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The Echo of my Concept : The Echo of my Concept

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Sphoorthi Oum

Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi

Dear Gentry of Genius and the Eminent Intelligentsia

            As I have been a Scientific Saint, I intended to devote my tenet regarding to the Theosophical Axiom of the Spiritual Soul and its existence in an epitome; besides, the revealing of enunciation of emancipation.

            Please, don't be vexed with tedious text of dissertation, because of its depth; notwithstanding, please strive to wax the radius of your spiritual understanding, needed.


            The Universal Energy formed and transmitted itself into matter by means of its centripetal and centrifugal system. The matter with its functional motion and movement is to be called the Bio matter, and the matter having only the motion itself internal is to be considered as an inert one. So it is to say that the Energy is the matter of the Body. Whether it is Universal or not? Matter is the patter of the Universe. The energy is its Nucleus that emits to be created. The space universe even though seems to be a functional vacuity one, because of it forms, cumulates and transforms itself into stars and their groups (galaxy). It vibrates, the solar oscillates, the planet radiates the climate and the atmosphere caused and the germination as well as the fertility. The energy transmits itself as the matter for the exhibiting substance convenient to know its existence. So, it is clear that energy forms the matter so that the latter consists the energy in its nuclear center located inner and out space.

            Matter is constant only in quality of its pervasiveness or the omnipresence, not in case of the quantity being either produced or reduced that there may be in the velocity and density of mass. The energy base action of the Big Bang has been going on constantly and partially at the very stage of Novas – the explosive zenith star due to the swallowing gravity of the Black Hole.

            The centripetal centralization and the culminative elate of energy into the least unit of atom in accordance with the range and the stage of temper and the temperature is also called the matter. The centrifugal system of movement operates the process.


            The energetic matter converts itself as the Bio-matter due to the cause of hydro magnetic mutation as well as the inert one caused by the electromagnetic process. The least unit of the inertia may be mostly either the atom or the electron so also in case of the bio "the cell" with its DNA-RNA. The internal motion of the atom is the atomic energy and the movement in the cell itself is the Life Force. Because of the Nature, the Life Force has been evolving as the biological instinct consisting the root or seed of the "thought", caused for the innovation.

            The instinctive operative for both functional motion and the movement is to be conceived as the physical mind, being influenced by the senses. It is common for all beings, being habituated with the cause of the need of necessity for the biological existence.

            The mind consists the "thought" of the constrictive sense, evolves itself into intelligence used for the materialistic progress and the prosperity.

            Universe is of two ways, the origin and the cumulative or formed. The Energetic Universe is the origin and the latter is the Space Universe. The origin of universe is yet to be known because of its infinitude. In case of the space universe, the inquisitive human mind has been going on in the search and the researches.

            Universe is Omnipresence. The space is Existence, Matter is an occupation and the Formation is Location. So, either for occupation or for location, "body" is needed to hold its heart center. In case of bio-matter the nature (law) constitutes the physique – the body with the corporeal matter consisting the procreative minuteness being influenced by the instant environment containing the content of the sensorium, sense and executes through the Life Force (Vital Power) being circuited by means of metabolic, systematic, and the categorical procedure.


            The "Self" is the fundamental sense of the body. It is an abstractive and the effective instinct that makes something either the congruity or conflicted in between the mind and body in simple. The 'Self' is the medium of the mind. The body functions in accordance with the circumstances occurred as having been with the reciprocal responses of the sense and the sensorium, regarding to the reflections and the revelation being affected by the former. Caused with the Self, the mind acts as a biological medium, and functions as a neurological media.

            The unity of the commanding senses is called the Mind. The mind is of mainly in four divisions i.e., 1) The Functional Mind, 2) The Reserved Mind, 3) The Preservative Mind 4) The Deserving Mind.

            The Functional Mind performs the physical or the bodily needs and the necessity is the means. "In and Out" way, influenced by the materialistic nature.

            The Reserved Mind most probable is to be conceived as the "Memory Media". It used to reveal and repeat the incidents and events occurred in need in the past.

            The Preservative Mind exhibits occasionally the suppressible experiences, the inexplicable expectations, and the exclusive seclusions concealed.

            The Deserving Mind is an intuitive one (that) consisting an evolutionary element of the spirituality, which is to be culminated to the Divine conscious, the Spiritual Soul, and the Supreme. Then the Soul is considered to be the concomitant of the Universal Soul of the pervasive one.

            The capture of the rapture is Trans of the transcendental consciousness. The meditation culminates the physical mind to reach the range of the spiritual vicinity of the Soul. The Soul is to be considered as the functional form of the Universal Soul in the source of the materialistic view and the understanding.

            So, it is considered that there is no existed Spiritual Soul in beings and the animate, especially in the human. Nevertheless, the existence of the Spiritual Soul, is an essential aspect and inevitable, which is to be achieved only by means of meditation in the manner of the ascendancy, because the spirituality in sense of human is consisting in its culminated and the innovatory mind. Dhyanaprasthan is the process intended.

            It is proper of saying that the Spiritual Soul, the infinitude exists itself in the physical body – the finitude, with no interference regarding to any kind of materialistic action (Karma). The 'Life Force' as well as the mind has their own causes in case of their existence. Also, is it possible of having the concomitance to the finitude with the universe, the infinitude?

            The universe is an infinitude because it is yet to be known. It has its energetic everlasting and the pervasive existence. The human mind is a mystic, drastic, elastic, as well as the constringent; also capricious and insolence. Occasionally, it may be love lunatic and an emotery one considered to be infinitude. Containing the cognition as well as the fatuity, the mind has its accrementition. Nevertheless, it consists the content of the Universal Energy i.e., Universal Soul being surmised the biological sense. Having been with the contiguity to the Supreme Soul, the Spiritual Soul may be caused for the ultimate salvation.

            So it is intended that the physical self, the mind is to be transcended to the divine consciousness by means of the Divine Meditation through the process of Dhyanaprasthan instead of existed soul in the body itself considered. Since, it is clear that being with life is essential base that needs even with divinity, so never neglect the important innovation and the predomination of existed life with the body, which has comparatively none other than Spiritual Soul.


            Having been with the life of philanthropic (humanitarian) and pragmatic which is to be called the 'Practical Philosophy' is more convenient than that of the pessimistic and nihilistic way of life which has the proximity to the metaphysic, the core of wisdom intended only for the philosopher and the wise, not for the wiseacres (egotistical and self-assured).

            The following are my statemental and sentimental synopsis including a little sententious comments with no profane proficiency. Please spare your time a while to comprehending propensity, profoundly.

  1. Mind has two folds: Psychological (the self-consciousness); the spiritual function, the conscience.
  2. If there is no life (bio) at all on earth especially the existence, the substance, the intelligence of the human and its evolution just like in the other planet, as well as in the space…, what about the religion and its God? Who knows and who is known? Who says or who would say about the wholeness and the holiness of Soul and its salvation?
  3. Atomic Energy: Physics (Nuclear Energy): Atomic consciousness (spirituality), upsurge from the finitude to infinitude.
  4. The "Self" is to be either transformed or transmitted into the mind; then the mind is transcended to the Soul through which you can have the Vision of Divinity.
  5. Who is that bears, wears or spears either the sin or something else? Is it "I"? If so, what is "I"? Who is "I" and whence it comes? Where, wherewithal, it lives or exists? If it is in mind? Or either in self, or in consciousness? I is nothing but thought….

Is there any difference or parity in between? "I", "MY", "Me" and Mine? not with the view of literary sense. If the thriving thought that Thwarts and Throttles the theosophical path of the mind is being thawed into subtlety, – the "I" shall be (would be) nowhere and no more either in free or trance. It will be performed by means of the spiritual (cosmic) meditation.

  1. Meditation is the self-source of remedy to the tensional intentional malady due to the cause of misleading mischief and misguided mind; consequently, the melodious melancholy is gained.
  2. The Cosmical (Corporeal) life is fragmenting on, and the cosmic (cosmos or spiritual) life is unitary.
  3. The confluence of the science and the conscience makes the mind omniscience.
  4. Nature is the source, Life is resource, and mind is the force and the way to be followed. Meditation is the spiritual cause that is to be practiced and the divinity is the spiritual destination that is to be achieved. The monastic mind in a systematic body is an essential (centre to) innovate an inventive sense and the intelligence needed. What is mind? Is it matter? No, it is neither materialistic nor spiritual. Merely, it is an abstractive force of the sensorium that can be molded in accordance with the "Will" or "I" being influenced by both the senses and the environments and the other else. It has two fold function, psychological (the self consciousness) and the spiritual (the divine consciousness).
  5. Pantheism promotes the unity and the fraternity if it inculcates with the view of the practical philosophy, if so, it may be better than atheism.
  6. The origin of the Universe – the Truth

The subjective Universe – Jnana (The Wisdom)

The objective Universe – The Knowledge

The functional Universe – The Life

  1. Having been with the cosmical memory in the form of reminiscence (Sanskaras), the sensuous mind may be transformed into the subtle body that preserves the objective experience and the environments.
  2. The awakening and the awareness of the intuition, the sixth sense, by means of the spiritual meditation, the physique and the mind are to be spiritualized
  3. The existence of the Spiritual Soul is an essential assertion i.e., the resurrection of the mind, the self. No existed Soul in the universe as it is to be achieved by means of meditation. By means of spiritual meditation, the physical mind may have the mutation to the spiritual one, which is to be called the spiritualized mind or the spiritual consciousness (the conscience). The spiritualized mind will be transformed as the Spiritual Soul by means of the divine meditation that concomitants with Universal Soul.

With the cause of spirituality, the spiritualized mind performs the cosmical functions in the manner of sin proof, fault proof, based on goodness caused for no grief, the Soul functions only in a good way where the physical mind performs in a dual way. Mind, the source either for the physical life or for the spiritual one is to be culminated in order to achieve the divinity – the infinitude.

  1. Gravity: The neutrality caused by the centripetal pressure of the surface (the space) and the centrifugal electromagnetic power and force regarding to the "Core" (the nucleus) that oscillates through the hydroelectric liquid surrounded is to be called the gravity – the weight. No weight in the centre of gravity because of the neutrality reaches to or touches the "absolute zero" with the nature of vibration by entering the perfect circle where there is the absence of the matter.
  2. Soul: The Spiritual Soul is nothing but the divine consciousness (mind). The Divine mind, the supreme (consciousness) is to be achieved only by means of spiritual meditation. Dhyanaprasthan is the process intended for to practice the spiritual meditation of attaining the divine mind that is the supreme consciousness.

If we can perform our cosmical duties and the liabilities through the divine mind in place of the physical mind, the "Dharma", the spiritual, and the moral sanctity, shall be installed intact, avoiding (eradicating) the Karma, conceived and believed that it would be the cause and force to the birth cycling and also provides peace and prosperity for the daily life.

  1. "Two negatives make a positive". Why, How?

+ (plus) x (into) + (plus) is equal to + (plus), but;

- (minus) into – (minus) is equal to positive (plus)? also, + (plus) into – (minus) is equal to negative.

Is there any possibility or feasibility of making two positives make a negative? Generally, no. Why? In the vice versa attitude there is on either side positive as well as negative is there, but the view of seeing vice versa there is either will be or may be or would be the negative only: is it?

So, if the vice versa is seen or conserved on the base of the vice versa view, there may be the possibility of getting the positive either partial or in full by directing the negative by means of positive muse…. is it not?

Generally, it is natural of having the negative, notwithstanding, if we try to look in for the positive aspect with the negative itself we can trace out the positive also along within our negative.

Muse a while the positive along with your negative those thrive to shrive in order to get the peace to the self as well as the tranquility to the mind itself by means of meditation, consequently you can live in peace and prosperity instead of emotion and the commotion of the cosmical life.

Where does negative exists either in mind or in self? Is there any difference in between the mind and self? Yes, there may be. The self exists with its habit or constant individuality and the mind function on the basis of "thought". The negative has its origin in matter, as it is constant positive, the consequent of the negative just like the "Y" chromosome, the X productive. The negative (ness) is single and its angle is positive but its origin (nucleus) is neutral.

  1. Existence is of two ways: the objective matter has its functional existence and the subjective one consists it constancy but not the eternity.
  2. Nothing can be known about the existence of God through the physical mind based on Sensorium. But when the mind is transcended by the spirituality, it is easy to know "what is God" and also may have the "Vision of Divinity".
  3. In accordance with the biological diversity and the materialistic vary neither equality nor quality is the same.
  4. Dhyanaprasthan (Pragathi Prasthan) is intended to ascend from sheath to sheath that concealed the Spiritual Soul in its subtlety. So, the core in the Soul to be reached and achieved by means of meditation as well as through culmination of the Self, the Physical Mind into the supreme consciousness.
  5. "My" is neither "I" nor "Me". It is only an objective possession. What is "I"? "I" is differ to "Self". So "Self" is not the "I". Is it either an egocentric concept or the hallow percept, or the higgledy-piggledy dogma?

No, it is the self-conscious of the sensuous mind that illustrates and entices itself as Entity of the Eternity. But it is a partial fact. It has neither authenticity nor integrity of the supreme consciousness (The Universal Soul).

  1. The centric or the located finite point of the "Thought" or feeling is to be called the "Self". Self is the root cause for the fragmentation of the mind. Thought relating to the self, being influenced by nature. (Physique, Mind, and the Environment)

The Self is more than one: 1) 'Individual Self' with the physical body 2) the Self, based on the sensuous organs is of called the mind, the objective continuity regarding to the environmental influence and the other. 3) The 'Spiritual Self', the divine consciousness that may be conceived as the Spiritual Soul and 4) the 'Divine Self', the supreme consciousness. It is to be considered as the Universal Soul. The life consciousness (The Physical life force) is the primitive or biological consciousness.

  1. The Infinite is "One" or the origin; functionally it transforms itself into finite. The finite has the duality. As soon as the function is being accomplished that particular finite merges itself into infinitude. The finite cannot function itself; it finishes the infinitude to be functional. So with the sense of function, the infinitude is an inevitable aspect. Thus, the infinite is needed for the sake of the functional motive.
  2. What is "Brahman"? An absolute and the Eternal Infinitude – the supreme consciousness is Brahman Atman, the subtlety of Brahman being enveloped by the sheaths of the senses, but when it is in the core of the sheaths of the senses, it is to be called only the Spiritual Consciousness. It is to be transcended to the Spiritual Soul by means of spiritual meditation.

If the Brahman is immortal, what is the cause for the existence of the mortal matter (mortality)? Is it beyond or out of Brahman? Is there any other extraneous and extrinsical, and immortal infinitude other than Brahman? No, the Brahman is self-dual in function (mortal) and "The one": (immortal) in origin. The eternity is such….

  1. What is "Maya"? Where is it? Why is it so (called)? Maya is nothing but the confused concept and the artificial precept, based on the ugly ignorance of the gloomy mind. When religious mania reaches its Zenith, none is second to it.
  2. The plurality is the matter produced as well as reduced by the Universe. As the nature is being procreated, the human mind used to manipulate as well as manifest in accordance with the paucity, capacity, and velocity: i.e., the variety of intelligence and understanding.

So the multiplicity is an inevitable aspect. The absolute one is to be known by only through the Divine Mind i.e., continuous of the reality. The fact is different to the reality. The partial reality is the fact. So, the fact is with the matter and the event concerned, and the reality is with the spiritual consciousness, the absolute consciousness with the divinity only the truth.

  1. Eternity is the origin of the omnipresence. The mutation is its functional entity. Matter is its consequent. The diversity, the plurality and the duality are the consequent occurrences either the matter is inert or Bio. The climate is the sole cause for the existence of the Nature. So also, the Nature is the source of the Bio function.

The biological evolution is the Nature's process in case of its procreation with the cooperation of the atmospheric aspects and also with the coincidence of the geographical and the geological coordination. The solar, the space radiation also to be coincided. The need of living may be the cause for the biological effect. So also the mutation may be the cause for the materialistic (space effect).

  1. If there is space (place) for the existence of Subject and Object, what about the predicate? Generally, if there is no predicate, no sentence is there, whether it is transitive or intransitive, the predicate is must. Is there any place "nothing for" predicate (The verb, action, function) in philosophy? If so, what can be subject do in case of object? In case of receiving the result of the predicate, are there two aspects namely the subject and the object differently or separately?
  2. In accordance to the "Functional Dharma" who ought to receive result really? Whether the doer or any other? Doer means the subject. The object is merely an instrument or something else other than the subject. The object is to be considered as a "Respondent" to the subjective function or action that means for the predicate. The subject (the doer) should receive the result or the consequence for the predicate or the action (Karma). The Self is to bear the result or the outcome of its action whether it is good or bad.
  3. If the pluralistic world as well as biological multiplicity are considered as eludery or deludery, what about the concept of God's creation and His incarnation? Is it all illusion? No, the objective aspect is fact; also the subjective concept is tangible – The absolute reality is 'ONE'.
  4. Energy is eternal

Matter is constant (Gross is quantity not in quality)

Life is movement

Mind is an instinct

– and the self is distinct

The 'Super Consciousness' is pervasive or ubiquitary.

  1. The atom is not merely the least unit of matter. It is only one of the stages going on to be formed. So also in case of amoeba. It is neither the least nor the last based species.
  2. After the "quietus", who are? What departs the body that goes either to the Elysium or to the Hell (If?) Every now and again, the mind swindles the self by means of enticing illusion. So, beware of it to be aware of lore. Nullify the Null-will and the Ill-Will, and then you will be in peace and ease.
  3. Either it is customary, hereditary, habitual, or formal; the adoration is good and admissible. It gives an instant hope and solace, but it is inadequate of giving to the constant peace and ease.
  4. Having been with the deep and dedicated devotion praying to God or Goddess –believed and beloved through which the divinity is to be achieved in order to get Eternal Ecstasy and also the sanity and serenity basing with the moral sanctity.
  5. What is mind? Is it matter? No, it is neither materialist nor spiritual. It is the abstractive force of the sensorium that can be moulded to, in accordance with the "Will" or "I" influenced by the environments and the other.
  6. Establishing the eternal and the enlightened life on earth by means of meditation, dedication, through which the way of spiritualization of the mind and the heart (Soul) respectively on the basis of the moral sanctity as well as the social justice and the concept of "religious humanism" is the magnanimous cognition and the meritorious recognition.
  7. Soul is the subtlety of the Universal Energy with spiritual sense, or the subtlety of divinity may be presumed as the SOUL, which is the next to the Universal SOUL. It is to be achieved only by the means of dedicated meditation, basing influenced by the spiritual vibration.
  8. Yoga is of having the motive of bringing about useful and amicable co-coordinative of mind and the body.
  9. The matter is universe in origin (energy)

The space (matter) is born (space Universe)

Objective is the productive and the life is procreative

(Mainly) then who or what is the Subject?

If there is no Bio matter especially the existence of human? on earth like the other planets, what about God? or religion, who knows and who is known

  1. Divine Soul: (Divinity concerned Universal Soul)

The Spiritual Soul (with the divine consciousness)

The Conscience (Spiritual Consciousness)

The mind – the sensual soul (Sensorium base consciousness)

The self – physical soul or mind (nature base sub-consciousness)

The Life….. (Biological force)

  1. Absorption of the "Thought" into a zero point is to be called "Trans-meditation"
  2. Know, the discrepancy in between the words, "You, Your, Yours, Yourself and your Self.

If you say, "It is my body"… Body is not "You". It sounds the conceptive ownership and reveals the relation to that belongs to "You". So also in case of everything concerned to you. It is only "Belonging". Then who are you to feel that all in "You" that belongs to you? You may have the ownership or relationship. Yours is not "You" so also yourself is not you. In simple, you are merely 'You"

Then who are you?

Feel the relation and the contact purposely and the momentary. So your mind should neither be dense of thoughts, acts and actions nor a godown of them, only a lake that may have some space. For that sake, meditation may be more useful than that of anything else.

Meditation, whatever its process, is needed to renovate and innovate the mind to be an energetic, magnetic, majestic by means of spiritualization, with the process of concentration and contemplation with the view of minimizing thoughts, engulfed on the means of ascendancy. Meditation is to be completed only after exhaustion, the omission and the emission of thoughts in order to make the vacancy.

The Bio is life that exists in body.

The life is self that is yours; self is the mind that guides you. Mind is the sensuous, conscious that functions conveys, and communicates. The Spiritual Consciousness is conscience that reveals the truth; conscience is the source that achieves the Spiritual Soul… Soul is Divine that abstracts in body and the divinity is the universal omnipresence that bestows salvation.

  1. With the sense of the biological conjecture based on the supernatural view regarding the Universal energy, may be considered "SPIRITUAL SOUL"
  2. The light and the sound are also the consequents of the matter, darkness is the original and the light is it's productive. Life, self and mind are also such. Consciousness is constant, but the divinity is eternal (Universal). Energy is its consciousness that is the absolute reality.
  3. The spiritualized mind does perform its domestical duties as well as the social activities on the basis of the moral sanctity. As the human mind has the mutability and the quality of vitality, it is easy to transcend it to the spiritualized mind. Meditation makes the man cultured because of it has its own steadiness. In addition, it provides the peace to the convulsive as it has its serenity.
  4. Religion mainly deals with God and the Godliness being the motive of "after death". But the spirituality concerns with metaphysics aimed at the gaining or achieving the supernatural power by means of meditation – Dhyana, knowing the wisdom regarding the origin of the universe and the Universal Soul (Paramathma). Spirituality is in person with the aspect, religion is common for a concept, the science is proposed or supposed to discover or invent hidden with the view of purposes needed.



Put up the photograph of Guruji properly.

Incline your mundane mind to meditate regularly.

Incite your 'Will' to continue interestingly

Bear in mind the belief steadily

Be isolate yourself readily

Sit right and set right firmly

Rest on your seat steeply…. not stooply

Seclude yourself exclusively and sternly


Stare at Guruji's image constantly

Bear in your sight fastenly

Evoke in the inspiration evenly and eventually

Revoke any aspiration, even partially

Confirm with the concentration conclusively


Pronounce the Divine pulse and Echo as Ou………………M

Pursue it in mind in a meek voice silently

Recite the 'Spell'; simultaneously

Absorbing the image in your visibility only

Hold it in the mystic mind gently

Convey it into the depth of the mind totally

Through the candid of the vitality

Then close your eyelids comfortably

Conceal the vision in the consciousness convincingly

Containing the Continency is an inclusion morally.


Contemplate tentatively (with no interruption)

Continue it consecutively

Pursue the point of the perfection functionally

Thus cultivate and culminate the occult mind correctly


In the midst of your Meditation

You will have the inspiration of Vibration

But beware of the sub-consciousness that comes into action

The Vibration may be with the touch of it

Observe it and absorb (it) completely

Neither emotion nor commotion is totally


Sense the spiritual contiguity of Guruji

Initiate the spiritual Meditation Tranquilly

Conceive the Spiritual Vicinity lucidly

Exist your transcendental mind in static

The "Introspection" emanated the ecstasy

Strive strenuously to seek out for

The Para-normal presence of Divinity

With the consequence of your efficacious effort

The Vision of the Spiritual effulgence effects

Thriving on the surge of the Vision

The conspicuous image of Guruji

Floats Consciously………….

Having been with the exquisite Vision

The Supernatural Vibrations contact you to Guruji

At that stage, you may have the feeling of…

Merging with Guruji's image…. but not so!

Achieving the Spiritual attachment with Guruji, you may be experiencing with the emanation of the Eternity of Divinity, The Divine Mind. Then your esoteric mind shall be immersed into the depth of the Rapture, The Bliss. The Vision of the Universal Soul, The Almighty, reveals 'Itself"…...

Gaining and attaining is not enough. Retain the Channel of the Spirituality intact, by means of the Constant attendance to Meditation…

The earth is one of the solar planets and the Globe; the biological world may be in the size of just like a "Pico" (the standard) the least unit of time. Even though it seems to be a whit, the human lives on it is the "pioneer".

Every one knows that the life is a transient

Nevertheless, Living is a "Sinequenon"

So be wise considering no size".


Guru Viswa Sphoorthi

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The Echo of my Concept : The Echo of my Concept - HIS HOLINESS SRI SRI SRI GURU VISWA SPHOORTHI