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Sphoorthi Oum

Guruji, From far of Distance, Completely Treated, Through Divine Healing, an Aunt Whom I Know (Even Though she Never met Guruji, and Guruji Never Blessed her Physically) and who was Suffering From Jaundice – and was in Critical Condition Thereby Saved her Life

Madhavi K.L. , Hyderabad , Telangana , India

Recorded on: 1 May, 2015

My heartfelt Salutations to the Lotus feet of Guruji… My name is Laxmi Madhavi. When I was working in Jaggayyapet, Krishna district, I introduced myself to a Muslim aunt. They are very poor. Once she suffered from Jaundice. It was very severe. She became very black, very thin. Although she visited several places for treatment, jaundice did not subside.

At that same time, Vijaya Dashami celebrations were happening at Snehapuri Colony, Hyderabad. Guruji was giving interviews then. Since I had holidays, I came early to serve during the Navaratri celebrations. In interview with Guruji, I told Guruji about aunt’s jaundice and requested Him to treat her somehow. Guruji said, “She has severe jaundice and is in very critical condition”, and added, “Can you take this Turmeric, Kumkum, fruits, and give her today only?” I was very surprised because whenever I come to Hyderabad from Jaggayyapet to take blessings Guruji would say, “Why do you spend so much money and come to take blessings, if you meditate there only, I would bless there only” – and always used to discourage me to travel such long distance. So, when Guruji asked me to go there immediately and handover whatever He blesses and gives me, I was bit surprised and understood the seriousness of the condition too. When I said positively that I would go, Guruji blessed my hands, and asked me to put Kumkum on her forehead as soon I as I reach her place.

I immediately left to aunt’s house. Aunt and her daughter Farzana were at home. As Guruji advised, upon reaching her home, I put Kumkum on her forehead immediately.

After a minute, I was surprised, happy hearing at the words of her daughter. Her daughter said, “Mother! You had black circles below your eye one minute back, now they have completely vanished.” Then aunty said, “as soon as you placed your finger on my forehead, I felt an electric shock kind of thing, that’s why I moved back from your finger.” With the live miraculous experience, they started believing Guruji strongly. I explained aunt how to use Turmeric, asked her eat those fruits immediately and went back to Hyderabad immediately.

Like this, Guruji saved her life. Aunt and her family came to Guruji after that. Guruji helped her with compassion as soon as I asked although she never came to Guruji before that. I am very happy that I have reached Guruji who responds as soon as we seek help. Like this, He helped many people even when I expressed the problem in meditation. Many examples of these sort happened in my life. He protected me very carefully and gave me a beautiful life.

With the hope that you all also would introduce about Guruji to all and ensure that they also get Guruji’s blessings, my heartfelt Salutations to Guruji…..


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Sphoorthi Oum
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