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Sphoorthi Oum

Guruji Treated Severe Tooth Infection Without Surgery Thereby Saved my Friend’s Father; He Treated my Mother's Severe Headache Putting an end to her Sleepless Nights

Sadashiva Rao V , Vishakhapatnam , Telangana , India

Recorded on: 29 June, 2007

I got an opportunity today to write in detail about an incident that happened in the year 2005. I came to Guruji through my friend Suryaprakash. Suryaprakash is one of the devotees, who believe Guruji very strongly. Once, Suryaprakash's father was admitted into hospital due to ill-health. (He has three children. One is Suryaprakash who works in Nalgonda, the second is a daughter who is in the USA, and the third is in the process of going to the USA).

Suryaprakash called me in those circumstances. His father has Diabetes. When that reached to uncontrolled level, he acquired severe tooth infection. Doctors said, "Tooth have to be extracted, some flesh on the face has to be excised otherwise there is a chance that the infection may reach eyes. They also said, "Operations has to be done within a day or two, otherwise the life would be in danger – there is only one or two days of life left".

In those circumstances, he decided to undergo surgery. Guruji, on the other hand, sent a message that, knife should not touch his body". However, his father was wheeled into Operation Theater by the time Suryaprakash arrived with the message. But, they could not conduct the surgery because of some unknown reasons. Even after Suryaprakash's arrival, doctors brought in severe pressure for surgery but, Suryaprakash never accepted.

Suryaprakash kept Guruji's photograph with him and used to give turmeric water to his father in order to avoid surgery. Operation did not happen that day. With some cleaning, everything went on well. It is more than 2 years as of today and his father is working happily. This is what Guruji gives if one believes Him.

My mother used to have severe headache. She never used to sleep until unless she took a strong sleeping pill. For her shouting because of headache, we used to be afraid of. Because of Guruji's blessing, she is sleeping now-a-days without any sleeping pill.

My gratitude to Guruji… Let the entire humanity be happy…

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Sphoorthi Oum
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