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Frequently Asked Questions

I have lots of personal experiences, after visiting DhyanaManoPrasthan and coming to Guruji, and I want to share them in public - how do I do that?
You can share your experiences through a prescribed format available in your nearest Spiritual Center, or through our website at
I cannot find the category of experience, I had, in your online form - under which category should I upload my experience?

We are sorry that you could not find the specific category of experience you had. You can upload your experience in "Other Category" and name the category in the text box (would appear when you select "other") provided so that we can make that particular category available moving forward.

Would the organization share my personal data, which I share through my experience, for marketing purposes?

No! The organization shall never share/use the personal data of devotees for commercial (marketing) purposes other than the internal organizational use. However, the entire information you share with your experience shall be made available online for the benefit of other devotees.

Would my experience be shared in public throughout the world?

Yes! For the benefit of other devotees, your experience, along with the personal information you share, will be shared on our website for public view

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