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Sphoorthi Oum...         Oum Maa Viswa Roope Shakthi Roope Viswa Sphoorthi Gurave Namaha

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A Time Pass : Another Word

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Sphoorthi Oum

Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi

            Although sound, gesture, 'language' are considered, for the expression of feeling…, that which has, the signs of letters of the alphabet, binding of words, and construction of sentences, for it, itself, is recognized as written language. So also, that which has poetic metrical, grammatical discipline, as the improvement of literary language, the advantage of language, is although colloquial…, the usage, promotion of language, is classical style only!... Crudeness (rustic) will be anyway present; that is primary! In between classical – rustic as linking bridge, colloquial language, is indeed needed!

            With the feeling, of nine rasas (the nine traditional sentiments or emotions in art and literature), of the nine nerve centers of body, self-revealed determined Creation – poetical language – sound of chanting the Vedas in chorus! Is possible for sage! Veda means, that it is pure comprehensive knowledge, is the meaning! Senses, influenced, artistic, poet created, poetical, literature…, so also, three Gunas (qualities), instigated aesthetic enjoyment, literary activity… like this, the usage, advantage of language, will be present in various ways.

            In artistic, linguistic literature, the cherishing of emotions, is important. That too, the occasions of romantic, humorous emotions, ease the burden of feeling of subject. If so, their cherishment indeed should be such that romance, does not become nasty, and humor, does not become demonstration of derision (mockery), and raillery, in appropriateness of context, in the manner of not crossing, equilibrium!

            Vital elements containing, body, its mind, which is formed of senses, will be present, with natural instincts. Even so, when mental instincts, as unnatural provocations…, lead to personal weaknesses, individual – from the point of view of society…, and literature, should face it; should revive, personal eminence. In contrary to it, by inciting, mental weaknesses, and conditions, to cause to decline, human being, to even more, terrible state, is literary, social, betrayal indeed!

            For human being, along with personal, societal life, in direct and indirect way, there will be involvement, principally, with social, economic, political, educational, literary, and cultural…, various sectors. For that very reason, not limiting only to one subject, the mention of it in different way, is present in the book, "A Time Pass"… (Indeed not, in single window system – super bazaar model – marketing complex) Along with these, there will be, physical, spiritual, nearness coordinative, expression also. As a matter of fact, materiality, spirituality – besides not being, mutual oppositions, for human life, they are, indeed both sides!

            Guru means, usually, people consider as spiritual Guru only. Guru, should behave as, prophet, provider of knowledge. Similar to, his words, are coming from his mind, in material, spiritual matters, the way of life he teaches for others, in practice, it, should start with him only. For that, he should prove himself as ideal example. Knowledge, is not limited, just, to material, spiritual. There is another knowledge, which is beyond both of them. That itself is (theosophy) divine knowledge! Supreme Soul is truth of complete, absolute knowledge. The 'method' of I speaking simultaneously, through 'media', at different places, is indeed a part, in it! With different names, although it is felt as diverse, 'knowledge' is, indeed, unity! The usage of writing, should be, material – spiritual, coordinative integrity (integration) itself, as the objective of human life. Affection, compassion, complete perfect sage (man of wisdom), itself, is the true Guru. Along with this, 'A Time-Pass', after reading other books, written by me, readers themselves should think, if I am of that kind of Guru, or not. Although if you say, feel, "What sort of Guru, you are, you know!" I will not feel anything…. 'Balanced outlook, sound mind', means, that itself indeed!

            In the intermission period of the conversation of characters, in this book, there is no comment, explanation, and involvement, of the writer. It is completely, completion of conversations only!.... No prejudice!

– Viswa Sphoorthi

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