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Experiences Divine Healing (Medical Miracles)

Sphoorthi Oum

Guruji's Divine Intervention Ensured That my Daughter is Cured of Ill Health, and Attends her Intermediate Examination Even Though she was in Critical Condition the Night Before

Seshamamba Vasarlla , Hyderabad , Telangana , India

Recorded on: 31 October, 2008

My name is Vasarlla Seshamamba. I am a teacher by profession and stay in Kukatpally. With salutations to the lotus feet of Guruji, I am writing my experience.

My daughter, pursuing intermediate, one night, Sunday on a 'No Moon Day', she had vomiting, loose motions and landed in serious ill health. Only my daughter and I stay in the house. Her father doesn’t stay with us. It was not a favorable time to either call or inform him. Guruji's picture is in PUja Room. I prayed to Guruji with folded hands, put her Kum Kum, and thought a minute what to do. I called my husband, and my sister's son who are at far off places, and took her to the nearby Remedy Hospital. They said her condition is serious and admitted her.

I, calmly, with dedicated mind, prayed to Guruji and said, “There is none other than you to me, and I am not there without my daughter”. Meanwhile, my sister's son, Prasad, and my husband, Anjaiah, came and asked doctors about her condition. They called me inside saying that doctor wants to talk something. But at the same time, practicing meditation, weeping, I remained just like that for some time. After one and half-hour, I opened my eyes and saw towards my daughter. My relatives were scolding me. They said, "Let us go to another hospital; how if you don’t talk"? My daughter opened her eyes and started seeing. Smiling peacefully, she told me a surprising thing i.e. "Mother! I have seen Guruji; He is sitting here only, in the chair, see! Don’t cry Mother"? That is when I knew how the condition of daughter improved.

I just thought one thing in my mind, "My daughter should keep good health. She should be stable and has to come and write intermediate exams". Guruji has done the same thing. I was afraid of the No Moon Day; I took her home early in the morning before 5AM, asked her to take rest and I too went to sleep.

My daughter, however, had a shower, without feeling that she is a patient, put on good clothes, prepared for exams and went for the exam by 7AM. Even my neighbors did not know this. Although we face a very critical problem, so long as we believe Guruji wholeheartedly, we need not be afraid of anything. Only belief is the strength. By practicing and leading life in His path, I keep telling about these experiences, about Yoga – Pranayama – Dhyana to students. With compassionate greeting, all of them look at me very well.

My daughter also tells to our relatives, friends, and other near & dear about Guruji's concept. There are many experiences like this. Guruji has been protecting us always, and been with us in many ways. I am reading books and explaining others.

Sphoorthi Oum
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