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Sphoorthi Oum...         Oum Maa Viswa Roope Shakthi Roope Viswa Sphoorthi Gurave Namaha

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The Narrations 2 : The Narrators Note

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Sphoorthi Oum

Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi

            Rather than churning with logic that – in mind – thought; surroundings – circumstances – which of these for which, which one is important for which, it is good to understand that as initial encouragers, all those, having mutual cooperative significance, need with each one of it is with it only.

            The issues belonging to social – financial – political – religious – cultural sectors that influence the human race, and life in some or the other way, and the information relating to their branches, and sub-branches will be of various ways, principally, today's power – corruption – anarchy, by falling over like a peril, is causing hardship for individual, and the system, and subjecting them to troublesome situations. Usually, when personal benefit, priority, and uncontrolled power, become the selfish-motive, and own (of the individual), then justice – righteousness – morality – discretion – knowledge – all these would leave human being. In the shadow of banyan tree, not only that the plants do not grow, but also 'aerial roots' from it as roots of inheritance, by going down into land, becoming deep-rooted, stand as supporting pillars for its spreading out, and establishment, and as replica for trunk; the scope that individually, each one of them may convert into another tree too, is present for them. The present democratic politics is, almost, in the same way. The government augustness, and its politics, instead of showing a path, as a good exemplar for the system, that by turning into most dangerous, beggar, devour, devilish grand power, its corruption, and power, by splitting with individual's selfish-motive fangs, is swallowing the morality, and humaneness…….

            It devours, resorbs and absorbs the civility, morality and the Serenity through (via) its celerity.

            While the power, and political drama are becoming the platforms for the carelessness of the reports of the experts, which facilitate for the development, and progress of the system, while the impartial, social welfare, and natural advices of VIPs….. are being merged with whirlwind of corrupt power; the rulers, personal benefits and pleasures, itself, by leading democracy, the same are becoming the 'fate' and fortunes of the lives of people. Even so, except for embedding the anguish in words and saving them, whom, particularly, can we determine as the betrayers of the system? When the punishment for crimes (of important persons) has become mirage – deception, when politics, and its power has become the strong arm of 'ministers', when the anti-social, social criminals, itself, as heroes, can become, the law-makers, when exploitation itself, being established and the same becomes the luxury of power, is it not the duty of citizen to look for any, or anywhere for a 'direction' (help), or at least, make an attempt to search for it, for the security of people and the society?

            The boundaries, for the financial exploitation, having been razed, they are almost, completely, in the state of ruin, of being torn and scattered. For financial crimes, dignity of status is being, given. Punishments are nil. The duty of authority, by turning into 'opportunistic right' and with increase in the number of financial scams day by day, they are giving 'spectator pleasure' for the people, and the eminent masters involved in them are becoming eligible for popular political fame. While the government, with full of storehouse, with reserves of food grains, is being exhausted, while the well-off persons are struggling, and getting distressed with shortage of places, to hide bundles of currency, and golden biscuits…. while the common people are quivering….. suffering from starvation with grief of hunger due to shortage of employment, decline in buying capacity, and not getting at least water – gruel (water in which rice has been boiled; very poor meal), while the national poverty is multiplying by ten times (in the way the burden of government loans is increased), more than that, heaps of money of the wealthy people, and way of their luxuries, variety performances of nighties, are increasing day by day. The number of the wealthy, is becoming very many. Globalization by thrashing the eardrum, is pulling-off the ears of the developing countries; simply subjecting the very poor countries to be under the heels. Hi-tech civilization, is squeezing the pulse of the national culture, the octopus, of authority, and politics, by filling the system with crimes is squeezing the nose of the humanity, shining brightly with royal splendor, with arrogance, and with lion's paws, democracy is…. sinking. With treatment of illness by home remedies, law and order, by bringing the burial grounds to the doors are opening their doors. With organized crimes, the security of the individual, is constantly reaching, the abode of butcher. Education has become black market. Unemployment, with no obstacles, is increasing continuously…. For this, nobody personally can be shown responsible! That is not the civility of policy also. We can identify a hair in food, but when the whole plate is full of hair, what will be there to do? Only if the system itself is completely changed, liberation, and salvation may be attained for the nation! Criticism should not aim at the individual; it should be limited only to their status, and neglect of responsibilities. Criticism with proper cause is, a good criticism only, isn't it!

            'The Narrations' has been written with a good understanding of the state of the developing system, as appropriateness of context, with an idea of reform, and indeed with a view and vision of advice for the various matters relating to human life…. It is my belief that you will surely pay attention.

            There may be a hope of getting the restoration of the prestige – the yore and lore, in regarding to the heritage, if we have to going after the vestal and the Celestial vestige with either no sophism or sophistry.

            Nevertheless, it is not my view of being inclined either to be a "Laudator temporis acti" or I have no notion of having the contrariety, the aversion, the reversion, the reversal or the ennui, regarding to "Le beau monde".

– Viswa Sphoorthi

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