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Frequently Asked Questions

How does one define YogAsana?
Yoga is – the exercise of body – which is scientific, accompanied by the movements of various angles. Yoga practice moulds the body in a principled manner, and plays a vital role in the body - mind coordination, thereby, preparing the mind for practice of meditation.
At what age is one suppose to start practicing Asanas?

Everyone who is more than eight years of age can start the process of Asana-Pranayama-Dhyana. If one starts slowly, she/he can face the severe consequences that are going to come in future – and this is going to be the only technique that could tolerate such situation.

What are specific food restrictions I need to follow before and after practice of Asanas?

One should not consume solid food at least 2 hours before and liquids at least 30 minutes prior to the practice of Asanas. Also, one should not consume solid food at least for 30 minutes after the completion of practice of Asanas.

Can I learn yoga by reading theoretically on the internet (and/or books) and/or through observing the videos?

No! One should not learn Yoga through books or through internet. One would suffer serious side effects if learning is not through a well-trained trainer. One should always learn Yoga only through well-trained Yoga Instructor.

What are the Asanas I should practice on a daily basis as a part of Asana – Pranayama – Dhyana practice?

In the daily practice of Asanas, one has to, in the minimum, practice (1) Jumping on the toes (2) Spot walking or jogging (3) Hands 'In' & 'Out' Breathing Exercise (4) Fingers Locking Exercise (5) KaTichakrAsana (6) trikONAsana (7) sUryanamaskAr (8) shavAsaNa

         If so, based on the need of the body, based on the kind of disorders that individual has, based on the capacity (strength) of the body, one can practice other AsanAs in accordance with the suggestions of the Yoga Instructor.

Would there be any discomfort when I start the practice of Asanas initially?

On the first day, it may be indeed difficult but, after 2 or 3 days, discomfort may come down to some extent.

One should not practice Asanas that are not suitable for body - is this true?

Yes! It is indeed true! One may suffer severe side effects if they practice Asanas that don’t suit their body. So, talk to your Yoga Instructor for a proper "Individual Yoga Plan"

What are the benefits of yoga practice?

(1) Appearance of body-mind discipline

(2) Helps in physical fitness of the body, and in body – mind coordination

 (3) Helps the "Physical Self" ('Self' related to the physical body) to attain tranquility, satisfaction, and discipline

 (4) Somatic nerves, which are spread to the body from spine, being stimulated, with the instigation of JIva-NADis, thereby, there will be cooperation, for the purity of blood (improved Blood Circulation), and activity of various organs

(5) Inducement would be obtained, in indirect way, for the metabolic incitement, useful for immuno development, needed for the body

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