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Sphoorthi Oum...         Oum Maa Viswa Roope Shakthi Roope Viswa Sphoorthi Gurave Namaha

Religious Humanism – Practical Philosophy – Coordination of Materiality & Spirituality

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Sphoorthi Oum

Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi


‘Religious Humanism’ is indeed a part in the path of practice of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan. Similar to, it has to be thought very briefly, in principle that, that which makes known, the dialectical related method relating to the individual – society – and economic relations, itself, as communism…, human being – society – God…, that which makes known, the connection, which has to be present inevitably, between the above (triad), itself, is “Religious Humanism”. Religion of humaneness (humanism), Religious Humanism…, these two are, indeed not the same.

Humaneness (Humanism) in the human being, divinity that is supposed to be in God, to make-known, the inseparable relationship – which has to be present, between the above two – itself, is the important component, in this. Energy in the universe, its material Creation, Nature – organism – body of the organism – its mind; in the manner of relationship of existence, present between these only…, entity of energy, ‘Supreme Soul’; center of the source of Creation, ‘Soul’; body embedded Jeevatmn…, inseparable relationship, present between them; humaneness in human being, divinity in the Soul (determination of corporeal form of divinity, God), that which makes-known the compassionate communion which has to be present between these, itself, is Religious Humanism; Religious Humanity.

In religious humanism, by means of making-known the human being, the eminence, in divinity (God), for it the importance of humanity, its need, and in the way suitable to it, the changes in the way of daily life, the efforts, of achieving coordination of materiality – spirituality, and religious amicability, would happen. So also, Religious Humanism, would work hard for 'Human Globalization', which could turn human race into a human family, and that as an international system.

By means of Dhyana Yoga, by transcending, the mind, from its physical level, to spiritual highest level, to cause the feeling of soul, to it…, thereafter, that itself, in the retrogressive descending order, to cause it to reach, again, its physical usual, sensory experienced state, of ‘own location’…., by means of the above said process to prove, the physical – spiritual coordination, itself, is the principal objective in the path of ascension… This itself is the path of implementation of “Practical Philosophy” proposed by Guruji.

The misconception is, it is only physical life until human being lives, only after that is spirituality. There is certainly a need, to question, examine, and investigate it and conclude. The center of brain, which is considered as Soul – causes ascension to the mind and takes it to that position. That is what happens in "Practical Philosophy". By causing ascension to Human Mind, if it is caused to reach the position of Soul – that is when one would understand, "who she/he is", "what she/he is", "where she/he has come from", "what the remaining Nature is", "what is the 'matter' that is present", "what the Universal Energy is”, – everything would be known. Through practice only, it can be proved practically that spirituality is hidden in the physical life of human being only. Once an individual acquires "The Mind of Moral Sanctity", there is a chance to put a check at the level of 'cause' itself. If it is caused ascension like this – materiality & spirituality, both of them together, if the life is coordinated, that is when the real purpose would be achieved.

When the mind ascends and merges with the center of brain, the position of Soul – that is where one would see the real feeling of Soul, bliss. Since that is the link to Supreme Soul, since that is Omnipresent – it will be present everywhere, in all the places. That is when one would prove what the truth is.

The Importance of Physical Life - Compassion in Religious Humanism

Although have religious publicity – metaphysical preaching, and spiritual eminence, the importance of physical life should not be disregarded. That the qualities and quantities, of the way of daily life, itself, decide, the spiritual level, should be clear to human being. It should be known, through the spiritual publicities only, that spirituality without materiality has to be considered as flower without fragrance, cloud without rain, lamp without oil, statue without worship, and 'offering of food made to deity' without offering to the deity. As described above, in religious humanism, by means of making-known the human being, the eminence, in divinity (God), for it the importance of humanity, its need, and in the way suitable to it, the changes in the way of daily life, the efforts, of achieving coordination of materiality – spirituality, and religious amicability, would happen. Along with that, unity of human race, diversity of human life, like this, the nearness of these two, should be understood to human being. The publicity of spirituality, which thinks that Soul is present in all human beings (in other organisms also), should be useful, for the recognition of 'humaneness', in everybody. Humanness – compassion, should be recognized, and applied, as two sides, for the life. By considering, the involvement, of love as personal affair, compassion, should be made applicable, to everyone. Compassion's is, unity face only! The feeling of love, has meanings and intentions, as multi-faced. So, it's, would be utilization, in suitability to time only. For that very reason, in religious humanism, in the name of worship of God (divinity) along with spiritual eminence, humaneness, compassion, has ideal importance.

Today's international organizations, instead of achieving peaceful amicability, equality, to the human race, they are mostly working, in direct and indirect ways, favorable to, industrial capitalistic (trade) globalization. With this, human values, their relationships, are being subjected to the individual selfish-motive of political power, and to the distortion of mental perturbations. With economic and political exploitations, inequalities, suspicions, jealousy and hatred, are increasing, in between people, and countries. The entity of struggle, greed of supremacy are, increasing in human mind. With hi-tech global information, and trade globalization, although the distance – time, ratio, between people and between countries, is decreasing, the relations of humaneness, and compassion, which have to be, in fact, present between people, are moving apart, far off. Its influence, the family based, human social system itself, is cracking (snapping) apart. Barbarous civilization is, welcoming, this only.

In the process of evolution of life – human mind – the primary 'stem cells', which are the causes for the formation of physical entity, and their natural going of evolution of life, should be transcended towards positive transmutation. As tools of reformation for that, in the path of practice of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan, by comprehending Religious Humanism – Practical Philosophy as conceptual theories, 'medium', performance as publicities of spiritual demonstration…, so also, science objective vision, with the feeling of dedication, constructive hard work…., in stages, in an integrated manner, with the spirit of movement (agitation)…, by means of carrying on the hard work and practice, human being has to reform, the movement of mind of development of life, as fully developed, matured one. [For this, competent trained, agitators, should be readied; financial strength is indeed needed…., along with this, feeling of dedication and sacrifice and honesty (with purity in thought, word and deed) as 'oxygen', the act of 'breathing – contemplation' of refinement – reformation, should happen. Intellect, purity, diligence in karma, committed execution – if these are not present, however great the aim may be, the end result is, abrupt only…! Internal burning, invisibility only! For anything, although human power – money power, are certainly important, the order of their priority, will be dependent on those various times and occasions].

Today's human being who had walked, walking a long distance, with physical material knowledge…, to stay back, in spiritual 'past' only – we cannot say this as the standard for the uniqueness of the human birth. The eternal entity of Soul…, its efforts for acquisition of knowledge, are not the same, are they! Worry of physical life, and worship of spirituality, is not the only accomplishment human being can do? The intelligence of human being – who has discretionary, peculiarity – should not be limited only to the scientific experiments (research). By exploring the depth of spiritual knowledge, with modern understanding, by means of practicable ways, it is possible, to make it applicable, to physical lives, in a practically utilizable way… Human being, not with after-death imaginations and wishes but, it is indeed possible for the modern human being – who is able to make the far off space exploration successful – to bring…, the spiritual analysis, to practical realistic state, into the utilization of life.

God/Gods, their worlds, Goddesses, divine messengers (angels)…, so also, Soul – Jeevatmn, binding of karma – succession – of birth; sin – virtue; hell – heaven; Siva's abode (heaven) – Vishnu's paradise; liberation – salvation; entry into other world…, which are heard in the speeches made, in connection with religion – spirituality, by describing with the meaning, intention, relating to the aforementioned, by making-known, the need human being has, with them, while it is made-known reasonably that, in what way, are they, beyond the comprehension, of the physical life… even the common man, can know at least to some extent, about the spiritual knowledge. So also, Creation – Nature, organism – Nature, organism – human being – body, Life Force (Prana) – mind – Jeevatmn (self) – Spirit…, relating to these, if the material knowledge, and the realistic 'binding' of life in it, is made-known to people, thereby, human being by knowing, physical primary, its importance…, spirituality, its eminence; so also, for spiritual eminence, for it the qualities and quantities of physical (stairway) flight of steps, thereby, there would be a chance, to observe and comprehend, the nearness, and intimacy of those two, so also their existence, and mutual dependency. With that, relating to daily life, not considering, materiality – spirituality, separately, there would be a chance that the human being, in his lifetime itself, can experience the result of their coordination. To say that 'Spiritual Soul is present in the physical body itself' is the example for it. The proposal – practice… practicability, of religious humanism..., practical philosophy, in the path of ascension, is for that very reason indeed!

Corporeal – Incorporeal; Visible – Invisible; Constant – Transient – Religious Humanism is Physical Dharma – Practical Philosophy is Entity of Spirituality

Form (Corporeal) – formless (Incorporeal); visible – invisible; eternal – transient, basis should not be applied just, only for the body and its lifetime. That is applicable, even for the matter of Creation. This is applicable, even for the bodies of Gods, who are supposed to have been incarnated, and for the interval of time of their life also. In the understanding of Soul and philosophy, until the learning of, karma – succession of birth, there is no 'steady settlement' for 'Soul' embedded in the body. Similar to, the Universal Energy, which is the 'causer' for the formation of matter of Creation, has the eternity of entity of its source…, for the primordial elements, which are the causes, for the matter related, transient body formation, with the shape of body, to that extent, although there is no eternity, as the property of matter, there is formless invisible 'eternity', for it in the Nature. As a matter of fact, even for the Universal Energy – which is thought to be eternal – until the transient, internal existence of the matter, in the limit of nature–and body, for the absence, of eternity of fixed existence, of primordial elements, by principle, there is similarity. So, when eternity and transiency are examined, the reality of existence, of corporeal – incorporeal, visible – invisible should be recognized and paid attention to. In the same way, the eternity of Soul, so also, with the view of existence of Jeevatmn, in the body, the eternity of 'essential' existence of body; the eternal, instinct of the Nature, of primordial elements, which are the causes for its (body's) formation…; with the standard based on the laws of entity, of consciousness of Soul, movement of matter of Creation, attempt has to be made, for the understanding of 'Energy – Creation'

In this way, physical – matter, spiritual (soul) form, formless, visible – invisible; transient – eternal…., so also, visual existence of the physical life of body, spiritual, invisible existence of basis (source), by examining, researching, the basis – dependant, inseparable relationship, present in between them, thoroughly, completely, analyzingly – elevatedly, elatedly – enlightendly, by recognizing the physical reality, its certainty (Real Cause) present in that order…., along with the transiency, of their, existence, should be able to become aware of the eternal truth. In the path of practice of Dhyanaprasthan, this opportunity, will be present with the 'sense' of feeling of Spiritual Consciousness, and divine consciousness. This can be clear in religious humanism, as law of materiality…., in practical philosophy as spiritual entity…

Like this, religion in the name of God, the importance of the realistic, life, of the physical life of human being…, with the name of Soul, the philosophical, spiritual eminence, although is publicized, separately, relating to human life, human mind, its knowledge should be transcended, to the state, level of, recognizing, and applying the coordination of the mutually dependent, existence, of those two; the objective of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan is this only…!

The Objective and Necessity of (Ascent Dhyana) Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan – Practical Philosophy

Through Ascent Dhyana (Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan) to reach to the state of “The Mind of Moral Sanctity”, in the minimum – to know the physical life duties and rights – to know the importance of physical and spiritual coordination – as the mind is formed (but does not exist constantly), from time to time, to cause the mind to form based on its usage/utilization, thereby through practice only, by means of Dhyana Yoga to cause the mind to reach the spiritual highest state (merge with Supreme Soul), from its physical state, and to cause the feeling of Soul, to it, happens.

In Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan, along with causing highest state, for Sensorium Mind, in various stages, only to try in suitability for change, in the execution, of daily life but, not, karma-birth-life…, succession of birth, and freedom from rebirth related, ascension. This method of meditation of Manoprasthan itself… can be, practiced, to spiritual, ‘awareness’ of Supreme Wisdom. Thereby, Jeevatmn – Conscience, Soul – Divine Soul… like this, by going beyond, various stages of meditation, by causing the mind to reach Supreme Soul and Universal… the feeling of Mother Universe can be obtained. Not liberation – salvation indeed. In this way, the AdiShankarA’s exegesis that, 'knowledge itself is salvation', can be made applicable to life, as ‘Practical Philosophy’

Human – God – Practical Philosophy

Creation is, use; human – means, human intelligence is, its utilization… So also, God – religion – philosophy… like this, spirituality also, should be helpful, for human life, and for the progress of human society. In suitability, to that, human has to practically prove, the certainty called – 'of the human – by the human – for the human'. For that very reason are, science experiments – technology performances. So also, the religious publicity, which happens, in the name of God – and the philosophy, which is being preached, Soul as principal too, should make improvements to the human life, meaningfully, to the certainty of implementation and, experience. Should show, path of progress, for human mind. Realistic naturality only, should become, the standard of life. For that very reason, theoretical philosophy, spirituality, should be transformed, as 'Practical Philosophy'. Human mind should be transcended as humanness – so also, the subtility of Soul, in human being, as compassion. With this viewpoint only, the questions, 'What is God?' 'Who is human?' without opposing anything, except for making an attempt, for understanding, of the certainty of subject, it should be examined, with no other intention. In saying 'incorporeal divinity – corporeal God', what does, 'corporeal – incorporeal', mean? What should be, called divinity? Why that should only be called, 'Corporeal God'? Thereby, what and why is the direct – indirect, influenced result, caused, to the human life – everyone must examine, like this. In this, there is no need of, involvement of, religion, philosophy related – personal belief, trust, tradition, implementation.

With Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan, Through Religious Humanism – Practical Philosophy, to Transcend the Sensorium Mind, Until Divinity, With Long-term Practice is, the Uniqueness of Ascent Dhyana

That which is manufactured is object, that which manufactures, it, is, machine. For that, first, the related theory, design, pattern – and others, are of human being only! Market, demand, of utilization, innovative sense – are inducements for that. So also, that which is formed is mind, that which forms it is, with the incitation of senses, the brain! If so, before that, the suitable, feeling caused is, as 'Self', the invisible feeling only… Natural instinct itself is the beginning for this.

When it is thought that, that which is formed is mind, that the sensory brain, which forms it, can do sensorium 'pattern' is, in principle. For that, determination, of way, thereafter its procedure, and process, shall be needed.

As a matter of fact, the brain, which is considered as the sensory functional 'internet' center, also is indeed a visible organ, of body formed of neurons! Since the invisible feeling (instinct is different to this), which is formed as a result of its sensory function, itself, is mind, it is indeed clear that, the nature of the 'mind', which the brain forms, would be, in accordance with the qualities and quantities of the brain function! To say like this, although is felt, as theory, against the reality and imaginary, functionally, by means of following appropriate method, the possibility in theory, could be clear. That itself is, the method of, Ascent Dhyana.

Mind can be formed the way it is Required. Usually, with regard to something that forms, whatever design one wants, based on that design only that item will be made. When mind is also something that is formed, one can form it in the design that is appropriate/required for her/him. Anything, the quality and quantity of formation, would be indeed following, it’s, ‘design, pattern’. So, functional system, of brain itself, determines the characteristic of mind. For that reason, change of mind means…, simply the functional change of brain, related to it! Though it may look like it is not possible, and is not within the reach of thought, it is possible to form the mind in the way we want through the practice of Ascent Dhyana by means of bringing changes in the qualitative function of brain.

Ascension is, indeed experimental, natural! The difference, in following that, itself, is the difference in result. For this, with physical, spiritual, various stages, the technique of practice of meditation, will be different. This ascension, shall continue right from physical sensual macro feeling, until the spiritual subtlety of Soul, utmost subtlety, of divinity, in the path of feeling. The practice of Ascent Meditation will be present, until reaching the level of absolute spiritual Supreme Soul. Right from the physical sensuous, primary position, until spiritual, peak level, of Supreme Wisdom… thereafter until the feeling of Supreme Happiness, of Supreme Soul, the continuance of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan shall be present…. So also, right from the feeling of Soul, until the sensuous feeling experience of life, there will be arrival at the same place again (not regression). Thereby, the justification of life, uniqueness of human birth will be completed. Not with birth – karma – birth, succession of rebirth indeed! In the lifetime of the birth itself, this purpose of life can be justified!

However the qualities and quantities, of Theoretical Philosophy, and the mention of their level may be, through Practical Philosophy, there is chance, for the realistic understanding of entity. This is, indeed possible, with the act of practice. As physical, spiritual, two sides, since that which learns, that which teaches, that which knows, that which makes-known, that which causes to do… that which experiences its result, is mind only, if the usual sensory mind, could be transcended, to the Divine level, thereby, that what would be known, happen is, simply the proof of the certainty of Practical Philosophy! So also, in saying, "Religious Humanity", too, there is practicality. Religion is for the sake of human being only; divineness for humanity only. Soul in human being only! (In the feeling of Soul, relating to the naturalness of living species, there is difference). For the physical, spiritual understanding, explanation and functional execution, human knowledge itself is the basis. So, humanity is, no different, to spirituality. Not that which does not have, its relationship. For that very reason, religion, has to become Religious Humanity… Human being is, the center-point, for the knowledge. The paths of acquisition of knowledge, may be many. Don’t know about human being without religion but…., religion, without human being is, imaginary. For that very reason, of the human, by the human, and for the human only, whatever it is! Only to achieve the humaneness, to human being, should become the objective of spirituality. For that, religion, philosophy, should function as practical ways, as competent. Religion, whatever its name may be, Philosophy, its division whatever may be…, their objective is… spirituality, feeling of Supreme Wisdom only! To understand the diversity and follow the unity itself, should become the path, for the acquisition of knowledge. The state of absence of diversity, is not present for unity. Coordination itself is, true Guru, competence! Amicableness itself is, that which is asked by; acquisition of one who practices, to follow humanity is, primary for the spiritual practice. If religion, can unveil the internal form of God; philosophy, the unity of Soul, in the minds of human beings, then coordination and amicableness, peace, would be obtained, to human 'race'.

In many ways, the organs of those who do physical labor, keep exercising. For those who sleep after exertion, there is no, that much, chance, for the tension of thoughts. Then, what is the need of Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation, for those kinds of people? For the regulation, discipline, of the movement, of body, Yoga, and for the experience, feeling of the state of absence of thoughts, Meditation would be needed. In the state of wakefulness itself, one should be able to provide, rest, to the mind. To experience peacefulness means, that only! Only if Yoga, Meditation, are caused to continue, towards a special objective in a directed, orderly manner, that, should be considered as the path of practice. Their qualities and quantities, may be separate but, the feeling of attainment of result, may be only one.

 The technique, of practice of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan is, that only! If so, its objective is, extensive. To transcend the Sensory Mind, until Divinity, with long-term practice is, the uniqueness in this technique. This is, not limited, only, for the thoughtless peacefulness. For that very reason, spiritualization has to happen, for the Sensory Mind. Thereby, humaneness itself, has to ascend, as Divineness; will certainly ascend. Yoga, Pranayama are, the primary uses for this. In this technique of meditation, for the Sensory Mind, not only thoughtless experience, and habit but, with Spiritualized Mind, beyond Sensory, feeling of Soul, would be caused. Thereby, there will be chance for physical, spiritual coordinative understanding. Purpose of life will be achieved.


Physical – Spiritual Life

Materiality, spirituality – these two are the two sides to the coin of life. None of these can be denied. If denied, to that extent that is simply incomplete, meaningless. In day, and night, which of these can be denied? Each one of it experiences its time. The starting point, only if it joins with the beginning again then it is ‘circle’. That which is not like that would be only a line. Only if three more lines join the line, to that extent there appears a shape for it. Even so, it indeed has “angles” (corners) in it. The merger of points is a circle, so there is no need of involvement of a “corner” at all. Combination of lines is life. Union of points is salvation.

If this itself, as physical and spiritual microcosm, are considered keenly, with some more, “Yogic” vision (obtained by devotion, superhuman sagacity or perspicacity) then even materiality…. indeed is the union of points only. Although the circle is fit within the boundaries of the lines, and although the frame of the lines cover (pervade/surround) to the extent of the diameter of the circle, angles completely, and the sides to some extent will be left outside and inside. Only when each one of them has their own significance, they have their existence and completeness (perfection). That which decides the perimeter, and expansion of the circle, figuratively, for the sculpture of life is diameter (D) itself. This is a “line” indeed. That means, so even for the circle, line is inevitable. Even for the union of the points the line decides the limit. For that very reason, point is inevitable for line. Inseparable relationship (integral connection). Material, and spiritual bondage, relationship, for sure, may be of the same type only! That is this. Female, male, which of these can be denied for life, production? If not for life, union of egg and sperm, in some or the other form, for sure, is inevitable for reproduction. Although seen separately, existence (presence) and union is inevitable at some or the other time. Well, the need is of like that then. The decision of materiality and spirituality will be in accordance with their need, and opportunities. Age would also be of some assistance to it for sure. Roundabout each one of it has its own need. The cooperation of both of them is indeed needed for life. To adopt (follow) the material and spiritual way of life is also of the same type.

Side vision is not beneficial. It is not a sign of completeness. The material knowledge required for the performance of functions in the physical life, can be acquired through education, and because of experience. But in the system of spirituality, meditation is required for practice. Similar to, the thought and understanding are required for material technical knowledge, to subtilize the limit of thought, is the act of practice that has to happen in meditation. Similar to, the requirement of feeling (thought) for language, absence of feeling (thought) is required for the perfection of meditation. Mind for pervasion (in materialistic sense), and meditation for subtilization may be considered as the tools. Both of these are just the instigative causes for physical and spiritual life. The mind acquired by birth has its existence as physical mind through karma, and spiritual mind because of meditation.

Human Should Lead Life in Accordance With the Importance of Materiality – Spirituality

Materiality – spirituality – their relating divisions – subdivisions – whatever or how many ever may be, that is 'by the human being' – 'for the human being' only! The objective (material) world with no human being is…. simply body without mind indeed! The human life is the integral unite of the evolutionary complex. Any issue, which is not touched by mind and intelligence, whatever it may belong to – it should be considered as almost not present…… In diversity of Nature, 'the opposite pairs' is an important certainty…. For that very reason, for everything, naturally itself, there will be another one in opposition. The opposite pairs usually have the nature of 'rotation'. Human being, by following its instinctive nature…. experiencing it…. has to continue the course of life indeed!

Individual – family – society and social – economic – political – cultural divisions – their subdivisions relating to it, in fact have direct and indirect involvement with the human life. For that very reason……. though materiality and spirituality principally are only two divisions, the influence of their associated supporting subdivisions keeps reflecting on the way of life and living of human being…. In the order of importance, though it is thought that the physical (body) related life as the first and important one…., only thereafter there is need of spirituality…. the amity of these two is very much needed for the human life. Rather than the age of the individual decide the priority, importance, and need of them…. human beings – in accordance with the importance of the issue, and with the division of time, by following…. implementing…. materiality – spirituality, both of these in their lifetime itself – thereby the uniqueness of human being should be proved.

That What Mind Wishes ‘to Have’ is – Physical Desire, Spiritual Will

With the thinking of 'to have', desire, with the physical feeling, determination, with spiritual feeling, will be there…… In 'good – bad', itself, the mutually opposing pair of opposite, will be present in both, materiality, and spirituality. Those two, are indeed those having diversity in metamorphosis! The desire that has started with, physical thought and with 'to have', with orderly development, as greed, as covetousness, as extreme greed, as longing, as crazy desire, as passion, as inordinate desire – like this, 'to think to have', gradually, will be continued, in many ways, with good, and bad decisions. Everything exceeding essential needs, everything that which thinks to have like that, in accordance with its qualities and quantities, will be in numerous ways. Religious spirituality also, roundabout, with some difference, is not different, to this. To think 'to have', will be present in that too… The shape of God – religious book – devotees – their lives, since they are physical perceptions only, this to think 'to have', is inevitable.

Well, the philosophical spirituality too is, the same indeed! If so, matter related, domestic related desires, although are thought to be materiality, in thinking, 'to have', liberation – Moksha – freedom from rebirth, and others, in some other way, in indirect way, there is physical perception only. Since to think like that is with physical (body) life, and its mind only, the indirect physical state is inevitable for that. For this, even though religion, considers as God; philosophy, preaches as Soul for that, to think 'to have' like that is, with mind only indeed! In accordance, with the natural 'pair of opposite', even 'that which thinks' opposite, to that which thinks to have is, mind only indeed! So, that which is beyond (the comprehension) of mind itself is, not to have desire…… This itself is, beyond the 'pair of opposite'! Detachment is, different to this.

Anything mind, thinks to have, whether it is materiality – or spirituality related…, indeed two sides, for the coin of life!

Spirituality Also, is Being Influenced by Senses

Physical life's, spiritual feeling – by increasing humanity, for human mind, causes opportunity, to its, divine elevated ascension. For that, religion, philosophy, should become guidance.

The physical mind, which has to make the life comfortable, by behaving without discipline, excessively, and irregularly, it is causing sorrow, to life. In that state, that which could control, the senses influenced mind, to the extent needed, within the boundary of discretion is, spiritual feeling only! If so, the sensory mind, which has to be spiritual influenced in the name of religion and philosophy..., on the contrary, it is able to decline, spirituality itself... to its state... As a consequence… physical, spiritual, in both ways, sensory mind is, reaching to the state of being unfettered by laws of morality.... In total, two-fold ruin only, moral decline only! Like this, religion, which has to represent, the purity..., and the temples, which have to become the abodes, for spiritual divinity, being influenced by corrupt politics, are flourishing, as impure abodes. Selfishness filled, political power itself is – ordaining the religion.

To think 'to have' – is natural in life. That – as desire, as wish... as inordinate desire, as passion, is spreading, without discretion. The physical mind, which is devoid of minimal humanity, by crossing spirituality, is running forward. If so, since mind is only, the basis, for spiritual feeling also, spirituality also, is being influenced by senses. Instead of 'human – mind' manner – as 'mind and human', with opposing conversion, the spiritual purity also... is going on in the leadership, of physical sensorium mind only.

With the Coordination of Materiality & Spirituality, With the Uniqueness of Mind, There is no Good That Cannot be Done to Human Being

If a proper coordination between the progress in materiality and spiritual eminence, is possible…. with the mutual cooperation of both of them, the human mind can acquire uniqueness. (Then it becomes the mind of moral sanctity) While the knowledge of physical sciences is traveling into space…. in the same way, with progress, spirituality to descend down to earth, should become the law of knowledge of the Creation. Only then will both of them would get face to face, amiable welcome and felicitation. It would be easy for them to conduct good deeds mutually…. If the knowledge – meditation becomes one, at least stop opposing each other and come into good terms, then what good, which cannot be done with them to human being, would be there.

Practice of Dhyana Causes Physical – Spiritual Coordination

Meditation, its objective, use, is not only to provide temporary intermission, rest, to the sensorium mind, and to the brain function. Meditation – its meaning – definition is, very extensive, and broad. Well, its benefit too has that level, indeed! Meditation – with the method of Dhyanaprasthan, can attain physical, spiritual coordination.

By gradually, subtilizing, the macrocosmic mind, through meditation, to attempt, for 'Trans', as the state of 'forgetting', its existence finally, is the object of meditation. Thereby, by suppressing, the problems faced, in the daily life, habitually, and the related thoughts, tensions, sorrow and depression, and the oppression caused thereby, by means of causing another new feeling to the mind, from their experience, that one should feel 'relaxed' at least for sometime, is the advantage wished, in meditation. That to what extent we are able to attain it, successfully, is indeed equivalent to the personal experience, of those practicing meditation! If so, although continue, the practice of meditation, uninterruptedly, although the expected benefit is not attained, for sometime in the beginning, if that is continued in the same way dedicatedly…, the peacefulness, of meditation, and its feeling, firstly although is very minute…, in the process of spiritual practice, with the increase, of quality, quantity of that feeling, that by gradually decreasing, the pressure of senses, along with causing peacefulness to mind, there is an opportunity, for steadiness, self-control, discretion, and for the development of competence of performance of karma. (Going beyond the feeling of senses, 'Trans' appears for zero-point concentration, and for mind (Self?)). By changing, the practice of meditation, as a habit, by recognizing the importance of life, the energy that can fulfill, the duty, completely, with dedication, would be caused. Thereby, through the way of livelihood itself, the satisfaction of life, can be experienced. Along with this, by recognizing the importance of karma, and need of physical life…, if the spiritual feeling, is habituated to it, the performance of daily activities of physical life, transforms, as 'Karma Yoga'. Thereby, with physical – spiritual, coordination one can obtain, the priority of life, and purpose (justification) of birth. There would be a chance of obtaining physical, spiritual benefit, through the practice of yoga – meditation.

Human Life is Coordination of Materiality and Spirituality (Practical Philosophy is Physical, Spiritual, Corporeal – Incorporeal, Coordinative Spiritual Practice Process)

The life, which starts with birth, continues, with execution of karma. The causes, for its end, are numerous. Five primordial elements consisting body, sensuous mind – are two sides for the life. Material knowledge is, needed for livelihood. For that, the execution of karma (the functional aspect of bio), in different ways is, inevitable. Relating to matter, when this side of life is, considered, as materiality of shape and change, if another side of life is, considered, as formless, devoid of qualities and attributes, unchangeable and soul related, that, should be called, spirituality! In total, physical, spiritual, unity of coordination of both sides itself is, human life.

Similar to, execution of karma, is needed, for the execution of physical life side…, for spiritual life, religion, philosophy, are being required. Religions, and their Gods…., although are many, the feeling of 'religion' is only one! So also philosophical divisions, some of them, although have to be considered, as different…., similar to, although God is different, divinity is only one, the way of philosophical understanding, although is different, Soul in everything is only one! The 'meta-physical' examination, appropriate understanding, relating to the two sides of physical, spiritual (philosophical) life, is appropriate path, for the feeling of truth (pure wisdom). To know the inseparable relationship of form, and change is, primary for this. Unity of universe and duality of Creation, diversity of organism, and life, its pairs of opposite – in this order, descent; in this same way, Jeevatmn – Soul – Divine Soul – Supreme Soul, Mother Universe… like this, understanding, in the order of ascent, by examining spiritual practice, to obtain the completeness of knowledge, in different ways is, indeed the purpose of human life!

Anything, for meaningfulness, there is need of 'practice', in spirituality! Efforts are needed, in the physical limit! Peace, rest – both of these are not present, for the law of movement containing Creation, and the Nature in it! Even so, organism in the nature needs, both of them. Even so, not present indeed, absence of movement! With material knowledge, physical efforts; with the understanding of law of movement, for the feeling of knowledge of its entity of soul, spiritual practice, are being needed. Although sides are natural for coin (object), they have to be understood, in the order of importance. Similar to, the external of matter (atom), is required, for the existence of internal movement of the energy (nucleus), in materiality, and spirituality, which are considered as the two sides of life, since the external physical, bodily life existence itself, is needed for the formless eternal, recognition, human being only should, first, indeed protect the Dharma (law/righteousness), which is supposed to be protecting human being! In this matter, although Dharma itself is the principal, firstly, that itself needs protection indeed! So also, bodily physical externality is, being required, for the existence and recognition of eternal Soul. So, firstly by recognizing, the importance of physical life, through the efforts of its protection only, should continue, for the attainment of Supreme Wisdom….. This is indeed a part in the 'Practical Philosophy Concept'. The execution of karma (the predicative/objective functional activity), relating to physical life, is inevitable. For the existence of life, that is indeed the way of livelihood. The qualities and quantities (Doing, doer) of efforts, in whatever way it may be, its need is, only for the existence of life! The result, profit, greed (of the effort)…, which happens beyond that, all are for the comfort, luxury of life only!

Another side, for life is, spirituality. This, as the parts of devotion, philosophy, and based on religion, God, and Soul, will be in accordance with, traditions and regular practices related to them. This can be considered, as the division of form, and formless. This may be considered as direct way of worship, performance by hands…, indirect mental adoration. As a matter of fact, for devotion, adoration itself is justified. In the method of feeling, caused by soul, in the way of philosophy, 'meditation', assumes importance. Just because of that, meditation is, not spirituality. That is a mental performance. In a way, penance too is, of that kind only! Philosophical spirituality, soul caused, long-term expedition of truth…. to transcend the Jeevatmn…, to the level of permanent answer, where there is no question, itself, is absolute spirituality! For this, although mind is, cooperative ascent, existence of mind is only until Dhyanaprasthan, reaches the state of Spiritual Consciousness. When Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan, reaches the state of beyond senses, that, as the 'awareness' of conscience, with the causation of feeling of Jeevatmn, opportunity shall be caused, for the Soul caused, spiritual expedition of truth. This itself, may be considered, as divine inspiration of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan. The conversion of this Dhyanaprasthan itself, reaches spiritual upward level; the divine feeling, of Supreme Soul, would be caused to Jeevatmn. In accordance with relativity, this ascent spiritual, upward level, reaches the feeling of physical sensuous mind again. With this type of practice of, Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan/Ascent Dhyana, divine state, for sensuous mind, and inspiration of Supreme Soul, for Jeevatmn, can be caused…. There is no place, for such a thing called, 'liberation – salvation', here…. The force of movement, of living, matter of Creation…, the consciousness of Universal Energy and the feeling of (Absolute Knowledge) Supreme Soul, would be caused to Jeevatmn. This is, not imaginary; indeed from the order of practice of, Practical Philosophy! This is, physical, spiritual, corporeal – incorporeal, method of coordinative spiritual practice.

‘Practical Philosophy’ is Intended for the Coordination of Materiality & Spirituality and – ‘Religious Humanity’ for the Humaneness of Religion

Along with physical experience – religious belief – and spiritual aspiration, ‘pairs of opposite’ influenced antagonism is also present in human mind. For that very reason, the physical visibility of external body, and the invisibility, of internal Soul – the linking of these two is present in ‘Human – Mind’ only. That means, it is clear that, human life is, the ‘union’ of materiality, spirituality as macro and micro. So, in human life, rather than antagonism and, strained relationship of materiality and spirituality, the opportunity for reconciliation itself is more. The ‘recognition’ of this coordination itself is, the objective of, ‘Practical Philosophy’.

Relating to life, materiality – spirituality are not separate individually; there is no any kind of antagonism between them; internal coordination itself is their basis; that itself is the success of life and spiritual absoluteness. With this inspiration only, to avert the human life from the significance of antagonism of pairs of opposite is the aim of Practical Philosophy. By means of making the physical pairs of opposite, in proximity to the spiritual, unity, to spiritualize the sensory mind too is, the objective of DhyanaPrasthan. For the sensory mind, which has the instinct of ‘change’, one should cause the conversion of physical, spiritual coordination with the reformation of practice of Dhyana! Indeed possible!

Externally each one individually as the diversity of shape and the uniqueness of quality although has diversity, there is characteristic feature of internal ‘entity’. Although the bodies are different, the similarity in, PrAna-Shakti, JIva-Shakti, Atma-Shakti present in them, are almost in philosophical equality. So, in Creation, everything is separate by itself and by itself is direct – indirect, without something as one, there is no scope for anything. So, physical form materialistic materiality so also formless core Soul – spirituality individually although have their existence, the incorporeal, internal, basis and, external corporeal existence, as one with the other, have indirect coordination. For that very reason, the understanding, of physical – spiritual, practical (active), applicability, is necessary. For that reason, even the ways of practice relating to them, would be in the manner of ‘one in another one’ only. If seen in this view, the Mind of Dhyana – Ascent Mind, two are from the method of DhyanaManoPrasthan only! Unity in diversity only! Indeed the practice of coordinative transformation of materiality (science) and spirituality (Soul) only! So, the Spiritual ‘Soul’ in it. The realistic understanding of the close proximity of these two is necessary.

For the spiritual publicity, science and technology has indeed been useful. Even so, except for changes and exchange of religions, ‘theoretically’ in spirituality the initial state only! The inability to try to change the eternal Dharma to the ‘good’ and new itself may be the cause for this. For that reason, that which is intended for the sake of spiritual and physical coordinative change itself is ‘Practical Philosophy’. So also, that which is intended for the humanness of religion itself is ‘Religious Humanity’! DhyanaManoPrasthan is the method of practice for that.

Rather than in traditional practice, there will be spiritual benefit in the practice itself, that itself is evidence of experience of ‘Practical Philosophy’. ‘Religious Humanity’, ‘Practical Philosophy’, practice proposed, physical, and spiritual, coordination itself is the objective of the way of life.

Spirituality is not, Should not be Hindrance for Materiality

By fulfilling the physical duties, one has to follow the spiritual dharma. Domestic life itself is the implementable form for that. Adore the dependents and weak people; do it as the duty of human being wholeheartedly. Wishing for something, one should not leave contemplation of karma. Execution of duty itself is present duty. Mind is individual’s, one should do good with that. Humanity itself is the spiritual path, proof of divinity itself is the form of God in action.

There is component of Supreme Soul as mind in everyone. Gold is present as very small size (quantity) in the mud itself. The root for lotus will be in the mud itself. If the Gold in mud – remains as mud only, if the seed in mud does not cross the water, there would be no light for Gold, no existence for lotus. If we live because we are born and then die, there is no place itself for the justification (purpose) of life. By executing karma for the sake of responsibility, one should experience the life blissfully….. Rest for the sake of peace, and approach spiritual dharma. 'In and Out' are characteristics for materiality. To experience what is caused (or one has) is the law of life. One should bring-about by utilizing self-efforts. This is a rotatory rotation – constant karma and experience of related result. Spirituality is free from that – sacredness is steady. That keeps on continuing in constant practice towards the goal. That is not, should not be the impediment for materiality. Right and left, day and night – each of it has its own state for sure, but, one is not an impediment for another. That is an inseparable relationship. Materiality and spirituality are mutual cooperation. Constant karma and Jnana Prasthan is uniqueness of human being. That will not stop just with materiality, its objective is spirituality. Justification (purpose) of life and blessedness of life – ends with that. Journey of life is physical path. Dhyanaprasthan is the path of Materialistic Spirituality. Materiality, spirituality are not different but, mutual dependents, and needs. With the combined practice of materiality and spirituality, one should attain the perfection of individuality with spiritualized mind. Comfort and peace, liberation and Moksha would happen with determination only.

Soul – Practical Philosophy – Physical & Spiritual Coordination

The ‘Soul’, which is supposed to be present in physical body, should be indeed useful for the benefit of physical life! By chance, if the Soul is either in sky, or space, since that belongs to those places only, thereby, if something is to be caused, that is indeed only for those present there only! Instead, if it is universally pervasive, everything should be Soul influenced only. It is necessary to understand that, that which is present in living body is Jeevatmn only. Local strength is present locally only! So, when the body related sensory mind is utilized for physical life, in the same way to spirituality, the Soul, which is in that same physical body, and its spiritual ‘knowledge’ must be utilized for ‘local’, physical life only. The method of that utilization itself is the objective of ‘Practical Philosophy’. For that very reason, is the coordination of materiality and spirituality. The functional mind, in suitability to that itself is, ‘spiritualized’ mind.

To Think that ‘Beyond Materiality’ itself is, ‘Spirituality’ is… Against Certainty

Human birth is the best – to acquire, that, is rare – in the succession of birth, it is obtained, after a longtime... (This is an indirect support to the principle of evolution of life); to think like this is, knowledge itself is – the standard.

Knowledge means – to know. Materialistic knowledge is, known, because of matter. That what is needed primarily, for the existence of life is – that only! Science, technology is required for this. This itself, has been referred to as materiality – and the life related to this, has been referred to as ephemeral materiality. As a part of this only, somewhat differently, religion, God...  the books needed for that..., methods, of practices, are being followed. The relationship of life, is important, in religion. So also, philosophical knowledge, is being told, Soul as principal, in the manner different, to materiality. In that, principally, the reference to after death, liberation, salvation itself is, principal; moreover, in the method, importance of materiality is, not recognized, even the publicity, that philosophy itself is, the justification for life, would be present.... Life is, materiality; religion, philosophy is – spirituality. Whatever the name may be – to say that, in different ways, 'by the human, of the human, and for the human only...' is simply recognizing the certainty only!

Body, Life-Force, mind... subtility of Jeevatmn... relating to this, if it is considered as spirituality... it is indeed known that, their presence in body is, not against materiality. So, it is indeed known that, materiality, spirituality... as two ways, are being intended for human life only. When body without Soul, materiality, without body... are not present... to think 'beyond materiality' itself, as spirituality is... against certainty only!

So, by taking note of, the difference of materiality, spirituality... so also, their proximity – and mutual dependency, one should understand that, the justification of human life, and absolute knowledge, would be with their coordination only.

NOTE: With the recognition of humanity, the sensory mind, which is influenced, by means of trying the physical influence... as spiritual understanding, by means of reforming, as spiritualized mind only, the welfare of physical and spiritual coordination, is caused to human being.

The Negative Feeling, That Materiality, Spirituality are Different to one Another, is Narrow-mindedness or, Limited Knowledge Only

If two 'minus' symbols are enhanced.... they, may become one plus. 'Minus' into minus is equal to a 'plus', so also, from the viewpoint of language, two negating words, convey, a positive. 'Two negatives make a positive!' So also, unless you study hard, you cannot get good result'!

If so, in this order, in practice, two wrongs, cannot be a right thing; two lies is not, cannot be one truth. This is, related to the behavior of individual. In the 'pairs of opposite' of life, good, bad...., so also, other 'pairs of opposite', whatever it may be, individually, would have its own existence. Like that, they, may occur, one after the other but, both of them, to occur, at once, as one in another... two of them as one, is not natural. To experience like that is, impossible; by chance, although are caused like that, rather than unity in them – the difference of their qualities and quantities, would be inevitably present.

If so, life related materiality – spirituality are not pairs of opposite..., separately, there is no mutual opposition. Moreover, their understanding would be, like two sides, of the same coin. For the materiality of life, spirituality becomes, pure causative factor... For the life of human being, that means, for leading the life, objective materialistic, common knowledge itself, would be needed. For the acquisition of uncommon, physical diversity containing, special metaphysical knowledge, Soul related, spiritual, learning, is needed; that is, philosophical path.

If so, to behave with the negative feeling that, materiality, spirituality... are different to one another, is narrow-mindedness..., or, limited knowledge only. The matter that life is, 'pairs of opposite', is clear. That means, to experience the results of mutually opposing incidents, is the certainty of life. This 'pairs of opposite' is, physical related only, but, spirituality is, not like that. That is... unity – one only! Only oneness is.... its entity! The quality and instinct, of mind of life is, although 'pairs of opposite' naturalness – that itself is, the uniqueness, in the experience of life...! Different to it, if materiality, becomes oneness...., the 'pairs of opposite' life, which is influenced by 'Prkrti – PuruSa', and its existence – is not possible.

When such a thing called, change, is inevitable naturalness, for Creation/Nature, we cannot imagine, life, different to it, in another way. Moreover, with the passage of time, following the law of motion... 'time' through future – present, to move into the past, is indeed certainty, in the change! So, there is no chance for unity, in 'pairs of opposite'. Only, for the diversity, with the 'change of time', change in the positional form (shape), and the positional, localized 'change', would be applicable. When diversity itself, becomes the naturalness of life – every time – for the progress of life, only one – either materiality, or spirituality – is not possible. For that reason, the physical subjective knowledge is needed, for 'pairs of opposite' law; for its purification, to consider, spirituality, of Supreme Wisdom, as essential is, beneficial. Rather than imagining opposition... coordination only, should be achieved, between them.

That which preaches good, to human being, only is, religion. That which teaches, certainty, only is, spirituality. So, God is the guidance to the human mind, and the spirituality of its divinity is for the conscience! With this understanding only, materiality – spirituality, should become, the 'fortune' of utilization, for human life. The acquisition of Karma – Bhakti – Jnana – Yoga, is indeed the purpose of human life, living! That itself is, the benefit of spirituality.

One Should Identify the Law of Materiality and for that, the Need of Physical Body – for Spiritual Practice

Is bondage without materiality…, life without bondage… spirituality without life… possible? (Breath) – thirst – food – sleep – need of body – is the spiritual practice possible beyond these (aforementioned), in the manner not completely related with (not attachment – detachment)?... For anything, corporeal body, its related Nature – surroundings – senses (brain) and feeling – mind – thought – intellect – karma – its consequence – experience… in the state of renouncing (is it possible like that?) them what is that which remains for spiritual practice?

"Similar to, fire burns the forest – if knowledge burns the karma" then after that what remains for human being? Does spiritual practice have nothing to do with karma? Is it not needed at all? Thought for karma… are mutual relations! For spiritual thought, practice, there is need of mind for sure! For that, body… for its support, execution of karma is inevitable! Well then, through what is the knowledge, which burns karma…, obtained? For that, is mind, intellect not needed?

So, for spiritual practice the law of materiality and the need of body for that have to be recognized. The 'microcosm' of the energy in the 'macrocosm' of the body… should be known evidently. By means of recognizing the instinctive nature of materiality and the need of spirituality for life, their coordination, for the integrity of knowledge, is important. So also, what is desire? How much is its place in the feeling of spirituality? To know like this is, essential for the explorer of truth!

[Note: Therefore, by means of meditation in the path of ascension of mind – Jnana Yoga has to be achieved. If so, the 'causer' who achieves like that should also be known… is it not that karma mind? That to what extent is the place for Soul in mind… should be considered].

If Human Being Drives – Leads the Course of Life With Materiality as Mind…. Spirituality, as Conscience…. Appearance of Ideal Human Society is not Impossible With Physical Spiritual Coordination

Socially, differences in caste and religion and because of their anti-social forces, insecure circumstances – mutual hatred, financially disparity, and chasms of poverty and riches, politically parties – isms – cracies; culturally, customs, habits, and tastes…. like this human life, as equally mixed challenge and as struggle for life, generations, and ages have been passing by. As direct progression – indirect regression, the 'course' of the progress of human race has been indeed rotating in the circumference of circle. For the existence of daily life, rather than 'Soul', need of mind itself would be more. Rather than selfish-motive, every individual should consider social awareness (consciousness) as civic duty. For that very reason, rather than saying 'every human being has to be loved as human being'…., by regarding, and respecting human being, if the duties are executed and implemented by considering that based on affection, and compassion all human beings are 'one mutually'…. thereby along with social well-being, and law and order, there will be more chances for growth and development, and amicable better understanding of individual. So also, if human being drives – leads the course of his life with materiality as mind…. spirituality, as conscience…. appearance of ideal human society is not impossible.

Political devilry – corruption – economic exploitation…. are filling the social honesty with dirt and poison. Caste – religion – class inequalities, by dividing the human race as shares, are achieving their selfish-motive. Pretence, self-delusion itself has turned into habit for human being. In accompaniment to this, hi-tech fashionable civilization is making the human life brutish (beast-like), and wild animal equivalent. It is constructing tomb for the discretion of individual. As the freedom of individual has attained unhinderedness, under the cover of new civilization and modern progress, the family system, is being subjected to troublesome situations. In that way, it is spreading out in the path of separation (break-up). Spirituality also, has become a financial benefit with no 'exhaustion'. Religion – at physical level, is developing mental slavery. 'Need' is, swallowing the individuality; unrestrained freedom…. is devouring the discretion.

Only with the unity of materiality – spirituality sectors, there is a chance for rebuilding the society. Good understanding – cooperation in between those two is very much needed for the well-being of human race. Science though could touch the space… it is unable to know at least the identification of conscience…. Moreover, human intelligence, deviating from the path, is making a heap of deadly weapons. The consciousness that for whose destruction are they intended for, is not striking them. That the rulers have no danger with them, probably, may be their boldness! So also, spirituality – by reciting the voiced sound of 'Soul' as slogan and noise and by considering it as their professional duty, it is being made as a basis for financial benefit, and personal publicity and importance. Instead, by explaining the certainty of life, by moving the heart of listeners, and by frightening the mind, though the resolution to keep that in a good path, thereby the responsibility of formation of ideal society, is the moral and ethical duty of spiritual swamis…. that in the form of good results, is not being fulfilled as a good change. Different to it, by publicizing only the view of worlds of 'sky', the persons relating to spirituality are using it only to demonstrate themselves as superior to human beings. The state of scientists is also…………. almost the same way! As professionals, only performance of duty is as their work. They are continuing their research activities only to be regarded as intellectuals, and to obtain status and recognition in the society. The social benefit of common people will not be remembered by their view, and their profession….

To achieve selfish-motive by arousing the natural weaknesses in the human being is…. the breath to politics! To convert the devotees into servants, slaves by developing the ignorance even more…, is against the spiritual dharma which has to awaken the microcosm of Soul present in mind, thereby bring the moral teaching of conscience into implementation. So also, to begin some more ways needed to exploit the public wealth by cheating the people in the name of economic and social reforms…., in the name of democracy, is indeed a treachery! The objective of religion, and political parties is only to use the people as spectator investment in some or the other form. That for them, is a well-learnt skill indeed! Reformation (purification) of individual itself is useful for the welfare of the society. To be able to bring-about 'good' change for mind itself is……. the way for it…! For that, spirituality with materialistic view, so also, materiality with spiritual inspiration…, with mutual understanding, human being – by giving importance to the progress of human race – has to perform suitable uphill-struggle. By reminding those, which are thought to be the materialistic 'bindings' for human being, as duties…. their appropriate conduct itself by showing path for spirituality…. human being, by having the vision of Divinity that is accompanied by humanity present within her/him and with the same spirit, by reacting with respect and careful attention and to be convenient to implement the ideal life, physical and spiritual sectors…. should work hard in a joint and useful way.

Human – God – The Coordination of Materiality & Spirituality – Compassionate Understanding, Spiritual Learning (Study)

Don’t know who human being is. Religion doesn’t want to know, what, God is. Relating to Soul, conventionally, pertaining to Soul, except for giving graceful speech, philosophy is, not describing, the integral relationship, present for materiality, and spirituality, practically. Even so, saying that, 'knowledge itself is truth – salvation', they preach, as publicity. When to know itself is, considered as knowledge, when knowledge itself is, considered as salvation, to make-known what that exactly is, itself, should be considered, as duty. For human being, in the ignorant state, of her/his own mind not knowing, who exactly she/he is, habitually, at the level of Soul – she/he herself/himself to consider her/his mind, as 'I am only Brahma' – isn’t it meaningless? She/he being in the state of unknown half-knowledge, that what is, her/his Jeevatmn, in her/him, and where, how, is it, in the body, to imagine, habitually, about universally pervasive Supreme Soul, about liberation–salvation – cannot be considered as Supreme Wisdom. Human mind, by attributing, her/his, own physical materialistic instincts only, qualities only, to corporeal God – human habits only, in the name of traditions, to worship, God… to glorify, by describing God – God's deeds as beyond the human comprehension, is useful as, selfishness for human. Talking like this – rather than deluding, it as theistic, antagonism, one should decide, by examining, in the realistic manner, whether it is happening, like that, or not. Human, with ignorance, rather than ruining, the highest spirituality, for her/his selfishness, with appropriate, understanding, she/he should be able to make, the materiality, spirituality, adaptation, practicable.

When such things as, 'materiality – spirituality', are considered separately – they may be compared, as 'human – God'. For the goodness of coordination of physical life, spiritual feeling, human should know, about human, and about humanity. With that firstly, life, its importance, could be understood. So also, if 'what is God', is known, that will be support, for the understanding of compassion, and the spiritual learning. Consequently, with the adaptation of physical life – and the understanding of spirituality, close connection, may appear, for 'human – God'. With that, the absence of difference of human mind – God's Soul (mind human – Soul God), purity of divinity, of God – can convert, human being, into a holy person (sage). Thereby, one can experience, good, life. As social best citizen and as an individual who knows responsibility, can live with purity of individuality. For that, human being, has to transcend, her/his mind, as God's Soul, as 'spiritualized' mind, to the level of conversion, path of transformation. Ascent meditation is, the path, for that. The determinations of mind only are, the practice, for good.

Religion Philosophy The Path of Dhyana-Mano-PrasthanPhysical-Spiritual Coordination

Similar to the presence, of God for religion, 'Soul' for philosophy, as centers, human being is, principally, present as a linking agent. Religion – God – Soul, the entire information of all these, is being known, through human being only. The diversity, in human being, itself, is expressed in them. The diversity of human race, is present in religion also. While there is opposition between religions, as Creator, God in punishing the wicked, and protecting the virtuous, there is no chance, for justice, righteousness also to be as one. Along with the unity of Creation, the unity of its Creator is also, inevitable! In accordance with the development of human knowledge, according to the passage of time, religion – God – their qualities and quantities, are undergoing change is indeed clear! The influence, of country, time, region, culture, and civilization, continues to be the cause, for the diversity of religion. Based on this everything, the thing we have to understand is, principally, for the sake of human being only, human being – had made-up, and caused the need of God is clear. For that very reason, for the sake of wellbeing of human being and human race, in the name of religion – philosophy, by means of physical – spiritual coordination, along with humaneness, for the sake of causing the feeling of divinity in the human being, the path of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan, has been proposed.

That which leads the life, with body, is mind only! The spiritual power (Atma Shakti), which is the cause of Creation, as microcosm, Jeevatmn will be in the organism. The mind, which has taken Jeevatmn, into it, by causing, it, to change, as Spirit, leads it (causes it to function) by means of performance, of daily life. The 'memory of karma', will be preserved, in this only. This itself is materiality…! Instead, Jeevatmn itself, keeping, the mind, in its possession, if decides the way of life…, that itself is, spirituality…, in the path of practice of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan, this binding itself, as the stages of conversion, Jeevatmn, as conscience; as Soul; with conversional stages, is caused, the feeling of Soul. This is, Prkrti – PuruSa, binding – relationship! In materiality. This itself, in spirituality, is energy – matter, inseparable, mutually dependent binding, relationship of the act of Creation. Material, mundane consciousness, as Spiritual Conscious and Divine Conscious, it is the conversion of the transmutation. In this order, material comfort – mental joy, experience, and feeling of, bliss of Soul, in the path of practice of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan with the physical – spiritual coordination, this is, possible…! The spirituality of entity of God Siva (in His manifestation as male and half female) and Karma Yoga – Bhakti Yoga – Jnana Yoga – Atma Yoga…, so also the way of implementation of Dharma-Artha-Kama-Moksha…, all these…, have been intended, for the coordination of materiality – spirituality only….

Physical (Subject/Practical) Knowledge – Spiritual Supreme Wisdom – Success in Life With Physical-Spiritual Coordination

'Saintism'..., has, good quality, of mind, as priority. For the mind, which is the causer for qualities of ignorance, passion, and truth, to cause, the quality of truth, in excess, itself is, the uniqueness for human birth. To have that itself is, the characteristic of saintism.... saint. The human race, which has the progress of societal, life, in suitability to it, with progress and development, in economic, political, religious, education, cultural, sectors, should have the purity of civilization. With spiritual knowledge, physical life, should be, having, the eminence. In the order of pairs of opposite, of human life, physical life luxury..., so also, the spiritual, asceticism of inactivity – are just the ways, or retrogression, of development but, not, the suitable way, for human birth, who should have the discretion of thought.

With comprehensive knowledge only, there is uniqueness, for human being. The effort, to surpass, the 'pairs of opposite' instinct, of daily life, with the development of subject knowledge, is needed. So also, with spiritual Supreme Wisdom, with realistic understanding, should cause, peaceful, useful benefit, for life. Like this, with physical, spiritual, coordination only, one should achieve, the success in life. For that, along with scientific knowledge, religion, philosophy also... should reveal, the certainty called, 'by the human – of the human – for the human'...

That which teaches the certainty of life, itself, is religion.... That which causes, the physical life, devoid of impurities, itself is – spirituality. The feeling, called, 'religion is, only for mind..., philosophy is, only for Soul, although is present... as mind, Soul – as these two, are from within, human being only – only with their related, physical, spiritual, coordinative practice only, the purpose of life – and its uniqueness, can be fulfilled. With this understanding only, materiality, spirituality, should be, 'utilized', in human life. Karma – Bhakti – Jnana Yoga attainment is, for the amity of life only! That itself, should become the objective, of the advantage of spirituality.

Human – Jnana Prasthan – Absoluteness of Knowledge

In the process of trans-morphism of Creation, for the diversity of qualities and quantities (characteristic of quality) of matter, simply the consequence of trans-morphism of those various circumstances, of that point of time! The consequential relativity, present in between, internal entity of energy – and external state of matter, has become the basis for the diversity of the formation of Creation. That basis has to be analyzed. For human being, who has the power of thought, if consideration, discretion, and activeness, join it, the attainment of Jnana Yoga is not complicated. Positive – negative feelings, reaching mutually opposing level, that remaining as obstruction to the thirst for knowledge, in human being, should not stop it. Partiality, will not give chance, for the integrity (entirety) of knowledge. With the broadness, of material knowledge, to the level of beyond-materiality, spiritual, internal 'knowing', with the ascension of knowledge (Jnana Prasthan), human being, should be able to reach, to the integrity of Jnana Yoga. With the application of coordination, of materiality – spirituality, with 'the eternal truth of unity', human being, should reach to the perfection of knowledge.

Brahman… Absolute Knowledge – Jnana Yoga, Absoluteness! Is Beyond the Meaning, Feeling, of Materiality, Spirituality

To execute the required Karma is... the materiality, of life! 'Responsibility', understanding of life is – spirituality! Subject (Theory)/Practical knowledge is... physical, science! Understanding of the Certainty is – spiritual 'Veda' view! Beyond certainty – eternal knowledge of truth is – complete Absolute Knowledge... entity of, Supreme Soul! For the execution of, physical, daily life – subject knowledge... and for the understanding of, certainty, of life – religious spirituality, philosophy are required... The feeling of vision of incorporeal constancy is – Absolute Knowledge. Materiality – spirituality... as the visibilities and invisibilities of life, are both sides of the same coin! Spiritual, Supreme Wisdom (Pure Wisdom) is – The Absolute Knowledge (The Absolute Zero).

As a matter of fact, 'Pure Wisdom' (Divinity) itself, should be called philosophical spirituality. Philosophical, semi, materiality itself is..., religion. The understanding of corporeal externality – philosophical, incorporeal, visibility – are indeed parts of life!

The feeling of understanding, visibility – beyond this physical, spiritual – visibilities and invisibilities – itself is... Brahman.... Absolute Knowledge – Jnana Yoga, absoluteness! This is, beyond, the physical, spiritual, feelings, and thoughts. Body is, physical visible certainty; the understanding of Soul is, invisible certainty. These two are, life related only!

{NOTE: Uniqueness for human being is – indeed acquisition of knowledge only! – The neutrality of Three qualities (TriguNa) consisting mind and (TridOSa ) disorders of its body itself – is the usual life. Philosophy without materiality….. materiality that does not know philosophy at all….. are mutually opposing – partially beneficial. Attainment of coordination of spiritual imagination – with physical certainty, physical inconstancy – with spiritual divinity, itself is – the path for expedition of truth.}

Attaining Spiritual Target Through the Process of Yoga

Spirituality, for human life, is another side. Similar to, hard work – labor are needed for materiality… for spirituality, practice and Yoga system is important. As a part of it, firstly by decreasing close incitation present for Nature – and senses, thought and labor for mind has to be decreased! Consequently, should be able to make senses – mind – and intellect – as one. There is a chance that, this, may be possible by means of meditation. This unified mind with the incitation of sixth sense, should be influenced by the conscience. To embed the unified state, level, of Nature – Senses – Mind – and intellect into Soul following the Yoga system is the result of Dhyana Yoga. This is, just a spiritual level. Not Absolute… Soul – by means of Jnana Yoga – to be able to obtain 'unity' in the Supreme Soul… is being considered as liberation – salvation.

In this way by means of Karma Yoga with the execution of responsibility and duty, by completely fulfilling the duty of physical life… in the same way in the path of Dhyana – Jnana Yoga by means of beyond-materiality practice, another side of life, the spiritual goal has to be achieved. This itself is, the completeness of life… What is needed is not attachment – detachment. Commitmentcommencement and contentment, these are needed.

Matter Materiality, Energy Spirituality is, Diversity, in Unity Only! That Unity Itself is, Purely Coordination, Which is Neither Materiality – nor Spirituality, in Particular!

Usually, to think, that the matter related material knowledge is, materiality, and that the Soul related only is, spirituality – Supreme Wisdom, is indeed natural! By considering, these two, as different, we imagine distance, between them; but, when we would be able to understand, that visible matter (materiality) is, the transmutated form of, invisible energy, and that the Creation has formed, with the external – internal; macro – micro, of those two, then we would be able to imagine, only the unity, of materiality (matter) and spirituality (energy). As the closeness of those two only (embodiment), is being known as the existence of Creation, so, matter materiality, energy spirituality is, simply diversity, in unity! That unity itself is, purely coordination, which is neither materiality – nor spirituality, in particular! When any two which are more, diverse than that, combine, and become one, then another mixture, which is neither of those two, forms. This is, physical matter certainty only! So also, the physical – spiritual, unity, should be used for understanding…. Physical – spiritual coordination, beyond that, there is 'one' other thing, which is not the cause for the existence of Creation. To know that itself is, perfection of Jnana Yoga.

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