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Sphoorthi Oum...         Oum Maa Viswa Roope Shakthi Roope Viswa Sphoorthi Gurave Namaha

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The Life : In My View

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Sphoorthi Oum

Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi


            Life means, for organisms – only to live indeed!

            Well, even for human being it is the same-indeed – in the usual meaning!

            Even so, there is indeed name…,

            As prudent race – as valuable birth!

            Only some may be – responsible, for that.

            Habitual life – in the way of imitation…,

            Social life – as civil duty…,

            With the improvement of civilization – and abundance of culture…,

            Education, literature – science, technology…,

            Mingling of various sectors is – the form of society.

            'The youngest' is, the family – for the mansion of system

            With right, duties – in the path of development…,

            Society should travel – in the path of progress

            The duty without right is – indeed slavery only!

            Right without duty is – unrestrainedness only

            With freedom, for human being – increases the duty!

            Answerability itself is – its internal heart.

            Limited, only to hunger – economic slavery…,

            Curse to the humanity itself – mental slavery!

            If the duties hide, in the 'roaring' of rights…,

            For civic duty, that is – complete burying only!

            Should recognize and apply – with heavy responsibilities!

            By applying, should achieve – the personal rights.

            For societal freedom – collective movement itself is the path!

            Gender hatred – 'surrender' justice…,

            Opposite to naturalness itself – mark for the humanity itself!

            Humans as race – should live, freely!

            Female and male differences – as harsh struggles…,

            If the movement follows – uncivilized path…

            Decline for the system itself – destruction for the individual itself!

            Domestic duty – social security…,

            The 'strength' of relationship – the security of government…,

            Inevitable for individual – whatever the position may be!

            Good cause amicability itself – achieves good result!

            As race, only if citizens – are as one,

            Independence would stand – as national integration!

            Even so…,

            Selfishness as objective – as the center of inordinate desire,

            With the instigation of lust – with the layers of eyes…,

            Pure love – into underground…,

            With strange movement (path) and – unnatural acts…,

            With the illusion of attraction…, love of black bee,

            If continues rotation – revolution…,

            Corruption, becoming generator – imitation, becoming elevator,

            Will show, the paths of decline – for the future generation.

            The life of human being, although is not, 'multi'…,

            It keeps on moving in paths with many manners. In the order of evolution of life, although the human being has reached the final position, level, the residues of past transmutation, are indeed hidden, in human being, firmly, secretly.

            As a species, in the division of living organisms, every species, specially, has the characteristic of 'its' species. This characteristic itself, keeps them separately, as a special social life. Though there is, similarity of shape, diversity in the way of life, and living, will be present in every species. Human species is, not superior to this. Although the primary, psychological 'sensation' (feeling), of human being is also, completely, this only…, because of thought, imitation, discretion, and intelligence… for human species, along with the social life, formation of the society, development of the system, as their quantities and qualities, have progressed in several ways. For this, family system is the basis!

            Individual – family, community – class, association – society, social system – government system…, like this, in accordance with time, changes and additions have been occurring, in the way of life, living, of the human species. In suitability to this, material knowledge, with spiritual information, science – scientific development, indeed has been happening.

            Such a thing as, 'freedom', at the level of organism, it is personal. In all the living species, this, personal freedom, comes by birth itself. If so, relating to the human being, in the social life, some, restrictions, for personal, are inevitable! For example, personal freedom, liking…, within the limit of family, to some extent…, so also, at religion – societal – government level, have to be subjected, to control, even more… In the matters of, responsibility, civic duty and religion and spirituality, it is inevitable, for the personal freedom, to be within the limits. With the female – male, gender difference, appeared by birth, 'as wife – husband', with two people, living together only, family…, consequently, with that base itself, relations are formed, these relations would be, with moral – social, religious, restrictions. This everything, are formed, with the objective of, collective, social, life, of the human race only! Personal freedom, and power – to check, the unrestrainedness, anarchy (disorderliness), in their utilization, itself, there will be moral, religious rules, social, practice, principles, and government laws. Violation of these, itself, is being considered as wrongdoing, sin, and crime.

            Moral responsibility, for family; tradition and restrictions of practice, religion, for society…, political rule, for system…, decide their characteristics, and ways… In all of these, in direct, indirect way, there would be indeed some 'hindrance' for the 'freedom of individual'… For that, there would be, for sure, 'contempt' to some or the other extent. Positive – negative…, are 'two–in–one', aren't they! Even so, wellbeing of the citizen, and social security itself, is the hidden thing in it!

            The relationships of family – society – government, in duties – rights, wife – husband relationship; moral binding, are important. After that only, relations. At the family level, personal freedom, rights, will be linked, with the execution of duties only, the personal freedom of those two, with the help of society, married life related, love, affection, fondness, respect, and others, will be combined in the real life itself. As a matter of fact, at the family level, the bondage of those two, is indeed mutual, duties only! Moral view only, is the basis, for married life! Since their ages, in ratio, keep on increasing in balanced way only, psychologically, physically, both of them…, to the extent the age permits, even in the old age, their married life bondage, relationship, should certainly be 'intact' only! Forgetting duties, if wish for freedom just with the view of only rights, it, by leading to the unrestrainedness of individuality, family system will be cracked (like glass); along with the life of citizens, system, will be subjected to moral decline. This is, not modern, not at all civilization.

            This small book has been written by touching – the limits, restrictions, and other, ordinary human life relating to civilized, social life, relating to family system, its importance, moral purity, the relationship of wife – husband who are the principal causers, for that, unconcerned with increase of age, the bondage of affection, which has to be present between those two, and their, social responsibilities, and rights. To wish, for amiable, good understanding, from the readers is also… indeed a part in this! Moral decline, wipes-off the individual's freedom. Freedom with no limit, unrestrainedness, alters the individuality… and finally, makes the human being, reach, mental slavery. For this, there is no difference of materiality – spirituality.

            In the execution of duties, individual freedom is inevitable. So also, in lack of responsibility, individual freedom, turns out to be a challenge, for the society. Principally lack of coordination, of rights – duties, itself, encourages this state. Therefore, to that extent, for individual freedom, and rights, control (regulation) is indeed needed only!

Blessings for all…

-Viswa Sphoorthi


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