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Frequently Asked Questions

What is "SPHOORTHI OUM" and its significance?

Sprout, which comes out from the seed, changes into a big tree, and that great tree gives shadow, wood, firewood, house wood and will be useful in many other ways. It takes the carbon dioxide, which we leave and gives us good shadow. The way that great tree, which is useful in so many ways, is being useful for everyone, in the same way with this "Sphoorthi Oum” also, it becomes “Joy Giving” for everyone. When you greet each other with this phrase, “Sphoorthi Oum”, harshness (brutality), foolishness in you will be eliminated, and how much ever pain you may be present in when you greet with “Sphoorthi Oum” you can see friendliness in others and it would be “Joy Giving” That great power is present in “Sphoorthi Oum”.

What are the dietary restrictions I need to follow on the day of my visit to DhyanaManoPrasthan?

On the day of visiting Dhyanaprasthan, one has to consume only vegetarian food. One should not consume alcoholic beverages and smoke. It is best if one can come complete fasting, or with at least no solid food consumption for two hours before coming to Dhyanaprasthan (try to attend Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan with empty stomach). Both, moderate hunger and moderate exhaustion helps one get good concentration.

What are the rules, regulations and restrictions I need to follow before attending a Spiritual Activity at any Guruji's Spiritual Center (DhyanaManoPrasthan)?

It is well known that the spiritual activities need hygiene, cleanliness and sanctity of mind. If the body is fitly then the mind cannot be healthy. Hence, you should make sure that, when you visit DhyanaManoPrasthan, you should, obligatorily, take a shower (over the head) and put on washed cloths (preferably white cloths). After coming to Dhyanaprasthan, before entering, please wash your feet and hands with water kept for you at the entrance and sprinkle 'Haldi (turmeric) water', provided at the entrance, for further purification.

What are the rules, regulations and restrictions I need to follow while I am inside the Spiritual Center (DhyanaManoPrasthan)?

Systematically, as per convenience, kindly sit in rows marked separately for gents and ladies. Self-discipline helps rather than code of law. So, please follow the spiritual and customary formalities. Kindly maintain "pin drop" silence in meditation hall to create the atmosphere of peace and harmony. If you feel it is necessary, kindly leave the meditation hall, complete the conversation and re-enter the hall. Kindly, enforce strict self-discipline during your presence in meditation hall. It is a request that all devotees have to maintain discipline and cooperate for the conduct of activities at DhyanaManoPrasthan

I am thinking of talking to Guruji in my next visit - can my spouse talk to Guruji on the same token issued to me?

The names of those, who wish to seek blessings/talk to Guruji, shall be registered. Only one individual shall be allowed on one token. If a couple wishes to talk to Guruji, individually, they are ought to register their name individually. Both of them together can seek blessings.

Is it compulsory for me to participate in the Mass Meditation on the day of my visit to Dhyanaprasthan?

Yes, indeed! Only those who participate in Mass Meditation would have eligibility to meet Guruji

I am coming to Dhyanaprasthan for the first time, what all information am I suppose to provide for registration?

New devotees coming to DhyanaManoPrasthan for the first time are requested to register their name and address with telephone number, to enable us to contact them and inform them of various activities in future

I am coming to Dhyanaprasthan from a far-off place - is it possible for me to meet Guruji soon so that I can make my way backward as soon as possible?

The names of new devotees, devotees who come from long distance, and locally residing devotees shall be registered separately. They would be sent for Guruji's blessings/interview in the said order only.

My friend told me that one should remove metallic objects and ornaments before going to seek blessings from Guruji. Is it true?

Yes! It is indeed true! Before going for interview with Guruji, please remove all metallic items (belt etc.) and ornaments on your body to enable you to receive spiritual energy effectively from Guruji.

I am coming to Dhyanaprasthan for the first time, Guruji has given me Turmeric powder packet and other PrasAda - how am I suppose to use it?

At the end of interview, Guruji will give you 'PrasAda' (includes sugar crystals, fruit, and turmeric powder). Please ask the volunteers to know how the PrasAda is to be consumed. Guruji stores energy in each one of those before giving it to the devotees. It is very important to consume, especially, turmeric in a disciplined fashioned.

What is the significance of Turmeric Powder that Guruji gives?

Turmeric powder is intended to bring some changes, which may take the individual in the path of spirituality, and thus helpful in causing to practice meditation. However, mere consumption of turmeric power will not bring-in miraculous changes in life. Meditation is the only way one can bring changes in their life.

Guruji has given me PrasAda - can I give them to my family members and friends?

No! you are not supposed to share the PrasAda, given to you, with other family members unless Guruji specifically says so.

For how many days are the females barred from coming to Dhyanaprasthan during the menstrual cycle?

Ladies (including their family members), during their menstrual period (6 days), should not attend DhyanaManoPrasthan, the reason being, Guruji establishes Mother Universe in the form of force, and Divine Mother is the Supreme. They can attend DhyanaManoPrasthan on seventh day.

What are the other situations in which one should not enter Dhyanaprasthan?

Apart from the monthly menstrual cycle, when impinged with other kinds of filthiness also, one should not come until they get over the same.

I am interested in learning Guruji's subject - are there any regular subject discussion classes held in Dhyanaprasthan?

Guruji conducts group discussions during Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan sessions intended for JnAnaprasthan. You are required to express your opinion on the subject under discussion without any hesitation, without indulging in unnecessary debate. Learn to respect the feelings of others, because everybody has a right to existence.

After visiting Dhyanaprasthan and/or after I started practicing Asana - Pranayama - Dhyana, I have had several experiences, which I intend to share with others - Is there a way I can do it?

Before leaving Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan, kindly, write your experiences in writing in the book intended for that only, or electronically after you leave DhyanaManoPrasthan

One of family members is diseased, and she/he cannot come early for registering her/his name - Is there any system wherein someone else can register the name?

Others can register the names of diseased. The responsibility, that the diseased should be present on time, would be of those who registered the names only. Opportunity will not be given to those who waste time.

I need to discuss my personal issue with Guruji but, I lack time to stay back for an interview with Guruji - Can I talk to Guruji while I seek blessings?

None should try to talk to Guruji while seeking blessings. Should there be a need, Guruji Himself would start the discussion.

Can I touch Guruji while I seek blessings?

While seeking blessings from Guruji, one should not try to touch Guruji; should not try to touch even His feet.

Sphoorthi Oum
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