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Ascent Dhyana, can Cause to Reach, the Human, Sensory Mind, to the Spiritual Highest State

(Vijaya Dashami - Friday, 19th day of October, 2018)

Including the Members of Sphoorthi Family, for all… with Divine Blessings, Best Wishes of Vijayadashami…

The Nature of primordial elements itself is, the causative factor of biological Creation. The human life in it is, pairs of opposite. Pairs of opposite means, the life, between the two, that is felt, as ‘one opposite, to another’. Good, bad, virtuous, evil, comfort – difficulty – these kinds of things are from within that only! Inevitable to experience! So, there is no scope to escape. The way, of living whatever it may be, life is that only !

In the name of good, bad, virtuous – evil, division happened, in purAnic texts as Gods – Devils. If so, both of them, have established, in human being, as one only. For that very reason, human life is, pairs of opposite! That means, two in one, or, one, with two! This pairs of opposite performance, happens, with human knowledge, ignorance.

Efforts have been put, in many ways for generations, to ensure that there is no bad, in human being. Religions, religious books, incarnations although have been following efforts of publicity, and practical methods in many ways, wickedness (evilness), has been increasing, in human being. The technological development of human being, is present as assistance to it.

Good – bad, starting with human being only, gradually, they, spread into the society. So, to ensure that there is no bad, should begin with human being only. Personally, that task has to start, with human being only. Since the problem is of human being, anything, that happens, excluding human being, will not be successful. Good, bad, thought, practice, in human being, whatever it may be, others would not know, that much, the human being knows. So, that human being only, should know, the strength to ensure there is no bad in her/him.

The thing that – that which leads the human life, as good, bad is, mind, is indeed known to all! With the instigation of quality present for human being, mind, functions as good and bad mostly. Even so, with the uniqueness of thought present for human being, mind can be made to function in a good way. Even the devils – who are grouped as wicked, evil (unjust), with penance – could obtain, the power more than Goddesses, from the Gods itself. Even so, they had utilized, the power they achieved, with foolishness (stupidity), for their destruction only; properly utilized for Rishis. Since human only can become Rishi, with the possibility, of achievement of power, for human being, there is an opportunity to eliminate, the bad in her/him, with its proper utilization. Even if not through penance, through meditation and, Ascent Dhyana, they could be the achievers of mental strength. Indeed possible!

For that, as a beginning, human being, has to recognize, the good – bad, of the thoughts, practices, relating to her/his mind. In those, by keeping, the good, just like that, should try to decrease the bad. He/she should achieve, the mental strength, required for that, through Dhyana. Since mind only, leads, the life, with good, bad, through strengthening that only, should decrease the bad in her/him. Through systematic, Dhyana, mind acquires, that great energy (strength). When the devils only have acquired, the power to defy, Goddesses, would not the human mind acquire the strength to eliminate the bad in her/him? Would definitely acquire. There should be no doubt. Ascent Dhyana, can cause to reach, the human, sensory mind, to the spiritual highest state.

Revise the past; realize the faults and folly; rectify and ratify them; then follow with no fault and hesitation. Having been with humanity and its compassion, the human ascends to the ultimate ubiquity and achieves the acclivity of the divine dignity.

Jai human – the humanity…;

Jai God – the Divinity…;

Be compassionate – the Paradise!

For all, best wishes with blessings, I am taking

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Sphoorthi Oum
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