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Only Through the Achievement of Supreme Wisdom, the Purposefulness of Human Life Would be Achieved

(Sri Viswa Guru Poornima - Friday, the 31st day of July, 2015)

If to know is considered as knowledge, if it is compared with what is known until then, that which is not known itself is very much… It is always the same! Those who know to make-known…; as senior – junior, like this, as habit, formality, has been indeed going on, in the human history!

Those who teach subject knowledge are Gurus. In those, as Educational Gurus, as Religious Gurus, as Spiritual, Philosophical Gurus, they would be present as those belonging to various sectors. Guru Poornima, in the name of Vyasa, has been established, to worship, and respect, those kinds of Gurus only. Execution of duty with purity in thought, word, and deed itself is, the auspicious indication of good results.

Thought is, the uniqueness of human being. That which does that function itself is, Sensorium Mind. Along with the subject knowledge, only through the achievement of Supreme Wisdom, the purposefulness of the human life would be achieved. That is, not the purpose of birth indeed! This uniqueness of thought itself, may become the cause, for the eminence of human being… so also, for the downward path and decline of human being. To know this small thing itself is, discretion. For anything, Sensorium Mind itself is, functional charioteer, so, if this mind is, controlled in a good way, if that could be ensured that it is under the control of human being only…; along with individual, benefit would be caused for social wellbeing too. For that very reason, the technique of practice of Dhyanaprasthan, has been intended for.

I have a suggestion! Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, these are intended for the health of human body, and for the mental peacefulness. If so, the present Nature, is not suitable, for the practice, implementation, of Patanjali Maharshi written, AstAnga Yoga. The purity, of Nature of Vital Elements, of those days, is not present in these days. Everything is polluted. Air, water, and food, which support the body, is almost poison filled. Today’s situation is such that, the Earth itself does not get Oxygen in a suitable way. To think, “Taking bath in Ganga River is very pure”, is the thought of past. Today, in the name of purification, Ganga River itself, is being provided oil bath. The conditions, in which even the Vital Elements also should have to be bathed, are nearby.

So, I am reminding you, that you should recognize these certainties, in the matter of practice, of Yoga – Pranayama – Meditation, which are the reason for good health. In this present Nature – in which numerous pollutants, are entering, the body, in heaps, secretly, with regular breathing only – rethinking is needed for everything.

Think, if silent meditation, is good. Recognize the important of life.

Love the ‘Self’ and of its life…;

It comes once nothing else;

Make use of its utility and the ability

even a little with no futility;

Like, the others and of their ‘Being’;

The tolerance provides the balance

of the humanity and also adapts the



The propensity of the mind

the intensity of the intuitive

innovation shall ascent

the human to be an also

lute one


My aim is, that the human society has to be matured, as “Human Society”

Finally, for the members of society, who, by admiring me as Guru, are conducting this program with responsibility, I am extending congratulations, and blessings, wholeheartedly. My wholehearted blessings, to the Chairman of the Meeting, and the speakers, on the dais. So also, my thankful blessings, to the volunteers, who are making this program successful, with selfless service.

Including the spectators, with salutations to everyone who is here, divine blessings, to everyone, again…

Taking leave…

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Sphoorthi Oum
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