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No Existed, Located, or Established Soul

(Guruji's Birthday - Monday, the 1st day of May, 2000)

Dear Gentry of Genius and Eminent Intelligentsia,

I wish to part my cordial blessings to you all, for your earnest attendance in this conference. I have been synchronizing my spiritual activities through my Divine and the Pervasive Mind.

In the following succinct and the laconic narration, I would reveal my spiritual concept in brief regarding to the “Metaphysical Soul”. My concept based on mainly the “Religious Humanism as well as the Practical Philosophy” that deals with the transcendental method, named out as “Dhyan Prasthan”. In accordance with my theory of the spirituality in case of Spiritual Soul, The Existence of it is an essential aspect to the human life. Howbeit, it is my perpetual propensity that there is no either existed, located or established Soul. However, the human Mind itself is to be transcended to the Spiritual Soul by means of Meditation on the process of the ascendancy.

So the spiritual Soul is to be achieved only…. It neither come nor occurs by birth itself instantly. Though there may be no acquiescence to my theory of Soul mentioned, please contemplate a while regarding to its, motive of practical performance and the authenticity.

So it is better of habituating and practicing the Meditation even more systematically with the process of “Dhyana Prasthan”, bearing the view of manipulating your mind as a quiescent one in the preliminary stage.

If you continue the process you may get the acrementation of the alendence, concerned to the meditation in order to gain the spiritual mind that can perform even the domestic or the corporeal duties constructively and successfully because of it is an impeccable one gained. In addition to the reflection of the affliction radiation will be no more.

The intuitive invention and the experimental experience, both are in need in order to seek the Truth. So, realize the ‘Self’, and be in reality. Transcend the so-called Self, to achieve the Spiritual Soul, and be in the immersion of the Rapture or the Eternal Bliss… Being in the Spiritual / Divine repose is the enlightment.

Be In Peace and Wish You All the Best

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Sphoorthi Oum
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