Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi


Sphoorthi Oum...         Oum Maa Viswa Roope Shakthi Roope Viswa Sphoorthi Gurave Namaha

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Dhyana Mano Prasthan : Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan

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Sphoorthi Oum

Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi

            What does, meditation, mean? What is that for? How?.... So also, what does, yoga, mean? How many ways would be, its use…? So also, Pranayama – penance – Kundalini Yoga – Dhyana Yoga… like this, should observe, the diversity in unity, present in all of these.

            Each one of it has its own benefit! Each one of it has, its own, technique! In accordance with the acceptance, practice, and their qualities and quantities, there would be its result, and experience.

            Meditation is, related to 'mind'.

            ‘Yoga’, principally, has physical body importance…

            What is mind?...

            The mind is nothing but, the feeling of sensorium that inspirates the thought of propensity, regarding to the intellect, caused for the deed or action…

            Sensorium means? The chemical change, that occurs in brain, because of the reaction of neurons, for the sensation (operation or function) of senses, being influenced, by the Nature, surroundings, and circumstances! This itself (chemical change), because of feeling (sensation), is becoming the cause, for thought. The order of that thought itself, encourages the performance of karma (action/deed). The consequence of that karma, completes with its experience…

            In this way Nature – surroundings – circumstances – senses (gateways of knowledge) – brain – sensorium – feeling – thought – intellect – performance of karma, that occurs thereby – thereafter, its result – experience… like this, beginning with the Nature, with the experience in life, with rotation in circular shape, this is, completing. Like this, this is the constantly occurring, order of living – life, with beginning – movement (progress) – and its complete duration of life (lifespan)…

            So, the senses are the functional cause for the abstract existence of the mind, though it has its root of Nature…

            In the order of cause – effect – consequence, if the cause, which is the first one, can be eliminated, then there would be no chance for its procedure thereafter…

            Therefore, relating to ‘mind’, when the influence of senses, which are the cause for its existence, is comprehended, by means of regulating, them, positively in the way wanted, the effect of mind, thereafter the thought – intellect and the related actions/deeds also would be in the same way. For that reason, firstly, control of senses, is being needed in the form of act, for the determination of the characteristics, of mind… For that, meditation, is a path!

            In meditation, principally, that what should happen is, senses’ control – its regulation! What is the distinction or difference present for self-control/restraint, and regulation? For example stopping – arrest – prevention – detention – cessation… all these, although seem to be, almost, same only – if the difference in the meaning present between them is observed… the distinction present between self-control and regulation can be known… To oppose – to prevent… are not the same, are they!

            So also, attachment – commitment (duty)… detachment – self-denial, their features are, not the same, are they!

            Meditation means…, to subtilize the mind, from its macro state… but, mind means…, feeling with thought!...

            ‘Feeling’, means…? Sensation of the neurons (brain)…

            How, is this?...

            Keep your mind (the feeling of the sensorium) in a deep sense of contemplation; then strive to peep in (order) to seek the ‘Self’ through which, you can have the ‘Vision’ of the Spiritual ‘Soul’, i.e., the Divine Consciousness of the Universe – the Supreme Soul…

            Nature forms, with air – water – earth – fire – vacuum (ether), which are considered, as the five vital elements – life, organism, beginning, as standard unicellular, from that itself… in the course of evolution of life, that itself, has become the cause, for the existence, of many species. For this, longtime, might have been required… Human being also, belongs to, one among, those species only! If so, in the evolution of life, probably this, itself, is the final one…

            The body of human being, is built with these five vital elements only! As ‘representatives’, to these vital elements, which are hidden in the body, as the responsibility of the physical body, there is arrangement, of five senses (Gateways (senses) of knowledge). These, function, as ‘linking’ agents, between the physical body, internal, Nature related, primordial elements…and their external Nature.

            If so, in the physical body formation, nervous system, is utmost important. As this, beginning, with the brain (neurons), has the linkage and sense of contact, with each one, in the crores of tissues, in the body, as the entire, nervous system, of the living cells of the body, is concentrated (centralized), in the brain, as neurons, brain, is becoming, the cause for the circulation of, principal, bio-sensation, for the body… (Hydromagnetic – electromagnetic system, may be as assistance to it).

            In the beginning of fertilization and embryo itself, formation of brain, along with it itself, with that itself, with the beginning, of the nervous system, because of, ‘growth factor’, that by developing, throughout the body, until, living cell, 'least' unit, there has been a possibility, for the linkage of, the entire body, with the brain. Since bio-sensation is, it's vital (life) force, linkage – of internal vital elements, with the external sensory organs, of the physical body – is inevitable!

            In the brain (neurons), so as to be convenient to the performance of the incitation of, these, sensory organs, in favorability, to the biochemical, ‘action – reaction’, relating to it, and in suitability, to the qualities and quantities, of the feeling of sensations of those various senses, there is formation (presence) of various parts. If so, pertaining to those various parts, in the brain, when the linkage of sensory organs, is not favorable, when impediment occurs… to that extent, there would be no possibility of occurrence of, chemical action of bio-sensation, in that division. So, there is no chance, for the related sensation (feeling). For example, when blindness occurs, with the absence of related sense of vision, to the extent, there will be no chance, for the feeling of sight… So also, this is applicable, to other sensory organs. The consequence of the chemical activity itself – which the sensation of the sense, causes on the brain (neurons) – should be considered, as the mind (feeling with thought).

            When an incident occurs, externally, by means of visibility, view pertaining to it, feeling related to it, occurs in the sensorium (the division of neurons that appear because of the chemical response that is caused in the brain with the sense of sensations of the sensory organs). After that, even though the externality of that visibility, disappears… the ‘memory’ related to it, would be stored, in the neurons, in the brain part, relating to it. After that, although another, external, feeling of visibility, appears in the sensorium, in the same way… the memory of the past visibility, would be present like that only. (On some occasions, in some incidents, this may be wiped-off also!) This sight (visibility) related ‘memory’, when needed, as a ‘remembrance’ (recollection), may reappear, in its previous state itself. (The increases and decreases – clarity (distinctness) – indistinctness, depends on personal, memory, and power of retaining…)

            If so, that memory, limiting, to the visibility of “that day” itself, only its past relating to it would be present in invisibility but, there will not be, expression of today’s (present) characteristics.

            For example, in a childhood photograph, we can see only that day’s (appearance) form… so also, relating to cinema songs, and the shape of those actors, we can see… listen… only the ‘song’ in those.

            In that same way, in the old age, leisurely, if the past life, and the incidents of past days, are remembered…, from time to time, only the 'at that point of time's' certainty (reality) of visibility related to those, can be seen but, the visibility of the circumstances of ‘now’, of that day, is not possible. In this way, pertaining to past incidents, the past memory, hidden, in the neurons itself, in the form of memory, is visible again today but, today’s 'mind', relating to that past, is not the cause. Therefore, the past ‘memory’, in the layers of brain, should not be considered, as ‘mind’ – as its present ‘velocity’, and movement. How can there be movement, velocity, instability, inconstancy, and other instincts, and activities, for the one that does not have existence?

            Breathing – contemplation – meditation… this is an order! Breathing, means, a reflex action (involuntary activity), which provides oxygen, which is needed for the Life Force in the body, usually. In the method of meditation, ‘breathing’ means… inhalation and exhalation related principle and regulation! This itself, may be considered as Pranayama! Pranayama means… in the usual meaning, to develop, the Life Force, in the body! Thereby, to enthuse (activate/stimulate) the physical – mental metabolic activity.

            As the characteristic feature of body, by means of appearance of hindrance, for the biochemical activities because of impurities, with occurrence of disease, occurrence of disruption to the movement of daily life is, natural! Principally, the impurities, in the blood, may cause hindrance, to its circulation. So also, deficiency may occur for the supply of oxygen usually needed, for the biochemical activity, of the physical body. In that state, by means of supplying more, oxygen, than the usual state, through Pranayama, with the elimination of that deficiency, and scarcity, with the increase of speed of circulation of blood even more, with the elimination/excretion of impurities (dirt), in it, the possibility, for the internal, impurities lacking body, to be healthy, may be acquired, through this Pranayama… If so, this is, a usual advantage only!... In the spiritual practice of Kundalini Yoga, Pranayama process, storage of energy… is another method.

            Meditation comes by its chance. Only the proportional preparation for its process is needed. ‘Yoga’ is one of the pre-practices for it.

            Similar to, hairy caterpillar (not the hairy caterpillars of drumstick tree) changes into butterfly, ‘contemplation’, should undergo transmutational change into meditation. What is, ‘contemplation’? The contemplation of a feeling projected by the sensorium… Since the thought comes from the feeling itself, the unity (to make it one) of that thought is indeed a part of contemplation! The concentration of this contemplation… unity of thought, gradually, changes into meditation. For this, as an initial stage, ‘yoga’ has to be practiced.

            Yoga’, means in the method of yogasana, to keep, the body, in various poses! (This is indeed a usual understanding only! The spiritual view, for this, would be in another angle.) For that, to be able to make suitable, the body, and its parts, for this discipline, is needed… Since ‘theory – practice – result’… is its, method, the complete understanding, relating to it, has to be obtained, through the instructor, related to it.

            In this process, rather than thinking that it is “known”… in the beginning, and after that also rather than thinking ‘self-expertise’ itself, as yoga education… to think that “there is much to learn”, itself, causes good, brings-about expertness, to the practice of yoga.

            Anything… although is seen as one, externally, many uniting together, in its internal portion, as mutually interdependent, function collectively… Whether it is Nature, world – physical body… or machine, in this way only… to function, as ‘one, with many’, is natural. In the many, of that ‘one’, if any one only, cannot function in favorable, to the remaining…, then that ‘one’, deviates from the order. It is the same with machine also…! Even the body is the same! In that state, treatment – mechanism, by correcting it, has to cause it to function normally. For this, with many names, medicines, sometimes, surgical treatments, will be needed – if so, as far as body is concerned, the method of ‘yoga’, is different to this! This, gives good results with no side effects. Since there would be no medical bills, even the expenditure will be less only.

            In the practice of yoga, in various poses, by means of moving, the entire body… at the same time, because of causing to provide more, oxygen, to the body, various parts in the body, leaving the inactivity (dullness), as they become activated/stimulated, the impurities that were present until then would be eliminated. With that, the physical body situation, would be improved. If so, similar to, medical treatments, related to, all the parts, in the body, are necessary, separately… in the method of ‘yoga’ practice also, method needed, for those various organs only, should be followed. Usually, in the elimination of disease, diagnosis of disease itself is important. The medical prescription, to follow it is indeed easy, isn’t it!

            So also, similar to, common medicine, for general weakness, although the general practice of yoga, is present as overall effect, for the elimination of disease caused for various parts, in the body, there should be, method of yoga practice, separately suitable for it. In food – relaxation – and activities also, suitable, rules (principles), and precautions are needed. Therefore, practice of yoga, should be included, as one among the daily activities of life!

            In the practice of yoga, to be able to regularize breathing, in suitability to various poses of yogasana, would be favorable, for good results. Separately, the order in practicing breathing, should not be applied, during the practice of yoga. In this, to regularize, the method of, inhalation – exhalation, in suitability, to the pose of the body, is also, indeed an important thing only! In the method of moving the body for the sake of asana itself, in suitability to it, in the activity of breathing also, phased, slow (steady), delicate method should be followed. One should not breathe, with mouth. At the time and occasion of yogasana, the ‘speed’ that causes tiredness, exhaustion should be decreased… As the practice and success, expertise, increases, its speed, can be increased but, until then, slow method only is necessary. Hastiness (hurriedness), would become the cause for utter confusion.

            Yoga (yogasana), Pranayama – concentration of the view (vision) – concentration of thought – meditation…, so also, Dhyana YogaKundalini Yoga – penance… like these, although there are various Yogas of practices, the unity in diversity, in all these, should be observed. In these, each of it, has its own method! Each one of it has its own advantage! The related result, depends, on acceptance, and qualities and quantities of practice – there is no mutual opposition.

            The meditation is of in two methodical ways: one is the meditation of the silent senses; and the other is the transcendence of the ‘Self’; the former is the sensorium one and the latter is the intuitive meditation.

            ‘Meditation’ is mind related…, ‘yoga’, means, principally, is applicable, to the body. Well then, mind means…?

            In simple, the feeling of sensorium, having the consistent propensity of thought, So, the senses are the functional cause for the abstract in existence of the mind… though the root of it is the Nature.

            In the order of cause – effect – consequence, if the cause, which is the first one, can be eliminated… there would be no chance, for the procedure thereafter. Therefore, pertaining to mind, when the sensory organs, which are the cause for its existence, are recognized… by means of regulating, their external sense of feeling, in the way wanted, the act of ‘mind’, and the thought, intellect – karmas (actions/deeds), which occur thereafter, also would be in the same way. For that reason, to determine the characteristics of mind, and to regulate it, primarily, self-control / restraint of mind, is being needed, in the form of act. For that ‘meditation’, is a path!

            In the practice of meditation, that which has to be happened, principally, primarily is regulation – self-control of the senses! If so, what is the distinction, or difference present for regulation – self-control? For example, stop – stopping, arrest… prevention – detention – cessation… if the difference, present for these, can be observed, the distinction for regulation – self-control can be known. Opposition – prevention, are not the same. So also, attachment and duty, relation… detachment – self-denial, cannot be the same. Self-control, and regulation, have to be understood, in this way only.

            For the external feeling of senses, by causing internal vision, which is it’s another side, and by moving it (internal vision), by means of subtilizing, the ‘contemplation’…, related to it, the state of meditation would appear, for it.

            The transcendency is the transformation of the mind to the ‘self’, and the absorption of the self into the intuitive ‘sense’, is, the spiritual consciousness…

            Self-control of senses, restraint, patience, discretion and other, words principally are related to mind only! Since it can be considered that, mind means, to have thought, with sensorium feeling, in the behavior of human being these are, positive features only! In the practice of meditation these are, helpful indirectly.

            Self-control of senses means, to think it as feelings, thoughts of sex, and related behavior, is usual! As a matter of fact, this is, just a part in that! To analyze with discretion, the information relating to the senses, and to behave, itself, is self-control…! That which is heard, or that which is seen (inner feeling – visionary feeling), if to have the patience, expertise, to recognize, reality, certainty, in it, is said to be 'self-control'… then before joining intellect to thought, and begin, to perform karma (action), by comprehending the good and bad as positive – negative, about the result and experience caused relating to it, to that extent to behave in the suitable manner, should be considered, as ‘self-control’. Although the circumstances of then, bring-about enormous pressure, although makes the mind to ‘long for’, and cause it to excite, without hastiness, for 'counteraction' for it, one should have, the ‘patience’, to understand the certainty of the issue. By following, patience, in the form of counteraction, without doing that which should not be done, to be able to prevent, mind – intellect – citta (egoistic instinct), habit, and weak stimulation, to avoid so that it would not happen like that, to that extent to bear the pressure, and to withstand the counteraction… would be the self-control of the mind. Balanced mind, steady citta – these can be considered as restraint. Event – sensory – feeling, thought, intellect – memory, expression (consciousness) and unexpression (subconscious) memory – this is, an order! The information suppressed – hidden, in the unexpressed/preserved (subconscious) memory, weak memory system… these are the causes for the unexpression of the information! Expression is, an opposite act to it! It happens like this based on the ‘state – movement’ present for the neurotransmitter, in the brain. With the attainment of Dhyana Yoga, control has to be attained on this.

            If so, to leave the ordained duty, not to follow the time, excessive apathy/nonchalance and lack of responsibility…, ‘necessary, unnecessary’, unconcerned with these, to follow, the inactivity, called, ‘wait and see’, in every issue…, this itself, indeed should not be considered as self-control, restraint! To think incompetence, laziness, slackness, and endurance as goodness, is self-delusion only! To be able to fulfill completely his action, without stinting the efforts, his duty, is Karma Yogi’s characteristic! Righteous duty also!! In accordance with those various circumstances, by eliminating negative, and following positive, in practice, to that extent, by facing, opposing circumstances, enraged environment, have to maintain self-individuality!...

            Like this, not only causing control of the senses, for the mind, and facilitate for, practice of meditation, but it, would assist, in the execution, of daily life also. By means of habituating, discretion and self-control to mind, thought, and intellect, and in practice restraint, one should work hard for the integrity of life.

            The biochemical activity of the hormones, in positive/negative directions it cooperates with the mind. For example, the ‘dopamine’ chemical in the brain, is becoming the cause for ‘feeling’. Such a thing as ‘neurotransmitter’, brain as the center, has related response with the entire living cells… Therefore, in the path of science, this, positively, in the practice of self-control, and restraint, an experimental attempt can be made!

            By concentrating (centralizing) the mind, to make it, devoid of thoughts, to consider it as ‘meditation’, is a usual state. The methods followed for it, are being present differently. Although it is agreed in principle… what actually is centralization of the mind, which doesn’t have clear (distinct) existence itself? If that thing, is kept aside… such a thing as making, the mind, ‘devoid of thoughts’, is not an appropriate understanding. Right from, the primitive, downward state, when lived, habitually, like any other organism… until the ‘intelligence’, which is the cause for the modern civilization, and development of knowledge – the basis is mind, and its constructive thought only! For physical – spiritual, progress, thoughtful (reflective) mind, itself, is the cause! Moreover, as mind (feeling) and thought, has integral connection (inseparable relationship), to make them absent completely is not possible. Not prudent (desirable).

            So, eliminating, the ‘wastage’, of thoughts, the development of uncovering of its meaningfulness (purpose), should be caused to remain. Practice of meditation, should be useful, in the path of increasing, constructive power of thinking.

            When the feeling itself – which is caused by means of biochemical response, of the brain that is influenced by senses, with the incitation of Nature – is prompted as thought, as mind…, as external visibility…, and as the form of action, for intellect…, in this order (process), when there is no possibility, to think, anything, separately, as mind, what should be concentrated, by means of way of meditation? By means of which should that thing happen?

            That the sensations of senses itself, on the brain, by means of feeling, such a thing as, ‘mind’, is caused, is indeed clear! If so, Nature and its external circumstances, the sense/ consciousness, they, cause on the sensory organs, by means of instigating, its related neurons, in the brain, itself, with the appearance of ‘feeling’, when that itself is becoming the cause for mind… by means of ‘preventing’ or, regulating that external sense/consciousness, if it is made that there is no possibility, for the stimulation for neurons… there wouldn’t be place, for sure, for the feeling that occurs thereafter, and for the ‘externality’, in the mind, and its thought! If the mind appears, in some or the other form… thought is inevitable! Instead, if the ‘closeness’ present for the sensory organ – and the external feeling of the Nature, is eliminated (forgetfulness), or at least decreased, then there wouldn’t be a chance itself, for sure, for the external feeling of neurons!

            External feeling, consciousnesses, only when they, join as internal feeling, consciousness, only when they change like that, they, by changing into citta (egoistic memory) … in functional form, that itself, establishes, as instinctive intellect. External sensory consciousness as mind (feeling)… its internal conscious as subconscious, its instinctive conscious as intellect, and its steadiness (constancy/permanence) as ‘psycho’, as internal memory… get established, in the neurons. Therefore, in the practice of meditation, the understanding – relating to the naturality present, right from the stage of feeling… until ‘psycho’ – is needed… For this, the method, of Dhyana Yoga (the beginning stage of Dhyanaprasthan, should be followed…

            Like this, Nature – feeling of senses, (sensorium) conscious – subconscious – neuroconscious – psychoconscious… the proper regulation, of this order itself, is the objective of Dhyana Yoga…!

            For Dhyana Yoga firstly, asana steadiness, thereafter, in succession, Pranayama – (controlled breathing) – concentration of the (vision) mind – oneness of the thought (contemplation) and meditation… introspection. The introspection is the awareness of the intuition/spiritual consciousness/the conscience.

            Dhyanaprasthan is, like a vehicle, for the process and procedure of the ascension of mind. In the manner of vehicle, of rocket, in the launching of satellite, in the path of ascension, ‘Dhyanaprasthan’, will be as vehicular basis, for the path of ‘the ascension of mind’. If so, in space launching, the need of rocket, is only until, its velocity exceeds gravity! So also, Dhyanaprasthan, in the limits of its sensorium, only to some extent, continues, along with the ascension of mind… In some other stage, that, in the spiritual path itself, at the state beyond the senses, facilitates, for the progress of the ascension of mind.

            ‘I’ is the possessive expression of the sensory or the mundane ‘self’! It has the existence of its own, till its union of the spiritual or the intuitive sense – self! Then the sensory of the sensorium mind becomes ‘the mind of the moral sanctity’ with the cause of the spiritual, or, the intuitive self, then, the sensory self has the positive intellect bearing the constructive and moral thinking. So, the actions and results, concerned would be so, accordingly.

            For the achievement of ‘the ascension of mind’ continued, in the method of ‘Dhyanaprasthan’, this is, a stage! For visible Nature (for materiality), this is, a spiritual beginning only!.. Jeevatmn – (Self) – conscience – as (sixth sense) intuition, in the path of practice, at the level of materiality, in usual state, circumstances, for mental peace, and for daily life discipline, the meditation, which has reached to this stage, its result, would be enough. The experience, feeling, of spiritual entrance, introduction… would be caused through this, only primarily!

            The monad may be the least unit of the Universal matter. So also, the Spiritual Self is the microcosm of the embodied energy and its entity of the sentiency…

            Microcosm – macrocosm – (pervasiveness) – the passiveness, re-microcosm…, this is, the entity of universe. So also, is the law of Creation also! The microcosm of body, in fertilization, attaining macrocosm, because of ‘growth’… with death that, merges with the Nature, as invisible microcosm. Similarly, the macrocosm of Universal Energy, as the microcosm of Life Force, in the organism… in the same way, the macrocosm (pervasiveness) of Universal Soul, as microcosm of Jeevatmn, in the organism, will be as law of consciousness – movement.

            Existence, purpose – utilization, re-existence…, this is an order. Principally this is, relating to change of matter. Body bound Jeevatmn, in the mundane related, sensorium, as Jeevatmn… so also, in intuitive sense, it has its existence, as Spiritual ‘Self’. Sensorium Jeevatmn, in close connection with, mind and intellect, would be as having physical life related consciousness… In the process, of Dhyanaprasthan, by transcending, this, as spiritual Jeevatmn (Spiritual Self), in that same method, in the path of Manoprasthan (ascension of mind), that itself, can be transcended, to the ‘awareness’ of Universal Soul – Supreme Soul. This itself can be considered as the path of Dhyana Yoga.

            Like this, through ‘Dhyanaprasthan’, in the path of ‘the ascension of mind’ firstly, sensorium (physical) Jeevatmn, should be ‘united’, with spiritual Jeevatmn. For that, as beginning, by means of attaining, steadiness of body, by means of, “yoga”; through Pranayama, centralization of transmitter of neurons; by means of concentration of view (vision), concentration of feeling…; so also, by means of contemplation, unison of thought and citta; Physical Self (mind), unites with Spiritual Self (Intuitive Self). Thereby, sensorium mind, undergoes mutational ascension, as ‘The Mind of the Moral Sanctity’.

            Intuitive mind, to transcend, as spiritual conscious, is the second stage in Manoprasthan. In this, firstly, the method of Dhyanaprasthan, has to be changed, as intuitive Manoprasthan. Beyond, the influence of, physical related, senses, with sixth sense awareness, intuitive mind (spiritual consciousness), has to be transcended as conscience. The conscience (sixth sense), which was in a usual way, until then, by means of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan, its ‘awareness’ would come into experience, and feeling. Usually, through existence – and its process, benefit itself, is the objective of practice, so, in the path of ‘ascension’, with the spiritual practice of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan, there is a chance to know, the abstract existence of, Soul. Although there is no special spiritual practice, the embodied Atma-Shakti (microcosm of entity of Universal Energy), as the microcosm of Jeevatmn, until the existence of the body, it, would be, in steady state only…

            Anyways, the objective of meditation is, along with attaining serenity of life, with physical body, mental, spiritual related health of body, development of mental strength, peace, and tranquility, it may be possible for, experiencing, the vision of spiritual, Supreme Wisdom, and its feeling.

            Prkrti – PuruSa, is ‘pairs of opposite’! Prkrti – life too is, is the same indeed! Anything which is related to life is, not beyond ‘pairs of opposite’… If so, the Creation related ‘pairs of opposite’, its characteristics, are different! Universal Energy with matter, as ‘Creation’, although is embodied energy, as Soul – Supreme Soul, philosophically, although is said to be ‘duality – non-duality… within the limit, of the pair called, ‘energy – matter’, although they are as two… the ‘the opposing pairs’ at the level of Nature, is not applicable, to this. So also, it is not duality also… Energy – matter… as internal – external – visibility – invisibility, – as eternal – transient, Creation related ‘energy’ – has to be considered, as ‘matter’ only. Therefore, this embodied relationship, has to be indeed considered only as ‘pairs of opposite’!

            This itself, has to be considered, as one-in-two or two-in-one. Atom, its particles and other micro states and thereafter, its previous transmutation, although there is very much… if atom itself, is comprehended, as the ‘least unit’ of matter… in connection with, energy – matter, for such a thing called ‘pair’ also, this itself, would be the final one. (This itself) For embodied energy, if ‘atom’, is said to be, least unit, then it would be even clearer. In the materialistic Creation, the law of, ‘unity – diversity’, is applicable, to this pair.

            In the Creation of transmutation of Universal Matter – Bio-matter is, just a stage. With the balance of heat and cold and, with the favorability, of climate, different types, of Nature, had appeared, on the surface of earth. This, consists of five vital elements… So, the body of organism of Nature is also built with five vital elements only. Sensory organs, is its sensation!

            Although, the first organism, was unicellular organism (the prior developmental stages of this are many), cell division, by following the bio-principle, with the appearance of, various species…, in the passage of time, those by undergoing internal and external changes, although had established, as human being, as the final stage of evolution of life, that, after reaching, the highest state, the progress (advancement) of this evolution of life, would follow the path of retrogression, again. The Universal Energy, which is embodied, in the name of "Creation", with transmutational pervasion, by following, the micro – macro – micro, ‘Universal Energy – matter’ principle, similar to, the pervasive Creation, has to reach, the microcosm of energy, again… even the transmutational pervasion, of Bio-matter – organism, belonging to embodied, after reaching its true highest level, in accordance with the eternal law of, consciousness – movement, in the retrogressive path that, has to inevitably reach, its starting position… That itself is, ‘Creation – Existence – Exhaustion’. Even so, this, like this, is indeed not, the permanent end! The movement (going) of transmutation, of beginning – transmutation (development) – end, follows the Universal Energy, and its eternal entity.

            If so, transmutation of the Bio matter, would be different to this… Except for the ‘existence’ of matter, the eternity of Universal Energy, does not apply to this… For that very reason, anything which has birth – it is only end of its ‘existence and transmorphism’ but, it, does not have restart, in that same way.

            Because of the difference, of ‘X – Y’, chromosomes, in living cell, ‘female – male’ gender difference, appears, in organisms. If so, such a thing as, was this difference, in the beginning, in the unicellular organism itself, or, did this gender difference appear, in the course of transmutation, is indeed a matter of analysis! Anyways… whether it is for diversity, or for 'opposing pair', that the (source) basis, is ‘unity’ is indeed clear! For that very reason, even though Universal Soul (Supreme Soul) is ‘unity’, although there is, characteristic of ‘oneness’, in the qualities and quantities of the organisms until Jeevatmn, they, have followed, diversity only. So, the characteristic of diversity that is present in the initial unity of Bio-matter itself, has become the cause, for the increase of number of human species. If so, this gender difference, in some organisms, possessing internal unity, in their externality that, although doesn’t look as ‘female – male’, the entity of gender, which is responsible for birth, would be present in them internally.

            The ‘female – male’, gender difference, in the organisms, is becoming the cause, for the procreation of the organisms… In suitability to that only, the shape (profile) of formation of body, and in the related, biochemical activity of hormones also, there is this gender difference.

            This is, applicable, not only for the body, but also for the mental state. For that very reason, however the living conditions, of female – male, may be… in the entity of life – mental state – the way of thought – wishes – aspirations – tastes, and others, ‘female – male’, individuality characteristics, are depending on gender difference only… Because of this only, in domestic life, wife – husband ‘oneness – unity’, are limited to, traditional practices only. They would be, like downright slaves, for social restrictions only. For their ‘sever’, moral relationship is standing as an obstruction – even so, the way of living of some ‘free individuals’, is becoming ‘ugly’, personally, and socially.

            Physical body – mental, gender difference, in the method of, practice of yoga, and meditation also, that would be present naturally. This should be taken note of. In the usual view, this, may not be felt, like a certainty. Even so, in the practical implementation in the form of actions, this, would be known clearly. In the results related to it also, there would be this gender ‘subtleness’.

            As the initial stage, of meditation, the practice of ‘yoga’, makes the body, favorable for it. Usually Padmasana, would be convenient, for the practice of meditation. If so, since, the favorability of the body, will not be same, for everybody, in the way suitable for it, one should ‘set’, the asana method… To keep the body – head, vertically, perpendicular to earth, so also, to keep the view, at ninety degrees angle, to the body – is meditation related, primary. If so, although it is seen, externally, to be able to keep the body in the lower part of neck, like that… in the middle portion of the back, it, may not be like that, in complete state.

            Like this, after setting the asana method, controlled breathing (starting stage of Pranayama), has to be practiced. Firstly, through the activity of breathing that is happening, usually, by breathing in air, as much as possible, very slowly, in the usual way only… the respiratory organs should be filled. By regulating (controlling), inhalation and exhalation, thereafter, in the activity of inhalation itself as much time as possible, exhalation, should be stopped. After that, exhalation should be done, steadily. In between inhalation – exhalation some time of rest should be followed. In this activity, equal time of inhalation – exhalation, should be followed. So also, the same time interval between inhalation – exhalation, should be followed, between the exhalation – inhalation time level also. Like this, the ‘withholding’ (resting) time, which is present between inhalation – exhalation… so also, exhalation – inhalation, should be increased gradually. If so, the time, of inhalations – and exhalations, would be ‘limited’, separately almost, at same level only. To do, this, more than that, may not be possible, physically. So, one should be able to, gradually, increase – the controlled time of rest present between inhalation – exhalation, so also, exhalation – inhalation. If so, in this process, pressure, should not be increased all at once, for the respiratory organs. By following, every precaution, in the matter of, breath holding time of, inhalation – exhalation – so also, in case of increasing the time also, one should practice, to increase, its possibility, gradually.

            Next, in the method that has to be followed, in the process of inhalation – exhalation, complete understanding is necessary. When breathing, through nostrils, in the beginning, by filling the air, through both, after some rest (breath holding), it should be exhaled. After continuing, like this, for sometime, by inhaling, from the right nostril, after holding, its exhalation, should be done from the left nostril. After doing, like this, for three times, this same process, should be shifted to left side. After completing in this way for three times again, in the usual manner, inhalation – exhalation, should be done for three times… The practice of breathing, and the activity of its holding, that has happened until now, like this, should be considered, as ‘one round’.

            In the second round, by starting, the inhalation, from the left nostril, exhalation, should be carried-on through the right nostril… Like this, by following the first round method only, second round should be completed. In the third round, inhalation – exhalation, and the breath holding activity, should be done in the usual manner for nine times… The entire process of breathing practice, which has happened until now, should be considered as one ‘unit’.

            At the primary level, the inhalation – exhalation – holding, practice, should be stopped, with one unit only. If so, though this activity of practice, is limited, for one unit, each time… in every sitting, one unit method, can be followed. After the controlled breathing practice of this Pranayama, is habituated very well (properly) and after attaining, easy possibility, of its performance, in one sitting (one turn) three units, can be practiced, in succession. But, it should not be completed, with two units only. So also, it is not beneficial to do more than three units… in one turn in succession.

            In the practice of, inhalation – exhalation, rest, breath holding, of this Pranayama, principally, increasing of time, should be developed. In the practice of breath holding itself, that means, along with following, equal, measure, to the time, of inhalation – exhalation, by applying, the ‘plus’ time of both of them, as one unit of breath holding… by considering, this ‘plus’ time, as one, gradually, in more ratio, to it, breath holding time, has to be increased. For example, if the ‘plus’ time, of inhalation – exhalation, is ten seconds, in the beginning, by starting, their (retention) withholding time, with twice as much time to it, gradually… twice… thrice… like this, by increasing, the retention (withholding) time, practice should be carried on, to increase, it, even more. In accordance with the increase of that ‘time’, there would be the result of Pranayama. This is, not something which happens all at once.

            By following this method of inhalation – exhalation, retention time interval, not limiting, this, just, to the organs of respiration… along with that, by following, ‘yoga’, in a systematic manner, with the ability to ‘oscillate’, the complete body also, rhythmically, there would be, more benefit for the practice of Pranayama. Thereby, its complete level result would be obtained (Kundalini is different to this).

            In the practice of meditation, by attempting for concentration of view (vision) only, with the concentration of thought, its, unity can also be achieved. As beginning for it, view should be kept, on the shape of sight (the object sight and its center point of the object…). Sitting in the yogasana method, view should be completely kept, on the objective sight that is present in front. In the beginning of this, seeing at the entire shape, the time interval, of closing, the eyelids, should be increased (look at first then, stare in the object).

            Firstly, towards the object, by seeing its entire area… gradually, by considering, the center of that object, as point, by bringing, its sight, to micro (subtle) state, in that state, by gradually closing the eyelids, finally, by closing them completely, one should be able to see, the micro-point form of that object, as feeling, in the mind… Like that, if it continues for sometime, as retention, with concentrated (centralized) view… the micro state of the sight (visibility), related feeling, thought, gradually, becomes invisible, and the qualities of, ‘Trans’ appear… The orderly development of this itself… is the gesture of meditation! Practice should be continued, until one is able to maintain, it, like that only. In the final stage, of the concentration of vision (view)… since, before the invisibility of feeling itself, the influence of sensory (senses), decreases, the ‘consciousness’, ‘memory’ related feeling, of external circumstances, sensorium mind and the density of their existence, decreases.

            In the gesture of meditation…, since the awareness of circumstances, senses, and feeling of the sensorium… decrease gradually, in that place, uncovering, related to sixth sense, starts. That feeling, for the experience of sensorium mind, would be, as different, new, and as undefined state. The mind, which reaches that state, itself, as intuitive mind or, as ‘The Mind of Moral Sanctity’, in the daily life, with the sense of sensations only, would be in functional form, in the performance of duty.

            This kind of, moral sanctity mind, will not give chance, for the usual, hastiness of thought. Mental self-control, way of discretion of matter, peacefulness, comes into experience… Even so, the sensorium, materialistic, surroundings influenced mind, by itself, can bring-about, the circumstances of reaching, its previous state! Even then, by following, daily spiritual practice, of the method of gesture of meditation, since the influence of sixth sense, attains supremacy, on the sensorium feeling, there would be no interruption, for mental steadiness. The peacefulness attained through meditation, is not something, which is limited only until the duration of meditation. In daily life, that, should be developed day by day as an important part. The receipt of results and benefit should happen with that only.

            This because of, the ascension of physical (senses) related, practice of meditation, is just a stage, of Manoprasthan (ascension of mind) of sensorium!... Along with this, spiritual related, practice for ascension of Jeevatmn also, can be done. That this, would be in two ways, is indeed a known matter!... In the usual state, the ‘Self’, which is in the state favorable, connected, to the mundane sensorium mind, is the first one. This is, individual self! (Physical body related Jeevatmn). The second is, the Jeevatmn (Self), which is with spiritual feeling, related, element, and has the microcosmic state of Universal Soul (Supreme Soul)! In the ascension of practice of meditation, firstly, mundane mind (feeling with thought), being influenced, to the sixth sense, that, with undergoing conversion, as ‘The Mind of Moral Sanctity’… the senses related, Jeevatmn (in principle this is one (same) only!), which was dependant on it, until then, thereafter, that would ascend, as spiritual/intuitive/sixth sense consciousness. In that state, Jeevatmn, as conscience, would be under the influence of sixth sense.

            In this way, Dhyanaprasthan, with the achievement of Manoprasthan, sensorium, usual mind… as intuitive mind… that itself, in the performance of karma (actions) of life, would be in experience, as ‘The Mind of the Moral Sanctity’.

            So also, by birth itself, along with the microcosm of mind, even the microcosm of Universal Soul (Jeevatmn) – which is hidden, in neurons, as the microcosm of Soul – by gradually surpassing, its physical senses influence, that itself, as conscience, as spiritual conscious, attains the state of ascension…

            This is, the final stage of, physical, Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan!

            The result, which has been obtained, as the practice of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan, that had happened, until this stage, should be considered as the ascension of physically, sensorium mind, as the sixth sense mind – as ‘The Mind of Moral Sanctity’, so also, spiritual related microcosm of Jeevatmn, which is under the influence of senses/sensorium… as conscience (spiritual consciousness) which is its basis.

            In Manoprasthan, this is, a life related, important primary stage! The ascension that happens thereafter, principally, in the path of spirituality, in succession, as Spiritual Consciousness – Divine Consciousness (Soul, Divine Soul) and after that, Universal Consciousness… – as Universal Soul – Supreme Soul… (The Supreme) in various ways of methods of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan, the path of ascension continues.

            Usually, with the physical – body, mind, life related limits, if Dhyanaprasthan is practiced, in such a way that, the sensorium mind, primarily, is ascended as sixth sense mind, as 'The Mind of Moral Sanctity'… if it can be done that way… peace can be obtained to the mind in the limits of daily life. To that extent, one should be able to make, the practice of meditation, successful!


            Keep your mind (the feeling of sensorium) in a deep sense (thought) of contemplation. Then strive to peep in (order) to seek the ‘Self’, through which you can have the Vision of the Spiritual Soul, i.e. the Divine Consciousness of the Universal Soul, The Supreme Soul.

The Meditation is of in:

  1. Sensitive or the Sensual meditation of the objectiveness.
  2. The Serene or the Silent meditation with neither idea nor feeling
  3. The sentient meditation, with a subjective sense and
  4. The Stoical meditation, bearing the abstract sense of ‘Zero’!

            The philosophy is neither a fancy, fallacy nor ontology one, but, it is an analogical metaphysics of the physics and also an ontological enunciation. It has an abstract accuracy of its Divine Consciousness, the entity of eternity regarding to the embodied energy – the Brahmam of its Sempiternity, which is to be known through the intuisive awareness – the ‘Super Mind’

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