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Present Itself is the Connecting Bridge

To question is, not opposing, to examine is not offence indeed. For the naturalness of thought, that is indeed usual way! When the past is questioned, and examined only, the good and bad in it would be revealed. Belief should not become a hindrance, impediment for it. Moreover, that is indeed uniqueness for human intelligence. Mental strength, prudence should not be wasted only with belief. Usefulness, utilization of Creation, would be based on the way human uses it.

In the past – present – future division of time, present itself is the connecting bridge for the past and future. Since the naturalness of Creation is the basis for change, through present only, future goes into the past. It would not come back. The future that comes, will not stay in the present too. That means, in the division of time, only the present has the constant existence. That itself is the life, that itself is the certainty, that itself is utilization, usage! So, one should recognize, the importance of present, very clearly. Human does not know the birth in future. That, coming into the present life, by living having the existence as interval of time, going into the past with death, once it becomes invisible, there would be an end to the life. In fact, this evolution of life happens constantly. For that very reason, movement itself is time and the time, which has time interval itself is, duration. That itself is present, useful present, utilizable present, and life is present.

So, the present time interval itself is the indicator of qualities and quantities of life. The matters of interest of this present life itself are hidden in the human history as past memory. Since movement itself is time, time does not separate existence. Well, even the duration, which is considered as its division, is of that kind only, indeed! Energy – matter movement, time–duration – these have integral relationship. Universal Energy (Paramatmn-Brahman-Mother Universe) is the linking basis for that. Change is inevitable. The ‘fact’ (reality), in the life is nominal tool, is probably is this only. In this order, the examination of life of Creation is, needed.

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Sphoorthi Oum
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