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Sphoorthi Oum...         Oum Maa Viswa Roope Shakthi Roope Viswa Sphoorthi Gurave Namaha

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The Ascension of Mind : Preface

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Sphoorthi Oum

Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi

To tell the truth fearlessly,

Is indeed a constant commitment for one who explores for truth

To be frightened and tremble……..

Is indeed a constant upset – for entire life!

Counter with logic….                                 

Don’t prattle – if it isn’t possible….

"Anything said by many, prevails as right (justice))"

May be or may not be, definitely that itself only as beginning!

Flourishing, for sure, that one vote itself in democracy

Justice would not die and indeed eternal is Dharma.

Inevitable for materiality – imitation, habit

Expedition of truth is needed as a part in daily life!

Examination, investigation – science and technology

Quest for meditation – that itself is bliss of spirituality.

Even religion, is indeed a path, with the devotion combined, humanity.

God is the guidance…

of achieving the Divinity

The mind itself would be the Soul or Self

If it is transcended so.

Meditation is the torch….

of getting the rapture.

Do not forget human being….

Whatever the religion be and even if the path is different

Should not leave the system….

Whatever the ‘ism’ and its politics may be

Human sacrifice is not righteous for human being

May be religious sacrifice is, beneficial for Nature

To live, and to die are indeed common for human being.

To kill, isn’t justice…..

For human birth venerability and… eminence

Cannot become as greatness for human being – belittlement and defilement.

If the abode of God (divinity) itself is body…….

If that itself is the abode for Soul…

Then how come is the cruelty and bestiality – only purity is its path!

Would there be lowness, but only blessedness for the abode of divinity!

A code of conduct against one’s interest is indeed a bad bargain.

Past does not end, non-existent indeed!

Would remain in the mind as memory and that itself rotates repeatedly.

Should not be as pain – for progress

As shadow of snake's hood throughout life

He himself not knowing what his position is….

Unsure that for what sake, for human being, are the after-death imaginations!

Don’t know why to gaze intently, at the sky?

Any activity without support and – knowledge without life

Is it possible – whether for bhOgi (a person with luxurious tastes) – or yOgi (a person with no luxurious taste)!

Beginning of ascent is – indeed with the earth only!

Exploration of spirituality is – with physical value only!

Indeed don’t be in illusion forgetting yourself,

No accumulated Karma, as the remembrance of past as reserved,

Only the present conduct would be applicable, as Doer for Karma.

Only light and shadow of movements of planets but,

Are there (Sun) rise and set for demigod?

To believe birth, Karma, and birth is only deceiving the heart……

Well, as habit, that is inherited preaching only!

If D.N.A. is considered as the carrier of past birth Karma

Science has to tell, for sure, the rationale of its formation.

The distance for zero and number ends with nine

Ends with Soul only for human being, for mind……

Value would increase thereafter with those two only!

Without a digit (number), would any value be caused to the zero?

Right-hand side only is, its strength of position indeed!

Is there existence, even for mind without body?

The manifestation of corporeal form itself is mind

Soul is pervasive; that is incorporeal always

Vision of Soul means – that is, incorporeality of corporeality only!

If incorporeal constancy is omnipresent…….

Its concise microcosm itself is – corporeal existence.

If there is vision of incorporeality (formless), in corporeal (objective) vision

That itself is the manifestation of Soul, only if that happens in you

If there is vision of Soul as Universal Form,

That itself is, for sure, the vision of Supreme Soul, final liberation (eternal bliss).

The mundane Self the Divine Soul

Absorption of the both….

May either be….

The emancipation or the Salvation

To tell is indeed easy but, hard work would be known in practice only

Mere initiation or inception

never be a completion (Completeness)

The human has both

of the innovative instinct, and the intuition

Make use of them to be transcendency.

You are only the Doer for Karma – don’t deny responsibility,

To win, to lose are just light and darkness indeed!

Despair, extreme greed…. why do you need their concern?

Don’t store them, in memory; they are only for path.

Sciolism is like a sciomachi

Never ought to be a Sciolist

Reserve and retain the Raisondetre (in mind)

(That) goes in search of the Truth.

Both of the attitude and the aptitude,

Ought to be so… bearing with the prudence.

It is simply an attempt to tell…something…something….something else………………..!

In an easy way and in a valuable manner.

Not an itch for fame….. no anxiety.

            That which creates does not take birth; it causes; its Mother Nucleus is Self-existent. That which takes birth does not cause. It takes birth in the process of procreation, in accordance with the (Dharma) characteristic of the ‘species’. Infinite infinitude is the entity of the Universal Nucleus; Ubiquity (universal pervasiveness) and Omnipotency is for Universal Energy, constant basis and dependency, and corporeality (form) and incorporeality (formless) is the characteristic of Universal Matter. In the limit of existence, contraction, expansion, pervasion, and innateness of Soul is the characteristic of consciousness of the Universal Matter. Movement is, the merger of Life Force and JIva-Shakti, Prkrti (Consciousness), as the PuruSa (Conscience) and matter, combined origination is indeed natural! In the order of the Trans-Morphism of the bio-matter, its peculiarity is evident. So also, mutual cooperation, basis, dependency is needed. For all organisms, principally, for the human race with social consciousness, it is essential course of Trans-Morphism! Similar to, the movement, is the characteristic (law), of the matter, for bio-matter, body and mind separate and related state, movement is indeed inevitable only!

            Relating to the macrocosmic state, of the body (Bio) matter, it is indeed a well-known matter, isn’t it! So also, Life Force and its mutually senses dependant and influenced mind, its microcosm also, is of same type only! The physical body associated ‘Life Force’ and the neurons related ‘mind’ – both of these do not have their own stable ‘existence’. The oxygen itself, which  enters into the body only through the process of respiration, as instant ‘Life Force/vital spirit’ for only that point of time; so also, water – food, as JIva-Shakti (subsistence), influenced by heat and cold, are becoming the basis for the existence of human being/organism. Only so long as there is scope for supply, ingestion and excretion of them as in and out, body, its existence – so also, mind as the instigation of sense organs influenced by the environment and circumstances, have their manifestation, by their own, individually. That means, the Life Force so also mind too, from time to time, only through the formation of metabolic and the chemical actions and reactions that occur in suitability to the opportunity and need of that point of time, they (Life Force – mind) have their existence but not, however, with steadiness (solidity). Only the functional Life Force (the vital spirit/Jeevatmn/Self), being circuited by means of the Oscillation and the stimulation of Oxygen; through the B.P. Whenever there is any interruption, impediment caused either by any kind of ailment, epidement, or lack of ailment, there could be a break of Beingness. Generally, there may be no restoration of the circuit with the failure of the medication. When there is an impediment in the binding, and affinity, related to signaling that occur between the mind, and body, the sensorium mind loses its distinctness, for action and reaction. The clarity of this matter can be understood by comprehending the intervening time between the clinical death, and the brain death so also, the temporary functional rest relating to the body, and mind with the influence of anesthesia, and other matters as examples.

            The Life Force – mind that do not have steady existence, external appearance, and clarity – both of these only, function as principal causers of causing the life and existence of organism, imaginations, and realities, and for practical, accomplishment of wisdom, scientific development. If so, what is 'Life Force'? What is mind? So also including with the feeling of ‘soul’, these are indeed subjects of examination, research indeed! The attempt I have made in the form of this book is almost the same. If so, investigative criticism, exploratory explanations, and the examples that have to be restricted only to the specification of subjects, indeed should not be a cause for personal hatred, misunderstandings, or harms!

            The knowledge supremacy – cultured mind, affectionate humaneness – with these only, human being, and the human birth should acquire fame and uniqueness; this is indeed a normal characteristic only! If so, to reveal and publicize their specialties with supremacy of wealth, power pride (arrogance), ignorance, lack of understanding, mutual suspicion and enmity, religious craziness, and madness also, had happened in the human history mostly. Today, it is reaching the level of stars. But, they will never get amiable respects, and heart-acceptable invitations…. Even so, they-only, are riding today’s society. As their wish, they are dragging, the system into some ignorant, egoistic rifts. If so, it is not that the historical sources of evidences will not cause the suspicion that, are the religion, and ‘leading spirituality’ – which have to regulate (control) by opposing, and preventing the aforementioned – excelling, by bearing their joint burden, and by performing bhajan for materialistic madness.

            Similar to, the organs that perform actions are necessary for integration, and accumulation of materialistic wealth, and for the execution of actions needed for that, for the exploration of the wealth of knowledge, sensory organs, and with them stern practice successes also, indeed have extreme significance! If so, for anything, either materiality, or spirituality, senses influenced mind itself is important, basis; that itself is the base; that itself is the beginning too! It appears, exhibits as the functional mind in the execution of ‘karma’….., in spirituality, that itself as righteous, compassionate mind, as heart…., and in divinity, that itself… as ‘Soul’…. as microcosm of Supreme Soul. While reading this book, probably, the same may come into realistic experience. If so, primarily, only through the recognition of the righteous instinctive nature and capability of thinking present for the mind – that is embedded in the body made of five primordial elements, it is necessary to recognize the matter that, it is a good path, for spiritual development and integrity of knowledge.

            For the mansion and good path of ‘expedition of truth’, materiality itself, is the first step. Similar to, the presence of sky for land…. there is space for universe. Journey into the sky should be from land only. Exploration of universe and the acquisition of knowledge related to it should happen in the space itself. For that very reason, ‘The Ascension of Mind’ must become the guidance…. That itself is, the uncovering of soul…. That itself is the micro indicator to the proximity of divinity.

            Similar to, the union, assemblage of some is needed and basis for contour; the efforts of some become the cause for accomplishment of object. For that very reason… for all those who cooperated and reviewed for giving shape, and integrity of this book….

            Gratitude with blessings.

…. Viswa Sphoorthi

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