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Sphoorthi Oum...         Oum Maa Viswa Roope Shakthi Roope Viswa Sphoorthi Gurave Namaha

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Making Known Comprehensions : PRELUDE

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Sphoorthi Oum

Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi

'Comprehension – anguish'

In writing, this……,

Only inclination for subject but – not opposition

Only comprehension but – not, accusations.

This is not, breeding ground (source)……..,

For the instincts of – pride (in good sense), and false pride!

This is not casual – this is indeed a careful view!

Partial wish – realistic disregard….,

Should not become the aim – for putting together the words.

The author, should demonstrate – impartially,

Fact, certainty – and determined, honesty only.

Unexpression of individuality is – indeed culture of individual!

Important for author, for sure – the wellbeing of human race!

The 'lawyership' of society itself – is the duty of author

How many ever the colors may be, should show them, only on the 'white'!

'Black and white' eye……,

Is showing for sure – various 'colors' by itself!

Individual – society – good, bad, whatever they are…..,

Should show them – on the screen of realistic writing….

Words on paper…..

Should not become biased and – individual wishes

Although pride is partiality….,

That should not become – opposite, feeling of hatred!

Inclination, as individual that, whatever it may be…..,

Should tell only certainty – whatever the language may be!

As a 'judge' – the author…,

Should prove only self-control – whatever, the 'group' argument, may be,

Should write the books….

As eternal truth – as treasured, knowledge….,

They are not for, only the present!

Human life is – multi mixture….!

Social, economical – religious, and politically,

Education, literary – technical, and culturally,

In connection with individual – system…. and society,

In relation to the feeling of…. Materiality…. Spirituality…

What is that which is not involved – with the human life?

What is that which is not influenced – with the involvement of human knowledge?

For that very reason, I am writing……,

Combining all – at least to some extent, at one place only!

Unity is, universe – many is, Creation….!
Part in that itself is….. Nature, organism….

Indeed diverse, the bio species…….,

'Indeed another' – human, for human…….!

Even so, inevitable…..,

In the limit of society – the family system!

If human speaks – with another human, with some more human beings…….,

That is only for that point of time – with those two only, it ends!

If the subject matter is written – as arrangement of words,

That is, for sure inheritance – for the development of knowledge!

For that very reason, there should be – understanding, for the writer…

As 'may all the people be happy'…….!

Well, indeed are necessary – anguish, social consciousness!

Although there are many – books…..,

Only few, are great books – those, as eternal!

Would not be added to it – 'past' of generations, change of Ages/Eras,

Indeed always new, they are – for daily life.

Only for the comprehension, of the present – the inspiration of past experience.

Well mixed message – should be told to the future.

In the same way I have written – "Making Known Comprehensions"!

No bias – in writing so…,

No prejudice in its projection…,

No ego….,

In expression of my impression.

For harsh language – and for allured mind….,

Uncivilized ignorance itself – as wastage of utilization.

Charioteer of reformation – as the objective of writer,

Writer is 'indeed a pioneer' – for the world of books…,

For silent revolution – social wellbeing.

Peaceful pigeon – writer's mind…,

With literary, message…..!

Passion, infatuation – selfishness, jealousy….,

Indeed are usual for human being – they are mental, instincts!

If grow – that which has to be cut off…..,

If cut off – that which has to be grown….,

Indeed betrayal, for society – for individual life.

Should read the book – as common, concentration,

Should read great books – with special care!

Meaning, comprehension – clarification, of subject,

Should reach the memory – like inerasable imprint!

Perceive – conceive – and….,

Receive the essence in a positive manner

Only few cannot become as admirers – for Gurus,

Indeed should not consider – as if pained somebody….,

All are equal only, at the level of Soul for me,

Whatever, their internal feeling, may be – even if it is negative

Free from love and hatred – the pen of writer!

Inspiration of Consciousness of Truth itself is – the 'Voice' of Viswa Sphoorthi!!!

-Viswa Sphoorthi

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