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With Humanity, Human Being… has to Transform into a “Learned Person”. Not as Money Indeed!

(Guruji's Birthday - Friday, the 1st day of May, 2015)

I am extending gratitude-filled salutations, for everyone, who is in attendance for the birthday celebrations, including the elders sitting on the dais. So also, as Guru, I am providing Compassionate blessings.                    

Next, coming to the subject matter…

We do not know, the state prior to the birth, so also, the situation after death, is also the same! Even so, in this matter, the explanations of religion, and philosophy, to the extent of their understanding, they may be imaginary realities, and beliefs… Pertaining to religion, it is only human belief but, there is no scope for logic, in that. So, birth – death… the time interval present in between these two only, may be considered, as life. For the experience of life, senses influenced, mind itself is the first witness.

To be visible, to be felt, so also, to think…, in this order, that which is visible is corporeal form; that which is felt is, mind; that which thinks is thought, reflection. Thereafter, because of implementation, result of act (doing) – the experience of its Karma. Usually, most of the part in life, would be in this order only.

Life is pairs of opposite. With good – bad; sin – goodness; wicked – virtuous; difficulty – comfort; sorrow – happiness; darkness and light, these, as pair, one after the other, are indeed usual, for human being. By causing the good, to the human mind, by increasing it, to that extent, to ensure that there is no place for bad, itself, is what the religion, philosophy, spirituality, related sacred books, SAstrAs, PurAnas, and their righteous campaigns are intended for.

For Ages and generations, although PurAnAs are saying that these righteous campaigns, moral preachings – for the establishment of Dharma in the order of Ages that the incarnations have happened… there is no clarity that the morality, has happened, in human mind in a systematic manner. It is not known that, because of the establishment of Dharma, wickedness has vanished, and virtuousness has increased. Moreover, with changes of Ages and generations, with the increase of wickedness, and unrighteousness, with human prudence, they have reached to climax stage in the Age of Kali. As a result, immorality (corruption) itself as morality, unrighteousness itself as righteousness, injustice itself as justice, political morality, the manner of human mind, are providing them royal support. Humanness, societal morality, have reached the state of grave. PurAnAs are saying, that the previous Age Dharma only has been established until today. Although more than five thousand years are passed for the start of this Age of Kali (Modern Age), even now, worship is being done for the incarnations of previous Ages only. Well, ‘incarnation has not come into existence’, for Age of Kali, indeed!

Anything, in the attempt to decrease it, there has to be decrease to some or the other extent, but, why increase should happen? Why should it become more extreme? If attempted for virtuousness, wickedness to increase, while incarnation is happening for the establishment of Dharma, Adharma to increase…; if this pattern is seen, there is chance for doubt, that there is some great flaw, in the cause and effect execution itself. For anything, along with its cause, only when there is clarity, in the execution, good result would be caused.

When life itself is a pair of opposite, to eliminate the antagonism, and bad in it, completely, may be unnatural; may look impossible. But, by following any method, which could decrease the antagonism, bad and its strength, in the pairs of opposite, good may be caused the benefit. The Sensorium Mind – which is as charioteer, for the good–bad… physical – spiritual pairs of opposite life – not to be under the control of Human Being, itself is, probably, a reason, for this antagonism; for that very reason, an attempt to bring the senses influenced mind under the control of Human Being itself should be the objective of spiritualty. For that, along with prayer, Asana – Pranayama – Dhyana (Meditation) would be useful. On this occasion, even the process and objective of DhyanaManoPrasthan, which is proposed by me, is the same! Although there is difference in the qualities and quantities, of practice, the final objective is, mind to come into the possession of human being only! Ascension is, natural only. It is indeed the order of conversional, transmutation of Space Matter only.

Whatever it is, life is certainty. For materiality, and even for spirituality, life itself is the basis. Although the human lifetime completes…; completion of incarnation happens…; what is there to happen thereafter? Only clear inactivity only, for that very reason, I am wishing you to understand, and recognize, the importance of life, the necessity, need of its existence, and the goodness of the humaneness of human being.

With humanity, human being… has to transform into a “learned person”. Not as money indeed! With ascent and spiritual practice, should attain the sacredness and the feeling of divinity. With hard work only human being; Rishi in human being only! Making it possible through practice is the uniqueness of human being. The ascension of humanness itself is, the divine feeling. Humanness – Newness – Divinity…; this itself is, the ascension of mind in the practice of Manoprasthan.

The human society needs, the ‘love’ of the humanity and of its modernity in an innovative affinity of the fraternity!

Jai Human – the, Humanity;

Jai God – the Divinity; and

Be Compassionate – the Paradise.

Human – Humanness…;

God – Divinity...;

Compassion itself is the Bliss

         I am extending Divine Blessings to everyone once again…

Taking leave…

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Sphoorthi Oum
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