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'Dhyan' means concentration and contemplation with the view of minimizing thoughts and 'Prasthan' means evolutionary ascendancy with progress degree by degree. Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan is achievement of 'Manoprasthan' (The Ascension of Mind) through 'Dhyanaprasthan'. The mind through the process of meditation, by undergoing spiritualization in an indirect method, obtains the status of soul is what that is proved in Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan. The easy and accessible path, to reach the position of "Spirituality" from the "Materiality" of mind and body is, Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan.

Through the practice of Ascent Dhyana (by means of Asana - Pranayama - Dhyana), the ascension of physical (sensuous) mind (self) itself, in the direction of conscience, by transmutation of the same (Physical Mind) to the Spiritual Soul - thereafter Divine Soul - Universal Soul - Supreme Soul - until the origin of origin of universe (The Mother Universe/Divine Mother), is Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan.

Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan is the practical division affiliated to "Science Universe". Guruji has established Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan with spiritual consciousness and spirit for spiritual performances, and for Manoprasthan and Jnanaprasthan. Guruji establishes 'Divine Energy' at these centers and performs either directly or through Mediums.

Spiritual & Other Activities At Meditation Centers Include...

  1. Welcoming the New Devotees and Introducing Guruji and the Organization
  2. Regular Mass Meditation
  3. Providing Training in Yoga, Controlling Breathing, and Meditation
  4. Guruji's Blessings
  5. Guruji's Interaction (through medium) with devotees (Discussion of subject, Spiritual or other guidance)
  6. Energy Treatments (Divine Healing) by Guruji
  7. Medical Services at Weekly Sphoorthi Clinic
  8. Training in Vocational Courses
  9. Preparatory Courses for Competitive Examinations (e.g. Public Service Commission)
  10. The volunteers and the administrative staff getting together for organizational activities.

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According to Guruji, the origin of universe is the Mother Universe (Universal Nucleus/Mother Nucleus/Divine Nucleus). Everything in this universe is the manifestation of the Universal Energy emitted from this 'Zero Based Nucleus'. Probably, none of us can visualize the origin of universe, the Mother Universe, but Guruji can. The temple of Mother Universe is the establishment of the Mother Universe at a physical location in a different (objective) form representing the Mother Universe. There will be continuous flow of "Divine Energy" into this temple.


Asana - Inhalation - Exhalation - Meditation (AIEM) Centers (Sadhana Shibhirs)

The organization conducts spiritual practice sessions called 'AIEM' centers. These are conducted on every alternate weekends and other holidays when there is no spiritual performance of Guruji at Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan. The volunteers of the organization are involved in conducting these programs. The activities at these sessions include but, not limited to, teaching:

  1. Why to practice yoga?
  2. How to practice yoga?
  3. What Asanas are recommended for different age groups?
  4. How to practice (controlled breathing) Pranayama?
  5. How to practice meditation?
  6. Introduction to and discussion of Guruji’s subject

The prime purpose of these sessions is to inculcate the concept of 'Dhyan' in a detailed sense (including practice), which is not possible during the regular spiritual activities at Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan. By the end of the session we expect that all the participants accurately learn how to practice yoga, 'Pranayama' and meditation, and put them in regular practice once they leave the session making them as a part of their life.

"Attend the AIEM Sessions and Know the aim of Your Life"



The primary purpose of these DIkShAs is that, by following disciplined life during the DIkSha period thereafter some people can get rid of the bad habits they have.

General Rules to be Followed, in the Minimum:

  1. She/he should practice Asana - Pranayama - Dhyana daily before 6AM in the morning
  2. After the sunset, and before 8PM in the night, she/he should practice Asana - Pranayama - Dhyana once again
  3. During DIkSha, she/he should be away from the domestic life
  4. During the duration of DIkSha, she/he should sleep only on a mat on the ground
  5. She/he should speak moderately only; under any circumstances should not speak indignantly
  6. Not subjecting to emotional tension and excitement, herself/himself should try to control her/his mind
  7. She/he should be away from entertainment activities
  8. Sphoorthi DIkSha activities would be for 9 days, 12 days, or for 18 days
  9. On the occasion of May 1st, Guru Poornima, Dusshera, KArTIka Poornima, Ugadi and other festivals, Sphoorthi DIkSha shall be done in accordance with the orders of Guruji

Food Related Rules to be Followed, in the Minimum

  1. In the morning, one should take "RAgi JAwa" (gruel made of millets) like concentrated food moderately
  2. In the afternoon meals, with boiled vegetables, limited food without salt and chilli powder
  3. Before 9PM at night, one can take fruits, milk in some quantity
  4. Non-vegetarian food, and bad habits like alcoholic beverages and smoking are completely prohibited

Guruji says, "If you practice the 9 days of SPHOORTHI DIIKSHA with discipline following all the rules properly then the energy you gain in these 9 days would be equivalent to the energy you gain in 4 months of regular meditation. If you practice the SPHOORTHI MAATA DIIKSHA for 18 days then you can gain (4X5) 20 times the energy you gain in the 4 months of regular meditation. If you practice GURU DIIKSHA for 45 days - I will not tell how much energy, you would gain but you have to know it by yourself".


'Divine (Energy) Healing' is one of the most important activities at Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan by Guruji. If needed, Guruji provides Divine Healing for patients residing at distant places even if they don't meet Guruji physically at Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan. 'Divine Healing' is the method used by Guruji to treat ailments, whether it be functional and/or organic. Guruji makes an accurate diagnosis and treats (by means of Divine Energy) all kinds of disorders, pertaining to both physical and mental health.

As the name suggests Aarogyaprasthan has two components, "Aarogyam" (scientific) means health, and "Prasthan" (spiritual) means ascendancy. "Aarogyaprasthan" is basically the combination of both 'Divine Healing' done by Guruji, and 'medical treatment' given by the medical professionals. According to Guruji, while "Aarogyam" is the component that has to be taken care of by the physicians, volunteers and the patients themselves, "Prasthan" is taken care of by Guruji. Both the components have equal responsibility and participation for the sake of both the individual health and the public health. This is how both the science and spirituality must work in a coordinate and cooperate fashion for the betterment of the society, not only in the healthcare sector but in others too. Guruji, with His medical team, has created "Medical Miracles" by means of Divine Healing.

The ultimate goal of Guruji is to combine 'Divinity' (Guruji's Divine Energy) and 'Science' (Allopathic Treatment) when needed, and make use of the same for both accurate diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of disorders, and make them available within the reach of the common man. Chronic debilitating, and untreatable disorders of economic and social burden in general, and diseases related to Heart, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension in particular are the prime focus of the organization. The goal of the organization is to minimize, and ultimately eliminate these disorders, and make people free of them. Guruji says that diseases like HIV/AIDS and cancers can also be treated to some extent by means of Divine Healing, better than the treatment delivered by the existing medical sciences.

There are innumerable cases where people are completely treated of chronic disorders like Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Heart Diseases and untreatable disorders like Cancers. And, the patients are now on no allopathic medication. There are also incidents where major surgical interventions have been averted and the existing conditions have been treated through Divine Healing. Guruji says that the Divine Healing is more effective when one meditates regularly.

Guruji conducts Aarogyaprasthan at Spiritual Centers on a particular day of the week/month where He dedicates the entire time for the treatment of patients/illnesses.

Note: "Asana - Pranayama - Dhyana" is a very important component in Aarogyaprasthan. Guruji radiates Divine Energy to every individual who meditates; that would keep the individual healthy (Dedication in Meditation is Medication). Guruji says one can receive the energy radiated by Him very easily if one meditates constantly.


  1. It is well known that the spiritual activities need hygiene, cleanliness and sanctity of mind. If the body is fitly then the mind cannot be healthy. Hence, make sure that you take a shower and put on washed cloths (white cloths preferred).
  2. After coming to Dhyanaprasthan, please wash your feet and hands with water kept for you at the entrance and sprinkle 'haldi (turmeric) water' for further purification.
  3. As per the convenience kindly sit in rows marked separately for gents and ladies.
  4. New devotees coming for the first time are requested to register their name and address with telephone number, to enable us to contact them and inform them of various activities in future.
  5. The names of those, who wish to seek blessings/talk to Guruji, shall be registered. Only one individual shall be allowed on one token. If a couple wishes to talk to Guruji, individually, they are ought to register their name individually. Both of them together can seek blessings.
  6. The names of new devotees, devotees who come from long distance, and locally residing devotees shall be registered separately. They would be sent for Guruji's blessings/interview in the said order only.
  7. Others can register the names of diseased. The responsibility, that the diseased should be present on time, would be of those who registered the names only. Opportunity will not be given to those who waste time.
  8. Ladies (including their family members), during their menstrual period (6 days), should not attend Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan, the reason being, Guruji establishes Mother Universe in the form of force, and Divine Mother is the Supreme. They can attend DhyanaManoPrasthan on seventh day. When impinged with other kinds of filthiness also, one should not come until they get over the same.
  9. On the day of visiting Dhyanaprasthan, one has to consume only vegetarian food. One should not consume alcoholic beverages and smoke. It is best if one can come complete fasting, or with at least no solid food consumption for two hours before coming to Dhyanaprasthan (try to attend Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan with empty stomach). Both, moderate hunger and moderate exhaustion helps one get good concentration.
  10. Self-discipline helps rather than code of law. So, please follow the spiritual and customary formalities. Kindly maintain "pin drop" silence in meditation hall to create the atmosphere of peace and harmony. If you feel it is necessary, kindly leave the meditation hall, complete the conversation and re-enter the hall. Kindly, enforce strict self-discipline during your presence in meditation hall. It is a request that all devotees have to maintain discipline and cooperate for the conduct of activities at Dhyanaprasthan.
  11. You are supposed to practice at least 45 minutes of meditation. Earlier to Dhyan, you are required to practice Pranayama as demonstrated by volunteers.
  12. Thereafter, Mass Meditation would be practiced. Only those who participate in Mass Meditation would have eligibility to meet Guruji.
  13. Guruji conducts group discussions during Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan sessions intended for JnAnaprasthan. You are required to express your opinion on the subject under discussion without any hesitation, without indulging in unnecessary debate. Learn to respect the feelings of others, because everybody has a right to existence.
  14. Before going for interview with Guruji, please remove all metallic items (belt etc.) and ornaments on your body to enable you to receive spiritual energy effectively from Guruji.
  15. None should try to talk to Guruji while seeking blessings.
  16. While seeking blessings from Guruji, one should not try to touch Guruji; should not try to touch even His feet.
  17. During your personal interview with Guruji, please be precise and ask meaningful questions with purpose. As soon as possible, within the time allotted only, complete the interview, so that others in queue need not wait for long. Do not repeat the questions.
  18. When one visits Guruji, once the bell is rung, the visitor should come out of the room.
  19. At the end of interview, Guruji will give you 'PrasAda' (includes sugar crystals, fruit, and turmeric powder). Please ask the volunteers to know how the PrasAda is to be consumed. Guruji stores energy in each one of those before giving it to the devotees. It is very important to consume, especially, turmeric in a disciplined fashioned, because it is intended to bring some changes, which may take the individual in the path of spirituality, and thus helpful in causing to practice meditation. However, mere consumption of turmeric power will not bring-in miraculous changes in life. Meditation is the only way one can bring changes in their life.
  20. Before leaving Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan, kindly, write your experiences in writing in the book intended for that only, or electronically after you leave DhyanaManoPrasthan.


  1. The meditation photo of Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi, if possible, should be placed in a separate Pooja Room or a Pooja Room with doors or in a cabinet. If it is not possible that way, and if the photo is placed on a wooden plank, except at the time of Pooja, at other times one has to cover the photo with a red colour cloth
  2. If we sit in front of Guruji's picture, we have to ensure that our forehead is at the same height that of Guruji's forehead in the photo (so that this is possible, one should place the photo on the wooden flank at an appropriate height)
  3. If Guruji's photo is placed in a room other than Pooja room, except at the time of Pooja, at other times one has to definitely cover the photo with a red colour cloth. One has to ensure that there is no any kind of pollution and/or bad smells around the photograph
  4. Except at the time of Pooja, one should not touch the photo at other times. If someone intends to practice meditation sitting in front of Guruji's photo, she/he has to do it only after taking bath. If anyone attends Nature calls, go out of the house for domestic purposes, smoke - they have to practice meditation, and/or conduct Pooja only after taking bath
  5. At the time menstrual cycle, females are not allowed to conduct Pooja at least for seven days. If the photo is placed, outside Pooja Room, in the outside rooms, they should not go into that room. If the photo is in Pooja Room or in a cabinet, they should not touch it during that period
  6. One should not place Kumkum, flowers, garland of flowers, or grains of rice mixed with turmeric or saffron, light lamp and/or camphor for Guruji's photo, however, one can offer food made to deity, and fruits in front of the photo
  7. One has to place the photo in the Northwest part of the room facing the East Side
  8. Once you place the photo with the permission of Guruji, you are not suppose to move the photo without Guruji's permission
  9. One should not clean Guruji's Photo on "No Moon Day", "Full Moon Day", Fridays, and Sundays. On other days, it should be done an auspicious day only.
  10. One should use either a new cloth dipped in Turmeric water or with Cotton.
  11. One can decorate the wooden plank, on which the photo is placed, with Turmeric and Kumkum
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