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Sphoorthi Oum...         Oum Maa Viswa Roope Shakthi Roope Viswa Sphoorthi Gurave Namaha

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The Analysis : Viewpoint

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Sphoorthi Oum

Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi

            Universe – creation – existence – extinction…. this is a process of consciousness. Creation – Creator (?) appearance – manifestation – transmutation (Transmorphism) – decline – this process is also a part of it only! Rotation and entity of continuous consciousness, and movement, is the primary property of matter. Uncovering of matter is the law of consciousness of Universal Energy, and continuity is, its entity. The law of consciousness of energy is enclosed. Cumulation is, matter. The prior state of elements is, the primary beginning for this. The maximum – minimum, stimulation, of heat – cold, are important for this.

            Is it a mystic enigma? No, it is a systematic illustrative, synchronic and the eternal primordial process of the Universal Energy. So it is neither an initiation, 'Deo volente' nor the scattered matter. The upshot, owing to the so called, Big–Bang…. the genesis has its genius cause of being cumulated ever, by the embodied energy. It consists of the event of the instant constancy for everlasting.

            Universal Energy, its existence, is eternal. If so, because of the mutable eternity, of at-that-point-of-time's state of Universal Matter, with the process of terminate circuit its universal consciousness – movement, is everlasting…. The cause for the beginning – reason for decline for this…. both are, indeed the same! That itself is the eternal entity of Self-Existent One/The Mother Nucleus. The existence of Universal Soul, its pervasion, and microcosm – macrocosm – microcosms, relating to it, are continuous consciousnesses only! For that very reason, the science proposed Big-Bang theory…. religious belief, Creation by Will – both of these, as the cause for the beginning of the universe are indeed components for investigation, worthy of questioning! For that reason, if the ancient imaginations, science probable causes, and speculative suppositions are kept aside…., there is very much need that the metaphysical reflection, beyond materiality, itself, has to continue towards the expedition of truth.

            The darkness with no ray of light.... so also the light without a dark corner, is against the entity of universe! For the activity of reflective image of matter, that is against the law!....

            There is neither Cimmerian darkness nor sacrosanct light in the Universe. So also knowing, and not knowing (knowledge – ignorance) is also, equally natural! Something, which is known to somebody, may not be known to some other. So also vice-versa! Dark matter is there in the Universe within the brilliance of its own light. So also known, matter is there with its unknown lucidity. Usually, there is unknowingness within the known matter itself. For that reason only…. from time to time changes, rethinking are being necessary for the results of scientific research, and their certainties. So also, relating to the properties of matter, the proposed principles, and their primaries, are undergoing primary corrections…. Even spirituality, is not beyond this. In that sector expedition of truth, practice methods, and different ways for it, are being followed continuously. Even the spirit or character of 'Age' (Era) also, indeed keeps changing…. Well, the manner of generations too is …. the same indeed!

            Although the quantities and qualities of the matter, and their diversification is natural, although they are, in accordance with those various situations, undergoing, changes… its origin and basic property/entity, is indeed steady (unchanging) only!.... That is only the spiritual truth! That is one (unity) only! It is oneness of its Absolute! Physical (material) diversity, and spiritual (entity of energy) unity have, Transmorphism and Transmutation. Therefore, the instability (Transiveness or Fugitiveness) is its natural property only!

            Analysis helps in, the understanding, the certainty related to the material subject. So also, through the attainment of, Dhyana Yoga, the truthfulness of entity of spirituality, and its constancy, can be known…. The intuitive invention and the experimental experience, both are in need in order to seek the Truth. So, realize the 'Self', and be in Reality… transcend the so called Self, to achieve the Spiritual Soul, and be in the immersion of the Rapture or the Eternal Bliss… Being in the Spiritual/Divine repose is the enlightenment.

            Formation of matter, is the act of Creation! This is universal. In the course of transmutation of matter…. the cumulation of Bio matter, and the consequence of cause and effect of procreative PrkrtiPuruSa is the birth of 'organism'…. Transmutation, is its natural course (fate)! Since, having Creation, and Creativity as its entity, Universal Energy itself, is the cause for the manifestation of matter, matter too, has the same natural universal law of contraction and expansion. Principally, Creation has the law of consciousness, and the nature of the entity of movement. Consciousness is, invisible energy! The consequence of movement is, possible to see…. Consciousness is, centralized (concentrated)! Movement is, material objective, centralized expansion! In the Bio matter, the same in the lifeless matter has 'duration', and expression and non-expression. (Creation is the materialistic formation) Creation performs the activity…. consequence of its transmutation (Transmorphism), functioning as the Bio matter at a certain stage, creates, or causes organism. That which is born only! Can give birth to another organism from it. This process itself is procreation. This itself is the organism of the Nature. Evolution of life is, inevitable usual cause – effect, of the Nature.

            In this way, the Universal Energy to take shape of matter, itself…., is the Creation! The Universal Energy, changing into the Universal Matter, because of the 'Gravity Struggle', which is formed as a consequence of negative force (The Black Energy), so also the Dark Matter in the Energy that is emitted from the Universal Nucleus (The Mother Nucleus)…. that itself with Creative Entity, acquires universal pervasiveness as embodied energy. So also, as the Conscious Creative Energy starts functioning as reaction to the 'Black Energy', the universal pervasiveness of the matter of the Creation, in the state of contraction, gradually, over a period of time, acquiring utmost subtlety (minuteness), with the completion of its retrogressive journey…… it merges with 'The Mother Nucleus'. Like this after a gap of some time (billions of human years).… in the same way as previously only…. Universal Creation starts again, and expands. This is, indeed a continuous activity of the Consciousness, of Energy, and movement, of the Creation only! Like this, the change of Universal Energy into Universal Matter may be considered as 'Creation', its pervasion as 'Existence' and its retrogressive merging subtlety as 'Extinction'.

            If there is a Creator, separately, for the Creation…. then that Creator itself has to be the causer/effector, for every action that happens in the universe. In that way for the entire Creation, and for the 'pairs of opposite' diversity, relating to it, that Creator itself, should take the responsibility indeed! In this situation, there would be no chance, either for bondage of karma or for the 'free will' of 'human being'. In that way, human being as a nominal tool, in the hands of the Creator, is limited, just to live! For that very reason, the matter of the Creation itself, should be considered as its 'Creator'! So also, the Mother Nucleus must be considered as Self-Existent….!

            That which moves is the matter…. that which causes to move is the consciousness related force/energy/power in it…. That means, it is a fact that within the one, which moves, itself, something (not that which enters), which causes it to move, is present! If it has to be said in another way, for the force/energy, which can cause to move, and for its indirect existence, the 'direct' matter, itself, is important. In this way, the Universal Energy – hiding internal to the matter present all over the universe, as a cause for its movement, is being present as 'soul' conscious energy for it….. In that way…. as 'Life Force' – as Jeevatmn, in the Bio matter and the same, as atomic energy, in the inertial matter is becoming the cause, for their external and internal, movement…. In this way, the Universal Energy as 'Universal Soul' is, becoming the 'causer', for the existence of matter. This utmost microcosm of the Universal Soul itself, principally, in human being, being hidden in the thought of mind…. as Jeevatmn, undergoing change as conscience, with Dhyanaprasthan…. that itself, in the course of ascension of Divine Soul, can be absorbed with the Universal Soul!....... The Metagnostic mind and its spiritual Consciousness can see and seek the reality as well as the Truth.

            Ignorance – knowledge, are not different. Development of knowledge should occur from ignorance (unknowingness) only. So also, materiality – spirituality too! From the thought and feeling of materiality, from the 'pairs of opposite' experience of their joy and happiness, the human mind should be transcended to spiritual feeling, and bliss. Two sides for the area of object, and the third dimension for its solid volume are necessary. This is natural! So also, along with materiality (matter) and spirituality (the entity of Universal Energy), in the eternal state of the origin of universe (ontological Origine), the extent (area) of space, and the Universal Matter containing 'solid' are indeed its natural states! 'Time' is simply the measure of the outcome of its Transmorphosis/Transmutation!

            The phenomenal event of the movement, that counts or measures the distance or the space in a diminishing manner is to be called 'The Time'. It would be an abstract Absolute.

            Proximity for human being is – life only indeed!

            Philosophy should not become – a distant microcosm!

            Complicated words – deep meaning,

            Confusion – hastiness – upside down understanding,

            Spiritual view – loss of implementation

            Proof of experience – possibility of implementation

            Dense sagacity – exploration of universe

            For common people, that – would be robs of Gods only (nudity)!

            Intellectual wealth, would be present only for few…. scholarly proficiency would be acquired by only a limited number. Whether it is material knowledge, or scientific wisdom, only when they are applied to certainties of life, there is a chance that along with the intellectuals, the common people can also have a good understanding. Human life is, neither only physical, nor only spiritual. The coordination of those two, itself, is the object of life! The same viewpoint, itself, has worked more in writing 'The Analysis'.

            In this, along with the description of spirituality, there is also contemporary social, political, and religious reference. With an idea that spirituality should also, be a part along with the various sectors, which constantly influence the life of human being, those various issues have been described, and criticized. To do like that is only for equilibrium indeed! There is no place at all for partiality, positive and negatives, and prejudice in this. There should be place in literature for good understanding, balanced outlook, and encouragement for inclination to tolerance. Since the language, feeling and meaning, and understanding, are usually, not possible in the same style, although the language used for specifying the science related subject seems to be somewhat difficult, for thought and understanding, the opportunity in it would be indeed easy.

            For all those – who have cooperated, and worked hard, for the publication of the book 'The Analysis' – my blessings…

Viswa Sphoorthi 

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