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Sphoorthi Oum

Guruji to Treat a (Psychological) Condition – which has Been Mysterious to Every Doctor – Within ‘no Time’ Right in Front of our Eyes, is an Unforgettable Sweet Experience

Ramesh Babu Vellanki , Nandigama , Andhra Pradesh , India

Recorded on: 1 May, 2002

It has been five years that we have got to known Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi. After meeting Guruji, our family has comfortably faced several difficult situations and living with happiness and comfort. My salutations to Guruji, who has been our support – whether it is in case of our children’s education or my work.

One day, an incident happened in Nandigama Dhyanaprasthan when there was no spiritual program. My maternal aunt came from piDugurALLu. She was in pain for few years with an unknown fear. She would never allow anyone near her, cook herself, would never come inside the house and, stay under a tree only. We did not know what to do. We remembered Guruji immediately. There were no spiritual programs that day in Dhyanaprasthan. Immediately, I called K.Laxmi Madhavi (Guruji’s devotee who resides in Jaggayyapeta), explained the matter, and requested her to convey the same to Guruji.

Fortunately, knowing that spiritual program was scheduled at Hyderabad Dhyanaprasthan the following day, Madhavi went to Hyderabad and explained the matter to Guruji. For that, Guruji said, “Show her my photograph at 8PM today, she would come inside, and I would come and treat her”. Madhavi called us and informed the same. As advised by Guruji, we showed my aunt Guruji’s photograph at 8PM. She immediately had bath, without talking anything came inside and sat in meditation. We cleaned the entire house and waited for Guruji’s arrival. At around 8:30PM, as an indication of His arrival, we could feel the redolence – Guruji came and treated my aunt. Since that day she came to usual state and has a healthy life. She has reached the stage of ‘having the Vision of Guruji whenever she wanted to’. Guruji to treat a (Psychological) condition – which has been mysterious to every doctor – within ‘no time’ right in front of our eyes, is an unforgettable sweet experience

In the year 2001, on the occasion of Guru Poornima, Guruji performance was in nine media simultaneously in Hyderabad. If so, the surprising thing is – my aunt, sitting in meditation, at Nandigama, could see the entire program. The individual, who never used to allow anyone even near her shadow, is now living with everyone and came to normal state.

In the same way, humble salutations to Guruji, who filled light in our lives and is with us always as a support in everything. 

Sphoorthi Oum
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