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Practical Philosophy and Religious Humanism

(Intellectual Meet at Repalle (at 6:00PM) Sunday, the 16th day November 2003)

Dear Intelligentsia,

I convey my apt blessings to you all………..

I am directly coming to the subject matter without going into prefix part.

The life revolves around Mind – its Thoughts and Experiences. Air, Water and Food are its subsistence. Subject knowledge, reasoning, discrimination and intelligence are the innovatory intuition…These are the abstract aspects of the instinct. Nature – Surroundings – Conditions – Senses – Sensorium and its Mind, thus is the mundane division of the Mind…

“Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha” (Justice, Earn, Lust and Liberation) are the four PuruSArthAs in Indian Philosophy and it exhibits physically in life. For a Karma Yogi (Saint) – Karyadeeksha (presence of mind towards achievement), Interest, Ethics – Guidance are important. Liberation is its Divine/Spiritual specialty.

Individual Self (Inner Consciousness) – Spiritual Self (Divyathma) – Universal Soul (Viswaathma) – Supreme Soul (Paramathma) – the self-existence (Swayambhu). This order is the spiritual division of the life. In the middle of the Individual Self and the Supreme Soul, the Soul (spiritual self) exists. The Soul is having physical and spiritual importance in life. The Soul itself is the micro sentiency of the Universal Energy. Universal Energy is eternal.

The sentiency and its mutability are the awareness of the consciousness. The centroid of the sentiency, being caused for the circuit of the vital force by the means of the Electro-Magnetic neural process, is to be considered as the consciousness.

The centron of the metabolic protoplasm (being) circulated by the Hydroelectric process may be the life force.

According to the nature of unity (Ekathwam) and diversity, sensitive, consciousness, Cosmical, Spiritual, Divine – Universal and Supreme Nucleus are in diversified forms.

The consciousness has the subtitle entity of the embodied energy i.e. the Soul / Spiritual Self. The Mundane / the individual self, which is to be merged with the Supreme Soul, the Absolute, is to be culminated to the Spiritual Soul, through the process of the ascension and the transcendence.

Generally, the meditation mitigates the pressure of stress cause for the lack of peace and pleasure, due to the materialistic supposed and imposed thoughts of events that oppress the mind. It would also provide a little repose and mettle to the self. But, we can achieve the vision of Self / Soul; by means of Metagnostic Meditation.

These are my views in brief that echo the gist of concept regarding to the practical philosophy and the religious humanity – Nevertheless, they are to be reviewed with no prejudice.

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Sphoorthi Oum
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