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There is JIva-Shakti, in the Primordial Elements Containing Nature. Its Microcosm, Including Human Being, is Present in all Organisms. Even so, its Utilization, is Possible Only for Human Being

(Guru Poornima - Sunday, 9th day of July, 2017)

With the Permission of the President of the Gathering:

As one among you, as an individual, I am saluting, each of you; as a Guru, my Compassionate Blessings.

I wish to come in front of you; I wish to see all of you, directly; I wish to talk to all of you… even so, I am unable to come. Don’t misunderstand; I am indeed keeping good (comfortable) health.

There is JIva-Shakti, in the primordial elements containing Nature. Its microcosm, including human being, is present in all organisms. Even so, its utilization, is possible only for human being. For instance, one can improve – disease fighting ability, with Yoga; JIva-Shakti (Vital Power), Life Force in the brain, with Pranayama and; functional, deliberation strength, of mind, with meditation.

The 'Yoga', may prevent the cause for the ill-health, but it can’t cure the malady; so also, the Pranayama does provide the vitality to the brain for a while, instantly; By means of the meditation we may get a relief from the thoughts. Even so, the practice in continuance, gives some good results. So, please follow them.

I am extending my blessings included, gratitude, to all those who are conducting this program, and for those are cooperating with the spirit of service. So also, with divine blessings, Guru Poornima best wishes to all of you!

I am Taking Leave

- Viswa Sphoorthi

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Sphoorthi Oum
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