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Practice meditation – know the mind; practice Dhyana – see…, what – who is ‘human’. Human’s only is the sacredness (excellence); knowledge only can, enthrall the life.

(Sri Viswa Guru Poornima - Friday, the 19th day of July, 2016)

For the elders, on the dais, admirers, as the courtesy of humanity, I am greeting you, following that are my compassionate blessings

Guru Poornima is – good day, on which Gurus are worshipped. Since the word ‘Guru’, is an indication for ‘knowledge’, along with, Guru Poornima, VyAsa Poornima, it may be, referred to as, ‘JnAna Poornima’ too!

‘The root of knowledge’ is – Brahman, Brahman is, universally pervasive; knowledge too is, like that only! If so, human existence, in the Creation is, very small. So, human knowledge too, should be indeed thought, like that only!

PurAnic text as witness, until the DwApara (Bronze) Age, Gods – demons…, used to live, as division, for good, bad (well, don’t know about human beings indeed!), Gurus also, used to be different, for them. That means… can we consider them as, Gurus who preach good, so also, Gurus, who instigate bad…? It may not be, like that. Based on disciples, we can decide their Gurus, as good – bad for sure! Life is pairs of opposite. So, such things as, ‘good – bad’, specifically, would not be present, only in some, only one individual.

‘Human – mind’…; life means, these two only! In between these, there are, inevitable, inseparable, relationship, bondage of life, livelihood. Even so, mind’s only is, the supremacy, on human. To consider, to think to have, anything…; is habitual for mind…; its implementation labor is, of the body’s; its result and experience is however, of mind’s only, indeed!

In thinking, ‘I – Mine….’, mind is of…, human being’s only! Even so, human, himself, to become a bondslave, to his mind…, is indeed an experience, for all! Although Gurus, MahAtmAs, have been preaching, and numerous religious books, have been explaining…, for Ages, so that human, should be relieved, from the possession of mind…, even as of today, mind’s only is the upper hand. Although human, has transformed, as Rishi, with penance, the state, of ‘human – mind’, did not change. Senses, attribute instigated, mind, usually, to be attracted, towards bad only is, indeed natural!

As a matter of fact, ‘human – mind’, in these, there is ‘no’, clear, directly, visible form, for any of them…; the doubt – that, to say like this, it is alright, as far as mind is concerned but, what is it that, human, does not have ‘form’? – would be caused…… If so, if one questions, and analyzes, in the manner of, ‘I – Mine’, corporeal body, is of human being’s only, but…; human being is, however, not body indeed! So also, human – mind, these two, would be known as invisibilities only. Strictly between ourselves! Did anybody, see her/his original, face, anytime? No. That which is visible in the mirror is, indeed the xerox of the face only! Well, even so, face is, with you only, indeed! With touch, experience feeling, of the original, would be caused. This itself, as ‘Maya – Mithya’, philosophical illusion! In corporeal Creation, anything is, like that only! The permanency, of the entity, of beingness itself is, Creation!...

The mind is an instant, sensory function and the person is an abstract, ‘Self’ presence only; No, any specific formation… The mind makes the person, a votary, and behaves like a notary.

So, human – mind, as mutually depending, although is one life only…, they are, something indeed not known, to each other! Relating to mind, the study of the books I have written, could clarify this.  

Human to be present, in the possession, of mind, is indeed an experience of life, for everyone. In connection with life, by recognizing the need of mind, to that extent, by means of knowing, the importance of human, human may be averted from the possession of mind. Even so, materiality, which is performed, with materialistic knowledge, itself, has importance in life. Spirituality, philosophical asceticism, anything, in the entire lifetime, has to certainly depend on materiality! So, materiality is, for everyone…, spirituality is, for some…, philosophy is, only for few more! For that reason, for everyone, the understanding of life is, required.

The self-realization is the self-help, and, the guide to the life. So, revise the past, realize the faults done…, rectify and ratify them, then strive to prosper the life... Also, the mind is to be subjugated to the person, by means of an introspective imbibition. For that sake – meditate the mind..; dedicate the ‘Self’, and predicate the purpose of the life.

The life is neither pressure nor pleasure but, only the domestic burden of the happiness… It is also both dutiful and beautiful assignment, and also regular response.

Please analyze the matter mentioned and synthesize the subject in an objective manner.

If there is breathing only, there is contemplation; with contemplation only the life… If there is life only… whether it is materiality, spirituality, philosophy or asceticism. So, the importance, need of life has to be recognized. Practice meditation – know the mind; practice Dhyana – see…, what – who is ‘human’. Human’s only is the sacredness (excellence); knowledge only can, enthrall the life.

Belief is, solace for mind. The belief gives the relief. Life itself is a belief. Religion, God, Guru, the belief, trust, one has on them, itself is, the confidence, for human; have determination, with meditation; send messages. As far as possible, I would answer, them.

For the society, which has arranged this program, for those who have conducted this meeting, for the volunteers who worked hard for that, for the respectable elders, I am extending divine blessings, again, and taking leave….

Jai Human – The Humanity…;

Jai God – The Divinity…

Be Compassionate – The Paradise!

Human – Humanity…,

God – Divinity…

Compassion itself is – Bliss

… Taking Leave

Viswa Sphoorthi

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Sphoorthi Oum
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