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Sphoorthi Oum...         Oum Maa Viswa Roope Shakthi Roope Viswa Sphoorthi Gurave Namaha

Guruji's Divine Existence

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Sphoorthi Oum

Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi

Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi is a Scientific Saint who propagates "Religious Humanism" and practices "Practical Philosophy", and known for His simplicity. Guruji was born on Thursday, the first day of May 1941 in a remote village in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. At a very young age, when He was in fifth grade, Guruji left His home and 'near and dear' to discover the secrets of universe, its origin and purpose, secrets of birth and death, and secrets and purpose of human life. With an intention to serve the society, Guruji opted, "Spirituality", as the means, and started practicing meditation. Over a period, after dedicated meditation, Guruji had reached the highest spiritual dimension (9th dimension), and attained Supreme Consciousness and Supernatural Powers – the state of Supreme Power. He was incognito until He reached this state, and moved into society thereafter to serve the humanity. He says that spirituality is 'Super Science', and explains it on the scientific basis. Hence, He is considered as the "Scientific Saint".

"Having been with the universal inspiration of the inventive and intuitional mind, caused by the influence and confluence of the science and conscience... it is my inclination of being coronated as the Scientific Saint".

Spiritual wealth achieved after years of meditation is His only wealth, which is being utilized for the sake of human welfare. Guruji's primary objective is to inculcate the concept of 'Dhyan' in every individual, to eliminate the confusion present in understanding spirituality (divinity), religion, and science and create awareness about them; to provide relief to human beings suffering from mental and physical ailments, to help them lead a peaceful and comfortable life by means of causing them to achieve individual peace, and thereby achieve 'Universal Peace'.

(An Objective Evidence That Guruji is Omnipresent - Omniscient - Omnipotent - Omnific - and Omnifarious - The Paramatmn) 

Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi shows His existence in multiple forms, simultaneously in multiple places. Different forms of His existence include, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Direct Physical Existence (Existence through His own physical body at the location of His Residence)
  2. Existence in His own form at places other than His residence 
  3. Medium (Existence and Performance of Guruji Through Physical Body)
  4. Redolent Existence (Existence of Guruji as a "Unique Fragrance")
  5. Audiovisual Feeling
  6. Stage of Vision (Visualizing & Speaking to Guruji in Meditation)
  7. Waves and Vibrations
  8. Divine Healing

Since Guruji exists in multiple forms, His spiritual performance is also in multi ways (multi-functional and multi-dimensional).


Guruji will be physically present in one place and will be conducting His routine activities and communicating with the devotees as usual, while, at the same time He exhibits His spiritual existence at multiple places through multiple forms (as aforementioned) simultaneously and interacts with devotees.


While Guruji shall be physically present at the place of His residence and conducting His routine activities with His own body, at the same time, shall be performing through media in several places, and He can also visibly appear (in His own form) at a different location

3. MEDIA CONCEPT (Existence and Performance of Guruji Through a Physical Body)

Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi conducts all His spiritual activities and interacts with devotees at the "Spiritual Centers" through Medium (incarnation of Guruji in a physical body). He executes functions through multiple Mediums simultaneously.

4. REDOLENT EXISTENCE (Existence of Guruji as "Unique Fragrance")

Redolent Incarnation is the incarnation of Guruji as a "Unique Fragrance". Guruji's related programs, at various places, wherever they occur, as an indication that He arrives there invisibly, 'redolence' (some unique fragrance) can be felt. All those who are present there, can have the experience and feeling of that.

Not only at the Guruji's related programs, devotees recognize Guruji's spiritual arrival by a distinctive fragrance at any place, for example, while they walk on a road, sit at home, or travel in aircraft, suddenly the area becomes redolent indicating Guruji's spiritual arrival (presence). Within a fraction of second, upon need or otherwise, although Guruji cannot be seen objectively, devotees feel Guruji's presence which is evident by the aroma or the redolence conveying that He is always present with us spiritually irrespective of the "Time & Location". This kind of "Spiritual Existence" was never seen anytime (in any of the ages/eras), anywhere in the history of humankind in the past.


This is experiencing Guruji's spiritual existence as Audiovisual Feeling. For those who silently repeat, the mantra claimed by Guruji, His Audiovisual Feeling is also caused. Not concerning, with the Medium, itself, although there is no direct acquaintance, while, just, those who have faith on Him, meditate, He causes, Audiovisual Feeling for them.


Devotees can talk to Guruji in the "Stage of Vision". When an individual is in deep meditation, Guruji, takes her/him to a state of awakening, also called the "Stage of Vision". This is the stage in between the "Stage of Contemplation" and "Stage of Meditation" where one can visualize her/his own mind, completely 'naked' (free of thoughts). In this stage, one can see Guruji (occupying her/his thoughts), talk to Him and seek His advice. Guruji, for this process, makes use of the energy within the individual who is meditating.


Guruji also shows His existence in the forms of "Waves" and "Spiritual Vibrations". These are a very common experience in meditation for many devotees.


Guruji, from the place where He is present only, by means of "Spiritual Vibrations" medical related treatments also happen. Guruji treats with Divine Energy through the process of "Divine Healing".

Note: It is not only through one individual or only at one place that Guruji can show His existence and perform activity through Medium but, in many places and in more than one Medium simultaneously. While performing activities through Mediums, Guruji (physically) Himself is present at a distant place, thousands of miles away from the place where the activities are being conducted, and perform His routine duties as usual. While present in more than one Medium, Guruji discusses about various subjects and issues with different individuals at the same time. This phenomenon of His presence in multiple Mediums at the same time either at the same place or different places and His ability of discussing various topics at the same time simultaneously, His existence in multiple various other forms, including speaking directly (in the stage of Vision) to those who meditate, redolent incarnation, and audiovisual feeling as aforementioned reveals, beyond a reasonable doubt, that He is Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnific, and Omnifarious.

(Existence and Performance of Guruji Through a Physical Body)

Guruji interacts with devotees and conducts all His spiritual activities at 'Spiritual Centers' through a 'Medium'. Medium is an individual through whom Guruji executes functions at different Spiritual (meditation) Centers by means of nullifying the individual's consciousness and elevating her/his intuitional level by activating the "Divine Seed" which Guruji already establishes in the Medium's body at the lower end of Spinal Cord (MUlAdhAra).

When Guruji performs activities through medium, Guruji performs His daily routine activities with His own physical body, and keeps talking to those devotees who come to meet Him.

As far as existence is concerned, whether it is matter, body, Soul, or God, there is no synchronous (simultaneous) pervasion. In that state, physical birth, its body – mind – material knowledge – individuality – these, although are seen in the natural state itself, although are felt like that, in the form of actions, beyond the property of 'existence' of matter, Guruji is objectively proving His simultaneous multiple existence through "Medium" performance.

The Modus Operandi of the 'MEDIA CONCEPT' includes the following principal components:

  1. The individual (Medium) reaches the Spiritual Center (Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan), sits in meditation, and Guruji enters into Medium’s Body (in the form of Divine Energy)
  2. Guruji nullifies the consciousness of the Medium
  3. Guruji takes control of the Hypothalamus
  4. Elevates the 'Intuitional Level' of the Medium
  5.  Executes the intended Karma through Medium
  6. Exits the Medium's body

Step by Step Understanding of the Modus Operandi of Media Concept

1. Guruji Enters into Medium’s Body

  1. When Guruji starts a Spiritual Center, He establishes energy (related to the Divine Nucleus), which passes through Him
  2. Medium sits in meditation at the Spiritual Center; (The Medium has his own body, his own mind, and his own knowledge in suitability to that Mind – that is personal)
  3. When Medium sits in front of the PITham (Guruji's seat of honor where Guruji establishes His Energy) at the Spiritual Center and practices meditation, since Guruji's Energy is present there, Guruji gets an indication and it would be immediately known to Him; once He gets an indication, Guruji goes into "Viswa Roopam" (Universal Form) and takes that Universal Form into "Micro (Subtle) Form" (Guruji arranges favorable environment (for His arrival) and in that favorable environment, Guruji's Universal Energy, whatever He has achieved all these days, by pervading, spreading all over the universe, He takes microcosmic state and enters into the Medium's body)
  4. Guruji then enters (as a sparkle of Divine Light) the Medium's body through Brahmarandra (Centroid) [what, in fact, Guruji does is, He activates the "Divine Element" that He had already implanted in the Medium's body at the lower part of Spinal Cord (MUlAdhAra)]; the understanding that Guruji comes from elsewhere and enters Medium's body is wrong, Guruji is always present in every individual in the form of "Divine Seed" but, the individual is unaware of it, and while performing through Medium, Guruji nullifies Medium's consciousness and performs at the third dimensional state. When Guruji activates Medium, He would make known the Medium (through a different system in each Medium)
  5. Guruji travels with dimensional vibrations and cosmical frequency; from the "Finite Third Dimension" He goes into the "Pervasive State of Fourth Dimension", from there He takes Dimensional vibration, enters and activates the "Divine Seed" in the Medium's body with cosmical frequency, and executes functions through Medium as "Third Dimension" through "Spiritual Mind" [If Guruji speaks with Divine Mind, it will not be known to humans who are in third dimension with (Physical) Mind].
  6. Guruji (Divine Energy) enters/exits the body within a nanosecond (one billionth i.e., one in hundred crores of a second); if camera can capture that time span then it can capture Guruji's entry and exit in the form of Divine Energy.
  7. Medium's body weight increases by lakhs of metric tons (Medium would know until then). Although the body weight increases by some lakhs of metric tons, Medium's body would be lighter than 'Flock of Cotton'. It would be as if Medium's body is floating in the air. Medium feels as if she/he is bearing the weight but, does not bear. Medium's body would be subjected to that kind of feeling.

2. Guruji Nullifies the Consciousness of the Medium

  1. Upon Guruji’s entry, some changes occur in the Medium’s body – the first is, Medium would lose Sensory Sensations [Guruji (through Spiritual Vibrations) nullifies the consciousness of the Medium]; there is no possibility to open the eyes
  2. Guruji sets Medium's mind in three ways (sub-consciousness, semi-consciousness, unconsciousness) within 5 minutes {based on Guruji's settings, based on the Energy Medium has, based on the resistance power of that individual, based on the Energy Guruji gives [of the Energy Guruji has, Guruji gives only very less Energy (in micro quantity) to Mediums], Guruji would take the Medium to the state of nullified consciousness within 5 minutes after the Medium sits in meditation}. The Medium, who was conscious until then, would have the vision of small Divine light/spark after which she/he slips into unconscious state. It will be as if Medium is under the influence of General Anesthesia, not knowing what is happening with her/his body. Since consciousness is the basis for thought, when the consciousness of the Medium is nullified by Guruji, there will be no more thought process of her/his own for the Medium.
  3. Guruji takes the Medium to the state of "Supernatural Sleep". There will be temporary functional rest to the mind. The usual binding and affinity related to the signaling that occurs between mind, and body is hindered – which results in the sensorium mind losing its distinctness for action and reaction. Medium would be, in the state similar to the intervening time between "Clinical Death" and "Brain Death".
  4. Medium shall be in the state of ‘Divine Consciousness’, the state of mind after ‘Osculate Mind’

Nullification of Medium's Consciousness (Psychological function of Mind): No physical sensations – no feeling – no thought - Medium's physical mind is 'zero' (Medium would be merely a physical body without mind)[Mg+2 acts as anesthetic agent; Guruji manipulates Mg+2 in the body of Medium to nullify her/his consciousness to execute functions through Medium. Out of billions of Mg+2 atoms present in Guruji's body, He needs only one atom to operate the Medium. He can create as many Mediums as the number of atoms in His body].

Note: Consciousness is caused to mind through 'sensation' of senses. If mind is separated from the sensation of body {when the connection between the sense organ and mind is severed then there is no chance for separate existence, feeling relating to it. So, it is known that, sense is functioning, only as implement (tool). Along with mind, vigor of senses is being needed. It means, until physical (material) relationship, senses and mind, one has become the basis for other. Even so, the association (not merger) of both of them has to be there} then there is no chance for consciousness [In the state where there is no mind, absence of consciousness means (state of absence of senses), inactivity of senses only]. Mind without consciousness loses existence. Mind, which loses existence, vanishes. For example, through the injection of anesthetic substance by making sure that the mind does not have the sensations of body, there will be no chance for consciousness. In the same way either through accident, or because of disease, if the sensations of body, are lost for mind then it loses memory (consciousness). {In case of Medium also, because of Divine Energy by Guruji, Medium loses sensations of body, so, she/he loses consciousness temporarily}. If so, just because of losing bodily sensations, though the mind does not have consciousness, to think that it perishes immediately is a mistake. However, after sometime although the mind wakes up with bodily sensations, it, loses its previous memory permanently. That means although the mind executes function in the absence of bodily sensations (as it is happening in Medium), that will be limited only to it and perishes but, that will not remain as memory after that. That means, for existence, action, and reaction of mind, physical body, which is consisting of five vital elements, is becoming essential.

  1. Upon nullifying the Consciousness, Guruji shall cease the Memory

Mind – Metabolism – Media Concept

Through the diverse, coordinative, function of various organs in the body only, body is being present alive and in an orderly manner. As the ‘Doer’ that instigates utilization for that coordinative biological function (metabolism), sensory mind keeps performing its function. So, if the mind is excluded, there is no chance at all for the utilization of the metabolic function of body formed of the primordial elements. Although brain and its neural response is the indirect cause for the functional performance of various organs in the body, the leadership to utilize that function is of mind’s only. The use of body, which lacks utilization is, ‘coma’, state only, isn’t it! So, there should be utilization of human materialistic knowledge for the natural usage of Nature. The internal organs of body function even in the mind unknown coma. So also, with ill-health problems, even though temporary interruption arises for the process of constant function of the related organ, that performs its function with the treatment with medicines. So also at the time of meditation – Dhyana – absentmindedness, through the concentration of the mind somewhere else, that moves distant to the constant metabolism of the body. Even so, there will be, for sure, no lack of function for the bodily internal vital organs. So, the thing that only mind is not the basis for the metabolism of body is clear.

In the performance through Medium, with Guruji’s entry into the medium as Guruji nullifies the medium’s mind, and the medium’s mind is ‘zero’. Medium would be in Supernatural Sleep. Medium is human without mind. Like in Meditation – Dhyana – Absentmindedness, even the mind of the medium, who is in Supernatural Sleep, would be away from the regular metabolic activity of body but, there would not be any hindrance for function of the internal vital organs. In the performance of medium (as the senses are blocked), mundane mind would not form but, the performance happens under the control of Divine Mind. Although sensory mind itself is the basis for the constant physical (mundane) life, ‘Another Mind’ (Osculate Mind Beyond) is required for the maintenance of the life. That itself is the Ascent Mind.

3. Guruji Takes Control of Hypothalamus

  1. Guruji takes control of the function of Hypothalamus, which controls the Autonomic Nervous System of the body; once Guruji enters into Medium's body, there shall be some physical changes in the Medium's body; his Mind doesn’t speak; his knowledge would not come out; his voice itself does not come out; his facial expressions also change; characteristic features, movements, and modulations also change. Medium’s Mind – Jeevatmn – Brain Activity – Anabolism – Catabolism – and even the Body Activity related would be under Guruji's control only; (Nothing related to this individual would function)

4. Guruji Causes Functional Changes in the Brain & Elevates the Intuitional Level of Medium

  1. Upon nullifying the consciousness and taking control of Hypothalamus, Guruji changes the nature (function) of the Medium's brain (i.e., elevates the intuitional level of Medium by means of activating the Divine Element) and executes functions through Medium. The total psycho of the Medium changes.
  2. Guruji (temporarily) keeps the knowledge and memory of the Medium aside, makes Medium's brain as His own brain and executes the functions; Medium's mind functions under the influence of Guruji's mind (Medium's brain and mind are elevated to the level of Guruji's mind; mind can be kept elevated for 1000 years).
  3. Once Guruji is in conscious third dimensional state in Medium's body, the thought process, memory, knowledge, taste, and even physical changes sometimes in the Medium would be of Guruji only. The features, movements, and modulations of Medium change completely.

5. Guruji Performs Intended Karma through Medium

  1. Guruji synchronizes His spiritual activity through His "Divine Pervasive Mind" through which the Supreme Power (Supreme Soul) executes its functions
  2. Guruji can behave like an individual of any age group (a ten year old child, a twenty year old adult, or a sixty year old elderly) depending on the type of performance needed
  3. Guruji can stay in Medium as long as possible and required (may be minutes, hours, days, months, or years)

"Guruji Creates Multiple Viswa Sphoorthis ("Divine Entities") and Execute Functions Through Them Simultaneously…"

In the human history, there were instances of transmigration from one body to another (transferring life from one body to another (dead) body, which is called "ParakAya PrawESam". However, never in the history of humankind in any of the Age/Eras, did it happen that an individual spiritually entering into more than one (living) individual (Mediums) at the same time (same or distant places) and discussing different issues simultaneously while the performer (here Guruji) is physically present elsewhere performing His own routine duties as usual. This is something that sounds Supernatural and beyond the scientific principles. Generally, one object cannot be present in two or more places (multi-existence) at the same time; science does not agree to this. That means, it is happening unconcerned with the “Time” and "Distance”. For Guruji, "Time" and "Distance" are 'zero'. [Nothing is beyond “Time” & “Distance”; that which is in the form of matter, there is no chance for it to cross "Time and Distance"]. To be present in multiple places simultaneously means – the travel Distance is zero, the travel Time is zero. Whatever is existing (present) in the beginning, whatever we are considering as Self-Existent in the beginning, whatever we are considering as Mother Universe, whatever we are thinking that that existence is present permanently – if one reaches that stage, from there to everywhere the Distance is zero only, from there to everywhere the Time is zero only, for that very reason, there will be scope to come to multiple places simultaneously.


Through Spiritual Meditation, Divine Meditation, one can see his/her own mind; one can see her/his own Soul; can have the vision of Supreme Soul (depending on practice) (What Guruji is doing in Medium is beyond this, not this process. There is another state, which is beyond all these, which is not possible to describe in words – and not that can be understood by means of hearing).

When Materiality and Spirituality are combined and ascended then the third one, which is none of these two, forms; that is neither Materiality nor Spirituality and is not other than these two; it is not Soul also. That itself is universally pervaded Supreme Soul, which causes to drive everything. In Medium performance, it is neither Materiality nor Spirituality but, some other third higher state. One has to go beyond these two, leave materiality, acquire spirituality (this itself is not the final) and has to coordinate these two (it is not possible if both of them are left separately). Both Materiality and Spirituality have to be coordinated and the third one has to be comprehended (Dhyanaprasthan and Manoprasthan are for the sake of understanding the third one)Guruji crosses (merges) the two (Materiality & Spirituality), gets the third one i.e., universally pervaded "Supreme Soul" ("Brahman" and "Universal Soul" absorption itself is "Supreme Soul"), and operates the third one in those two.


After the extensive development of Nanotechnology (when human knowledge reaches highest state in Nanotechnology) and Biotechnology in future, there is chance to know, to some extent, the characteristic features of this method. How Guruji is coming – how Guruji is entering into multiple media – how He is executing – how is He going – what is coming from Him, and what is happening at the micro level – there is a chance to know all these things in the future. There is no chance for the existing science to explain about this execution.


If you can examine this Medium Concept with commonsense, this is challenging Spirituality on one hand, and Science on the other hand. How is this happening beyond the comprehension of "Time & Distance"? If so, what is that which crosses "Time & Distance"? Not only today, this Media Concept is going to stand as challenge even for the future.

There is no scope for the present science to understand. Well then, it is not present in philosophy. So, not being understood by science, and not being understood by philosophy – what is happening here? Guruji is showing this as a part of Practical Philosophy.

6. Guruji Exits the Body

  1. Once Medium regains consciousness upon Guruji's exit, her/his memory, taste, liking, behavior, and modulation will be back as usual (As Guruji elevates the intuition and changes the brain function of the Medium and executes function through Medium after nullifying the consciousness of mind – the event does not register in the Medium's mind (since the mind of the Medium is zero) – Medium would be unaware of the events that happen after that (similar to, a patient under the influence of General Anesthesia) and would not recall anything even after Guruji exits from the conscious state and Medium regains her/his conscious state).

Read... Gives this a Thought… Understand… and Conclude...

  1. That "How" (rather than "What") Guruji is able to speak or perform activities through Media (simultaneously) is important, because it reflects the Spiritual (Divine) Status of Guruji.

Unconcerned with time and distance, staying in His place physically, speaking to numerous people (individually itself) simultaneously through mediums at spiritual centers located at various places, answering their questions, suggesting solutions to their problems and by means of it His method of divine way of conducting the spiritual activity is the evidence related to the divine 'Supreme Wisdom' Guruji possesses….!!!

  1. Media Concept is an objective evidence of Guruji's performance (functions/actions) through other individuals. It is not only through Medium at Spiritual Center that Guruji can do it but, He can execute functions through any individual (even if the consciousness of that individual is not nullified), spiritually, which cannot be seen objectively but, felt subjectively by the individual. Sometimes, even the individual cannot subjectively feel but, later realizes the truth. This implies that it is not only those individuals through whom Guruji conducts spiritual activities (at "Spiritual Centers") or speaks are Media but, also every individual, through whom Guruji executes functions, even though the consciousness is not nullified, [In fact, Guruji can use every/any entity in this universe, both inert & bio matters, as Media as and when required; for example: Guruji uses the environment as Medium when He expresses His existence through Redolence] is a Medium (Guruji can use any individual as a Medium to convey the message or provide guidance).

Guruji can use every/any entity in this universe, both inert & bio matters, as Media as and when required; for example: Guruji uses the environment as Medium when He expresses His Existence through Redolence

  1. It is not only through one individual or only at one place that Guruji can show His existence and perform activity through Medium but, in many places and in more than one Medium simultaneously. While performing activities through Mediums, Guruji (physically) Himself is present at a distant place, thousands of miles away from the place where the activities are being conducted, and perform His routine duties as usual. While present in more than one Medium, Guruji discusses about various subjects and issues with different individuals at the same time.
  2. This phenomenon of His presence in multiple Mediums at the same time either at the same place or different places and His ability of discussing various topics at the same time simultaneously, His existence in multiple various other forms, including speaking directly (in the stage of Vision) to those who meditate, redolent incarnation, and audiovisual feeling as aforementioned reveals, beyond a reasonable doubt, that He is Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnific, and Omnifarious.
  3. When Guruji executes functions through Medium, Medium is merely a "Nominal Tool". By the way, what is that which is executing "Functions" through Medium's body, which is considered as just a Nominal Tool, that too at multiple locations, as multiple personalities simultaneously? Is it the 'Supreme Power' through the 'Divine Mind'?
  4. What is that which is going into Medium? Is it Soul? It is present in Guruji only. When it is considered that Soul goes out only when body is absent, Guruji's Soul cannot go into another individual. Moreover, there is Soul in that individual too. If the Mind of Guruji is entering the Medium, there is Mind for that Medium too...? While the knowledge of Guruji enters into the Medium, the Medium too has knowledge…?? Reaching there, entering into another individual, and talking through him, is happening, which means something that is beyond mind, beyond Soul, is present.
  5. Guruji is “demonstrating” Soul in the MEDIUM; scientific and dimensional knowledge (Divinity) is required to explain Medium execution.
  6. Is Guruji (temporarily) shifting the origin of brain of Medium while changing the function of the Medium's brain?
  7. Is Guruji using 'Brain' and 'Body' or 'Mind' and 'Body'?
  8. The signal that is reaching Mediums – is it same for all Media or different? Is the transmission of signals simply Mechanical?
  9. Guruji's execution through two Media at the same time – is it "Dual Personality" or "Split Personality"?


  1. Guruji transmits energy (signals) to Medium and the Medium converts (energy) signals into messages and transmits them. Guruji transmits signals in the form of packets. He sends both positive and negative energy [Energy is interpreted as positive and negative – energy is not useless whether it is positive or negative]. While Guruji sends, both positive and negative energies, it is the Medium's mind present at that point of time, isolates and takes whatever is required.

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