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Experiences Divine Healing (Medical Miracles)

Sphoorthi Oum

I am able to stay healthy with the blessings of Guruji; my student's health also set-right by means of treatment at DhyanaManoPrasthan & Divine Healing by Guruji

Indira Bai SR , Hyderabad , Telangana , India

Recorded on: 1 May, 2009

My name is S.R. Indira bai. I am working in Sri Saraswati Shishu Mandir as a teacher for last 9 months.

I am Diabetic for last three years. We were facing lots of difficulties financially. In those difficult times, one of our teachers told me about Guruji. I came to DhyanaManoPrasthan and took the blessings of Guruji and the medicines at Sphoorthi clinic. My health improved through the medicines.

Once one of my students had red rashes on the face. I told that student about Guruji. He came to Guruji on Sunday and by Monday he had less rashes. It was very surprising for that devotee, his mother, and me too.

That boy did prostration to me. I told him that it is not my greatness but it is blessings of Guruji.

I am very happy. My salutations to Guruji for improving the health of many people.

Salutations to the Lotus feet of Guruji. 

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Sphoorthi Oum
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