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Sphoorthi Oum...         Oum Maa Viswa Roope Shakthi Roope Viswa Sphoorthi Gurave Namaha

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Human and the Religion : Preface

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Sphoorthi Oum

Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi

            Comes with human being… the religion! Present with that itself is the human mind…! Changes and additions… divisions – groups, in between, are common only! Even so, God – for devotion, in human mind, jointly indeed a permanent abode only! Especially, some who think that they are the men of God (the so called Godmen), thinking that they are born with an element of God, as the representatives of God, by publicizing, as if they have come into being (born), only to convey the messages of God to human beings, by developing the disciple group, and displaying their specialty (as a matter of fact, the Creator has only the view of equality of Creation but, to say that there will be 'His' partiality, is simply in opposition to truth!) they keep executing their 'professional' duty. Along with these, at various levels, with different names and 'statuses' men of insignificant Gods, with makeup – language, up-to-date, demonstrations, have been obtaining financial profits… God's (?) is just a spectator's role indeed!

            Because of the Nature, in the primary stage, the 'fear' caused in human for the sake of protection, imagined God. Because of the fear, devotion on that God (Goddess), for the sake of commendation, worship – adoration, starting as religion, gradually that itself as a habit, as a practice, established, as the inheritance of caste – family thereafter, in this way beyond-human imaginations itself, starting God, and religion… with the descriptions of form (shape), with beyond-human, created concocted stories (fictions), to get established in the human mind, had happened long ago… Since religion takes birth from the society itself, the diversity of individual and society itself, by establishing the number of Gods, and the social rules connected with that and in accordance with time, for the sake of newness, by publicizing that Gods, itself, have incarnated, as human beings and by imagining, describing their beyond-human divine powers in numerous ways, with various types of, literary wits (ingenuinities), had caused permanent position for them, in the Puranic texts. Only following and practicing but, with belief, trust that has no scope for thought it has become the inheritance for generations for the human race.

            God's area, religion,…. philosophy based on Soul, though look as different…, the basis for those two is religion and God only! Similar to, in relation to human being, religion, has increased its number…. philosophy also as duality – non-duality divisions, is present as petty branches only. If so, so far as human being is concerned in case of after-death 'Soul', for both of these it is indeed the same understanding only!

            Similar to, usually, 'third party' is needed for the judicial verdict, to cause, the belief – which is beyond human being and society, life, and the Nature… – that can give courage, comfort which can protect human being, God – its related religion, has become a necessity for the human race. Hence, to that extent, human being, needs, the religion, enormously. If so, only when that, works, as positive feeling of equality, for individual – and society, then that objective would be fulfilled!

            If so, religion – God, that have to – cause goodness – benefit – to human…, with monarchic, political, selfish – narrowness they are becoming the cause, for the religious hatred, and destruction of the human race. Religion – politics as "twins", by developing, religious stupidity and obstinacy, in human being… by igniting mutual hatred, they are causing impediment for the peace and well-being of the society. Because of selfish-motive of the 'God men' – who bring-about their superiority in the society, and financial gain in excess, in the name of devotees – religious purity, spiritual eminence, are declining, in the view, of society. This is, for everybody, indeed a visual experience only!

            By preaching the certainty of daily life… the need of spirituality to it, their eminence, to human being, by turning them into ideals of life… by eliminating ignorance in human being and causing the recognition of the importance of life, itself, the benefit of religion, and philosophy would be obtained by the human race. Human being has to become knowledgeable (man of wisdom)… That itself must be proved as the purpose/justification, uniqueness of the human birth …

            That which is seen… felt… in the "Human and the Religion", rather than thinking it as 'criticism – antagonism'… by considering it as the examination of certainty… it is my belief… trust concerning the readers, that they would try to receive, the expression of subject, positively.

– Viswa Sphoorthi

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