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Experiences Divine Healing (Medical Miracles)

Sphoorthi Oum

At a Time When Entire City was Filled With Swine Flu, When I Visited Hospital With Fever, Body Pains, as Doctors Denied Admission and Referred me to a Tertiary Care Hospital, Guruji Treated me With Divine Healing

Sheshamamba V , Vijayawada , Telangana , India

Recorded on: 1 May, 2015

With Salutations to the Lotus feet of Sri Sri Sri Guruji Viswa Sphoorthi, I am conveying Birthday wishes to Guruji. Best wishes to all those who have come here. I am V.Sheshamamba, working as a teacher in a government high school and residing at KPHB. With wholehearted belief on Guruji, we can complete our daily activities successfully with dedication.

I have been coming to “DhyanaManoPrasthan” since 2006. Through my brother K.V.D.S. Prasad, who resides in Nagpur, all of us have become members in this. We seek the divine blessings of that very divine Guruji for any matter – any activity – and any decision we make. We are living like one in the ‘Universal’ family, with love and compassion, in the righteous paths he has shown.

Moving around with rules & regulations in professional duty, by providing the details of feelings, books, experiences, Asana-Pranayama-Dhyana to students, I am trying to take His ideals to the future generations. In this matter, I am receiving His blessings in every element.

I am elucidating one of the things I have experienced. There are many in my life but, at present my health is the cause. I was admitted into a hospital with fever and body pains. There were lots of changes in the environment then. The entire city was filled with Swine Flu cases. After conducting all medical tests on me, and after conducting special tests on me, they were afraid and discharged me, and advised me to get admitted into other hospital. I was given only three hours of time for that.

 Hospital authorities informed my family through phone. Before my brother came to see me it was very difficult for me to sit down without the help of two more people. In that state, remembering Guruji, I recovered to some extent, and started reciting Guruji’s Moola Mantra silently.

All the doctors hurriedly said that I had to leave for sure. With Guruji completely with me, I got up from the bed suddenly, and was in PadmAsana pose. I told my brother, “I have nothing, all are afraid here, if you don’t believe me talk to Guruji”, got up from the bed without anyone’s help and, went to meet a specialist doctor. At that time, my brother was seeking advice from Guruji through Rajendra. Guruji was asking same questions the doctor was posing me. It was a surprise to me. Before doctor advised treatment, Guruji said, “This girl does not have any health issue, treat her with some Turmeric and some supportive treatment, that should be enough.”

Since then I have been very healthy & happy, disseminating Guruji’s concept, travelling for my job 60Kms everyday and living my life happily without any problem.

I wish that Guruji’s people’s government has to come, and all of us without any pretence with the feeling of spiritualization should be like “Vishwa Chaitanya Dias”. I am promising ‘His Lotus feet as witness’ until I have the opportunity to mould those kinds of citizens of society, my contemplation – respiration will be in His guidance only.

Sphoorthi Oum
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