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Sphoorthi Oum...         Oum Maa Viswa Roope Shakthi Roope Viswa Sphoorthi Gurave Namaha

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The Inspiration of Life : Prelude

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Sphoorthi Oum

Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi

            That what is embedded in between birth and death, itself, is the life. If so, that birth should not be the indicator for death. A death should not be considered as an indicator for another birth. Why may have we born! Well, since we are born our journey of life should not be a puzzle of pleasures. It should not become a gazal of suffering at all. For that very reason, what should be done? Human being should know about himself/herself. He should think on which path he is traveling and what his destination is.

            Man had seen numerous generations. He had surpassed the obstacles. He had tolerated the curses of the Nature and established his existence. Bird as inspiration, he had created metallic birds. Fish as inspiration, he had constructed mill boats that can play on high waves. Collection of stars as inspiration – crossing the limits of the sky, placing the foot in space – he had, with pride, made his presence all over the universe. By crossing numerous ripples of suffering, he had touched the borders of bliss. Nature as his existence, he had considered to sever the mystery of Nature as his duty. He had acquired to some extent. If so, he did not get the answer for the first question posed by the Nature, did he! Nature asked – who are you? What authority do you have on me? When there is no answer to the first question, can the answer to the second one be obtained? He should know that who is he, and what is his existence, clearly! Then he can get the answer to every question, and then the Nature would enslave its powers to human being.

            But where will we get the answer to our question? The answer is attached to the question if searched endurably, with patience. Solace can be attained from the Nature. The answer, which the man is obtaining on himself, is a new journey of living. Mind to change towards the direction of spiritualization means, mind itself should transform as Soul and then recognize himself. Efforts have to be started for it. We would face numerous obstacles, ups and downs in our journey. Can the result not be obtained if put efforts with spirit and with patience having acquired the skill? Don't you know the reality? For that very reason, begin your efforts…

            Well, we are asking to try! How should it be started? If you know how to place a paddle then the boat would move forward. Without deciding the direction, will it be possible to place the paddle? For that very reason, path should be determined. You should reach "Dhyanaprasthan" for that. That mind through the process called meditation, by undergoing spiritualization in an indirect method, to obtain the position of Soul is what that is proved in "Dhyanaprasthan". Divinity should be obtained in "Dhyanaprasthan". The easy and accessible path, to reach the position of spirituality from the materiality of mind and body, is "Dhyanaprasthan", isn't it! Will you not find the path? Got the path – spiritualized mind is the answer for the Nature's first question.

            First question is completed and the Nature will come into our custody, then, what is the need for the second question? Without need, there will be no question for sure! To succeed in this question, there is a need of new spirit (inspiration). That itself is 'The Inspiration of Life'.

– Viswa Sphoorthi


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