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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a Guru?

'Gu' means darkness and 'ru' means light. One who provides knowledge (light) and eliminates ignorance (darkness) is Guru.

What is the difference between a Physical Guru and a Spiritual (Complete) Guru?

Physical Gurus have limited physical existence and limited subject knowledge, thereby their influence on individuals shall be limited. They can guide those, who approach them, to a limited extent. However, Spiritual Gurus are those who have Divine (Spiritual) Existence and possess Absolute Knowledge. They don't guide only in a particular situation to a limited extent but, in every sector of life in every aspect.

Why Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi is referred-to as Scientific Saint?

Guruji says spirituality and science are the two sides of the same coin. According to Guruji, spirituality is nothing but "Super Science" and explains spirituality on Scientific basis; hence He is referred to as "The Scientific Saint".

"Having been with the universal inspiration of the inventive and intuitional mind, caused by the influence and confluence of the science and conscience... it is my inclination of being coronated as the Scientific Saint".

What is Guruji's Core Concept?

The Theory of Practical Philosophy (Superhuman and Supernatural) Based on Religious Humanism (Theology)


Through Ascent Dhyana practice, the centre of brain, which is considered as Soul – causes ascension to the mind and takes it to that position. That is what happens in "Practical Philosophy". Then, one would understand, "who, what she/he is", "where she/he has come from", "what the remaining Nature is", "what Matter is", "what the Universal Energy is",  – everything would be known practically.


‘Religious Humanism’ is a part in the path of practice of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan. Human being – Society – God…, that which makes known, the connection, which has to be present inevitably, between the above (triad), itself, is “Religious Humanism”

How is Guruji's Practical Philosophy based on Religious Humanism different from the Existing Belief Systems?

In all the existing belief systems, the existence of the concerned "Divine Entity" and the related performance is just a belief but, Guruji, through His spiritual performance, is proving beyond a reasonable doubt that He exists everywhere simultaneously in various forms ("forms" that are even beyond human imagination), which is not mere a belief but practical, and performs.

What are the few Important Theories/Concepts which are very unique to Guruji?
  1. Practical Philosophy based on Religious Humanism
  2. There is no existed , established, or located Soul; the Mundane Mind (Self) has to be transcended to the Spiritual Soul
  3. The concept of Creation - Existence - Extinction
  4. The Physical Mind does not have specific existence, thereby no speed; it forms, executes, and becomes invisible from time to time
  5. Divine Mind is pervasive
  6. Media Concept
  7. The Karma Theory
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