Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi


Sphoorthi Oum...         Oum Maa Viswa Roope Shakthi Roope Viswa Sphoorthi Gurave Namaha

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The Bits : Part1

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Sphoorthi Oum

Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi

BIT 01

            Instead of arguments and counterarguments about that Soul, is present/absent; so also about God, to keep a good way of living, by shifting that purity, uniqueness, to mind, is much good to human being. Gathering of subject, acquisition of scientific knowledge, though is an excellent characteristic, by means of grafting it, only to arguments and troubles, rather than good (benefit), evil (harm) would only be more. The objective of the businessperson is not, just to sell the object/item with the worldly experience. The 'profit' acquired thereby is important. So also, only living, is not the objective of the human being, it would, inevitably happen. It is also the primary need of organism! If so, the human life, which has thought, and intelligence, with the habits of imitation, has to achieve some or the other uniqueness. Only then, the purpose of the human birth, would be justified.

'We are born – don't know why

Even so, have to live indeed,

The Life….. Sorrow,

Should not be its target'

BIT 02

            God's existence, either worshipped, or questioned, the result that would be obtained is, simply 'imaginary'! Rather than that, if we can use, the lifetime, strength, and capability, for proving the existence of human, by recognizing it, and ascribing it uniqueness, then human being, individually, and the society, will obtain peace, and well-being. Since the body, mind, are the instruments, for the execution of action, to utilize them, properly completely, in an appropriate path is human being's 'duty'!

'Rather than groveling – God in imaginations

Rather than mobilizing – as a habit of traditional practice

By turning into doer – for the human responsibility

If think as trustee – for human values

Truth of divinity – necessity of humanity

Would be understood…….'

BIT 03

            If every human being questions himself or herself that, as a fellow human being, what should he/she do? what is his/her duty? while a fellow human being, is doing something wrong, then the answer, will be of different kinds.

            In any matter, it would be mutually beneficial if, along with what he/she has to do, one also, questions, and examines what he/she can do. Excessively responded, certainty, kindness, sometimes, with vigorous reaction, gives adverse consequences.

'If the fact at least – is said constantly

If the certainty at least – is said again and again

Would be habituated – to hear, and to leave

Even a good thing would turn into

a pet phrase not without purpose'

BIT 04

            Only oxygen is, not the basis for life; along with it, water, food, health (lifespan), these are also needed indeed! Essential too! Hunger, sleep, desire, reproduction, these, should be inevitably present; will be present, in the movement of life, of all the organisms including human being.

            If so, along with those, itself, human being should also have, another unique, and very important thing; that is imaginative knowledge, discretionary knowledge, knowledge of certainty; humanity.

'The heat of Cupid is indeed usual – for organisms

Indeed, under control – the human uniqueness

Needed for human being – air, water, food

Mind needs – prudence, knowledge, meditation'

BIT 05

            When we feel that, the human birth, is the best, best of the best, to waste, its, lifetime, will be an unpardonable mistake. Although, its consequence is, personal, its influence is, not limited only to that individual; that, in the name of that individual, may be a cause, for innumerable unwanted consequences.

            How great is it a mistake, to suppose, yesterday, as 'today', to suppose today, as tomorrow, is also equally wrong! If this 'supposing', turns into a habit, then that lifetime, like all other animals, will be useful, only, to live. What is the uniqueness of human being?

'Although birth is known only for few people

In the manner it would be known to many, life

Should have uniqueness'

BIT 06

            Mistake – Sin (an act of selfishness in deed) are, not the same. Mistake – Crime, are not, the same, are they! Mistake – Crime, happen, with different qualities and quantities.

            Mistake/Crime is, an error done by the body, by submitting to mind. There will be, 'punishment' for that, in some or the other form, to some or the other extent. To that extent, after undergoing the punishment, it can be considered, as completed. If so, 'Sin', is a psychological provocation, pertaining, to the division of spirituality. Mind may be relieved from Sin with distress, grief, remorse, and others.

'To correct the mistake itself

Would be majestic'

BIT 07

            So long as the 'supplies' required, for the daily activities of body, are reaching, so long as its needs, are accomplished in a systematic way, it will be normal, and the life, would be indeed comfortable, for human being. If the body, mind, help each other in a proper way, then one can achieve 'peace' in life.

            In the infinite universe, in the galaxy, by the name 'milky way', sun is, only one star! Even so, it is indeed not one of the stars, shining in the sky! Its influence will be, inevitably present on the planets, because, in the solar family, it undertakes the leadership for the planets. That is natural also! But, influence of planets………?

'While the distantly located planets are ordaining – human being

Would not the Earth, which caused the birth, show – the influence'

BIT 08

            Rather than converting, into 'psychological slaves', by intentionally sacrificing, the real physical life, to 'after death', imaginary, pleasure, and fame, it is a prudent act, to justify, the birth to, daily routine life, and way of living.

                        To put the efforts, that achieves fame, with what we have only, and to prove, the reality of the object, for the universal truth, is the duty of the human being…. To sacrifice certainty, to imagination, is simply ignorance! To recognize the truth, itself, is the duty of 'sage', isn't it!

'For those without food – for what is the liberation

For those filled with devotion – for what is the fear

For those who have aversion (indifference to worldly life) – for what is the pilgrimage

If love the purity – if wish for discipline

With the power of labor, indeed possible – the justification for life'

BIT 09

            That who gives birth to the human being is 'mother'! That means 'female'. The mating, of female – male, is not the Creation, not even its execution; That is, just, an 'activity' of mind, and body, for procreation! The state prior – to the production of female – male – itself, is the 'Creation'! (?)……. Whatever that happens thereafter is, just, the activity of procreation only!

            In female – male, one becomes the 'cause', and the other the 'effect', for karma! That, who is for which, is a true disputation!...... Is it confusing? Well, it will be indeed like that, it is a philosophical matter, isn't it!  How natural, are the darkness and light, "to know – not to know" is also, indeed the same!

            Nature is duality. Naturalness is, its property; well, its instinct too is, the same, indeed! External features, advantages of duality, although are seen, felt, or experienced as different, their 'origin' is, however, non-duality only! duality, non-duality are, mutually dependant; if so, in the process of transmorphism, that, which one is the cause for which, is something, which is, certainly connected with, the investigation concerned with truth! This is, another confusion.

BIT 10

            Body is, inertial matter only! It is living, with the 'JIva-Shakti' in it. When that 'JIva-Shakti', leaves it, it becomes motionless, and will be considered, as 'dead body'. So, for 'JIva-Shakti', body 'matter' is, just, a tool or a medium!

            Likewise, even 'bio', without body (matter), cannot protect, its existence. Similar to, the body without bio, becomes dead, bio without body also, being helpless, being without any place, has to lose, its existence, inevitably. That which gives physical identification, to the bio is, matter built physical body only, isn't it! Isn't it indeed?

'The writings on the water although is a reality, would not remain

The marks of the sand whatever they are, would not remain

Even for fact (reality), there is need of at least some basis

For matter and for fact, that which holds

Is needed as the basis'

BIT 11

            To be born, to live, is an experienced truth or a matter of certainty! If so, the feeling relating to, after death existence, is just, imagination of human being only! There is no chance of, evidence for its experience.

            If faith, joins imagination, that with the name of religion, will get the impression as 'Spirituality' based on God. This, starting, with the birth of human being, stays until the end of life; well, this may not end even with the journey of death!

            If the mind has, the freedom to believe, not to believe the religion, or, to choose, the one it likes, and if the 'birth' itself, would not swallow, that right, then the way of life, living of human being, probably, would be in another way!

'If we think religion means agreement (approval)

There is religion for human – one or the other one always

Human mind itself is the root – for the instinct of religious nature

Human should know – that the heart of religion is one only

And that in the heart of human, it – should become 'at one with''

BIT 12

            For the words I speak, activities I perform, I 'myself' am the critic! As far as possible, I will not give that opportunity, to others. To habituate, self (Soul)-examination (introspection), will be useful, for this method, largely.

            In saying 'Soul', in my understanding, it is not the microcosm of Supreme Soul, the Soul; just, 'Self' only! This itself is of some more help, for the life. For self-examination and self-confidence, for the method of execution of duty, is very useful. 'Excess', will be an obstacle, for development; increases, the feeling of 'ego'.

'For the progress of life – awareness is needed

Excess – would make senseless'

BIT 13

            To live 'comfortably', so long as the Nature, permits, and is favorable, is natural, for every organism. Since, human being is also, an organism only, not an exception, for this.

            If so, since, the determination, opportunity, to bring, the 'change', into practice, with thought, is present, only, for human beings, the sagacity, and discretion, which are useful for that, should not be, anti-Nature. With positive struggle only, the efforts, determination, which achieve whatever is thought, will bring-about further competence; provides some more energy to human being.

'For struggle rather than worry

Worthiness – basis – and opportunity should be present'

BIT 14

            The monarchy, which has 'domineering spirit', as the pulse that gives life, has become politics. That, with the decline of moral values, has become a 'compromise'; joining, with selfishness, corruption, it has become a business; by means of stealing the public money, it has become the exploiter. In the security of rowdies, mafias, with deceitful inheritance, it is continuing its life unconcernedly with royal regalia, and with the dignity of durbar (monarchic support, is not my meaning indeed!)

            Democracy, Socialism, Secularism, Public Service, Sacrifice, and other things, with the veil of robes of Gods (nudity), the public administration is going on; with nibbling, extortion, and approvals, with the children of wealthy, with a slaughter house, and 'crowd' of demons, with a crowd of female demons, and with crowds of hunters of humanity, democracy, its rule, is gloriously shining, in the half century independent India!

'Party politics means – dirty dramatization

In Indian democracy

People means votes – (currency) notes – troubles

Rulers means seats – notes'

BIT 15

            Rather than showing at the sky, and teaching that everything is there; that is only the protection for human, to show towards the land and say, "research, investigate, and make an effort that what is there in it", to persuade, and to prepare for action for it, will be more beneficial for human being.

            In the state of absence of body, rather than, causing to wander with imaginations, by alluring that everything is present, in something else – by encouraging, that there is a lot to achieve, with our own body, by causing them to get inclined for performance of tasks purely out of a sense of duty, and providing a chance, for human being, to live in certainty, is profitable.

'A grain of cooked rice for life – is certainty

Human mind is – certainty

Everything is – not at all – Maya

Knowing the certainty – should comprehend the truth'

BIT 16

            Rather than personal criticism, examination of the matter, its attention is better. Jealousy, enmity, and the state of 'not having', are more useful, for personal matters. They become hindrances, for the examination of issue, particularly, for impartiality.

            Broadmindedness is required, for the examination of issue, to know the certainty of the situation. For that very reason, such a thing as criticism, only with the viewpoint of the examination of matter, should be constructive. Mind should be, without personal awkwardness.

'There has to be thirst in the question – there has to be culture

Not unpleasantness and disregard

There has to be slowness in the method

Rationale (basis) should be like a causeway'

BIT 17

            As the distance, of ratio percentages, for thought, implementation, goes on decreasing, peace for mind, and comfort/joy for the life are obtained. In contrary to that, to the extent the distance between those two increases, life will be subjected to, grief, and distress. Movement, wandering about, further increases, for the mind.

            If the thoughts are within the limits, in such a manner that needs, opportunities can be recognized, then the mind will be strengthened. Life, continues smoothly.

'The root for mind is – need

The rationale for need is – body

The basis for body is – Nature

The instinct of Nature itself is – thought, implementation

Thought without implementation is – just extension of time'

BIT 18

            Well, when 'change' is, the natural property of matter, increases and decreases, degrees of differences also, are natural, indeed! When unity – diversity, have relationship, with one another, 'change' is also, a natural consequence only! Therefore, 'equality' will be unnatural.

            Personally, from the society's point of view, these degrees of differences are inevitable, aren't they! Richness and poverty – from financial point of view, and differences in physical, mental, strength and competence, individually, indeed continue usually.

Government has to control (regulate) the gap present between the natural societal developments (consequences), and the policies, for the continuation of livelihood of individual – and 'minimum –maximum', conditions.

'There is no any similarity for equality

There is unity of heart in diversity

Certainty (Objectivity) is only one – objects are many

Divinity is only one – Gods are many'

BIT 19

            If question someone, 'who are you? What are you?' The specification called, I am 'so and so' only, would come out, as answer. Instead of that, if question someone, what is 'I"? The answer such as 'I means I only'! also may come out. Irrespective of the number of times the question is being asked, the answer will not change.

            Well then, for the question what is 'I', a clear answer, at a level there is no chance for another question, may be difficult. For this, if the terminology of the philosophy is, kept aside, there will be a limit of experience, for the usual language. Feeling is, beyond the understanding of the language. Silent language is, only to some more extent! In 'Aham Brahmasmi' ('I am only God Brahma' (the Creator – the Supreme Being) – one can get the answers, for such things called 'I', 'Self'.

'While the location for mind is – brain

While the center for heart is – physical organ heart

If the base for 'Life Force' is – considered as cell

Where is the abode for 'Self', 'I'?

BIT 20

            For living things, determination of 'species' is, a natural feature only! Even the human 'species' is, not different to it; not at all, 'above' it. While the evolution of life, determines the 'species', society or the community, keep shaping, the way of living. Since the qualities and quantities, and characteristics, of society, are of various types, the human 'race', although is only one, way of living, with degrees of differences, with alteration of unity and diversity, is being present as various types. If compared to human being, the diversity of the way of living of the remaining species of living organisms, will be of another type, although, in the 'need' of life, there is similarity of form!

            If so, that which has, the influence to determine, the society's/community's (system's) quantities and qualities and their 'course', its (society's) state, progress, (development) will be indeed like that only!

'Desire for knowledge itself is – for knowledge – incognito Guru'

BIT 21

What for is the study/education means – to acquire knowledge…………………

Why to study means……………………………………………………!

            The answer that comes out, will not be in the same way. The answers, will be of various types, based on the climatic and seasonal conditions (time standard), in accordance with the individual's thought, and needs, and based on the expected benefit (usefulness). Nevertheless, such a thing as, 'for the sake of livelihood', is the most important benefit. Earning, status, power, and others, is the order of benefits, which is, only after that!

'The education that is pursued is – for certificate

The work that is done is – for livelihood

For the sake of education – that is not useful for livelihood

Why to cause pain – to those who get education?'

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