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Sphoorthi Oum...         Oum Maa Viswa Roope Shakthi Roope Viswa Sphoorthi Gurave Namaha

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The Chat2 : My Chat

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Sphoorthi Oum

Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi

            Mind with no filth, and the talk, which is not duplicate……. give light, to 'chat'. Covered (cloudy) mind – irritated talk, distributes, for those who say it – for those who hear it also, only darkness. The word hidden by mind, love that cannot touch the heart, is indeed wig – peg similarity only!

            The specification of subject, not moving about, within the premises of mind only, crossing the gate, by engaging in conversation, and examining the environment, if wander in the spacious Nature, in the middle of blossoms, and flowers, so also, if it can wander in the universal atmosphere…… then possibility for pervasion, instead of hiddenness, occurs to that mind. Habit, desire should not make, the human mind, a slave. Morally, only the citta having 'purity', has the eligibility to wish for freedom (not mentioning of constitutional embellishment). Does the 'intellect', which knows about the limits, not know about purity? Thought – seeing, and reviewing, should not vanish, in the world of 'MAya'. Human thought, and understanding, having newness – appropriateness, if come in proximity with innovation, then it can shake, loosen, and get rid of innocence, and push, the mind towards intelligence. For the field of life, all the social – financial – political – literary – cultural – moral – and spiritual sectors, are waves – vehicles (horses) only! Those that stop with control are, horses. Those that melt away, in the foam (surf), are the tides of dreams. For that very reason, rather than considering, that life is like a bubble, considering it as a wonderful opportunity, for the uniqueness of human being, if it is unfurled, and bathed, in the path of development…. then the purpose and meaningfulness of life can be accomplished.

            Every time, only two (two-dimensional view), sides of the matter (object), to be seen, is the usual experience. In the usual state, the naturalness, for the third (3 – D) one, is a question mark only! So also, materiality – spirituality both sides, have naturalness, for life. If so, though such a thing as 1+1 = 3 [this is the basic principle for the expansion of universe – and contraction and expansion of, Creation (formation) of matter], is seen as, a metaphysical reflection, the reality, in it, can be understood, in the examination  of the logical entity of matter. For example, When hydrogen (H) as one, and oxygen (O) as the second, if these two combine as (1+1) 2HO, then the third, appears, as water (H2O). Since it is only absorption, of elements, but not vanishing, when those two, which are combined in the form of water, are counted separately, so also, if such a thing called water, is considered, as another one, then 1+1 numerically may be two… but, in metaphysical certainty, they should be either one, or three. One plus one is equal to (becomes) either 'one' or 'three' but neither two nor else, in a philosophical view.

            So also, materiality, spirituality, separately are two only! If those two combine, (that is what is happening artificially), if that combination is, made, constructive, and principled…. then there is, a chance for the appearance of a third way of life…, which has the partnership of those two, isn't there! With this spirit only, by combining, the physical mind, and the spiritual (Soul/Self) feeling, if the usual senses instigated mind, can be caused the change, as the "Spiritualized Mind', then a new form, way, called 'Compassionate Life', would appear, for sure, for the human life!.... This concept itself, with an investigative view, has been described, in some places, in 'The Chat'. This is, indeed not an opposing view for anything!

            Such a thing as, '1+1=3' or, one, though is not an arithmetic certainty, it is indeed metaphysical, certainty, of the property of matter! The principle of universal expansion, rest, is this only! Such a thing as 'Big Bang' is, simply the conclusion (final remark), of science related to the formation of universe! For the state of 'Black Holes', and Nova, of stars influenced by extreme attraction – repulsion, which are present in the universe, matter (space), 'Bang' is only an explosion. 'Big Bang' is, just its climax stage! That itself is, not the beginning – end. Stem cells, for the beginning, and growth of Bio matter, and body, and the consequence of contraction and expansion of telomeres of chromosomes, for cell division, is only because of transmutation, but not cause and effect…. 'Instigation', beginning…. retention, existence (object reality), relinquishing (change of existence), corporeal and incorporeal, constant movement and consciousness, itself, is the entity of, Universal Energy – Universal Soul – Supreme Soul!

            'One' is, (Oneness, Unity) The Truth, 'second' – the certainty/certitude, 'third' – The Fact and the Reality…….

            The Mother Universe.  .  .  .  .  .   .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

            – Space Universe – Space Matter. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

            The objective matter (objectivity)……………………………………..

            Inertia – Bio matter – Nature – organism…… Soul (Self/Mind/Consciousness) – Life Force – body…….. like this, 'trinity' has its existence, all over the universe, as movement and consciousness.

So also……..

            At the bottom of the tree, the roots – into the sky (upper portion) branches, twigs, leaves; in between these two, the trunk/stem; though the roots take pains (work hard), and though the branches, (sub-branches) twigs fructify – with no trunk, in between them, existence is indeed a question mark, isn't it!.........

            Hands, and legs – head – these two and the heart, which is present in the trunk of the body is giving life to whole body, isn't it!......

            'Youth' – which is in between the stages of life of childhood, adolescent, and old age – behaving as active part, is functioning predominantly for the life, isn't it!.......

            For the 'balance of justice' (righteous balance) also – that which decides law, and justice is, the 'indicator' (needle), which is present, in middle of it only, isn't it!.........

            By chance, if presence of three worlds, is believed, then earthly world, which is present in between them, and its significance, is indeed related to the other two, isn't it!

            For God (corporeal divinity), for the living kingdom, in the Creation, for the life – livelihood of human being, who is living, in the middle level, state, and those (aforementioned) two, there is a relationship, kinship, isn't there! For anything, with no midway linkage, what sort is the relationship?

            So also, in the division, of materiality – spirituality, life, between those two, should indeed be, like a connecting link! With no objectivity of life itself, what is the meaning, for the existence about materiality and spirituality?............

            For that very reason, by combining, materiality, with the organs of body that perform functions, and the spirit of spirituality of the senses, the life, which has the corporeal existence, for both of them, should be made the connecting 'link'. Reality – certainty should be ascended towards truth. Thereby, the material comfort – joy, should be converted to, spiritual, rapture. Well then, to make-known the importance of human life only…… the narration of these examples!

            You may be thinking, that what is the internal 'joke' in, on one side, asking to 'chat', with the words of no secrecy, leaving the mind, to the cool breezes from the mountains, and on the other side, saying about this orthodox philosophy, which shows towards self-denial (asceticism) by shutting, crushing the mind, and squeezing the 'pleasure' of the physical life! True indeed! If the realities of life are said, just, in the shadow of the sky……. then philosophy would be of that sort only! Instead, without making philosophy a big issue, if it is stopped, not letting it to go towards 'Mithya (falsehood) – Maya'…. then it, can make, the physical mind, spiritual. With spiritualized power, it has the power – cleverness, and truthfulness to provide bliss, and satisfaction along with peace, to life.

            In between, the beginning – and the result, hard work – labor is necessary. For that very reason, right from the stage of crop, for the yield, to reach cooking, many people work hard. For the raw material – to be produced in good-looking designs, and for that to come, into use, utilization, there is a process. In the same way, to cause to reach, the feelings, thoughts, in my mind, to your (readers) minds, there is a lot of hard work in between. There may be many, who had labored for it, and who had assisted them. For all those…, with Soulful, blessings….

– Viswa Sphoorthi

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