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Eliminating TamO, RajO Gunas, With the Lighting of the Lamp of Sat Guna, Every Individual, has to Turn, Into Good Human Being. That Itself is – in the Name of TrinEtra KArtika Deepam That is Lighted

(KArtIka Poornima - Friday, the 23rd day of November, 2018)

Compassionate Blessings – KArtIka Wishes for all…

Human – mind, good – bad, light – darkness, comfort – sorrow – like this, the meanings, in the words of duality, although are different, those, indeed have inseparable relationship! Prkrti – PuruSa, livelihood – life, are of that kind only!

Good – bad, virtuous – evil, in some or the other form, are indeed present in every human being! That is, indeed bio-instinct! But, based on the purAnic stories, Gods & Goddesses, for good, demons, for bad have been considered as specific divisions. But, there is no such state, division, in particular, in human beings. In every human being, as differing difference, good – bad, both are present. Even so, what is, the clear, standard, which is applicable in the same way, for all, for the determination, of good, bad? So, whether it is Gods (Goddesses) – demons – or human beings, in anybody, it is not possible, for the presence of only good or, bad. So also, whether it is divinity in Gods – cruelty, in demons, is not present equally in all of them. Well, in power and competence too, it is indeed the same! So, as birth print (stamp), the determination, of good – bad, is unnatural only. Rather than the excellence of birth, the purposefulness of life itself is, the best.  

Bio Nature, of vital elements. Body with PuruSa. Mind, forms, because of Nature – senses. In accordance with that only, TridOShAs in body, are becoming the cause, for the protection for health, and TriguNAs in the mind, for the good, bad behavior. Principally, mind is, TriguNa standard only, good, bad determination, evil, virtuous, of human being, are from within that only! TamO Guna, relating to mind, becomes cause for ignorance, stupidity, and foolish behavior; RajO Guna, for egoism, egoistic feeling; and Sat Guna for knowledge, goodness. In accordance with that only, the good – bad, in life, are determined.

In the attempt of, keeping only the good, to the human mind and, increasing it, SAstrAs, purAnic texts, have played their role. By means of describing, the fights between good, bad, in the name of Gods, devils, simply to teach good, to human being, may be the objective… In that effort only, there is, even role and involvement of, message oriented, auspicious days.

For example, through Dusshera Navaratri, and Deepaawali celebrations, to make-known the people, the fights, happened between good – bad, virtuous – evil, and their results only, may be the objective. In the name of Navaratri, by resisting the TamO Guna highest state, the root of power, of MahishAsura, continuing the fight, it was destroyed. So also, marking the auspicious occasion of Deepaawali, the egoistic, escalation, of the RajO Guna of NarakAsura, ended with war, that happened, with Lord Krishna. In this way, it is purely to make-known to people the message that, the peak of TamO Guna, the egoistic increase of RajO Guna, give destructive results only!

As the understanding of purAnic texts, the ‘TrinEtra’ of the Supreme Shiva, is being considered, as the symbol, of treasure of power, and abode for the fire of knowledge. That itself is, (the indirect) message of, Sat Guna. For the human being – who could make his mind, devoid of TamO, RajO Gunas (qualities) – this is only – the result, fruit of Sat Guna!

That which eliminates the darkness is light; lamp is, the symbol for that. TrinEtra – Shiva JyOti – JnAna Tejam – KArtika Deepam……! Human being, by identifying, understanding, the TamO, RajO Gunas, in her/his mind, and which are the cause for the ignorance, and by eliminating them, with lighting the lamp of knowledge of Sat Guna, every individual, has to turn, into good human being. That itself is, in the name of TrinEtra, KArtika Deepam that is lighted.

Blessings, to everyone…..


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