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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aarogyaprasthan?
Aarogyaprasthan has two components, "Aarogyam" (scientific) means health, and "Prasthan" (spiritual) means ascendancy. "Aarogyaprasthan" is the combination of both 'Divine Healing' done by Guruji, and 'medical treatment' given by the medical professionals. According to Guruji, while "Aarogyam" is the component that has to be taken care of by the physicians, volunteers and the patients themselves, "Prasthan" is taken care of by Guruji. Both the components have equal responsibility and participation for the sake of both the individual health and the public health.
What is Divine Healing?

Divine Healing is the Guruji's method of diagnosing and treating the disorders, of both physical and mental origin, by means of 'Divine Energy'.

What is the primary objective of Divine Healing?

The primary objective of Divine Healing is to combine 'Divinity' (Guruji's Divine Energy) and 'Science' (Allopathic/Homeopathic/Ayurvedic Treatment) when needed, and make use of the same for both accurate diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of disorders, and make them available within the reach of the common man. Chronic debilitating, and untreatable disorders of economic and social burden in general, and diseases related to Heart, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension in particular are the prime focus of the organization. The goal of the organization is to minimize, and ultimately eliminate these disorders, and make people free of them.

When is the Divine Healing more effective?

Divine Healing is more effective when one practices Asana - Pranayama - Dhyana (Ascent Dhyana) continuously

Does Guruji provide Divine Healing only if the patient is in physical contact with Guruji?

No! Guruji can provide Healing even if the individual is located in a different and/or distant location. Furthermore, it is not necessary that the said patient must have met Guruji at least once.

What kind of disorders are treated through Divine Healing?

Guruji can treat any disorder right from "Common Cold" to "Cardiac Origin", both functional and organic, through Divine Healing

Do all the treatments happen purely only through Divine Healing (Divine Energy) with no medical sciences intervention?

No! Many treatments need a combination therapy of Divine Healing and Medical/Surgical intervention for optimal results. Guruji shall guide and treat accordingly.

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