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Experiences Divine Healing (Medical Miracles)

Sphoorthi Oum

With the Blessings of Guruji, the Health of my Grandmother – who was Suffering From Breast Cancer – Improved Without the Need of Surgery, to the Surprise of Doctors!

Sravanti V , Manikonda, Hyderabad , Telangana , India

Recorded on: 3 January, 2016

My name is Sravanti. I stay in Manikonda. I have been coming to Guruji since May 2010. Prasad and Shailaja introduced me to DhyanaManoPrasthan. I have many experiences. One among them is something that happened 4 months back.

My grandmother had a swelling on the Breast. She suspected that to be cancer. She told me about it when I went to her. But, I said, “There is nothing like that”. My mother and grandmother stay together. When grandmother had this suspicion, my mother was in the USA. After she came back, my mother took her to hospital. She was subjected to battery of investigations and was diagnosed as Breast Cancer. By then, it increased in size. She is 110 kilograms in weight. She also has other problems like hypertension, heart enlargement, and knee pains. We brought her to Hyderabad and consulted in Indo-American Basawataraka hospital. Everyone frightened us that she cannot tolerate at this age. Blood Pressure was not coming under control. Doctors conducted some tests. Doctors said that they cannot say anything.

After seeing reports, doctors said that they cannot perform surgery on her. After some days, we talked to Guruji regarding this entire issue. I said, “My grandmother is diagnosed as having Breast Cancer”. Guruji said, “She cannot tolerate surgery”. Then I asked Guruji – “If chemotherapy or radiotherapy would suit her”. Guruji said, “Even that is not required”, and gave turmeric powder. I did not understand anything.

My grandmother is great moral support for me and my mother. I used to pray Guruji when I was in meditation that my grandmother has to stay with me somehow. Next day after Gurupoornima we went to hospital but, they said they can’t perform surgery on her. I requested doctors to do something. They said – “There is a test, if that comes out to be positive we can do something”. It took 3 days for that report to arrive. On 4th day, it came out to be positive. Doctor gave a tablet and asked us to take care of her. Now the swelling subsided to a larger extent. Doctor was very much surprised. This was possible only because of Guruji’s blessings.

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Sphoorthi Oum
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