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Sphoorthi Oum...         Oum Maa Viswa Roope Shakthi Roope Viswa Sphoorthi Gurave Namaha

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The Expressions : My Expression

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Sphoorthi Oum

Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi

            Human being – living (livelihood) – life – hard work – civilization – culture – nationalism… this is an order. To live is the primary need, for every organism… If so, for human being, who has thought, along with that knowledge – civilization is additional. Such a thing as to become victorious by facing 'struggle for existence', which is the important component in the order of evolution of life, for human being it is indeed a uniqueness! For that very reason, thoughts – wishes; tastes – preferences; aspirations – opinions; experiences – feelings; relating to human being…, along with these only… worries – anguishes; dissatisfaction – intolerance; these also by catching the speed, are flourishing along with human being itself. If so, to think, this everything, as an integral part in modern civilization, has turned as a habit.

            The hasty waste of time and money for the nasty tastes, multifarious faults, but no guilty feelings; the din of discourtesy; the thaw of thoughts, and the flows of piry – these are the fragments of the human life…. So, the sensorium and the decorum of the human mind have been engulfing in a galloping manner by means of the spur of the speed, the flurry of worry and the toss of tension.

            The speed of development of science – technology, is increasing day by day. Fashion world, devoid of discretion, excellently, in an ugly manner in galloping gear as 'reel or wheel', is going upwards towards decline. Somewhere…. don't know where! In the mechanical age, rubber wheels have come on to the road. Metallic wheels are running on the rail. In air, and waterways also, speed of motion, is increasing as 'velocity'. Along with that itself, human – human life! living! If the walking of human is considered as 'single wheel', in mechanical life, two wheels – three wheels – six wheels… and more than six wheels are running. Even so, the human knowledge, expertise, evolution of life, stopping at a certain stage, again catches the retrogressive speed.

            While the speed of life is dragging away human being… considering to read – write steadily as 'waste of time, and energy', people of this generation are wishing for 'easy life – lazy mind', those who habituate for many in one, and money spinning by cunning are not in less number… Unable to read if the number of pages increases, unable to hear to speeches, so as to be convenient to today's readers, with the conciseness of subject and with hidden gist, this 'expressions' has been written. As the human life is connected with social, economic, political and scientific – cultural and other various sectors…. either directly, or indirectly, those various things have been written as a mention.

            There is no bias in the specification of the subject… No prejudice! One should understand the subject matter, feelings expressed in this book as the expressions of my personal understanding only! To criticize intending specially, somebody… something is not my intension… It is my belief that, to that extent, readers would cooperate with amiability, and good understanding.

            For those who publish 'the expressions' in the form of book, for the sake of public… and for those who cooperate for that… for everybody… as a writer my gratitude! So also, for those who read this book, enthusiastically – as a liking, and for those who listen while reading… for everybody… as a Guru… my blessings…!

– Viswa Sphoorthi

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