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Troubles Sunken the Mind; Comforts Change it Into a Lazy one

(Birthday - Tuesday, the 1st day of May, 2001)

My wholehearted gratitude to all of you, who have come for the celebrations of my birthday…. The opportunity to see, all of you directly, and talk… has not been fulfilled even on this occasion… Do not misunderstand indeed! I would try it some other time.  

Troubles sunken the mind; comforts change it into a lazy one. So, these two are not something that do good to human being. Instead, if one imagines comfort while in troubles, and remembers troubles when she/he is in comfort, probably there may be good balance in life at least to some extent! This itself may be considered as control of senses, or self-control. If so, for this, our mind should be under our control “as our own” always! If it has to happen like that, a lot of mental strength, physical strength, self-confidence, dedication, are needed. Meditation is a good path for this; devotion is another path! Through meditation (indirectly) that one can have the vision of me, is indeed an experience for some, spiritually. So, it would not be a difficult job – for my admirers, and those who aspire – to practice meditation.

To tell about the future of life, to answer questions, to give suggestions for problems, and about other related things – those who have subject and technical knowledge, in accordance with their status, many people indeed have been doing in various ways! If so, that is direct performance. When it comes to my matter, the method is different. Through medium in indirect way rather than what I am saying? What I am doing… that how is it happening is the matter that everyone must question themselves, and examine. I am hoping that all those who have listened to this message, all those who have experienced, would put this into practice.

By wholeheartedly accepting the birthday wishes, from all of you… in exchange to those, I am extending my wholehearted blessings to all of you

Please, consider and contemplate the following a few lines, that concerned with my concept, regarding to the existence and the consistency of the Spiritual Soul.

The mundane mind and the moral self are to be transcended to the Spiritual Soul, in order, either to be merged with, or absorbed into the Universal Soul – the perpetual Paramatmn. Thus, the Sensorium mind does immerse itself into the infinitude of the beatifitude. As, the innate sense is being innovated, the Spiritual mind can do function properly and accurately.

In consequence, both the lucidity and the placidity can be achieved in place of the cupidity and the stupidity…………

How is it to be gained?...

The deep meditation with the consecrated mood is needed to put forth the path of Truth. It is also to be practiced punctually and regularly. It is my word of being with you all the times, spiritually.

Bless you all the best

Thanks for your attention.

Guru Viswa Sphoorthi

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Sphoorthi Oum
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