed.

            The physical (sensorium) mind is finite. It is within the dimensional limit. It does not go anywhere by itself but, only along with its body only. In geomagnetic, it will be under control. However, unconcerned with body, unrelated to the body or the physical limit, mind can be made universally pervasive. If it is spiritualized and ascended, it would leave the physical limits, dimension and can go anywhere. After crossing third dimension, it becomes pervasive, reaches center of universe and go near Supreme Soul. It becomes Omnipresent. It loses its originality and turns into Divine Consciousness. Once the mind becomes Omnipresent, it can assume any number of forms, in any number of places, so, the individual can speak anything in any number of places. The confluence of the science and the conscience makes the mind omniscience.        

            The use of mind would be multi. There will be material, in a natural manner, in the Nature; we process that, and use. For that, suitable knowledge is required. That is possible only through brain and mind. So, similar to the presence, of its usage, utilization, in accordance with, material process, if we could cause even the mind to form, in suitability, to the acquisition of knowledge… its use – would be, 'multi', for sure.

            The human mind is a mystic, drastic, elastic, as well as the constringent; also capricious and insolence. Occasionally, it may be love lunatic and an emotery one considered to be infinitude. Containing the cognition as well as the fatuity, the mind has its accrementition. Nevertheless, it consists the content of the Universal Energy i.e., Universal Soul being surmised the biological sense. Having been with the contiguity to the Supreme Soul, the Spiritual Soul may be caused for the ultimate salvation.

            Mind makes known everything. It only leads any kind of life. That which does naughty things, that which does things which should not be done & which should be done is also that only. That which tells about God, executes related to prayer, adoration is mind only. That which tells about spirituality – detachment – Supreme Soul – Soul is mind. Even the Supreme Wisdom is obtained through mind only. Direct, indirect, visible materiality..., so also, Soul causing, invisible, spirituality… these both, should be understood, to certain extent, through sensorium mind only. That mind itself is doing everything, both materiality and spirituality, without difference. That invisible mind causes the body to execute function. Mind itself experiences the result (body does not experience). That itself tells about Creation too. If so, whatever it may be, usual mind will be limited only. When that which tells about Soul also is mind only, as Soul is at a very eminent level, going there and telling about it to human beings means, about God to tell that 'it is this', to tell about human being and his family affairs means, to tell about Creation and its related things means, what may be its capacity?

            Even though the physical Mind is responsible for all kinds of activities, whatever one does, in the physical life, it contains the content of Universal Energy i.e., Universal Soul, so, it is intended that the Physical Self, the mind is to be transcended to the Divine Consciousness by means of the Divine Meditation through the process of Dhyanaprasthan instead of existed Soul in the body itself considered. Since, it is clear that being with life is essential base that needs even with divinity, so, never neglect the important innovation and the predomination of existed life with the body, which has comparatively none other than Spiritual Soul.

            Internally, body and Soul (Physical Self) – with the linking together of these two only, Mind forms. If change can be brought in that Mind – if conversion can happen in that Mind, that change will be visible as real change outside. If the activities (function) of senses, which are the cause for thoughts, are closed, or minimized – the thoughts that occur would decrease. If change can be brought in that brain itself, which is the cause for the mind, if change can be brought in that mind itself, which is causing trouble with thoughts, this entire troublesome situation will not be present.

            Having been with the cosmical memory in the form of reminiscence (SanskArAs), the sensuous mind may be transformed into the Subtle Body that preserves the objective experience and the environments.

            Mind forms, and establishes as Memory; mind after death – merges with the source. After death, the physical 'Body' dilapidates. 'Mind' vanishes because it forms depending on the physical body based senses. With the absence of, existence of macrocosmic body, because of past life 'memory', in accordance with the intensity of sensual materialistic desires, the Jeevatmn itself, which is jointly present with mind, changes into 'Evil Spirit', and has its 'existence' and 'memory (consciousness) of previous life' in the Nature for some days. If so, it is not that it happens, or has to happen like this, in case of everybody. Only to the extent, based on neurons, the Spiritual Self, can preserve in it, the memory of its experience, there is chance that it would remain in the Nature as 'Evil Spirit'. Thereafter, in the course of time, that also gets absorbed with the Vital Elements, and becomes invisible, in the Soul of Nature. The interval of time of invisibility will be, in accordance with the quality, quantity, of past life memory.


Life Force – Body – Self – Mind are important for the existence of the human being. Life Force is required for the existence of Body, Self for conduct of living, and Mind for way, development of life. That which orders is Mind – that which performs (executes / practices / implements) is the ‘Self’ [Mind functions as the basis to the "Self" for the conduct of life] – that which helps, cooperates for that is the Body. The comfort of life, largely, is based on the cooperation and coordination of these (Life Force, Body, Mind and Self). Their cooperation & coordination is utmost important for execution of life. The way, practices of life have influence, also on the balance of health of the 'Body' – (purity) culture of the ‘Self’ – and abundance of knowledge of 'Mind'. For that very reason, one should put more “efforts” for a healthy Body, to have a cultured Self (conscious), and for a knowledge-filled Mind.

            The "Self" is the fundamental sense of the body. The 'Self' exists with its habit or constant individuality and the 'Mind' functions based on "thought". It is an abstractive and the effective instinct and makes either agreement or disagreement between the Mind and Body. Mind and Self are not same; they are different. In fact, 'Self' too is 'Mind' only. Partially material & partially spiritual is its nature. The 'Self' is the medium of the mind. Self connects Body – Mind. The body functions in accordance with the circumstances occurred as having been with the reciprocal responses of the sense and the sensorium, regarding to the reflections and the revelation being affected by the former.

            In all the organisms, Jeevatmn (microcosm of Soul of Nature), with internal and external motion, is present as "Life Force". With increase of age, there would be development of knowledge, which pertains to Mind. Between both of these, the individuality of 'Self' strengthens. The centric or the located finite point of the "Thought" (sensuous response of sensorium) or feeling is to be called the "Self". Self is the root cause for the fragmentation of the mind. Thought relating to the self is, being influenced by nature (Physique, Mind, and the Environment). For mind & Jeevatmn, there would be Physical Consciousness called 'I' – 'Self' [Philosophy considers this itself as Ego. But, as the microcosm of Soul, this too is, Jeevatmn only].

            Caused with the Self, the Mind acts as a biological medium, and functions as a neurological media. The 'Self' and 'Mind' are the two sides of the same coin, the 'Self' acts as medium to 'Mind' and 'Body', and execute the bodily functions. In between 'Self' and 'Mind', 'Body' functions as an instrument for both of them. The 'Mind' instructs, the 'Self' (Spirit, mind incited Jeevatmn) executes, and the Body helps in executing the functions. In most part of the life – principally in the matters related to materiality, Mind uses 'Self' as conveyer of Karma. From time to time, the mind swindles the self by means of enticing illusion. So, beware of it to be aware of lore (knowledge/wisdom). Nullify the Null-will and the Ill-will, and then you will be in peace and ease. That, which influences the Mind functionally, in direct and indirect ways, is I/Self, JIva-Shakti.

            'Jeevatmn' itself – which is influenced by Sensorium Mind – as 'Self', would be as natural 'KARMA' CONSCIOUSNESS for the Mind. In this state, the Self – which is in between Mind & Jeevatmn, should be considered, as 'Spirit'. [Only when 'Jeevatmn' is instigated by KARMA, as 'Spirit', it, would have the feeling called 'I' – 'Self']. With the association of intellect, there would be involvement of Karma, for this Spirit.

            The union of 'Self', with the memory of Karma is 'JIvuDu' (Spirit). The 'Self' – which is present in between 'Mind' and 'Jeevatmn' and considered as 'Spirit' – in fact, separately, it is neither 'Mind', nor 'Jeevatmn'. This 'Self' would have the nature of NEUTRON present in the nucleus of atom. With the influence of 'Sensorium Mind', 'Self' is felt as Spirit, as Evil Spirit. With the incitation of 'Jeevatmn', 'Self' would be felt as Good Spirit.

            Only when mind (Self), is completely, spiritual influenced, that is, Spiritual Mind. Instead of that, if the physical, karma consciousness, is present in higher level, then that has to be called negative/Evil Spirit (Self-mind). In the influence of Soul, 'Self' itself, should be considered as the microcosm of Soul, as Jeevatmn.

            The Self is more than one: 1) ‘Individual Self’ (microcosm of Universal Soul) with the physical body 2) the Self, based on the sensuous organs is of called the Mind, the objective conscious regarding to the environmental influence and the other (Mind is the Mundane Self) 3) The ‘Spiritual Self’, the Divine Consciousness that may be conceived as the Spiritual Soul (Spiritual Self is the microcosm of the Divine Soul) 4) The ‘Divine Self’, the Supreme Consciousness. It is to be considered as the Universal Soul. The Life Consciousness (The Physical Life Force) is the primitive or Biological Consciousness.

            Functionally, the ‘Self’ is of two kinds: (1) The instinctive Self – being influenced by the Sensorium Mind that deals with the mundane life concerned to an individual (2) The intuitive Self – being influenced by the Spiritual Consciousness. This is to be transcended to the ‘Soul’. The "Self" is to be either transformed or transmitted into the mind; then the mind is transcended to the Soul through which one can have the Vision of Divinity.

            Like the Monad may be the least unit of the Universal matter, so also, the Spiritual Self is the microcosm of the embodied energy and its entity of the sentiency…

            The light and the sound are also the consequents of the matter, darkness is the original and the light is it's productive. Life, self and mind are also such. Consciousness is constant, but the divinity is eternal (Universal). Energy is its consciousness that is the absolute reality.

            'Soul' exists as 'Self'. The dispersive iota of the “Supreme Soul”, even though it is to be called “Soul” in fact, as it is gripped and manipulated by the Nature and physique, the so called “Soul” is to be exhibited and exists as “Self”. So, the “Soul” is being considered and accounted as Physical contact.

            Who is that bears, wears or spears either the sin or something else? Is it "I"? If so, what is "I"? Who is "I" and whence it comes? Where, wherewithal, it lives or exists? If it is in mind? Or either in self, or in consciousness? I is nothing but thought….

            The 'I' (symbolical signal of Self’s egoistic possession) is nothing but the possessive (instinct) expression and also the executive procedure of the sensory or the mundane 'Self' (concerned with Mundane Mind) with the momentary context events of the transition. It has no any specifical solidity (only) the Validity. The 'Self' is an interior, intuitive inspirational and the emotional epithet.

            Since ‘I’ is, considered as, ‘egoistic’ feature only, since that is also indeed one, in the instincts of the physical mind, the words like “I – Mine” also should be belonging to senses related mind only. If "Ahambrahmasmi (I am only God Brahma (Creator/Supreme Being)) is considered, only at the level of matter (physical)…. then in that, the ‘I’ called ‘mind’ itself is evident. Instead, if the word “Brahmam” is examined, in the sense of Supreme Soul/Universal Soul…. then such a thing as ‘I’, probably, indeed should be Spiritual ‘Soul’ only. This way, it is evident that mind has spiritual, physical, two types of connections. This means, it should be understood that physical – spiritual on both sides, Mind itself has the principal role.

            The Self (Jeevatmn) is the phenomenological percept of the mind. The physical mind is the sensorium sector does act accordingly. It does transform the ‘Self’ being inspired spiritually, does transform the Mundane Mind to the Mind of the Moral Sanctity.

            ‘I’ is the possessive expression of the sensory or the mundane ‘Self’! It has the existence of its own, till its union of the Spiritual or the Intuitive Sense – Self! When the sensory of the sensorium mind becomes ‘The Mind of the Moral Sanctity’ with the cause of the spiritual, or, the intuitive self, then, the Sensory Self has the positive intellect bearing the constructive and moral thinking. So, the actions and results, concerned would be so, accordingly.

            Is there any difference or parity in between? "I", "MY", "Me" and Mine? not with the view of literary sense. If the thriving thought that Thwarts and Throttles the theosophical path of the mind is being thawed into subtlety, – the "I" shall be (would be) nowhere and no more either in free or trance. It will be performed by means of the spiritual (cosmic) meditation.

            'My' or 'Mine' is the view of possession to the 'I', but it is differ to the possession of the Self. With the absence of 'I', the Self is to be transcended to the Spiritual Soul by means of meditation uttering in the manner of 'Myself', is the least process of the Self regarding to its possessive view of right. Then the Divinity has its Universality of the Supreme Soul/the Being.

            "My" is neither "I" nor "Me". It is only an objective possession. "I" is differ to "Self". So "Self" is not the "I". Is it either an egocentric concept or the hallow percept, or the higgledy-piggledy dogma? No, it is the self-conscious of the sensuous mind that illustrates and entices itself as Entity of the Eternity. But it is a partial fact. It has neither authenticity nor integrity of the Supreme Consciousness (The Universal Soul). Knowing the Self that reveals the 'I'.

            Self exists in both Materiality and Spirituality. For the existence of 'Self' (I), as Causer/Doer (Subject) – Karma (Object) – Action/Function... the feeling of 'Self', by itself… is becoming the Cause – Effect. For its objectivity... subjectivity and expression – non-expression, for its corporeality, incorporeality, for comprehension – adaptation – until the level of materiality, Spiritual (matter and mind) Soul...  only 'Self' will be as charioteer – warrior also.... 'Soul', in its divine ascendancy... renounces mind (Self)... and acquires the 'unity' of Supreme Soul. By transcending – the usual, mundane sensorium mind (transient mind), until then – in the order of meditation... it should be trans-humanized and transcendental-transmutated as Spiritual Soul/Self... If so, in that state also, 'Soul', which is in combination with 'Self', through Divine Meditation by renouncing the I/Me confinement... reaching the Divine confinity (confinity of Divine) as Soul/Self, thereby, merges into Universal Soul/Supreme Soul.... In this way, "The Brahman", as finitude... as Divine confinity and as infinitude... attains eternity in the order of ascension.

            The center of cosmic quantum of – JIva-Shakti KunDalinI itself is… the ‘Soul’! Soul is the subtlety of the Universal Energy with spiritual sense, or the subtlety of divinity may be presumed as the SOUL, which is the next to the Universal Soul. 'Soul' is in 'Mind', for sure, as subjective subtle; that is in 'Self' indeed – as an objective image. The capture of the rapture is Trans of the transcendental consciousness. The meditation culminates the physical mind to reach the range of the spiritual vicinity of the Soul. The Soul is to be considered as the functional form of the Universal Soul in the source of the materialistic view and the understanding. So, it is considered that there is no existed Spiritual Soul in beings and the animate, especially in the human. Nevertheless, the existence of the Spiritual Soul, is an essential aspect and inevitable, which is to be achieved only by means of meditation in the manner of the ascendancy, because the spirituality in sense of human is consisting in its culminated and the innovatory mind. The Spiritual Soul is nothing but the Divine Consciousness (mind). The Divine mind, the supreme (consciousness) is to be achieved only by means of (dedicated) spiritual meditation basing influenced by the spiritual vibration. Dhyanaprasthan is the process intended for to practice the spiritual meditation of attaining the Divine Mind i.e. the Supreme Consciousness. It is proper of saying that the Spiritual Soul, the infinitude exists itself in the physical body – the finitude, with no interference regarding to any kind of materialistic action (Karma). With the sense of the biological conjecture based on the supernatural view regarding the Universal energy, may be considered "SPIRITUAL SOUL". The 'Life Force' as well as the mind has their own causes in case of their existence. Also, is it possible of having the concomitance to the finitude with the universe, the infinitude?

            The existence of the Spiritual Soul is an essential assertion i.e., the resurrection of the mind, the 'self'. No existed Soul in the universe as it is to be achieved by means of meditation. By means of spiritual meditation, the physical mind may have the mutation to the spiritual one, which is to be called the spiritualized mind or the Spiritual Consciousness (the conscience). The spiritualized mind will be transformed as the Spiritual Soul by means of the divine meditation that concomitants with Universal Soul.

            No human being is born with a Soul. There is no either existed, located, or established Soul. By birth, all the organisms have only Jeevatmn (Bio-cosmic Energy/located in the spinal column in the central nervous system as an Energetic Channel), which is present with internal and external motion as 'Life Force'. In accompaniment with it, there will be senses influenced habitual mind. This Jeevatmn {the individual 'self' related to physical Mind (microcosm of the Universal Soul (Energy) – the inner consciousness)}, which begins by birth itself, establishes as Sensorium Mind (because of influence of senses) in human beings. Along with it only, the same Jeevatmn, as developmental advancement as conscience (Intuitional Self), is hidden in the mind itself as an internal Cosmic Microcosm. The conscience, which has an integral part microcosm with the mundane mind (formally Jeevatmn), with the influence of sensorium mind only, although it helps in performance of karma at one stage, through spiritual practice (dedicated meditation) it primarily transforms into 'The Mind of Moral Sanctity'. The same on dedicated continuous practice transforms into Spiritual (Intuitive) Mind and then into the 'Spiritual Soul' in the process of the ascendancy. So the 'Spiritual Soul' is to be achieved only, it neither comes, nor occurs by birth itself instantly (The vision of 'Spiritual Soul' happens within the physical body itself, and on this Earth that has Hydromagnetic and Electromagnetic force). For those who practice like this, their past sensorium mind (self) itself ascends as Spiritual Soul. For those whom it is not possible, the mundane sensorium mind itself, as Jeevatmn, or Jeevatmn, through mundane mind, assists in usual mundane life.

            The sensorium mind – which leads the life (& living) being driven by the vital elements and physical body – with liberation beyond the senses by means of meditation, as Spiritual Soul, has the eternity of Supreme Soul. However, this does not amalgamate with Supreme Soul. This is merely materialistic liberation, but not spiritual absorption. On divine meditation, only when the Spiritual Soul, which is beyond the understanding of materiality, ascends spiritually as 'Divine Soul' (Spiritual Self) [the vision of Divine Soul happens in the space only], with the possibility of merger with Supreme Soul. Thereafter, as Divine Soul, as Universal Soul on 'supreme union' with Supreme Soul, which is pervaded all over, attains the fortune of salvation.

            The order of Transcendency: "The Sensory Mind" – "The Mind of the Moral Sanctity" – "Intuitive Mind" (or the Spiritual Mind) [this is the stage that is intermediate between materiality & spirituality] – "Spiritual Consciousness" (Soul) – "Divine Consciousness"– "Universal Consciousness" – "Supreme Consciousness" – "Absolute Zero" (Mother Universe).

            The Life is the Biological Force; the Self – physical soul or mind (nature base sub-consciousness); The mind – the sensual soul (Sensorium base consciousness); The Conscience (Spiritual Consciousness); The Spiritual Soul (Divine Consciousness); Divine Soul (Divinity concerned Universal Soul).

            The transcendency is the transformation of the Mind to the ‘Self’, and the absorption of the Self into the intuitive ‘sense’, is, the Spiritual Consciousness… The culmination of the Mind and its Self is, nothing but the 'Spiritual Self'; the Spiritual Soul is… nothing but the Transcended Self. The Divine Soul is nothing but the subtle Supreme. Either MOksha or the 'Salvation' is… nothing but the Concomitance of the (Divine) Soul and the Universal Soul. The merging of Materialistic Self into the Spiritual Soul is the emancipation. [The Meditative Mind or the Sensorium, Contracts into the Spiritual force… that becomes to be Self; this kind of Self is also to be transcended to the Spiritual Conscious Soul…. then the Divine Soul (self) and the Universal soul].

            Who are you? Know, the discrepancy in between the words, "You, Your, Yours, Yourself and your Self. If you say, "It is my body"… Body is not "You". It sounds the conceptive ownership and reveals the relation to that belongs to "You". So also in case of everything concerned to you, it is only "Belonging". Then who are you to feel that all in "You" that belongs to you? You may have the ownership or relationship. Yours is not "You" so also yourself is not you. In simple, you are merely 'You".

            Who is human being? Whether it is materiality, spirituality, philosophy or anything else – all these are human being related only. Who is human being to whom all these are related? If each individual questions herself/himself, "Who am I?" It is like questioning, "Who human being is" only. It is related to philosophy to certain extent. For example, one individual (a form); let us consider "a form" (shape) as such and such human being. There is a name for that human being; that name, seeing that face, we call with that name but, not seeing the body. When the face is covered, we don’t know who that human being is. That means, our name is only for the face not for the body. 

            Usually, in the physical life, I, Self (My), and Mind are present principally. Without them, the life would not move forward. For example, if an individual says, "My Object", that object is not that individual. Object is different. If he says, "My Home", Home is different and that individual is different. Similarly, if an individual says, "My Family" then that Family is different and the individual who says like that would be different. Having advanced even more, if she/he says, "My Body", that Body is indeed of the individual who says "My Body" but, Body is not that individual. My Body means, like saying 'My Object', 'My Home', 'My Family', 'My Wife', 'My Husband' – the individual said, 'My Body' – that means Body is not that 'My' (Self), that individual. Similarly, he says, "My Life Force". Life Force is different and the individual who says like that is different. Similarly, he says, "My Mind". Mind is different and that individual is different'. Mind is not that individual. Similarly, he says, "My Soul". Soul is not that individual.

            If that individual and those that are not individual and related to individual are separated, object would be different (those that he says as "Mine") – then what would remain? Who is that individual? Whatever he considered as his (Mine) until now, if that 'Mine' is kept aside – where is that individual? Where is that individual who said as 'Mine' until now? Is he present? There is nothing there to consider as 'Mine'. Body is different. Mind is different. He is not Body; he is not Mind; he is not Life Force and; he is not Soul. After separating all these, who is that who remains? That who remains should only be 'Human Being' i.e. "You". Did human being remain? What is there to consider as human being? Is it Mithya or MAya? Only the combination of all these has become human being. Only if those, which are not him, are combined and considered only – he has been considered as Human Being. Only if the spare parts are combined it becomes a Machine. If all those are separated, then there is nothing. If all the bicycle parts are separated, there is no bicycle. If all the parts are combined, then bicycle appears. Similarly, relating to human being too, if those that are not him are separated then nothing remains. This is not philosophy. All these are, not Mine but, there is existence for such a thing called "Self" (My). It is not that it is non-existent. It is neither MAya nor Mithya. There is the status called "Self" there. To be present only is "Beingness", that itself is Creation. That itself is Universe. It will be present. There is no question that it will not be present. We are unable to know that what is present. It may not be visible for us. We cannot conclude that which is not visible as non-existent. Generally, mind too is not visible. Body too is visible only to some extent. Just because it is not visible, it is not correct to say that there is nothing. Everyone should attempt to know it. This, in the philosophy, is a state. In the state of Mithya and Maya, this is climax.

            Then who are you? Who am I?

            The Bio is life that exists in body. The life is self that is yours; self is the mind that guides you. Mind is the sensuous, conscious that functions, conveys, and communicates. The Spiritual Consciousness is conscience that reveals the truth; conscience is the source that achieves the Spiritual Soul… Soul is Divine that abstracts in body and the divinity is the universal omnipresence that bestows salvation.


Yoga is of having the motive of bringing about useful and amicable co-coordinative of mind and the body. When one starts Asana – Pranayama – Dhyana practice, one has to practice yoga so that the blood circulation happens very well. If so, when ascension is caused, through yoga, in a certain way, to the body, it would be mould in a principled manner. When this body is mould, so that it would be perfect, there would be good activity and good metabolism in the systems inside. By means of practicing AsanAs, there is a chance that all the Sensory nerves (sensations related nerves) may be activated in the human being. Yoga is – the exercise of body – which is scientific, accompanied by the movements of various angles. Yoga practice is must to mould the body in a principled manner. Although yoga is related to body only, the influence of its result, indirectly, would be, on mental health also; thereby physical-mental discipline would appear. Practice of yoga, in totality, results in body-mind discipline, body-mind coordination, causes tranquility, satisfaction, and discipline of Physical Self, purification of blood, and metabolic incitement useful for immuno development required for the body.

            Mind should neither be dense of thoughts, acts and actions nor a godown of them, only a lake that may have some space to feel the relation and the contact purposely and the momentary. For that sake, meditation may be more useful than that of anything else.

            Meditation, whatever its process, is needed to renovate and innovate the mind to be an energetic, magnetic, majestic by means of spiritualization, with the process of concentration and contemplation with the view of minimizing thoughts, engulfed on the means of ascendancy. Meditation is to be completed only after exhaustion, the omission and the emission of thoughts in order to make the vacancy.

            Concentration and Contemplation meditation decreases the number, density, and the intensity of thoughts. It decreases rotation of thoughts, eliminates the unwanted thoughts, and one acquires limited mental peace and stability (Peacefulness of mind, distant from the pressure one experiences in the daily life, is acquired in this). Eventually, with decrease in thoughts, one would concentrate only on one single thought. The influence of sensory decreases, memory related to external circumstances, sensorium mind, and the density of their existence decreases. One has to practice meditation when there is moderate exhaustion and moderate hunger for optimal results.

            As a matter of fact, meditation is not a state of complete thoughtlessness but, refinement of collection of thoughts (culture of the purity) so that there is limited space to feel the relation and the contact purposely and momentary. Absorption of the "Thought" into a zero point is to be called "Trans-meditation".

            Meditation makes the man cultured because of it has its own steadiness. In addition, it provides the peace to the convulsive as it has its serenity. Because of refinement of thoughts (culture of purity), meditation makes the human cultured. Meditation enriches and rejuvenates the life. It increases the power of thinking and adds potency to the power of thinking. Meditation activates the source of thinking, minimizes the thoughts accustomed, and develops concentration to mobilize number of thoughts into a single track. Meditation is the medium of getting mental strength and stability. Meditation is the self-source of remedy to the tensional intentional melody due to the cause of misleading mischief and misguided mind; consequently, the melodious melancholy is gained.

            By gradually, subtilizing, the macro (scattered) mind, through meditation, to attempt, for 'Trans', as the state of 'forgetting', its existence finally, is the object of meditation. Thereby, suppressing, the problems faced, in the daily life, habitually, and the related thoughts, tensions, sorrow and depression, and the oppression caused thereby, by means of causing another new feeling to the mind, from their experience, that one should feel relaxed at least for sometime, is the advantage wished, in meditation.

            The method of ascension of instinctive mind – that is acquired by birth to a "known" physical mind through education and through material knowledge, to Spiritual Mind through Sensory Meditation, to Conscience through Spiritual Meditation, and to Divine Mind through Divine Meditation – is defined in principle as "Dhyanaprasthan" (elevation in meditation).

            Dhyanaprasthan (Pragathi Prasthan) is intended to ascend from sheath to sheath that concealed the Spiritual Soul in its subtlety. So, the core in the Soul to be reached and achieved by means of meditation as well as through culmination of the Self, the Physical Mind into the Supreme Consciousness. Mind, the source either for the physical life or for the spiritual one, is to be culminated in order to achieve the divinity – the infinitude.

            With Dhyanaprasthan, sensorium mind, with spiritualization, although reaches the level of Soul, the subtlety of physical senses consciousness (memory) will not be invisible completely. The spiritualized mind, which has obtained the movement of upward ascension, with that physical consciousness itself, with the regression of ascension, crossing the stages of upward ascension, in the order of descent, would reach its usual physical sensuous state. The spiritualized mind does perform its domestical duties as well as the social activities based on the Moral Sanctity. With the cause of spirituality, the spiritualized mind performs the cosmical functions in the manner of sin proof, fault proof, based on goodness caused for no grief, the Soul functions only in a good way where the physical mind performs in a dual way. Being influenced by ascension, the physical sensuous mind, which has undergone spiritualization, different to its primordial bio-instinct, would behave as "Sanctity Mind" in the daily life. Thereby with the reformation of individual, there will be societal benefit.

            If one reaches the level of Conscience through meditation, then that is considered as 'The Mind of the Moral Sanctity'. Already in the pervasive Universe, the thoughts, which are universally pervasive, related to mind, are brought to a single point through this process (from ‘macro’ to ‘micro’ state). By the time mind transforms into the Moral Sanctity mind, whether it is lifestyle, communication, behavior, mannerisms, characteristic features, or way of living in the society – it would bring changes in all these. The 'Mind of Moral Sanctity' is like a "Cleaned Pearl". This is the consciousness that functions based on humanity. In the practice of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan, to cause the conversion of sensory – sensorium – feeling plus thought and intellect mind, which appears naturally, for human being, to “The Mind of the Moral Sanctity”; to cause, the ‘feeling’ of Conscience, to it, is the first stage. As the awareness of circumstances, senses, and the feeling of sensorium… decrease gradually, in that place, uncovering, related to sixth sense, starts. With the awakening and the awareness of the intuition, the sixth sense, by means of the spiritual meditation, the physique and the mind are to be spiritualized. As the human mind has the mutability and the quality of vitality, it is easy to transcend it to the spiritualized mind.

            The physical (senses related) Jeevatmn, which was dependant on it until then, thereafter, that would ascend as spiritual/intuitive, sixth-sense consciousness. In that state, Jeevatmn, as Conscience would be under the influence of sixth sense. The Moral Sanctity Mind at the level of Conscience (the conscious and subconscious activity, which undergoes change, from sensory level, to spiritual consciousness) performs its domestical duties as well as social activities based on ‘Moral Sanctity’ that helps the individual lead a moral life (with compassion) which is beneficial for both, the individual as well as the society, and would be helpful in establishing Social Justice.

            Establishing the eternal and the enlightened life on earth by means of meditation, dedication, through which the way of spiritualization of the mind and the heart (Soul) respectively based on the moral sanctity as well as the social justice and the concept of "Religious Humanism", is the magnanimous cognition and the meritorious recognition.

            Upon understanding humanity, with further ascension, one would reach and understand what compassion is. Compassion is the zenith of humanity. With Humanity as religion, through further DhyanaManoPrasthan, by means of Practical Philosophy, by understanding the inevitable relationship that is present between the Human Being, Society, and Divinity (God) i.e. based on Religious Humanism, enlightened, progressive and peaceful life can be established on earth.

            Nothing can be known about the existence of God through the physical mind based on Sensorium. But when the mind is transcended by the spirituality, it is easy to know "what is God" and also may have the "Vision of Divinity".

            The physical mind, which functions based on sensorium, would execute its functions in dual way – good and bad, positive and negative, depending on surroundings and circumstances. It is for the sake of corporeal functions in the physical life. Only through the Ascension of Mind by means of DhyanaManoPrasthan, it is possible to transcend the physical mind beyond senses. Only upon ascendency of mind to the higher spiritual dimensions, after achieving 'The Mind of the Moral Sanctity', one may have the vision of Soul, the Divinity (Divine Soul). Only through Divinity achieved, one may have Peace & Tranquility, Wisdom, and Eternal Ecstasy based on Moral Sanctity.

            Having been with the deep and dedicated devotion praying to God or Goddess – believed and beloved, through which the divinity is to be achieved in order to get Eternal Ecstasy and also the sanity and serenity basing with the moral sanctity.

            Through the ascension of mind, when Divine Mind is achieved, if one executes corporeal duties through Divine Mind (instead of Sensorium Mind) in a righteous way with Moral Sanctity, apart from achieving peace and prosperity in the routine life, there is chance of eliminating the Karma, which is believed to cause rebirth.

            If we can perform our cosmical duties and the liabilities through the divine mind in place of the physical mind, the "Dharma", the spiritual, and the moral sanctity, shall be installed intact, avoiding (eradicating) the Karma, conceived and believed that it would be the cause and force to the birth cycling and also provides peace and prosperity for the daily life.


The Finitude has its place in the infinitude itself. So also, the infinitude exhibits itself through the Finitude. The Infinite is "One" or the origin; functionally it transforms itself into finite. The finite has the duality. So, the 'One'ness of the Infinitude and the Duality/the diversity of the Finitude are in the same origine, theoretically; but functionally they seem to be in difference. As soon as the function is being accomplished, that particular finite merges itself into infinitude. The finite cannot function itself; it finishes the infinitude to be functional. So, with the sense of function, the infinitude is an inevitable aspect. Thus, the infinite is needed for the sake of the functional motive. In that way we can think that the matter is the finite and the diversive as it is being formed and the energy – the eternal is the 'One' – the infinitive. So also in case of human body and its mind, the matter is finitude with its diversity.

            If the limit of pervasiveness, to be present, as ‘boundary’, is considered as finite…, anything that has shape, since it has external boundary, is finite only! For that which has externality without shape, there may not be, outer limit. So, with the presence of characteristic of pervasiveness, that, will not be, considered, as finite. If so, since Nature related, vital elements, have the quality of matter only, they, in natural manner, have sky and space boundaries, as finite limit. So also, body related Life Force, Mind too, have finite characteristics only. For them, the externality of body, will be as limit indeed. The energy, which is embedded in matter, in the name of nucleus, that for that point of time, as functional finite, although has the characteristic of movement, if that is considered as entity of energy, external level…., that may not be finite. Even so, this is indeed half-truth only. So also, within the limit, of ‘ovum (egg) – fetus – immense ovum, since Creation also, has outer limit only, that should be considered, as finite. For the internal matter of ovum, as outer protection, as limit, there is shell, as envelope, for sure! “Immense Ovum”, too, is like this only. That means, with shape externality, the matter of Creation, and the energy, which is within the limit of its internal nucleus movement, also, should be considered as indirect finite only……Like this, along with the Creation, in ovum – fetus – immense ovum, with its formation, and execution, in accordance with that, its center, energy – matter also is finite only.

            In ovum – fetus – immense ovum, in the standard of size, it is as if everything, to that extent, has its outer surface. (Keeping aside ovum – fetus) although the entire Creation is considered as immense ovum, there will be shape for it, and in suitability to its shape, there will be, in fact, outer surface for it. In principle, anything that has limit of shape, should be considered as finite only. Well, beginning with ovum, when immense egg itself is finite, even, the matter of Creation (Brahman) that is thought to be embedded in it, is finite, indeed!

             "Brahman" is an absolute and the Eternal Infinitude – the Supreme Consciousness is Brahman Atman, the subtlety of Brahman being enveloped by the sheaths of the senses, but when it is in the core of the sheaths of the senses, it is to be called only the Spiritual Consciousness. It is to be transcended to the Spiritual Soul by means of spiritual meditation. There is no other extraneous and extrinsical, and immortal infinitude other than Brahman. The Brahman is self-dual in function (mortal) and "The one" (immortal) in origin. The eternity is such….

            Enveloped by matter, even the microcosm of energy of nucleus, present in microcosm of matter, the ‘atom’, along with that only, similar to, ‘for that point of time’, that is, finite…, with Creation, even the force of movement, in immense ovum, should be certainly, finite. In that state, in principle, in what way should we consider, Soul – Supreme Soul, which is pervasive in Creation? The Soul in the Nature, Jeevatmn in human being, should be considered as finite limit only, for sure!... For Nature – body, since there will be outer surface, they, will be in finite state only. Well, along with them only, even the microcosms of Supreme Soul, in them, should be considered, as finite only. When the immense ovum of Creation itself is, in finite limit, everything, in that, will be as finite only, but, different to that, there is no chance to think, that, differently. If we consider based on this…., right from ‘ant’ until ‘Brahma’, Creation – and its basic force of movement, everything is within the limit of finite, are as ‘confined’ only...

            Supreme Soul is, infinite universe, pervasiveness. Immense ovum of Creation is, from within that only. Finite, will be in infinite only. Jeevatmn is not pervasive, for sure! When the birth – karma, including with the end, are happening in Supreme Soul itself, since body is, from within it only, the Jeevatmn that has left it, should be within the limit of immense ovum only.

            The Relativity is the reality of existence. Even from the exility of an atom to the Infinite Universe, it prevails everywhere… no exception even for the human life. Existence is, finite, only, but, not infinite. So, how can there be, finite, in that which is not infinite? In the entire pervasiveness of infinite, how can there be only finite (that which has limit)? Even for that which has another thing (container), in it, outer surface, is inevitable. Only then, that which is inside it (content), will remain. But…, for the ‘Doer’, which has Creation, in it only, if there is no outer surface, the existence of Creation inside, will be scattered for sure! So, for anything, that which has another thing in it, outer boundary, finite, limit, is inevitable. The Infinitude is the pervasive omnipresence and the finitude is its exility. The formation of Creation and its fertility are the omnipotence of the Infinity – the Absolute.

            Atomic Energy: Physics (Nuclear Energy): Atomic consciousness (spirituality), upsurge from the finitude to infinitude.


If there is space (place) for the existence of Subject and Object, what about the predicate? Generally, if there is no predicate, no sentence is there, whether it is transitive or intransitive, the predicate is must. Is there any place "nothing for" predicate (The verb, action, function) in philosophy? If so, what can be subject do in case of object? In case of receiving the result of the predicate, are there two aspects namely the subject and the object differently or separately?

            Usually, there is "Subject – Predicate – Object" ("Doer – Doing – Karma (Mission of Doing)") in a sentence. 'Doing' (Predicate) means to do something. Doer (Subject) means one who does it. “To do” is 'Doing' and the individual who does is 'Subject'. When Doing happens, there will be a result, and experience. This is visible in the daily life. When that individual utilizes that result, there will be experience. Also, there is something called Karma (Mission of Doing). Along with 'Doing', there is 'Mission of Doing' also. What is Karma?

            All those who execute function are Doers/Subjects only. For example, if we take the sport boxing, two players go into boxing ring. They do a function called boxing. Both of them do. When we think that those who do are (Subjects) Doers, those two are Doers only. Who should be called Object? One who does the function experiences its consequence. Here, the players perform the task equally – one would lose and other would win is indeed natural. As a consequence of win, prize money is given. Both of them are given prize money; more for one and less for another. That means, the consequence that is attained by means of executing the function called boxing, both, the winner and loser are experiencing. So, both of them receive the result of the predicate. In these who is Object? Which is Object? A function had happened. Persons who did it are present. They are referred to as Subjects; Doers. In case of receiving result of the predicate, there are no aspects namely the subject and the object differently or separately.

            In accordance to the "Functional Dharma" who is ought to receive result really? Whether the Doer or any other? Doer means the subject. The object is merely an instrument or something else other than the subject. The object is to be considered as a "Respondent" to the subjective function or action that means for the predicate. The subject (the doer) should receive the result or the consequence for the predicate or the action (Karma). The Self is to bear the result or the outcome of its action whether it is good or bad.

            To do is not Karma. They are just Doings (functions). For example, by means of cooking, cookery will be prepared. Its result is that only. There is no experience in it. The food (cookery) items that are prepared and taken on to the dining table. That is also a Doing only. Karma is not visible. To cook is a Doing, its result food prepared is there but, there is no Karma. Those sitting come for eating. 'To eat' is Doing some work only but, not Karma. Until now, that means right from cooking, preparation of food, until beginning of eating – this entire thing is Doing only. when one starts eating, the comments about its taste would be made – "this is good and that is not good". Until then, this feeling did not come because, it was only seen until then. Through the experience after eating, after having known the taste, the argument that this food is good and that is bad would come. Where did this taste come? The taste appears from the way of cooking only. That which is experienced only is the consequence of Karma but, not something which comes by means of just Doing. That which comes through Doing is Result. That which comes through Karma is, Consequence. That means, cooking is not Karma. The way of cooking is Karma. Because of Karma, this taste has come out. So, doing is not Karma. The way of doing itself is Karma. That which comes through it itself is consequence. One should apply this matter of "one should experience the consequence of Karma", very carefully in one's life.

            In another example, a student studies, indeed works hard but, that is just function. He goes to examination hall and takes examination. That also is a function only. Based on the way the examination is written, based on the correctness of the answers he has written, based on the way the answers have been written only – grade would be assigned. Those marks only are the consequence for that student's hard work. Student experiences the grade only. That student experiences only the consequence that has come through the way of writing the examination. From the aforementioned examples it is clear, "what is doing", "what is result", "what is Karma", "what is consequence", and "what is experiencing the consequence of Karma".

            With the Sanctity Mind, the functions we execute and the result & consequence that comes through it would be correct only. If our doing is good, the result/consequence would be good, and whatever we experience also would be good only.

            The matter is universe in origin (energy) – The space (matter) is born (space Universe) – Objective is the productive and the life is procreative (Mainly) then who or what is the Subject?

            For anything that which is being made, the 'Action' called making that, and the 'Doer' who does – to be present, separately, is essential. In accordance with that, it is said, 'Creation is made', for sure! Then, there should be, for sure, Doer (Subject) who did it!

            By chance, if Creator himself, is considered, as God... then the question, that who is that Creator, comes. With that, the competition of religions is inevitable. Usually, only for Action (Doing), there will be, the existence of Doer. In such a thing called, 'Doer (Creator) for Creation', there is absence of Action. Creation – Doer – both are, nouns only. In the state called 'Action', there is no chance, for Doer, so, in saying 'Creator', since only 'ownership' is sounding, in this, entirety is lacking for the active (functional) Doer (Subject).

            If the pluralistic world as well as biological multiplicity are considered as eludery or deludery, what about the concept of God's creation and His incarnation? Is it all illusion? No, the objective aspect is fact; also, the subjective concept is tangible – The absolute reality is 'ONE'.

            Religion is, publicizing, that God only, has 'made' the Creation. To make – cannot be the 'Act' of Creation.... To cause existence – to a non-existent state is – Creating. To form shape, from that which is present is... 'to prepare'! So, such a thing called, God, to make Creation, cannot be, the activity of Creation, indeed...; there is no chance to consider God, as Creator.

            Anything, if it 'appears' by itself...; that is just for the corporeal existence only, but, it is not which is made. So also, it is, not... cannot be... that which is created too. Like that in the formation also, the 'root' for it, should be present, by then only. If the root is, present in the past itself... that which is formed by it is, that which is made only! Cannot be Creation, so, there is no chance, for Creator (Doer/Subject) ... However, when everything is filled with Pure Energy – there is no place for Mithya and Maya.

            Principally, 'incarnation', means..., corporeality, for incorporeal; causing visibility to invisibility! For the eternal Transmorphosis, this is, temporary, transiency only! It, keeps happening, like this, with the invisibility of Will, and with the visibility of contact. That means, invisibility of mind and visibility of body – incarnation would be, in two ways. That itself is, "Incarnation by Will – Birth, by intercourse (contact)". The first, moves by itself; the second is, Prkrti – PuruSa! The first is Will of Soul; for the second one, the instigation of Sensorium Mind. If so, there would be difference, for Soul intended, incarnated birth – and for the body caused birth. For the intended, incarnated, birth, the 'seed' of Divine Element, and for the birth by intercourse, with the involvement, of Prkrti – PuruSa, there would be contact, union, of male – female, egg – sperm. In this, there would be, 'entry' of Divine Element. If so, this is, not completely divine command, existence of Creation; at the same time, it is not completely, even the consequence of Transmorphosis of matter.

            Only Gods and Goddesses have benefited from incarnations! In the PurAnic stories, there is no importance, seen, for the mention, involvement, of human beings. Even the benefit caused to people, with incarnations, is not present particularly. For the common people – who are performing worships, and constant prayers, with Riches-Gold-Equipage-Vehicles, by carving shapes... by adorning..., by building temples, temple towers, to incarnations; by 'fixing' traditional practices – there had been, and is no benefit caused, in particular. In fact, in those various times when incarnations occurred, there was no, today's, prayer, worship, and the luxury of adornment.

            The benefit of karma, its influence, although is temporary, in some matters, relating to some other matters, that, influenced, benefit, with some or the other name, would be present, for long-term. Those, would become at-one-with, in human lives, in the culture of race. The matter of incarnation is, of that kind only. From the society point of view, the inheritance of generations itself is, proof, for that. Either directly, or indirectly, either as good, or bad, wickedness – virtuousness, without discretion..., at least in the name of religion, as the feeling of devotion, was maintained, in people, as diversity, in the unity of human race, it caused the opportunity, for indirect internal, unity, for all groups. Devotion of incarnations, along with that, development, spread of literature, in various ways, had happened. Individual – societal, life – literature, culture – the analysis of benefit of incarnation, should be only until then.

                         Analysis of Incarnations: The entity of universe is unity! That is non-duality. With the view of energy and matter, formation of Creation, Supreme Soul – Jeevatmn are.... duality! Prkrti, PuruSa life is, pairs of opposite! So, the divinity, which has the entity of unity, itself..., as diversity of incarnation, in the name of religion, and its sects & sub-sects, with various ways, of forms, and traditional practices, publicity goes on for the spread, of feeling of devotion. In the same way, it's related, methods, of practices, and worships, as the steadiness of literature, as the influence of various processes (activities), religion, spirituality, has been indeed coming traditionally, as the inheritance of generations. Therefore, the analysis of incarnations has to happen, to that extent only. So also, related logical view, explanations, PurAnic examples are – only for the understanding the subject indeed!

            For the unity of philosophy, the expression, explanation of the related materialistic knowledge, in diverse ways, many methods, in that order only, to make-known – “the developmental course, of human, mental, understanding of traditional practices, to the messages, of the righteous life, relating, to the personal–domestic–and social, of human being, as the division of Age (Era)” – itself, is the functional proof, of incarnations. For example – principally, beginning with SIta only... came to end with SIta only, the incarnation of RAma! In between, that, only is, the importance, of message, of VAlmiki RAmAyana! So also, almost, beginning, with Kamsa... with various killings, with the slaying of JarAsandha..., with the completion of KurukshEtra war..., the incarnation of Krishna is, indeed completion only! In between that only is, BhAgavatamBhAratamBhagavad-Gita! So, incarnations, in direct and indirect way... the understanding, is necessary, with the view called 'of the human – by the human – and for the human only...'



There is no place for Karma, without Human. In any sector, whatever happens, it is 'of the Human', 'by the Human', and 'for the Human' only. VEdAs are written, explained, read, and benefitted by human beings only. So also, it is the same with Science. Experiments are done by Human Being only; it is only Human Being who brings it to a 'form', into market, buys it and uses it. Like this – it may be politics, education, spirituality, religion, or anything else – whatever it may be, it's beginning, establishment, are followed and used by human being only. If there is no life (bio) at all on earth especially the existence, the substance, the intelligence of the human and its evolution just like in the other planet, as well as in the space…, what about the religion and its God? Who knows and who is known? Who says or who would say about the wholeness and the holiness of Soul and its salvation? If we imagine the state without Human Being – nothing remains. For example, there is no Human Being on the Moon; nothing happens there. It is a very clear experience for us that wherever there is no Human Being, there is nothing. Whichever place and/or sector one may consider – Human Being only should be present. Human Being only should do, and through Human Being only, Human Being has to utilize. Whatever it is – it has to Happen 'Of the Human Only', it has to happen 'By the Human Only', and 'For the Human Only'. It may be good or bad; it may be good path or bad path. To put an end to wickedness and protect the virtuousness, there was need of Human form (incarnation), when it happens like that, the result is for the sake of Human Only. That which happened in the Human form, it is for the sake of Human Being only. God – either through worship, belief, or through some other means, we are protecting it, executing it, or using it – for the sake of these human beings only. That which had happened in the Human Form – one who has put that into writing as books also is Human Being only. So, today, they are being used for the sake of Human Being only. In this way, everything in any sector certainly has to happen by the Human Being only, of the Human Being only, and certainly has to happen for the sake of Human Being only but, not for others. What all are happening are for the sake of Human Beings only. So, if we exclude Human Being or deny Human Being – there will be nothing and nothing happens.

            When it comes to the matter of Human – Mind, 'Of the Human, By the Human, and For the Human' will not be valid theoretically. So, we have to say, "Of the Mind; By the Mind and; For the Mind", in its place because everything is happening with Mind only; mind only is doing and/or causing to do everything. Whatever has to happen, it is happening through Mind only. Individual experiences through Mind only. It is happening for the sake of that Mind only. That means feeling is caused 'Of the Mind', incitation is caused 'By the Mind', Karma is happening 'Of the Mind' only, and we experience it. In this, Mind is not visible anywhere. Since this is present as invisible, since human is principal for all these things – although in the functional form it is Mind, since Human Being is the Doer for everything, since Mind belongs to this Human, and since we have to consider Doer only as principal, taking Human only into consideration, we have to say, "Of the Human, By the Human, For the Human".


Gods (of natural powers), in the beginning, as Lords, thereafter rulers themselves as incarnations of God, changes occurred in various ways, but as a consequence of transformation, only when the past system loses its previous state, beginning for a new system from it happens. The individual, who could start that kind of new system (for that point of time), would be called the 'one who is born with the element of God'. 'Religion' appears based on the principles told by the individual who starts that system. With the practice of God, religions had appeared as a result of competition in their publicity. In God – religion and its quantities and qualities, as those not having permanent steadiness, in suitability to time, principally within the limits of human material knowledge, to attribute 'form' to formless (incorporeal) divinity, itself, is being considered as religion. Religion is being designed God as incarnation of divinity, with various names. For that, the 'execution' of work of some prudent people, in those various periods, is the cause.

            In human beings, gradually the prudence by changing into intelligence, to reach eminent state is a consequence of struggle of favorable and unfavorable circumstances. This, going even more forward with consideration of the material knowledge (realistic experience) in other perspective, spirituality got established in the manner superior to the material (physical) objective knowledge. As the 'pairs of opposite' of Nature became the constant experience in life, as different to it is not 'pairs of opposite', 'unity' was imagined. That itself in this same order in the name of 'religion' as God and with the philosophical feeling as 'Soul' like this materially (matter/body) and spiritually (formless/eternal) has been coming as generations of inheritance for the human race.

            An orderly way of expressing commitment of prayers to God by human being is considered as Religion. Religion mainly deals with God and the Godliness being the motive of "after death". With regard to religion, it can be thought as, the human application of supplication (prayers) is the cause-effort and the effect of any religion. Every religion has its own imagination and way of explaining "after death" events.

            But Spirituality is concerning the Soul. Spirituality concerns with metaphysics aimed at the gaining or achieving the supernatural power by means of meditation – Dhyana, knowing the wisdom regarding the origin of the universe and the Universal Soul (Paramatmn).

            By means of dedicated meditation – Dhyana, through Ascent Dhyana, by means of DhyanaManoPrasthan, along with the strengthening of the naturally occurring Sensorium Mind, one can cause physical and spiritual ascension to the same. In the process of DhyanaManoPrasthan, initially the Sensory Mind transforms into the Mind of Moral Sanctity. This Moral Sanctity Mind on further transmutation (mutational change) would attain the vision of Spiritual Soul (in the body), Divine Soul (in the space), Universal Soul, Supreme Soul and the Mother Universe in that order, thereby, acquires Supreme Wisdom and Absolute Knowledge, which includes knowledge regarding the origin of Universe and the Paramatmn.

            Spirituality is in person with the aspect, religion is common for a concept, the science is proposed or supposed to discover or invent hidden with the view of purposes needed. While spirituality is Soul concerned and its practice is individual related, religion is designed God as incarnation of Divinity with various names. It is being developed & practiced based on the principles of an individual who developed that system, and because of the execution of work of some prudent people, in various periods of history. The science on the other hand, in accordance with the need of human race, discovers and/or invents for the purpose of utilization.

            Pantheism (a doctrine that equates God with the forces and laws of universe) promotes the unity and the fraternity if it inculcates with the view of the practical philosophy, if so, it may be better than atheism. Only by means of understanding the necessity and inevitability of coordination of materiality and spirituality for the betterment and progress of life, only by causing the Human Mind reach the center of brain (the position of Soul), which happens in 'Practical Philosophy', one would understand, "who she/he is", "what she/he is", "where she/he has come from", "what the remaining Nature is", "what is the 'matter' that is present", "what the Universal Energy is”, – everything would be known. Through practice only, it can be proved practically that spirituality is hidden in the physical life of human being only. Once an individual acquires "The Mind of Moral Sanctity", there is a chance to put a check at the level of 'cause' itself. If it is caused ascension like this – materiality & spirituality, both of them together, if the life is coordinated, that is when the real purpose would be achieved.

            When an individual reaches the level of 'The Mind of Moral Sanctity', with Humanity itself as religion, she/he would understand that all human beings are same, all religions (castes) are same, and all Gods are the same. With further practice, the same humanity shall reach the level of Compassion and then Divinity. The sense of equality, which shall start through practical spiritual practice, promotes unity and fraternity.

            There is no need of the feeling of antagonism, enmity, between theistic – atheistic, feeling, so also, between religion – science. Coordination, and cooperation only is, the internal certainty, present between them. The responsibility – to understand it is, the duty, for human being, who has the uniqueness of thought, and discretion. It is the commonsense of intellectuals. For that very reason, one should be dedicated; should transcend, the humanity, in human being, to the level of divinity. For that very reason, the 'Intellectual Circle', should put efforts.

            What is "Maya"? Where is it? Why is it so (called)? Maya is nothing but the confused concept and the artificial precept, based on the ugly ignorance of the gloomy mind. When religious mania reaches its Zenith, none is second to it.

            There is no chance for Mithya and Maya; everything is experienced certainty only. When everything is filled with Pure Energy – there is no place for Mithya and Maya. Right from the transformation of Ovum to Embryo in the mother's womb – what is happening is ascension only. What is happening in the Universe (from micro to macro), is ascension only. What is happening in the organisms on the Earth is ascension only. What is happening in plants – right from small plant – is ascension only.

            Life Force – Bio – Jeevatmn – 'I – Mine' – all these, together, with body, although is considered, as one only – individually each of it is one only. Along with other things, which human, thinks, as 'Self – Mine' – if they are separated from everything – including 'Self' – nothing, remains. (Probably, this state only, in philosophy, was considered, as Mithya – Maya – Absolute Zero). Even so, 'not to be present' is – not the law of beingness. That is, completely opposite, to that.

            Oxygen, hydrogen (gases) is a fact. Water – their combination in an appropriate ratio – is a certainty. Vapor of that water or its solid form is also indeed a certainty. So also to be born, to live, and to die are also certainties, and facts (realities) only. Moreover, these are indeed experienced evidences only. They are indeed known distinctly to the mind constantly. If examined like this, with the understanding (perception) of the certainties, there is no place for Maya and Mithya? In fact, there is no place for ‘nihility’ in universe!

            If all the bicycle parts are separated, there is no bicycle. Similarly, relating to human being too, if those that are not him are separated then nothing remains. This is not philosophy. All these are, not Mine but, there is existence for such a thing called "Self" (My). It is not that it is non-existent. It is neither MAya nor Mithya. There is the status called "Self" there. To be present only is "Beingness", that itself is Creation. That itself is Universe. Generally, mind too is not visible. Body too is visible only to some extent. Just because it is not visible, it is not correct to say that there is nothing. Everyone should attempt to know it. This, in the philosophy, is a state. In the state of Mithya and Maya, this is climax.

            To know (knowledge – to understand) the incorporeal existence is, with corporeal certainty only. Although there is constancy, in incorporeality – its functional meaning is – with corporeal expression only. So, in incorporeal – corporeal, corporeal (form) is, not ‘Mithya’ (falsehood). As that which is not two (‘non-duality, truth’) …, as that which ‘has’ two (duality), duality and non-duality only are, the certainty of Creation.

            The subtility of tree in the seed and after that the expression of its visibility is – not ‘Mithya’. Growth of tree, with sprout is – not ‘Maya’ (illusion). That is, bio instinct! So also, the subtility of seed in tree is – just invisibility..., that is neither Mithya, nor Maya. The seed in fruit is…, certainty. So also, even the subtility of tree, in seed is… certainty only! In this order – there is no place for ‘Mithya and Maya’ – in the feeling. Today’s – fruit is…, from the subtility of once seed only. In today’s fruit only is… the seed. But…, it is indeed, however, not, that first seed, which is the cause for tree and present prior to seed! That energetic-micro, which was the first cause, for today’s fruit – and the seed, which is present in the present fruit are… not at all the same. Micro – macro – micro again, order only is like that. So, that first seed, itself – for which the sprout has started and… which is the cause for fruit, and its tree – did not enter into that fruit.

            Duality (two) is – not illusion of human being. That is the existence of matter (embodied) – of the convertible transmutation of energy! In this state, along with matter – there is energy too; both of them are, certainties only. Subtility – grossness; their invisibility – visibility, except for experienced certainties, they are not, Mithya – Maya. ‘One’ is… ‘unity’. ‘Two is – diversity’ – indeed an experienced certainty. It is not ‘to think’ – or ‘not to think’. In ‘male – female’…, as race – ‘human being’ is, only one. Even so, – with gender difference – it is not just thinking, as female and male – but it is certainty of shape and customs. In this, there is no chance – for illusion – Mithya – Maya.

            The white, which is seen, in colorful wheel is – artificial only. That is… visibility. White color wheel, with how much ever speed it is rotated – colors, will not appear. So, in the combination of colors, whiteness would not come specifically. If so, when the light ray, enters into the prism, and comes out – the colors that would be seen – indeed are not from ‘prism’ – particularly…? Before entry into prism – colors were not seen – in the light ray. Even so, with its, entry into prism, colors did not combine with it, separately…. Then… are the colors present, in the light ray itself? Or, were they present in the prism? Or, is it the analysis, special feature of vision? So also, ‘many in one’… is it the illusion of mind, corporeal feeling – or certainty? The analysis of colors in the prism – seven colors in the rainbow – is not illusion. Not the feeling of mind. It is not Maya – Mithya but, experienced certainty…

            Either it is customary, hereditary, habitual, or formal; the adoration is good and admissible. It gives an instant hope and solace, but it is inadequate of giving to the constant peace and ease. Pertaining to (devotion) Bhakti, people worship some or the other God constantly. Hands perform some activity and recite some Mantra with mouth – and for this, Mind keeps executing duty. This is worship (prayer). This is the first thing. The entire process of worship one does sitting in front of the God's picture directly, by taking this entire process (the activity that is done with hands and mouth) into the mind silently, the entire activity has to be done with the silent mind again by the method of adoration (ArAdhana). Then peacefulness would be caused to mind. The worship that is done with silent mind reaches heart. This is the second thing. If this same thing is practiced habitually, somewhat deeply with diligence, mind reaches the stage of Soul. This is the third thing. Activity with hand – then silent worship – then the order of this adoration – one should cause to reach it to Soul from mind. That itself is Bhakti Yoga.

            In devotion, in some or the other form, there will be shape, form of God. With devotion, mind, by means of fixing on that shape, firstly, concentration of vision on that, thereafter that concentration, combining, with the feeling of devotion, with the gradual decrease, of clarity of shape, thereby, there is chance that ‘Trance’ may appear, for mind. If that state becomes even strong, that itself, establishes as ‘Bhakti Yoga’. The physical sensual vision, of the devotee… the external existence, of God, these two, in the state of centralized feeling of devotion, gradually, neutral, internal vision, which is neither of those two, appears. That itself is the beyond-materiality, internal vision of unity. When this reaches the mind, as internal vision and divine vision, the 'memory' (consciousness), of this ecstasy, itself, may be experienced, as corporal vision of God. That means, the satisfaction, that she/he has seen God, will be caused for that individual. However, this is transient and is insufficient to provide constant peace and ease.

            After the "quietus", who are? What departs the body that goes either to the Elysium or to the Hell (If?)

            After death, the physical 'Body' dilapidates. 'Mind' vanishes because it forms depending on the physical body based senses. Because of past life 'memory', in accordance with the intensity of sensual materialistic desires, the Jeevatmn itself, which is jointly present with mind, changes into 'Evil Spirit', and has its 'existence' and 'memory of previous life' in the Nature for some days. Similar to, the presence of some of the residue of the habit in experience until the attempt is completed to get exempted from it in stages, for the Spirit, which was immersed with the physical instincts for a longtime, to get away from them completely, inevitably requires some time. But sometimes it may happen immediately; Spirit may leave the body, join in its 'origin' in that next moment and become invisible.

            Until the existence is completely perished, with the relation of the physical instincts it had in that body during the period it was in the body it is natural for it to attract again towards Nature, that means towards physical life. Only to the extent, based on neurons, the Spiritual Self, can preserve (retain) in it, the memory of its experience, there is chance that it would remain in the Nature as 'Evil Spirit'. Thereafter, in the course of time, that also gets absorbed with the Vital Elements, and becomes invisible, in the Soul of Nature. By chance, with death, if the memory of experience of past life, loses its existence…, thereafter, relating to re-visibility there is no chance for anything. The interval of time of invisibility will be, in accordance with the quality, quantity, of past life memory.

            In this way 'Spirit', itself, which leaves the body, having been bound to the physical material desires, by making use of, bodies until those relations are severed, may be called with the name of 'ghosts'. Instead, those Souls, which do not have those materialistic relationships, away from Nature get absorbed in the origin and may acquire 'salvation'.

            When body, becomes deceased, the microcosm of Soul of Creation/Nature having the entity of eternity, present in it…, reaches its previous state only. If so, the Jeevatmn (Self/I), which is embedded in the physical body, and being influenced by the physical mind, in the entire lifetime, it would have its existence, in Nature, for some time. Like this, not only for Evil Spirit, but for Jeevatmn also the same state.

            If Jeevatmn, which loses body, remains in the Nature then when the Nature bears body in some other form, fertilization along with that only (not with the relation of past body Karma) combines in it. Instead, if that Jeevatmn merges with Universal Soul, it moves far off to the Nature and becomes universally pervasive. Apart from that, there is no possibility for (previous birth) Metempsychosis.

            With no knowledge of itself and its position just with the material knowledge relating to the physical body because of having only the experience in material instincts, although leaves the body, either to be attracted to those kinds of things or not knowing any other way and its own way it is becoming inevitable for it to go again and again towards the Nature, which had been habituated and had been the basis for it until then. By going back like this, Spirit by making use of the body, through that body itself if fulfills its material instincts and pleasures for some time, while that kind of attempt is being made then they may be labeled as 'ghosts'. Instead entering into the embryonic form (in the womb) of the body, by bearing the body with physical births repeatedly, may bear own bodies. This method may be called rebirth.

            The Cosmical (Corporeal) life is fragmenting on, and the cosmic (cosmos or spiritual) life is unitary. There will be 'pairs of opposite' influence on everything, which is formed with matter. So, for the Nature, and its organisms (including human beings) also, which have formed with Bio-matter, the influence of this 'pairs of opposite' behavior has been inevitable. Thereby for life, which takes shape and continues between birth and death, this 'pairs of opposite' is, becoming an inevitable certainty.

            In the corporeal life, 'Self' is the root cause for the fragmentation of thought through the Mind, thought relating to the Self, being influenced by Nature (Physique, Mind, and Environment). Although thought is single, it appears multi because of the fragmentation of emotional memory. However, the spiritual life is unitary, because Spiritual Life (of unity) is experienced upon transcending the senses influenced, pairs of opposite physical (corporeal) life.


The neutrality caused by the centripetal pressure of the surface (the space) and the centrifugal electromagnetic power and force regarding to the "Core" (the nucleus) that oscillates through the hydroelectric liquid surrounded is to be called the gravity – the weight.

            Scientists have been conducting experiments, achieving results, in accordance with the Newton's theory, principles of gravity. That how actually such a thing as 'gravity' appears is an enigma. Is motion itself the basic source for it; or is it the inhibitor of motion? Is it limited only to planets, satellites? Or is it applicable for Stars, Galaxies, and Quasars also? Is there any uniqueness of it for Sun?

            That how the planets – stars – galaxies are remaining in this infinite (?) universe without (solid) support is as a big question. As far as planets are concerned, that "force of gravity" is the cause as an answer is currently in prevalence practically in the scientific world. What about Stars? So also the remaining….?

            If Newton's theory is examined even more in the matter of gravity, it does not seem to be a comprehensive one completely. (In fact, according to Guruji's opinion, there is no gravity.) If so, to say the Newton's theory – which has been in practice since a longtime having been proved scientifically – as 'no' in a single word looks like laughable or ridiculous – sounds as if there is no basic scientific knowledge also….  Indeed, true! Suspicion – when in the stage of question and although it is a thing that is going to be proved as a truth in future – may be like an imagination, and meaningless at the primary stage…Nevertheless, Guruji's conclusion in case of gravity is only 'no'?

            When the gravity, which is one of the four universal forces (through the proof of science until now), is examined at length, question is remaining in the matter of ‘equal mass of matter….’ ‘change in their distances’ and in the 'square inversion' of the gravity – if so, though it is a certainty that Newton had proved it successfully – if gravity is considered as 'effect' then the cause for it becomes a question mark – this is not philosophy…

            Right from the student stage also, the principles relating to the 'force of gravity' used to raise several doubts in Guruji. He used to question for its proof and search for examples with the limited knowledge that He had then.

            How will be the relationship that is present for ‘production’ and the ‘naturalness’ of universal forces? The word 'self-existent' rather than from a viewpoint of religion, should be examined and then investigated in the light of science……………...

            Nevertheless, keeping aside the scientific proofs, principle of force of gravity is not an appropriate answer. As far as it is concerned to Guruji, "No Gravity" is an undoubtful answer – then what is in its place is indeed a question that arises immediately indeed. That what is the initial cause for the planet to rotate around itself? Is another question.

            The current principles pertaining to force of gravity will undergo change. There is an appropriate answer for such a thing as "No Gravity".

            In atom, the speed of movement of electrons, their quantity, as 'force', the resistance of protons in it, with mutual opposition of movement, are becoming the reason, for heat – light (brilliance is different) and mechanical energy. So also, they are, indeed the reason, even for the neutrality of neutron, in atom. This neutrality itself, (neutron zero), is the steadiness of position of matter. In the same way, the electromagnetic force, present in the 'core' of planet…, because of the resistance of movement of surface of its matter, the regulation of speed of movement of planet is the cause for steadiness of neutrality of position. That means, 'core' 'force' – and the resistance of its external matter itself, is the reason, for movement of matter, speed of rotation, and for the neutrality of, its, position… In this matter, the least unit of atom, planetary matter gross and density, and their qualities and quantities have to be taken note of. In this manner only, in this method only…, should examine, the 'gravity – force – resistance' mutual related, positive – negative – neutral movement relationship. For living cell, this similarity and minuteness will be present.

            Anything that has shape, in its internal part, it has center point. The circumference of circle, or circular shape, for anything, for the activity of motion that happens inside it, subtle point of center is, inevitable… That itself is the, basis for the steadiness of its existence. Planet, satellite – solar, galaxy… including Creation, for anything, in it, there will be limit (finite). For that, the subtle of center point itself, present inside it, is the basis. The pervasiveness of its matter would be, within the limit of this internal and exteriority. The entity of the subtle of this center is, neutrality, not nihility. This neutrality will be applicable even for the Earth. There is no weight in the centre of gravity because of the neutrality reaches to or touches the "absolute zero" with the nature of vibration by entering the perfect circle where there is the absence of the matter.

            Planet, satellite – solar, galaxy… including Creation, for anything, in it, there will be limit (finite). For that, the subtle of center point itself, present inside it, is the basis. The pervasiveness of its matter would be, within the limit of this internal and exteriority. The entity of the subtle of this center is, neutrality, not nihility. This neutrality will be applicable even for the Earth.

            Similar to, the equator of imaginary latitudes, intersects, the Greenwich mean line, of longitude, on the surface of earth, in the internal of the earth, the 'core' that is joining the poles, with the diameter of earth, point of intersection appears. Like this, the point of intersection of equator, the point of intersection of core – these two are neutral points only. These are becoming the cause, for the steadiness of movement of rotation of Earth. The importance of neutron present in nucleus, within the atom, may be this only.

            There is magnetic force, for earth (The outer finite covering of Galaxy is, magnetic force only). Similar to, presence of north, south poles, for earth, even for the magnetic field, of earth, there are poles. The neutrality of point of intersection of equator…, so also, the core-diameter, point of intersection itself, will be applicable, even for the magnetic, field of earth. There will be point of neutrality, for this too. Similar to, the appearance of weightless neutrality, to the center of gravity, even for the magnetic field of earth, there is neutral point. This itself is called Magnetic Equator. In this place, in opposition to the natural magnetic attraction, repulsion, because of neutrality, compass needle, remains without movement. The point of neutrality of equator, the point of neutrality of core–diameter, will be, almost in the same angle. If so, the position of point of magnetic neutrality, will be different to this. If this neutrality of earth is, applied, to human brain and nervous system, in that too, the subtle of neutral point, will be clear.

            The movement of internal 'core' of the earth, the movement of its surface, the law of mutually repulsive movement neutrality itself, is the fixed orbital movement, of planet. The neutrality – of the internal, electromagnetic attraction, movement, of planet and Hydro-magnetic repulsion and movement of its surface – itself, is the Gravity Force. As Earth, is Globe, the state of this, will be somewhat different.

"Two negatives make a positive". Why, How?

+ (plus) x (into) + (plus) is equal to + (plus), but;

- (minus) into – (minus) is equal to positive (plus)?

Also, + (plus) into – (minus) is equal to negative.

Is there any possibility or feasibility of making two positives make a negative? Generally, no. Why? In the vice versa attitude, there is on either side positive as well as negative is there, but the view of seeing vice versa there is either will be or may be or would be the negative only; is it? So, if the vice versa is seen or conserved on the base of the vice versa view, there may be the possibility of getting the positive either partial or in full by directing the negative by means of positive muse…. is it not?

            Generally, it is natural of having the negative, notwithstanding, if we try to look in for the positive aspect with the negative itself we can trace out the positive also along within our negative.

            Muse a while the positive along with your negative those thrive to shrive in order to get the peace to the self as well as the tranquility to the mind itself by means of meditation, consequently you can live in peace and prosperity instead of emotion and the commotion of the cosmical life.

            Where does negative exists either in mind or in self? Is there any difference in between the mind and self? Yes, there may be. The self exists with its habit or constant individuality and the mind function on the basis of "thought".

            The negative has its origin in matter, as it is constant positive, the consequent of the negative just like the "Y" chromosome, the X productive. The negative (ness) is single and its angle is positive but its origin (nucleus) is neutral.

            Energy is eternal – Matter is constant (Gross is quantity not in quality) – Life is movement – Mind is an instinct – and the Self is distinct. The 'Super Consciousness' is pervasive or ubiquitary


Put up the photograph of Guruji properly.

Incline your mundane mind to meditate regularly.

Incite your 'Will' to continue interestingly

Bear in mind the belief steadily

Be isolate yourself readily

Sit right and set right firmly

Rest on your seat steeply…. not stooply

Seclude yourself exclusively and sternly


Stare at Guruji's image constantly

Bear in your sight fastenly

Evoke in the inspiration evenly and eventually

Revoke any aspiration, even partially

Confirm with the concentration conclusively


Pronounce the Divine pulse and Echo as Ou………………M

Pursue it in mind in a meek voice silently

Recite the 'Spell'; simultaneously

Absorbing the image in your visibility only

Hold it in the mystic mind gently

Convey it into the depth of the mind totally

Through the candid of the vitality

Then close your eyelids comfortably

Conceal the vision in the consciousness convincingly

Containing the Continency is an inclusion morally.


Contemplate tentatively (with no interruption)

Continue it consecutively

Pursue the point of the perfection functionally

Thus, cultivate and culminate the occult mind correctly


In the midst of your Meditation

You will have the inspiration of Vibration

But beware of the sub-consciousness that comes into action

The Vibration may be with the touch of it

Observe it and absorb (it) completely

Neither emotion nor commotion is totally

Sense the spiritual contiguity of Guruji

Initiate the spiritual Meditation Tranquilly

Conceive the Spiritual Vicinity lucidly

Exist your transcendental mind in static

The "Introspection" emanated the ecstasy

Strive strenuously to seek out for

The Para-normal presence of Divinity

With the consequence of your efficacious effort

The Vision of the Spiritual effulgence effects

Thriving on the surge of the Vision

The conspicuous image of Guruji

Floats Consciously………….

Having been with the exquisite Vision

The Supernatural Vibrations contact you to Guruji

At that stage, you may have the feeling of…

Merging with Guruji's image…. but not so!

Achieving the Spiritual attachment with Guruji, you may be experiencing with the emanation of the Eternity of Divinity, The Divine Mind. Then your esoteric mind shall be immersed into the depth of the Rapture, The Bliss. The Vision of the Universal Soul, The Almighty, reveals 'Itself"…..

Gaining and attaining is not enough. Retain the Channel of the Spirituality intact, by means of the Constant attendance to Meditation…

The earth is one of the solar planets and the Globe; the biological world may be in the size of just like a "Pico" (the standard) the least unit of time. Even though it seems to be a whit, the human lives on it is the "pioneer".

Everyone knows that the life is a transient

Nevertheless, Living is a "Sine qua non"

So be wise considering no size".                                                        

Guru Viswa Sphoorthi

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